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Request for Proposal (RFP)

Company Background The ACME Corporation is a manufacturing and distribution company based out of Fort Worth Texas, which produces brake and suspension parts for semi-trailers. Our company has experienced positive growth over the past few years, which has led to our expansion to Miami. With a new Division Office in development, the need to either purchase or lease a new PBX telephony system is our focus in this proposal. Project Description ACME plans to install a new PBX to support up to 1000 users which must have VoIP capabilities along with support for LAN, WAN and internetworking systems. With an expansion growth of this magnitude, and the helpdesk being the single point of contact, the telecommunications services must provide reliable 24-7 assistance for the new Division Office. With a new PBX system in place, support for our customers both internally and externally, will be greatly improved and growth should continue to move forward. Design Requirements VoIP enabled Operating line capacity:1000 lines Wired line capacity: 800 lines Remote maintenance capabilities Voice mail messaging Low-cost routing software Black(color) station equipment Upgradability

Technical and Infrastructure Requirements Line capacity must allow for 1000 lines with an expansion of up to 1200 lines. Compatibility with legacy applications Flexibility to use phone as a traditional PBX, IP-PBX or both. Required software for maintaining the system. Appropriate IP Gateway and Terminal devices along with a Call Process Management system. Centrex Unit for providing traditional voice communications between telephone handsets and PBX to the PSTN.

Functional Requirements Ideal functionality would include connectivity and translation of traditional voice communications across an IP network to another IP device. Dial Plan- for mapping telephone numbers to destination IP addresses. Call Setup- for exchanging compatibility information. Digitizing- to convert analog signals into packets. Modem- for processing signals according to type. Compression/Decompression- process for using less bandwidth.

Submission Information February 7,2012: Issuance of RFP for PBX bids March 2,2012: Vendor response to RFPs due

Estimated Project Duration December 1, 2011: Requirements document completed/ Feasibility analysis completed. May 2,2012: Vendor installation of PBX system begins May 19, 2012: Deadline for installation of PBX system June 9,2012: Live cutover to new PBX system for all users

Assumptions and Agreements A preliminary budget has been approved for this project by way of an LCA/NPV analysis. The vendor will provide technical support to the technical staff of ACME Corp. once the project is distributed. The vendor shall warrant that on delivery, that all materials are free of fault or handling errors. Upon completion of project, all materials developed by the project will become the exclusive property of ACME Corp. All equipment will include all necessary power cords and patch cables as needed. Annual maintenance cost for a period of one (1) year must be included in proposal as well as a five year cost of ownership summary.

Proposers References Client name Project description Project dates (starting and ending) Project cost Project size Staff assigned to reference engagement that will be designated for work per this RFP

Proposal Requirements 1. The complete proposal must be submitted via mail to Office of the President, Attn: RFP # 13-00032, PO Box 123, Ft Worth. Texas 12345 2. Proposers shall file all documents necessary to support their proposal and include them with their proposal. 3. Proposers may contact ACME Corp. to confirm receipt of their proposal submission. For Additional Information or Clarification Project Leader/ Telecommunications Manager- Coyote, Willy. Ph. 817 834-4321 Ext. 451 Basis for Award of Contract Award will be made to the Proposer that offers the most advantageous proposal. Evaluation criteria that will be used are: Initial cost Annual operating costs Vendor viability System reliability Station equipment features Voice over Internet Protocol Upgradability Environmental factors Administrative tools

Anticipated Selection Schedule March 17, 2012: Vendors presentations completed April 2,2012: Vendor selected

RFP and Vendor Weighting Option A Weight Rating Score 10 9 90 8 10 80 10 10 100 10 10 100 7 9 63 10 10 6 8 9 10 10 9 90 100 60 72 755 Option B Rating Score 10 100 9 72 10 100 9 90 10 70 10 8 8 10 100 80 48 80 740

Evaluation Factor Initial cost Annual operating cost Vendor viability* System reliability* Station equipment features* Voice over Internet Protocol* Upgradability* Environmental factors* Administrative tools* Totals