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She was instructed to bring it to the West and told that those who it was appropriate for would be attracted to her work. Until recently. thereby allowing subconscious material to surface for review and ultimate release. you will be presented with a rapid and potent method of removing subconscious blocks. Quite the contrary.Hong-Sau Meditation to Clear Unwanted Subconscious Thoughts. which is a truly priceless experience indeed. Emotions and Memories (Pronounced “Hong Saw”) Introduction & Background " The Hong-Sau pranayam (breathing technique) is a powerful ancient method for quieting the entire body and conscious mind. This practice requires great respect and if you approach it in this way. Do not think that because you have found this technique through ordinary means that it is no less profound. However. It is an extraordinarily powerful technique and it is important to read through this entire document before beginning its practice. #" The Healers Journal 2013 Copyright . it was largely kept secret – deemed too powerful for the uninitiated masses and passed down over thousands of years between yogi’s and their disciples living in solitude in the Himalaya mountains. This one mantra (sacred sound) has been used for thousands of years in many different ways. these all primarily revolve around achieving profound relaxation of all the body’s systems. in the 1970’s the technique was finally transmitted to a Westerner who had been studying with the Tantric masters in the sacred mountains for many years. at which point profound healing and release can occur. And so it is – if you are reading this. you have been called to this meditation to reach higher levels of conscious awareness. however. writings and teachings.

It is mentioned here as something to be aware of so that if you feel this urge. When you stop the breath. Over a period of time. you do not become afraid or resist. " $" The Healers Journal 2013 Copyright . the mind is calm and then impressions can be received. but instead welcome it as part of the natural flow of the meditation. When your body requires oxygen again you will start breathing once more as if you never stopped. This is nothing to be alarmed about. The breath contains this mantra (sacred sound) and that is the key that will take you to a very profound space. the symbols are intelligible and the lessons manifest in your life. It cleans out the subconscious debris that clogs the energetic channels of the body. All your hidden fears and neuroses come up for observation. And so this process relieves the mind of all its tensions and subconscious debris. If you are receptive. When the breath is calm." Effects of the Meditation " The practice of the Hong-Sau technique stimulates the nervous system. some individuals may spontaneously feel as if they no longer have the need to breathe. Being the uninvolved witness allows you to release them. all of the attachments to the past and future will be removed from the mind. Note: You do not need to stop breathing to get the full effects of this meditation. the source of all physical and mental suffering. as you still retain the ability to breathe whenever you desire. This practice can produce psychic abilities. Hong-Sau is the internal sound that is going on within your body as you inhale and exhale. It is not a loss of control. but rather a releasing of the subconscious need to breathe. permanently. you can pick up telepathically what another person is thinking. During the meditation.

This is fine and natural – do not fight it. Just allow it to oscillate until you reach the point of breathlessness.The Technique " 1) As you inhale. mentally recite the word “Hong” as you feel the sound energy traveling down from the third eye (between the eyebrows) throughout the length of the spinal cord and down into the base of the spine (the perineum -. 2) As you exhale. 4) If you reach the point of breathlessness. This may be 10 minutes or an hour or more. sit quietly for a few minutes and reflect on what came up for you and how you feel. as the meditation still works as intended whether you consciously realize it or not. " " " " %" The Healers Journal 2013 Copyright . Set your intention to release all negative emotions and subconscious traumas that have come up during the meditation. neck and out again through your third eye. mentally recite the word ‘Sau’ as you reverse the energy flow. Sometimes we are consciously aware of what has come up and other times we are not. This is totally natural and should not be resisted. 3) Continue this practice for whatever length of time is comfortable for you. 5) After the meditation is concluded. beginning at the perineum and imagining the energy flowing up your spine. Sometimes it will sound like Hong-Sau. sometimes it will switch to So Hum. you may feel compelled to stop the visualization technique and simply experience this expanded. transcendental state.between the genitals and anus). It might start going in reverse so the inhale becomes ‘Sau’ and the exhale becomes ‘Hong’. if any. You may either continue the technique when the breath returns or stop the meditation if you feel so inclined. It is irrelevant. Note: The Hong-Sau has a tendency to change in meditation.

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com '" The Healers Journal 2013 Copyright . We can only transcend negative experiences and thoughts when we accept them as part of our personal journey of spiritual development and growth and release any negative emotions surrounding them through sincere forgiveness. Then you can take a deep breath and deep exhale. It is helpful to remind yourself that all experiences we have in this lifetime. it may resurface and need to be consciously released once and for all. No matter how painful the experience. no matter how tragic or painful. but requires sincere forgiveness of yourself and whoever else was involved in the formation of this negative thought/memory. you must forgive yourself and those involved and LET IT GO. While that may be difficult to accept.Tips For Practice The Hong-Sau meditation has the effect of cleansing your subconscious mind of negative patterning. please contact me at healersjournal@gmail. This is not difficult to achieve. but it will happen if you persist. -If you are having serious trouble releasing negative beliefs. It may take a few tries to sincerely forgive yourself. experiences or subconscious baggage. traumas and anything that does not serve your highest good. What this means is that you may find yourself feeling the emotions or thoughts associated with these negative subconscious patterns as they come up to be cleared. limiting beliefs. it is a truth you must acknowledge and embrace if you are to overcome your traumas. It is helpful to imagine the negativity leaving your body as black mass as you deeply exhale and expel it from your system. As this ‘mental debris’ is cleared. releasing this negativity from your mind and soul forever. It is very important that you do not get stuck reexperiencing these old memories. serve to help us learn and grow.

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