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Staffing Automation Software

Today contingent workers including independent contractors, temporary workers, freelancers, and consultants make up a growing proportion of the global workforce. Organizations are relying more heavily on contingent workers to meet critical staffing needs. As this need continues to grow, the coordination of staffing suppliers, the ability to strategically administer the process and manage this workforce becomes paramount. Thus, many companies rely on contingent workforce management to capture benefits like maximize cost savings, mitigate risk, optimize supplier performance and improve cycle times. SourceGain is an end-to-end contingent workforce management solution Do you also face these issues? Too many staffing suppliers Massive administrative burden Inability to budget and forecast No monitoring of candidate quality, time to fill and retention rate 1099 compliance risk management Bill rates vary for the same skill sets Lack of market benchmarking analytics Then SourceGain is the solution. Our best-in-class solution automates end-to-end life cycle of managing your contingent workforce and associated administrative processes, and the suppliers who provide them to you. SourceGain allows you to streamline the procurement process and automate the staffing lifecycle from job order creation through consolidated invoicing. You can deploy standardized workflows across all phases sourcing, contracting, onboarding, time-entry, measuring performance, invoicing suppliers, offboarding and reporting. With its 360 degree view, SourceGain allows clients to see a complete, real-time picture of its contingent workforce spend; priceless knowledge when it comes to managing resources and the financial bottom-line.

Vendor Portal Vendor can manage company information online Enter timesheet online Enter Invoice online


Contractor Profile Track contractor by Project/Assignment Manage his Demographic and Bank info online Purchase Orders

Track Payment online Insurance Management Manage Contractor Insurance online Vendor Management Manage timesheet/invoice/payment online Timesheets Import timesheet data online Manage timesheet by contractor/vendor portal Invoicing Manage Invoices as per payment frequency Manage Invoices as per Payment term Make payments by check or ACH Apply payment by import sheets Contractor Portal Contractor can manage his/her personal information online Enter timesheet online Enter Invoice online Manage PO by expiration date Manage PO by Amount consumption Contract Documents All contract documents are stored online All documents are DocuSigned All documents are transferred online thru system Background Checks Initiate BGCs Manage BGC results



Expense Tracking Manage expenses of employee Manage client paid expenses Accounts Payable/ AR Manage it completely by payment term and payment frequency Immigration information Manage H1B/GC process online Loan Management Track all loans of employees Commission calculations Manage all commission type Business Intelligence Analytical reports (Over 500 Reports) Schedule reports Ad-hoc reports

Compliance and risk mitigation


A controlled, auditable and automated compliance process for contractors Enforcement of SLAs Enforce compliance with contract terms, rates, milestone parameters and performance metrics Transparent analysis of all stages of the procurement lifecycle provides greater control and full visibility into your staffing spend and activity thus allowing you to mitigate concerns

Supplier management

Get deep insight into performance metrics including supplier quality, response rates, fulfillment ratio and bill rates Effectively manage the procurement and sourcing process with suppliers Reduce approval cycle time through automated workflows Compare supplier performances and see which suppliers are supplying the best candidates

Data to transform your business


BI reports track trends, substantiate hard dollar cost savings, determine efficiency improvements and highlight progress toward achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Get reports on rates, spend, utilization, supplier performance and make intelligent decisions

Cost savings

Realize cost savings because of drastic improvements in budget controls, invoice processing, accounts payable processing, normalization of unit costs, and more, thus preventing cost leakage Rate management enables you to get access to current rate information on contingent workforce bill rates and eliminate the guesswork in determining the right cost to hire a contractor keeping suppliers and budgets on track Soft dollar savings through process improvements like consolidated invoicing, reduced timesheet and invoice errors and compliance tracking



Measure and monitor the performance of your suppliers and workforce to ensure there is an efficient process for suppliers and a strong onboarding program for contractors. Automated workflows streamline the process, reducing the time it takes to fill open positions Simplify the process for your suppliers to access positions and submit candidates Time and expense tracking with online approvals - reduces paper work and provides audit trail Consolidated invoicing and payment settlement - simplifies your Accounts Payable with one invoice that covers multiple vendors/contract employees

Operational / Process efficiency

With a large percentage of contingent workforce, having business analytics and performance metrics is crucial to optimize and control contractor spend. With SourceGain, we have data and analytics to make informed decisions which have helped us penetrate the market through our suppliers, set and measure expectations, and improve quality of resources. SourceGain is a true value for money.

We help you gain competitive advantage. Swift deployment, scalable growth, and ongoing enhancements and cutting edge development will help you respond to market changes with speed and effectiveness


Backed by our unmatched staffing industry experience and a superb team of developers and support specialists, we offer the solution you can trust to help your business reach its full potential Exceptional user experience from day-to-day system performance such as speed, uptime and usability to back-end functionality such as transactional integrity and system security A complete staffing solution. Full integration between the front office, back office and web portals ensures your company is working with real-time accurate data, which leads to the staffs ability to work faster, fill job orders faster, and customers to receive top-notch service Highly secure system. We deliver unparalleled peace of mind by keeping all the financial and personal information of our customers safe and secure Fast and easy access to real time data to get a complete picture of your spending associated with contract management and make intelligent business decisions Integration with business apps will result in faster adaptability

With SourceGain, spend less time on the process and more time on finding the right candidate.
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