Oracle Warehouse Management Manufacturing & Kitting

An Oracle Topical Essay December 2000

Oracle Warehouse Management Manufacturing and Kitting


Oracle WMS integration with Oracle Work in Process (WIP) allows WIP completion transactions to take advantage of the functionality already provided by WMS. WIP completions will pack license plate numbers and call the WMS Rules Engine to suggest intelligent putaway locations for completed material. In addition, Oracle WMS supports kitting with kit-to-stock and kit-to-order options.
WIP Completion Integration

New functionality provided by Oracle WMS includes container packing and a Rules Engine that can suggest putaway locations for finished goods rather than the static putaway location used previously.
Container Packing

License plate numbers, or LPNs, form the foundation of WMS container management. Packed containers of inventory can be moved or completed in a single transaction; this provides the greatest power for lot or serial controlled items because operators need not enter lot or serial numbers multiple times. Further information on LPNs can be found in the LPN topical essay. With WMS, LPNs can be packed before the WIP completion. This packing transaction, performed on a mobile device, will associate a license plate number with items that will be completed from a WIP job, a work orderless job, flow assembly job, or a flow schedule job. This association does not perform the completion transaction, but will later allow the entire completion transaction to be performed by just entering the LPN number.
Directed Putaway

Currently, with Oracle Manufacturing Applications, users define a default put away location for material that is completed in Oracle Work in Process (WIP). This default location is indicated on the BoM for the assembly and can be overridden on the work order or at the time of assembly completion. Still, this location is static and any overrides are made manually by the user. Oracle Warehouse Management System has the capability to suggest more intelligent storage locations or cross docking opportunities based on characteristics of the item and the storage location that will reduce warehouse fragmentation, minimize stock handling and put away travel time or enforce co-mingling constraints. For more information on put away rules, please refer to the Rules Engine topical essay. Oracle Warehouse Management also has the ability to track the status of a put away task being executed by a warehouse user. This provides a greater degree of visibility to material movements and the productivity of facility resources. For more information on Warehouse tasks, please refer to the task management essay.


When the operator scans the packed LPN, the system details the optimal putaway location based on user-defined rules. The actual WIP completion transaction is performed when the user completes the task by dropping the LPN in the suggested location; prior to that point, the LPN is still located in WIP.

Oracle WMS supports kit-to-stock and kit-to-order. Kit-to-stock is supported by the work orderless completion, while kit to order uses Oracle pick-to-order functionality.


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