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Why Learn Brazilian Portuguese?


If you want a decent return on your investment, says Helen Joyce, the best language to learn is Brazilian Portuguese... Some lunatics learn languages for fun. The rest of us are looking for a decent return on our investment. That means choosing a language with plenty of native speakers. One spoken by people worth talking to, in a place worth visiting. One with close relatives, so you have a head start with your third language. One not so distant from English that you give up. There really is only one rational choice: Brazilian Portuguese. Brazil is big (190m residents; half a continent). Its economic prospects are bright. So Paulo is Latin Americas business capital. No other country has flora and fauna more varied and beautiful. It is home to the worlds largest standing forest, the Amazon. The weather is great and so are the beaches. The people are friendly and shameless white liars. Youll be told Your Portuguese is wonderful! many times before it is true. You wont need a new alphabet or much new grammar, though you may find the language addicted to declensions and unduly fond of the subjunctive. Youll learn hundreds of words without effort (azul means blue, verde means green) and be able to guess entire sentences (O sistema bancrio muito forte: the banking system is very strong). With new pronunciation and a few new words youll get around in Portugal and parts of Africa. If you speak Spanish, French or Italian, youll find half the work is already done and if not, why not try? With Portuguese under your belt youll fly along. Best of all, youll stand out. Only about 10m Brazilians have reasonable English, and far more Anglophones speak French or Spanish than Portuguese, of any flavour. I did not choose this language; it was thrust on me by the offer of a job in So Paulo. But when I think of my sons, now ten and five, one day being able to write fluent Brazilian Portuguese on their CVs, I feel a little smug. Helen Joyce is The Economist's So Paulo correspondent
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For Indian Students: As we are part of BRICS Countries, our business relation with Brazil is growing everyday and we require more and more linguists to support those businesses and understand the culture. These days we see lots of job openings for Brazilian Portuguese experts to support outsourced businesses to India (BPO/KPO/IT/ITes) and there are still very less number of Portuguese speakers in India.

Why Learn at LANGCOLE?


First institute for Brazilian Portuguese in India, in academic collaboration with Portuguese Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi.

Best Teachers Natives, Experienced Indian Teachers

Best Methodologies: Participative, Focus over - Writing, Reading, Spoken, Listening and Cultural aspects.

Our own books and researched study materials, links.

We help in job placements via our own consultancy.

About our Programmes


Classroom Training:
Our Professional Diploma course is intensive classroom training divided into 3 levels: -Basic -Intermediate -Advance. Each level is divided into 40 Hours of classroom training and requires additional 60-80 Hours of self-study based on our materials, exercises, audio-viduals, internet etc. You get a certificate at each level once you successfully complete the level.
The Venue:

New Delhi LANGCOLE, Ground Floor, E-4, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 (Metro Station: Moolchand) Bangalore LANGCOLE, 1st Floor, Above South Indian Bank, Seva Sadan Technical Training Institute, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
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Rs. 10,000 + Service Tax as applicable / Level. Rs. 27,000 + Service Tax for those taking admission in all 3 levels.

Professional Foreign Language Corporate Training

LANGCOLE provides specific language courses for executives and travelers from business firms at their premises as per their need. We have trained employees in foreign languages at the premises of various conglomerates and corporate houses in India in metros as well as in remote cities. We have specific training material prepared by our team to suit the corporate needs of various industries like - Mining and Minerals, Oil, BPO - KPO, IT, ITes etc.
Special Free Demo class and counseling session can be conducted for corporate.