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January 31, 2014

Summary of Report by the American Philosophical

Association to the University of Colorado Boulder
In April 2013, the American Philosophical Associations Committee on the Status of Women
was invited and approved to conduct a full review of the climate for women in the department.
The invitation to conduct that review was issued by the philosophy department, Dean Steven
Leigh of the College of Arts & Sciences, and Provost Russell Moore. That review was
conducted in late September 2013. The report from that visit was submitted to the University in
late November.

The administration began a review of the reports recommendations in late November and that
review continued through the winter break and into mid-January. The consensus of the
leadership was that the report should be made public as quickly as new leadership could be
secured for the philosophy department.

Based upon the report and input from the department, Dean Leigh, in consultation with
Provost Moore, suspended in early December graduate admissions to the department for fall
2014. This was to allow time for new procedures and processes to be developed for the
recruitment and effective management of graduate students before new ones were accepted.
Dean Leigh and Associate Dean Mary Kraus began the process of searching for new external
leadership of the department in December that would work to transform the culture of the
philosophy department into one that would be supportive of faculty generally, and more
supportive of a safe, productive and healthy environment for women.

Summary of the APA Report Findings
! Faculty and graduate students alike are pleased with the academic quality of the
philosophy department;
! Faculty are pleased with the high quality of undergraduate and graduate students;
! Undergraduates are enthusiastic about the department; their interactions with faculty
and accessibility of faculty;
! However, the committee found that the department has maintained an overall
environment with unacceptable sexual harassment, inappropriate sexualized
unprofessional behavior, and divisive uncivil behavior;
! The committee noted that this environment has harmed women and men and members
of every stakeholder group in the department;
! It was further noted that much of this behavior has resulted in female faculty avoiding
the workplace and opportunities to socialize with colleagues and in their leaving or
trying to leave in disproportionate numbers;
! The report stated a climate of incivility in the department that has resulted in an
unprofessional environment that is teaching graduate students inappropriate methods
for handling harmful or unprofessional behavior among students;
! The report made many recommendations for changes in culture and practice and
recommended that recovery processes be both rigorous and guided.

Next steps
! CU-Boulder has suspended graduate admissions until policies and procedures can be
reviewed and standardized to create a consistent, fair and collegial environment;
! The dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, with the support of provost and chancellor,
is implementing the majority of steps recommended in the APAs report, as well as a
number of other measures, starting with the announcement today of a new chair, Dr.
Andrew Cowell, who is external to the department;
- Other key steps that the chair is reviewing include:
o Bringing in internal and external experts for training on ODH policies;
o Initiating bystander training for faculty, staff and students to enable them to
report actions hostile to women or others in the classroom and work
environment and to challenge those who contribute to that environment;
o A strategic planning process facilitated by an external expert to set goals and
actions to improve the overall climate in the department, transforming it to one
of openness, mutual support and collegiality;
o A review of all practices and procedures for interactions with and management
of graduate students, and ensuring all social functions in the department are
safe, controlled, and family friendly.
o Creating a process for the department to expand its current concepts of sub-
disciplines within philosophy to be more inclusive;
o A process of clarifying policies relevant to resolving differences and disputes,
including making use of the universitys ombudsperson;
o Creating an external advisory committee of campus faculty to guide the role and
mission of the philosophy department.

!"#$%& $( )*&" +*,*&
Conuucteu by
The Ameiican Philosophical Association (APA)
Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)
Site visit Piogiam
0niveisity of Coloiauo Bouluei, Bepaitment of Philosophy
Septembei 2S-28, 2u1S

)*&" -*,*& &"./0

valeiie uiay Baiucastle (Team Leauei, Piofessoi, Past Bepaitment Beau, Associate Bean,
anu Bean, Executive Biiectoi of the 0C ABvANCE institutional tiansfoimation giant,
0niveisity of Cincinnati)

Peggy BesAutels (Piofessoi, Biiectoi of the APA CSW Site visit Piogiam, 0niveisity
of Bayton)

Caila Fehi (Associate Piofessoi, Associate Biiectoi of the APA CSW Site visit
Piogiam, anu Wolfe Chaii in Scientific anu Technological Liteiacy, 0niveisity of
)*&" -*,*& #%$1%./ 2.341%$5(6 .(6 1$.7,0

The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) of the Ameiican Philosophical Association
(APA) has a cleai inteiest in anu iesponsibility foi impioving the climate foi women anu
membeis of othei unueiiepiesenteu gioups in philosophy uepaitments. Noieovei,
woiking to impiove the climate foi women impioves the climate foi all. uoou climate
makes a uiffeience foi job satisfaction anu piouuctivity. The Piogiam has been cieateu in
iecognition of these goals anu iesponsibilities.
Specific goals of the Piogiam incluue the following:
Belping uepaitments analyze the climate issues paiticulai to theii own settings.
Naking iecommenuations foi impioving uepaitmental climates baseu on pioven
best piactices.
Infoiming uepaitments, wheie necessaiy, about challenges women anu
philosopheis of othei unueiiepiesenteu gioups face, uiawing on social science anu
fiist peison accounts.
uaining infoimation in a systematic way about the iange anu vaiiety of women's
anu minoiities' expeiiences in philosophy that contiibute to theii ongoing
unueiiepiesentation in the fielu.
)*&" -*,*& #%$3"65%",0

8%*$% &$ &9" -*,*&, the Chaii of the C0 Bouluei Bepaitment of Philosophy submitteu to the
Site visit Team Leauei a iepoit pioviuing infoimation about the Bepaitment, which
incluueu the following:
the unueigiauuate anu giauuate cuiiiculum with sample syllabi
uemogiaphic uata foi unueigiauuate classes, majois, giauuate stuuent aumissions
giauuate placement, anu faculty appointments
In auuition, the Bepaitment's faculty, stuuents, anu staff weie askeu to complete an online
confiuential suivey, foi the Site visit Team's use only.
:5%*(1 &9" -*,*&, membeis of the Site visit Team met in sepaiate meetings with:
The Piovost (Russell Nooie) anu the Associate Bean foi Natuial Sciences in the
College of Aits anu Sciences (Naiy Kiaus)
The Biiectoi of the 0ffice of Bisciimination anu Baiassment (Katheiine Eiwin)
The Chaii of the Bepaitment of Philosophy (uiaeme Foibes)
Bepaitmental Climate Committee membeis
Associate Piofessois
Assistant Piofessois
Female Faculty
Female uiauuate Stuuents
Nale uiauuate Stuuents
Female 0nueigiauuate Stuuents
Nale 0nueigiauuate Stuuents
Bepaitmental Staff

0ppoitunities weie maue available foi anyone to speak to the Site visit Team inuiviuually,
if iequesteu.
;<&"% &9" -*,*&, the Site visit Team membeis jointly compileu theii notes, conuucteu a
quantitative anu qualitative analysis, iuentifieu themes, applieu known best piactices, anu
piouuceu this iepoit. The team membeis will keep the content of theii finuings anu of this
iepoit confiuential. This iepoit was submitteu as an attachment in an email to the Chaii of
the Bepaitment of Philosophy (uiaeme Foibes) on Novembei 18, 2u1S. At theii iequest,
this iepoit was also submitteu as an attachment in an email to the Piovost (Russell Nooie)
anu the Bean of Aits & Sciences (Steven Leigh) on Novembei 18, 2u1S.


)5//.%= $< >*(6*(1,0

The philosophical community at 0niveisity of Coloiauo Bouluei is piouu of its high
quality. Faculty anu giauuate stuuents alike aie pleaseu with the acauemic quality
of the Philosophy Bepaitment anu of inuiviuual membeis in the Bepaitment.
Faculty aie pleaseu with the high quality unueigiauuate anu giauuate stuuents, anu
they aie pleaseu with the high quality unueigiauuate teaching. Both giauuate
stuuents anu faculty highlighteu the uiveise inteiests in the piogiam as a paiticulai
stiength. 0nueigiauuates weie veiy enthusiastic about the Bepaitment, theii
inteiactions with faculty, anu the accessibility of the faculty.

Theie is also eviuence that the membeis of the Philosophy Bepaitment aie
geneious with theii time. Faculty ieau anu comment on papeis foi theii colleagues
anu foi giauuate stuuents. uiauuate stuuents mainly iepoit liking theii non-
competitive anu suppoitive inteiactions with each othei anu the accessibility of the
faculty (though theie is some concein with NA stuuents not feeling as suppoiteu;
see below).

Bowevei, it is oui stiong conclusion that the Bepaitment maintains an enviionment
with unacceptable sexual haiassment, inappiopiiate sexualizeu unpiofessional
behavioi, anu uivisive uncivil behavioi. Nembeis of most gioups we talkeu to
iepoit uiiectly obseiving inappiopiiate behavioi. This behavioi has haimeu men
anu women membeis of eveiy stakeholuei gioup in the Bepaitment.

Some assistant anu full piofessois (both male anu female) iepoit iesponuing to this
situation by woiking fiom home, uiopping out of uepaitmental life, anu avoiuing
socializing with colleagues. Seveial faculty membeis' ieputations foi bau behavioi
place a highei seivice woik buiuen on colleagues. Women aie leaving oi tiying to
leave in uispiopoitionate numbeis.

The female giauuate stuuents iepoit being anxious, uemoializeu, anu uepiesseu.
Some female stuuents iepoit that they avoiu woiking with some faculty membeis
because of things that they have heaiu about those faculty membeis. Some female
stuuents iepoit avoiuing woiking with faculty membeis because they uiiectly
witnesseu oi weie subjecteu to this haiassment anu inappiopiiate sexualizeu
unpiofessional behavioi. Theie was anu is a lack of suppoit foi stuuents who lost
theii auvisois oi instiuctois uue to sanctions. The female giauuate stuuents woulu
like moie women in the uepaitment but they cannot iecommenu this uepaitment as
a goou place to come.

In auuition, male giauuate stuuents iepoit being extiemely woiiieu about the
climate of haiassment. They aie woiiieu that they will be tainteu by the national
ieputation of the uepaitment as being hostile to women. They aie woiiieu about
getting a job lettei fiom someone who has a bau ieputation when the stuuent uoes
not know exactly who has a bau ieputation. They aie conceineu that the lack of
auministiative suppoit foi the Bepaitment iesulting fiom the climate of haiassment
|i.e. "piovost saying, 'no moie uepaitmental suppoit until the uepaitment shapes
up'"j will negatively affect theii abilities to succeeu. They avoiu some faculty
because they uo not want to have a ieputation that might come with being auviseu
by a haiassei (a pioblem exaceibateu by lack of ceitainty about who the haiasseis
aie). Anu some aie angiy in uiscoveiing the seveie pioblems in the uepaitment that
they uiun't know about befoie they aiiiveu.

Some faculty aie unawaie of how much theii incivility towaius one anothei anu
othei types of unpiofessional behavioi haim theii giauuate stuuents. uiauuate
stuuents lack appiopiiate piofessional uevelopment piogiams, as well as aie being
socializeu into an unpiofessional enviionment. Anu they aie leaining inappiopiiate
methous foi hanuling haimful oi unpiofessional behavioi among stuuents.

Noieovei, we finu that theie is a lack of owneiship fiom top to bottom iegaiuing
solving the pioblems anu auuiessing unpiofessional (oi woise) behavioi, anu those
who have tiieu on theii own to fix things feel unsuppoiteu by theii colleagues.
Finally, theie is a cleai lack of appieciation at all levels that iecoveiy, if it is to
happen at all, will involve taking uiastic measuies. Aftei close-knit communities,
such as a uepaitment, have been seiiously uamageu, iecoveiy piocesses shoulu be
both iigoious anu guiueu.

Finally, we note that the uepaitment has a ieputation in the inteinational
philosophical community foi being extiemely unfiienuly to women. This has
hampeieu the Bepaitment's ability to ieciuit women faculty anu giauuate stuuents
anu will ultimately impact theii iankings.

At this point, theie aie thiee issues that neeu to be auuiesseu:

(1) The sexual haiassment anu othei inappiopiiate anu unpiofessional behavioi
must stop.
(2) The Bepaitment neeus to iecovei fiom past instances of sexual haiassment anu
haimful behavioi, which means eaining the justifieu tiust fiom stuuents anu faculty
that these activities will no longei happen, anu pioviuing assuiances that no one
will continue to be complicit with these behaviois. This iecoveiy piocess anu
iebuiluing of tiust will incluue taking uiastic measuies.
(S) The Bepaitment must iehabilitate its ieputation: it must iestoie the tiust of the
iest of the piofession, such that membeis of the piofession woulu feel comfoitable
senuing theii unueigiauuate stuuents to stuuy, theii giauuate stuuents foi job
inteiviews, anu hiiing giauuate stuuents fiom C0 Bouluei's piogiam.

What follows aie a uiscussion of eight majoi themes that we have iuentifieu as well
as suggesteu best piactices that the univeisity, the college, oi the uepaitment coulu
employ if they wish to amelioiate the issues that aie cuiiently uamaging to the
uepaitmental climate. It woulu be most useful if the Bepaitment, in consultation
with the Bean's anu Piovost's office, useu this uocument to uevelop:

(1) A set of piioiities, incluuing a plan iegaiuing which of these iecommenuations
they will employ
(2) A timeline foi implementing changes
(S) A mechanism foi holuing all paities accountable to the plan foi change.

>*(6*(1, .(6 )511",&"6 ?",& 8%.3&*3",0

@A ;( "(-*%$(/"(& B*&9 5(.33"#&.27" ,"C5.7 9.%.,,/"(& .(6 *(.##%$#%*.&"
,"C5.7*D"6 5(#%$<",,*$(.7 2"9.-*$%
Theie have been at least 1S complaints that have been fileu with 0BB, anu a
significant numbei of faculty anu giauuate stuuents have uiiectly witnesseu oi been
subjecteu to this haiassment anu inappiopiiate sexualizeu unpiofessional behavioi.
We obseiveu that many faculty membeis aie not knowleugeable about the haims of
sexual haiassment on the peison being haiasseu, on all women in the uepaitment,
anu on all uepaitment membeis thiough the extieme negative effect this behavioi
has on the uepaitment climate. Also, it is cleai that many faculty membeis aie not
sufficiently familiai with univeisity policy, anu state anu feueial law iegaiuing
sexual haiassment anu uisciimination.

)511",&"6 8%.3&*3",0
The Bepaitment coulu employ the following piactices:
- E.(6.&$%= &%.*(*(1 $( &9" 9.%/, $< ,"C5.7 9.%.,,/"(&, on univeisity
policies, anu on state anu feueial laws iegaiuing sexual haiassment anu
- E.(6.&$%= &%.*(*(1 %"1.%6*(1 9$B &$ %"#$%& ,"C5.7 9.%.,,/"(&, on
the kinus of investigations that aie uone, on what the outcomes of the
investigations aie anu mean.
- ?=,&.(6"% &%.*(*(1 foi all uepaitment membeis, so people aie
comfoitable inteivening in situations that the gioup has ueciueu that it will
not toleiate. This will help iemove peiceptions that those who aie not
engaging in sexual haiassment aie complicit with sexual haiassment.
- F$76*(1 &9" :"#.%&/"(& .(6 *&, /"/2"%, &$ !"#$ 9*19 ,&.(6.%6, $<
2"9.-*$%. Bepaitmental piactices, policies, anu noims must be such that
they make it absolutely cleai that sexual haiassment anu inappiopiiate
sexualizeu behavioi aie totally unacceptable. Bepaitment membeis must
entiiely avoiu aiianging situations wheie sexual haiassment might happen
oi wheie people might think that it is happening. This means ($ .73$9$7
,"%-"6 .& .(= "-"(&, connecteu with the Bepaitment (anu this must
extenu beyonu only "sanctioneu" uepaitmental events), anu ($ "-"(*(1

It is fai bettei to think about noims, piactices, anu policies that woik towaiu youi
climate anu behavioial goals iathei than on piactices that ought to be piohibiteu.
0ne way to uo this is to focus on being <./*7=G<%*"(67= anu #%$<",,*$(.7. Events
shoulu be helu uuiing noimal business houis (9-S) anu shoulu be such that you
woulu feel comfoitable with youi chiluien oi paients being piesent. This holus foi
official uepaitment events as well as those attenueu by inuiviuual faculty, on oi off

With iegaiu to tiust, it is impoitant to .-$*6 &9" #"%3"#&*$( $< #$,,*27"
9.%.,,/"(&. The uepaitment must not cieate situations that fostei the
uevelopment of iumois. The uepaitment will have to #527*37= .-$B -"%= 9*19
,&.(6.%6, $< #%$<",,*$(.7*,/ anu a D"%$G&$7"%.(3" #$7*3= $< <.*75%" &$ $2,"%-"
.##%$#%*.&" 2$5(6.%*",A Theie shoulu be cleaily uelineateu consequences anu
appiopiiately seveie sanctions when stanuaius of piofessionalism aie violateu (e.g.,
uating giauuate stuuents means iemoving youiself as giauuate faculty while the
stuuent is in the piogiam).

HA I.34 $< 3*-*7*&=J 3$77"1*.7*&=J .(6 %",#"3& <$% /"/2"%, $< -.%*$5, 1%$5#,
We heaiu numeious iepoits of faculty engaging in behaviois that involveu incivility,
a lack of collegiality, veibalizeu uisiespect foi one anothei, anu sexism. These
behaviois weie often witnesseu by giauuate stuuents. This pievents teaching
giauuate stuuents by example the kinus of behavioi that aie appiopiiately
piofessional. In auuition, this contiibutes to a stiessful anu negative atmospheie at
a place of woik. We founu that *& *, 6*<<*357& <$% ,$/" B$/"( ,&56"(&, &$ ,#".4
5# *( 37.,,, anu B$/"( 1%.65.&" ,&56"(&, #"%3"*-"6 37.,, 6*<<"%"(3" 2"&B""(
E; .(6 89: ,&56"(&, (though men giauuate stuuents uiu not). It is impoitant foi
the Bepaitment to 6"-"7$# . 357&5%" *( B9*39 .77 $< *&, /"/2"%, <""7 %",#"3&"6
.(6 ,.<". Email, in paiticulai, has been a nexus foi incivility anu uisiespect.

)511",&"6 8%.3&*3",0
- :*,,$7-" .77 6"#.%&/"(&.7 7*,&,"%-,. Emails shoulu be useu foi
announcements only, as one-way, puiely infoimational, communication.
Any ieplies neeu to be maue in peison, anu with piofessional civility in
speech, tone, manneiisms anu othei behaviois. Both stuuents anu faculty
neeu bettei tiaining oi infoimation iegaiuing appiopiiate email etiquette.
- Avoiu cheap anu easy jokes in class oi in othei piofessional settings.
K(6*-*65.7, /5,& 3.77 $5& 6*,%",#"3&<57 3$//"(&, as they occui anu
those calleu out shoulu ieceive the coiiection without being uefensive. The
uepaitment shoulu agiee that so-calleu humoi that uepenus on
steieotyping oi uenigiating some gioup is inappiopiiate in a woik
enviionment, wheie multiple iuentities, some of them ueeply hiuuen, must
- !".7*D" &9.& &9"%" *, #75%.7*&= *( &9" 6*,3*#7*(". If some uepaitment
membeis have a pioblem with people uoing non-feminist philosophy oi
uoing feminist philosophy (oi being engageu in any othei soit of
intellectual oi othei type of puisuit), they shoulu gain moie appieciation of
anu toleiance foi pluiality in the uiscipline. Even if they aie unable to
ieach a level of appieciation foi othei appioaches to the uiscipline, it is
totally unacceptable foi them to uenigiate these appioaches in fiont of
faculty, giauuate oi unueigiauuate stuuents, in foimal oi infoimal settings
on oi off campus.
- ?=,&.(6"% &%.*(*(1 coulu help membeis of the Bepaitment both
unueistanu theii obligations to one anothei anu give them the tools they
neeu to manage uncomfoitable exchanges.

LA ?577=*(1
We believe that we cannot uiscuss any of the bullying instances without ievealing
the peipetiatois; howevei, we uo believe that those engageu in this behavioi aie
laigely unawaie that they aie peiceiveu as bullies.

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",0
- The Bepaitment shoulu .##$*(& .( $/,256,#"%,$(, a senioi anu iespecteu
faculty membei fiom anothei uepaitment, to seive as a meuiatoi iegaiuing any
cases of unpiofessional behavioi. All behavioi shoulu be iepoiteu immeuiately to
the omsbuuspeison, who will then woik with the appiopiiate channels to manage
the situation. Responses incluue, but aie not limiteu to, talking to the offenuing
paity, talking to the Chaii of the Bepaitment, iepoiting the behavioi to the Faculty
Affaiis office, iepoiting the behavioi to 0BB.
- ?=,&.(6"% &%.*(*(1 coulu help membeis of the Bepaitment iuentify anu iesponu
to instances of bullying, anu hence to avoiu being complicit with this behavioi.

MA I.34 $< 2$5(6.%*",N7.34 $< #%$<",,*$(.7*,/
Nany of the inciuents of .77"1"6 ,"C5.7 9.%.,,/"(& .(6 .,,.57& have occuiieu
while faculty anu giauuate stuuents weie socializing aftei houis. We founu that
theie is "C3",,*-" 6%*(4*(1 when faculty anu giauuate stuuents socialize, anu that
theie is an *(.##%$#%*.&" "C#"3&.&*$( &9.& 1%.65.&" ,&56"(&, .(6 <.357&=
,9$576 ,$3*.7*D" &$1"&9"% aftei houis (e.g., in bais in the evening). 0ui suiveys
inuicateu that aie 6*<<"%"(&*.7 7"-"7, $< #.%&*3*#.&*$( .(6 3$/<$%& <$% ,$3*.7
"-"(&, acioss men anu women giauuate stuuents. Some giauuate stuuents iepoit
feeling caught in the miuule of faculty uisputes. In auuition, some male faculty have
been obseiveu ogling unueigiauuate women stuuents.

The Bepaitment uses pseuuo-philosophical analyses to .-$*6 6*%"3&7= .66%",,*(1
&9" ,*&5.&*$(. Theii faculty uiscussions ievolve aiounu the lettei iathei than the
spiiit of pioposeu iegulations anu stanuaius. They spenu too much time
aiticulating (oi tiying to aiticulate) the line between acceptable anu unacceptable
behavioi insteau of instilling highei expectations foi piofessional behavioi. They
spenu significant time uebating footnotes anu "what if" scenaiios insteau of
uiscussing what they want theii uepaitment to look anu feel like. In othei woius,
they spenu time figuiing out how to get aiounu iegulations iathei than focusing on
how to make the uepaitment suppoitive of women anu family-fiienuly.

Stanuaius of piofessional collegial behavioi aie highei than the legal anu policy
iequiiements. Peihaps as a iesult of the histoiy of haiassment in the uepaitment,
people have set the bai low. }ust because a behavioi was not egiegious enough to
avoiu a finuing of sexual haiassment, uoes not mean that it meets the stanuaius of
piofessional collegiality.

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",0
- The Bepaitment shoulu 6*,35,, .(6 .1%"" 5#$( <./*7=G<%*"(67= #$7*3*",
foi the Bepaitment, incluuing iecognizing that community membeis with
small chiluien oi othei obligations cannot attenu aftei-houi social events.
- Because of its histoiy, the Bepaitment shoulu iecognize that *& *,
*(.##%$#%*.&" <$% <.357&= &$ ,$3*.7*D" B*&9 1%.65.&" .(6
5(6"%1%.65.&" ,&56"(&, outsiue of uepaitmental events, which shoulu be
helu uuiing noimal business houis.
- The faculty shoulu uiscuss what soit of uepaitment they want to have - what
woulu it take to attiact the soit of women scholais they want. What woulu it
mean to have a positive leaining enviionment foi eveiyone anu a piofessional
woikplace. )#"(6 &*/" 3$(,*6"%*(1 . ,"& $< #$,*&*-" 1$.7, <$% &9" 6"#.%&/"(&.
It might be best to have meetings of these soits of unuei the uiiection of a
#%$<",,*$(.7 <.3*7*&.&$% to keep people on tiack.
Finally, the Bepaitment will have to uevise -"%= ,#"3*<*3 .(6 &.%1"&"6 #7.(, <$%
%"3%5*&*(1 moie women giauuate stuuents anu moie women faculty. A clustei
hiie foi women shoulu be consiueieu. It is oui consiueieu opinion that it is
unethical to biing an inuiviuual woman into the cuiient enviionment. Noieovei,
given that theie aie seveial 'camps' of faculty membeis, a new cohoit woulu have
a bettei chance of successfully abstaining fiom unhealthy uepaitmental politics.
- :"-"7$# %"7.&*$(,9*#, B*&9 37*/.&" 3$//*&&"", .& &$# 6"#.%&/"(&, at othei
univeisities that have auuiesseu similai issues in oiuei to get a sense of the iange
of piofessional stanuaius out theie.

OA I.34 $< &%.(,#.%"(3= %"1.%6*(1 6*,3*#7*(.%= #%$3",,",J #%$3"65%", .(6
The lack of tianspaiency contiibutes to an extiemely haimful %5/$% /*77. We
founu 3$//$( /*,*(&"%#%"&.&*$(, $< B9.& P($ <*(6*(1Q means when issueu by
0BB. Theie is no cleai unueistanuing of what iefeiiing matteis back to the
uepaitment entails, theie is ($ *(,&*&5&*$(.7 /"/$%= %"1.%6*(1 9*,&$%= $< 2.6
2"9.-*$%J anu theie is ($ #%$1%",,*-" 6*,3*#7*(". Finally, theie is no cleaily
unueistoou mechanism foi auuiessing 5(#%$<",,*$(.7 2"9.-*$% &9.& 6$", ($&
%*," &$ &9" 7"-"7 $< 6*,3%*/*(.&*$( $% 9.%.,,/"(&A

Nany faculty believe that *(,5<<*3*"(& ,.(3&*$(, B"%" 1*-"( in iesponse to bau
behavioi. The peiception is that the peipetiatois weie given a slap on the wiist foi
even the most well-known cases in which theie was a finuing. Nost of the gioups
we inteivieweu iepoiteu that they think that some faculty membeis ought to be
fiieu. These attituues contiibute to the lack of tiust anu pioblems with leaueiship
(see also below).

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",0
- 8%$1%",,*-" 6*,3*#7*(" ,&"#, ,9$576 2" 37.%*<*"6 foi faculty anu chaiis as
well as stanuaius foi when uiscipline shoulu be implementeu anu by
- E.(6.&$%= &%.*(*(1 ., 6",3%*2"6 *( >*(6*(1 @ .(6 >*(6*(1 RJ 3.( 9"7#
.66%",, &9*, *,,5"

RA I.34 $< <.357&= &%5,& *( 5(*-"%,*&= S56*3*.7 *(,&*&5&*$(,J #%.3&*3", .(6
Theie is a high level of 6*,&%5,& $< T:FA (The Climate Committee felt that this has
been iesolveu, but questionnaiie uata suggests that they neeu to ievisit this issue.
See Table S). Theie is a 7.34 $< "<<"3&*-" &%.*(*(1 iegaiuing the uisciplinaiy
system, how to access it, how to make it function within a uepaitment, faculty iights
anu iesponsibilities, anu stanuaius of piofessional behavioi

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",:
- :"#.%&/"(& /"/2"%, ,9$576 2" &%.*("6 *( <.3"G&$G<.3" ,",,*$(, on
policies anu pioceuuies goveining uisciplinaiy pioceuuies as well as
stanuaius of piofessional behavioi (iueally, the lattei woulu be taught by
someone exteinal to the institution).
- T:F (""6, &$ ,#".4 &$ &9" "(&*%" 6"#.%&/"(& about the numbei of
complaints, what a complaint is, how complaints aie investigateu, what a
finuing oi a lack of a finuing means, anu the connection of 0BB to othei
univeisity institutions anu piactices.

UA I.34 $< &%.(,#.%"(3= *( &9" .6/*(*,&%.&*$( $< &9" 1%.65.&" #%$1%./
Theie is no foimal systematic teaching evaluation, noi is theie claiity iegaiuing how
funuing anu othei uecisions aie maue, incluuing TA's, RA's, class assignments, anu
scholaiships (see Tables 1 anu 2). Noieovei, the giauuate stuuents iepoit that they
uon't know what they neeu to uo to be successful on the job maiket. Theie aie not
enough piactice job talks foi all stuuents.

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",0
- Faculty shoulu 37.%*<= &9" #$7*3*", .(6 #%$3"65%", $< &9" :"#.%&/"(&.
- Faculty shoulu *(,&*&5&" 1%".&"% ,"7<G1$-"%(.(3" foi the giauuate
- Faculty shoulu uevelop "C#7*3*& 3%*&"%*. <$% .B.%6*(1 1%.65.&" ,&56"(&
%",$5%3",. These ciiteiia shoulu be public, anu the uepaitment shoulu be
helu accountable foi following them.
- Foi each giauuate stuuent, faculty shoulu iuentify teachingTARA
expeiiences that will <5%&9"% ".39 ,&56"(&Q, #%$<",,*$(.7 6"-"7$#/"(&.
- Faculty shoulu cieate a systematic piactice of &".39*(1 "-.75.&*$( by
- Faculty shoulu uevelop a &".39*(1 .B.%6 foi giauuate stuuents.
- Faculty shoulu uevelop 3$$%6*(.&"6 #%$1%./, <$% 1%.65.&" ,&56"(&,
enteiing the job maiket, incluuing uefineu oppoitunities foi piactice job

VA I.34 $< 7".6"%,9*#
The Piovost's 0ffice anu Bean's 0ffice aie ($& #%$-*6*(1 W,5<<*3*"(&X ,5##$%& oi
iesouices foi the Philosophy Bepaitment to auuiess these issues. Thieats tieu to
auuitional 0BB iepoits oiiginating in the Philosophy Bepaitment motivate
uepaitment membeis to avoiu iepoiting auuitional inciuents. Faculty iepoit
fiustiation with being tolu to fix pioblems which they cannot uiscuss. Especially
since many faculty have little to no knowleuge conceining the bieauth oi uepth of
the pioblems.

Theie is a 7.34 $< 3$$%6*(.&*$( among Faculty Affaiis, 0BB, Piovost's 0ffice, Bean,
anu Bepaitment Chaii. This leaus to cases falling between the ciacks anu a lack of
knowleuge about facts of the mattei. It also contiibutes to the lack of knowleuge
iegaiuing uisciplinaiy pioceuuies anu appiopiiate sanctions anu eioues tiust in
univeisity juuicial pioceuuies. Theie is ($ &%.*(*(1 <$% <.357&= $% 39.*%, iegaiuing
uisciplinaiy pioceuuies, anu ($ /"39.(*,/ <$% #"%,$(("7 9*,&$%= &$ 2" #.,,"6
fiom one chaii to the next.

Among the faculty theie is a wiuespieau peiception that &9" 35%%"(& 39.*% 9., ($&
"<<"3&*-"7= %",#$(6"6 to issues of sexual haiassment anu lack of civility. While we
agiee with this assessment, we also believe that the Bepaitment Chaii is put in a
completely untenable position. It is uncleai that the :".( .(6 8%$-$,& 9.-" &9"
Y9.*%Q, 2.34 if the Chaii is to institute uiscipline oi make stiuctuial changes.
Fuitheimoie, the Chaii has ($ %",$5%3", <%$/ 3"(&%.7 .6/*(*,&%.&*$( to auuiess
salaiy inequities oi to suppoit countei-offeis. In shoit, unuei the cuiient
configuiation, it is veiy uifficult foi an inteinal chaii to make the iequiieu changes
oi to holu people accountable.

The Bepaitment has been given ($ 37".% 15*6.(3" %"1.%6*(1 ;:;
.33$//$6.&*$(,, which leaus to aibitiaiy exception-making foi those iequiiing
accommouations anu excuse-making foi bau behavioi.

Finally, theie is &$7"%.(3" $< 2.6 2"9.-*$% that uoes not bieak any policy but is
unpiofessional anu uamaging nonetheless.

)511",&"6 #%.3&*3",0
- The Piovost's 0ffice neeus to %"-*,*& 3$(<*6"(&*.7*&= #$7*3*", iegaiuing
faculty uiscipline as well as pioviue meuiation foi the uepaitment to help
them iepaii iifts causeu by bau behavioi.
- The Piovost's 0ffice neeus to uevelop "C#7*3*& 3$//5(*3.&*$(
#%$3"65%", <$% T:FJ Y9.*%,J :".(,J .(6 >.357&= ;<<.*%, as well as
expectations foi cooiuination. These pioceuuies shoulu be public,
tianspaient, anu tiaining neeus to be available iegaiuing how to use them.
- The Bean shoulu appoint . ("B 39.*% <$% &9" :"#.%&/"(& <%$/ $5&,*6"
&9" 5(*&, piefeiably someone at the univeisity who has hau extensive
auministiative expeiience anu is well iespecteu by the faculty. The Bean
anu Piovost neeu to be explicit in theii suppoit of the Chaii, especially
iegaiuing uifficult actions that might be taken.
- The Bean shoulu also pioviue <5(6, <$% 1"(6"%G2.,"6 "Z5*&=
.6S5,&/"(&, in oiuei to be in compliance with Title vII anu Title IX. We
note that, while we aie not lawyeis, theie aie cleai legal implications foi
failing to uo so. The Bean shoulu also pioviue %",$5%3", &$ &9"
6"#.%&/"(& &$ ,5##$%& 3$5(&"%G$<<"%,. The stiuctuie now asks faculty to
choose between theii own wellbeing anu that of theii colleagues. Woise, it
senus the message that faculty aie not paiticulaily valueu by the
institution, since the only way to sciape togethei a countei-offei is foi
othei faculty to vote to give up something that they have alieauy
piesumably eaineu.
- )"(*$% <.357&= .(6 .6/*(*,&%.&$%, /5,& ,#".4 5#, consistently anu
fiimly, iegaiuing what acceptable behavioi is. Senioi faculty neeu to
netwoik with well-functioning uepaitments to leain about what counts as
acceptable behavioi.
- 8$,*&*$(, $< %",#$(,*2*7*&= .(6 ,*1(*<*3.(& 6"#.%&/"(& ,"%-*3"J
",#"3*.77= *< "*&9"% *(3756", B$%4*(1 B*&9 ,&56"(&,J ,9$576 2"
3$(<*("6 &$ <.357&= /"/2"%, B9$ .%" B*6"7= #"%3"*-"6 ., 9.-*(1
37".( 9.(6,A Placing past offenueis oi those peiceiveu to have been past
offenueis in positions of powei within the uepaitment will unueimine the
uepaitment's attempts to heal, incluuing attempts to iegain the tiust of its
membeis anu of the wiuei univeisity anu philosophical community. We
iecognize that this might place an unuue buiuen on those who now have to
assume auuitional iesponsibilities. Bowevei, the uepaitment can manage
the potential woikloau inequity by pioviuing auuitional ielief foi those
who step up (extia tiavel funus, couise ieuuction, uA suppoit, etc.) as well
as iequiie auuitional instiuction oi othei fiom the offenueis.
- :"#.%&/"(& 39.*%, (""6 &%.*(*(1 on uisciplinaiy pioceuuies as pait of
theii on-boaiuing. Successive uepaitment chaiis neeu to cooiuinate anu
uiscuss peisonnel actions anu histoiy.
- Theie must be cleai .33$//$6.&*$( #7.(, $( <*7" with the Bepaitment,
anu the Bepaitment (anu piobably the Bean's anu Piovost's 0ffice as well)
neeus claiification iegaiuing expectations of behavioi anu
woikloauswoik outputs foi ielevant faculty oi stuuents.


The ieputation of the C0 Bouluei Philosophy Bepaitment as a place extiemely
unfiienuly to women is well known in philosophical ciicles anu among piospective
giauuate stuuents. If the Bepaitment wishes to impiove its ieputation anu its
climate foi women, the Bepaitment neeus to maintain veiy high stanuaius of
piofessionalism anu publically embiace a zeio-toleiance policy of failuie to obseive
appiopiiate bounuaiies. Because of its histoiy, the Bepaitment neeus to sponsoi
only those events that aie alcohol fiee anu aie helu uuiing weekuay business houis.
The Bean neeus to pioviue funuing to suppoit offeis anu countei-offeis foi women
faculty at a level commensuiate with the piofession. Anu the Bepaitment neeus to
uevise specific plans foi ieciuiting women faculty anu giauuate stuuents.

)#"3*.7 ($&"0

As we weie putting this iepoit togethei, we became awaie of a pioposal foi a
uepaitmental spiing ietieat. We woulu like to use this pioposal to illustiate what
must happen foi this unit to become functional again.

The pioposal in pait is as follows: "The iuea is that we'll have a full uay of talks in
Bouluei on Fiiuay, anu then heau to a house oi two in the mountains (in the
vailBeavei CieekAvonEuwaius aiea) foi Fiiuay, Satuiuay, anu peihaps Sunuay
nights. Theie will be unscheuuleu time Satuiuay uuiing the uay, with moie talks
Satuiuay late afteinooneaily evening."

While we aie veiy suppoitive of the iuea of uepaitmental ietieats, in the light of this
uepaitment's histoiy, all events, incluuing ietieats, neeu to be helu uuiing business
houis (9-S) anu on campus oi neai campus in public venues. The pioposeu
uepaitmental spiing ietieat is an exemplai foi a family-"#$%&'#()* event. 0nuei no
ciicumstances shoulu this uepaitment (oi any othei) be oiganizing the social
calenuais of its membeis. 0nuei no ciicumstances shoulu this uepaitment sponsoi
oi be affiliateu in any way with an event that incluues alcohol. If theie aie going to
be social events, then they neeu to be manageu such that membeis of the
uepaitment can opt out easily anu without any penalty. (Please note that best
piactices foi family-fiienuly speakei events incluue taking the speakei out to lunch
insteau of uinnei so that paiticipants may have theii evenings fiee to attenu to othei
obligations.) Fuithei, any social events shoulu be open anu welcoming to spouses,
paitneis, anu chiluien.

To be peifectly honest, we aie flooieu that membeis of this uepaitment woulu
believe that having anothei mountain event woulu be a goou iuea, given the
unpiofessional behavioi that tianspiieu at the last one. This uepaitment neeus to
be on its best behavioi anu to set itself a high stanuaiu of piofessionalism in oiuei
to oveicome its ieputation. It neeus to cleaily uiffeientiate business fiom pleasuie,
anu it neeus to unueistanu that it is a place of business. It neeus to iecognize that,
while theie aie some bau actois, the Bepaitment itself has set the conuitions in
place that encouiageu bau events to happen. It neeus to take iesponsibility foi
those conuitions anu coiiect them.

We aie willing anu eagei to help with this tiansfoimation insofai as we aie able.

Respectfully submitteu,

valeiie uiay Baiucastle
Peggy BesAutels
Caila Fehi


)5%-"= 6.&.
Table 1. Lack of tianspaiency of uistiibution of RA's , TA's anu classes among giauuate
Suivey item Stiongly oi
somewhat agiee
Stiongly oi
somewhat uisagiee
I know how
assistantships aie
S2% 48% u
I know how
assistantships aie
S6% 44% u
I know how
giauuate stuuents
aie assigneu the
couises that they
28% 68% 4%

Table 2. Peiceptions of faiiness in the uistiibution of RA's , TA's anu classes among
giauuate stuuents
Suivey item Stiongly oi
somewhat agiee
Stiongly oi
somewhat uisagiee
assistantships aie
faiily allocateu
48% 28% 24%
assistantships aie
faiily allocateu
6u% 28% 12%
Couises that
giauuate stuuents
teach aie faiily
48% 2u% S2%

Table S. Faculty peiceptions of faiiness of univeisity juuicial piocess suiiounuing sexual
haiassment anu uisciimination
Suivey item Stiongly oi
somewhat agiee
Stiongly oi
somewhat uisagiee
I am confiuent that if I weie to
iaise a complaint about sexual
haiassment oi uisciimination,
the juuicial piocess at my
univeisity woulu be faii
S8% 62%
I am confiuent that if a
complaint about sexual
haiassment oi uisciimination
weie iaiseu against me, the
juuicial piocess at my
univeisity woulu be faii
S8% 62%
I am confiuent that if I weie to
iaise a complaint about sexual
haiassment oi uisciimination
I woulu not be subject to
48% S2%

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