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Relay MC61A is a three phase over current + Earth fault relay with 4 measuring elements. The relay has built in highest(instantaneous trip) protection, for both over current & earth fault elements. The relay can be used for feeder protection in all low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage sub-stations. The relay has a front panel 4 digit seven segment LED display to read various settings,on line values, switch on values, last trip data etc. User has a choice of 7 trip time characteristics. 50 / 51, 50N/ 51N Three Phase Over current Earth Fault Highset Over current Higset earth fault Inverse & Definite time trip Characteristis 4 digit display CT secondary 1A / 5a field selectable

1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 Rated Current In Rated Frequency Auxiliary Power Supply Relay Settings : Over Current (Is) High set Over Current (Ihs) Earth Fault (Os) High set Earth fault (Ohs) Time Multiplier 5.0 0.2 to 2.0 times In, in steps of 0.05In 0.2 to 40 times In, in steps of 0.2 In or Disable 0.05 to 0.8 times On in steps of 0.05 On 0.1 to 20 times On in steps of 0.1 On or Disable 0.1 to 1.6 in steps of 0.05 (independent settings for O/C & E/F modes) Operating Characteristics Frontpanel programmable , using push buttons. Time /Current characteristics Separate characteristics can be selected for O/C & E/F modes. a) Normal Inverse (NI) 3s b) Normal Inverse (NI) 1.3s c) Very Inverse (VI) d) Extremely Inverse (EI) e) Definite Time (DT) 1s f) Definite time (DT) 10s g) Definite time (DT) 100s ..2 1A or 5A (Field selectable) 50Hz 2.5 Hz 24V to 110V AC/DC 15% or 95V to 240V AC/DC 15%

-2High set operating time Accuracy Pick up current Reset Current Reset time 6.0 Burden Less tha 50 millisec at 2 Ihs As per Error class 5 of IS : 3231 : 1987 Same as set current 95% to 90% of pick up current 0.1 to 10sec in steps of 0.1 sec or less than 50 ms Less than 0.25 VA/ phase at CT inputs Less than 10 VA at Auxiliary Power supply Separate LED indications for : Power on Trip status for R, Y, B & E (these LEDs blink when input crosses set point and become steady on when relay has tripped. LEDs have to be manually reset) 4 digit , seven segment LEDs for parameter display 4 contacts for trip signal on feeder faults ( one version with 2N/O + 2 N/C and other version with 4 N/O). 1 N/C contact for internal relay fault 250 V AC / 30 V DC 5A 2000VA / 240 W (Resistive) 2 times rated current continuously 20 times rated current for 1 sec Please refer separate document General Electrical Characteristics 158 x 136 mm 142 x 113 mm 204 mm 1.5 kG approx.


Operation Indicators


Output Relay Contacts


10.0 11.0 12.0

Output contact rating Rated voltage Rated current Rated Breaking C apacity Over Load capacity Electrical performance Specifications Case Front Bezel Panel Cutout Depth Weight







CATALOG NOs. MC61AAXX000 MC61AAXX001 MC61ABXX000 MC61ABXX001 M C 6 1 A A X X 0 0 0

Aux. Power supply A = 24 to 110 V AC/DC 10% B = 110 to 240 V AC/DC 10%

Contact Configuration 0 = 4 N/O 1 = 2 N/O + 2 N/C

1) 2) Auxiliary Power supply Contact configuration Type A or Type B 4 N/O or 2 N/0 + 2 N/C