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LJHS Gets a New Permanent Prinicipal

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By Amanda Menas Editor-in-Chief Few staff members have been here long enough to remember the last transitional period between principals. Dana Shelburne resided as La Jolla High School’s principal for 17 years before he was reassigned to School Construction Liaison. After two interim principals (pictured left), Dr. Pat Crowder and Dr. Carol Whaley, LJHS has a new face to steer the progress of campus, in the form of Dr. Chuck Podhorsky. Former principal of Hoover High School, Dr. Podhorsky was appointed at the January District Board Meeting, January 21, 2014. In a meeting on January 27 with the former interim principals and the Area Superintendent, Julie Martel, the official start date of the new principal was confirmed as February 10. Dr. Podhorsky, UCLA graducal and economic analysts predict that the Federal Reserve, under the leadership of Yellen, will lower the unemployment rate to about six percent. Critics of the institution pre-Yellen have claimed that the Federal Reserve has only, according to the Daily Nexus, “inflated real estate and stock prices by putting money in the markets,” which in turn created investment bubbles. Many expect Yellen to complete the work that was started by former Chair Ben Bernanke. According to the Bank of America Association, Yellen ate and former Educational Consultant, comes at a time when there are not only changes in school leadership, but in school policies as well. State-wide, California approved a law allowing students of both genders to wear the clothing, use the bathrooms, and participate in the sports teams in accordance with their sexual identity. At La Jolla High, attire for the school dances is now “formal” for all students. Changes were also added to future curriculum at LJHS. Common Core standards are being implemented with the freshman and upcoming grade levels, and a new robotics class and marching band will be offered due to the push from Dr. Crowder. Having already made a positive impression on many of the office staff members, LJHS looks forward to all the changes a permanent principal will bring. is a big supporter of free and open communication with the federal government, and she intends to continue the expansion of the Federal Reserve’s arsenal of communication tools. Meanwhile, the prolonged debate surrounding the new Affordable Care Act’s plan has just been settled. Right wing politicians continue to be upset over the Supreme Court’s ruling on “Obamacare’s” constitutionality. Michael Cannon, a political analyst for the Cato Institute, has asserted, in reading trial court for another round of litigation. A Mt. Soledad Memorial Association member, Bruce Baily, is disappointed with the latest ruling. “However, [Baily is] grateful for the Judge’s stay that gives [them] the opportunity to fight this all

Volume LXXXVIII Issue 4- January 31, 2014

By Amanda Menas Editor-in-Chief

Union Recap

State of the

Photo courtesy of Creekstar Allan

From left to right: Dr. Carol Whaley, Dr. Chuck Podhorsky, Dr. Pat Crowder, and Area Superintendent Julie Martel during their January 27 meeting.

With the start of the year, 40,000 new state laws were enacted. In 2013, the United States’ Congress passed less than 60 laws, giving a new meaning to the “Do Nothing Congress.” President Obama mentioned the low unemployment rate, the rebounding housing market, the lower deficit, and America being renamed the number one place to invest. Additionally, the President’s main talking point was his potential use of Executive Order if Congress 1) does not enact a national minimum wage of $10.10 (a law nearly established in California, set to reach that amount by 2016), and 2) steps in the way of preventing another open ended war. the ACA statute, that the IRS cannot offer subsidies through federal exchanges. However, the Affordable Care Act’s definition of health insurance is a “governmental agency or non-profit entity that is established by a state,” thus still allowed under the statute. When Judge Paul L. Friedman, a D.C. circuit judge, disagreed with Cannon’s notion, he claimed that “tax credits are linked to health plans purchased on exchanges.” In his State of the Union Address, the President made it clear that Obamacare is here to stay. the way to the Supreme Court,” according to KPBS. The Judge’s order states that the cross must be moved within 90 days, unless there’s an appeal, which could delay the process. This 2-year saga may not be over yet.

What’s Up in Washington
Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve Obamacare and the ACA statute
By Jake Foerster Staff Writer Recently, the United States Senate voted to appoint Janet Yellen as the first woman to be head of the Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the United States. Yellen, confirmed by a 56-26 vote, will replace Ben Bernanke, who will step down after being chairman for eight years. In 2010, Yellen was nominated by President Obama to succeed Donald Kohn as vicechair of the Federal Reserve, but was not elected. According to the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, Yellen’s goals include creating more economic growth and lowering the inflation rate to two percent. Politi-


Hi Vikes! Congrats on getting through first semester. Our ASB Ball is tomorrow from 8-11pm at the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego! There will be dancing, a photo booth, a lounge, Dance Dance Revolution, and a special surprise! Remember to bring your ID! Parking will be difficult so make sure to get dropped off or arrive ahead of time. Airband is also coming up soon on Friday, March 7! Check in with your class officers and attend class council meetings to participate! Lastly, enjoy your last semester of high school seniors! Sydney Moses ASB President


The Mount Soledad Cross violates the Constitution and will be taken down within 90 days
By Ana Gimber Staff Writer Federal Judge Larry Burns has issued an order saying that The Mount Soledad Cross, a 60-year-old 29-foot cross erected as a Korean War memorial, violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution and must be taken down. The Establishment Clause prohibits Congress from supporting one religion over another. Some believe the monument is a religious symbol that excludes non-Christian veterans and violates the First Amendment of the Constitu-

Ruling on Cross

tion. The Establishment Clause states that it is illegal to display a religious symbol on public land, and part of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial sits on government land. The Soledad Cross was previously challenged in a 2006 lawsuit, but was not taken down. This time, the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America and several local residents were represented in the case by the ACLU, and won. The federal court did not order immediate removal of the cross, but did prevent the matter from coming back to the

Photo courtesy of Lilly Glenister

The Mt. Soledad Cross, a current Korean War veteran memorial site, has been under legal fire for over 20 years


The La Jolla High School

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A Check-up ”
By Sarah Espinosa Staff Writer


January 31, 2014

Does your doctor have the right to peruse your medical history without your consent?
“system,” many approve it, but what are the odds that this innocent reseacrh can save someone’s life? Dr. David Brendel said, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal regarding patient’s information online, “It’s the information that is in the public domain and it may be information that is clinically relevant.” What if a patient forgot the day of her car accident? If it is on the public network a doctor can learn about past accidents and other relevant information that can affect that patient’s medical history. This process can also identify a lying patient. If a person says that he has never used drugs before and he is on a website with a mug-shot claiming to be arrested for drug possession,

Is More
Previously Thought
By Maya Lakshman Staff Writer Our society holds various images of what the ideal man and woman should be, and often we not only accept these images, but we force them upon both ourselves and others. Surely it is not healthy to tell a woman that she is unwomanly because of certain features or the way she may act, so isn’t it a bit harsh to tell a man he is acting “unmanly?” More importantly, shouldn’t young boys be allowed to grow up without worrying constantly if they are acting man-like? This question was posed in a recent Upworthy video titled “There’s Something Absolutely Wrong with What We Do to Boys Before They Grow into Men.” The three most destructive words for a young boy’s development come in the phrase “be a man.” According to Dr. Michael Kimmel, a sociologist, “We’ve constructed an idea of masculinity in the United States that doesn’t give young boys a way to feel secure in their masculinity, so we make them go prove it all the time.” No young child deserves the constant burden of trying to prove his masculinity. It is excessive and ridiculous, and in the end, detrimental. Boys should be allowed to be sensitive, be sad, cry, be shy, and feel pain. There is nothing wrong with that. And the more disheartening truth is that these words that society has forced upon every young boy, shutting up all their emotions inside of them until they can’t get them out, often are correlated to violent outbursts. These words are making our society’s young boys feel unwanted, neglected, and hated. Dr. Niobe Way claims that forcing children into a world that doesn’t value care or empathy will result in both “girls and boys, men and women [going] crazy.” When a kid gets a suspension or gets involved in trouble, the first thing that society assumes is that he’s just another “bad kid.” Perhaps he was just doing what society had taught him to do from a young age: man up, fight it out, show strength. It is high time we change our outlook, before this phrase destroys our society and this generation.

One Innocuous Phrase

Detrimental Than

Since the birth of the Internet, people have had access to all kinds of information online, including the personal histories of other people. Why now are people making such a fuss about doctors Googling their patients? Sometimes doctors even find more information about the patient online than in person-to-person conversation. For example, if a former athlete had an injury that could be relevant to his current condition and has not mentioned it to his physician, a doctor could quickly find him out by typing some words into the browser, and then talk to his patient about it. Many people oppose this

Grammarama: Precocious Pronouns
By Laura Derickson Editor-in-Chief Subject Pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, you (plural), they At some point in time, each of us will be part of a discussion, debate, or interview in which we will be judged more on how we speak than on what we say. One of the easiest ways to throw off the listener is by misusing pronouns. For example, “Him and her are going to ASB together” is hardly an adequate sentence for breaking the happy news. Once you understand the rules, pronouns can be easily mastered. Below are some quick tips for using pronouns correctly. There are eight basic pronouns, each of which has one form when used as a subject pronoun and another form when used as an object pronoun. Object Pronouns: Me, you, him, her, it, us, you (plural), them Those of you who paid attention in elementary school English know the difference between a subject pronoun and an object pronoun. For the other 99% of us, below is a definition: A subject pronoun is what the sentence is about. Examples: I did not study for finals. She likes boys with good grammar skills. An object pronoun is what is affected by the action of the subject. An object pronoun

then clearly the doctor has to double-check everything he has said. On the other hand, people claim that this is invading their privacy and that they don’t feel comfortable with doctors googling them; well if that is the case, then they must clearly be hiding something. Warraich also stated in the New York Times, “If the only reason a doctor searches online is to gather personal information that patients don’t want to share with their physicians, then it is absolutely the wrong thing to do.” But if that is the case, doctors are not invading anyone’s privacy. If a person doesn’t want to have his or her personal life googled by a doctor, or let’s say a psychopath, then he or she shouldn’t have it out there in the first place.

Staff Writers

is used instead of a noun because we already know what the object is. Object pronouns are usually used after a verb or preposition. The administration does not like me. Out-of-state burritos are not good for her. The same rules apply when pronouns are used in combination. He and I went to ASB together. We threw chicken at him and her. Time to go sound like you have a high school education. The point of junior and senior year is to take AP classes and begin preparing for college; what is the point of an 18year-old running a couple laps as opposed to learning about political science or economics? Learning basic skills of dodgeball, soccer, and tennis will not help us get farther in life. If a student would like to pursue a sport then that choice should be given to them as a 6th period class in which sports teams can practice, not during a class period that could be used to raise GPA, doing homework, or preparing for a test. This new system is ignorant in the sense that these incoming freshman will miss out on classes that many other high schoolers will get to experience.

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Why the new physical education plan is a waste of precious high school hours
By Carly Neville Staff Writer and learning how to hold a badminton racket correctly. Students will be restricted to core classes, physical education, and one elective, which is essentially what the middle school offered. Take the words physical education: physical, meaning moving our bodies, and education, meaning learning something new. Everybody who has ever taken high school P.E. can agree that the meanings of these words are not applied to the students taking the class.

Looking Forward to Four Years of Racquetball?

Recently, the San Diego School District passed a new system for the upcoming high school freshman that requires them to take physical education their entire high school career. Not only is this new system ridiculous, it also takes away a student’s chance to take junior and senior electives that are much more rewarding than running the mile once a month

I heard this looks really good on college apps!
one actually cares about what they are doing. People only seem to be “doing it for the college app.” Take AP courses as an example. Schools don’t force kids to take AP courses, but students decide to take them anyway because they know that they must in order to get into an acceptable college. Nobody actually wants to take these highly accelerated classes, but

January 31, 2014


Why smaller clubs are becoming less about charity, and more about getting into college
A question asked frequently by students is, “Doesn’t that look good on college apps?” There’s something seriously wrong with this question because it’s showing their lack of interest in what students are getting themselves involved in. Colleges want people who have a passion and desire to learn and experience new activities. But now they are unintentionally encouraging kids to one up each other in the amount of extracurricular activities and volunteer hours they have. Students don’t care about the hours of time they put into their commitment towards clubs, sports, and academics. This neglect is turning teenagers into drones with only one goal in mind: looking good for colleges. Hey, if the colleges like it I’ll do it. So if they say go jump off a bridge, are you gonna do it?

Babes of WRATH
My Body, My Rules
By Katie Allen Features Editor New Year’s Resolutions have a failure rate of 92%. Birth control, when used correctly has a success rate of 91%. How do you like them odds? According to, 62 percent of women of a childbearing age (15-44) use a method of contraceptive. But out of about 20 forms of birth control, men only use and are responsible for five of them. So why is it that women still face total responsibility for managing everyone’s sexual health? Under the Affordable Care Act, which was instated in 2010 by President Obama, birth control is offered now for little to no money. However, without private insurance, birth control doesn’t come cheap. This proves difficult for teens that are uncomfortable addressing the subject with parents and ultimately turn to organizations like Planned Parenthood, which provide free, confidential, and effective information and supplies for mental, physical, and reproductive health. While the most common forms of birth control, like the pill, cost anywhere from 15 to 50 dollars a month, some particular brands can cost 60 dollars for a particular hormone that won’t increase the chances of breast cancer. Some forms, like Implanon and Nexplanon, can cost upwards of 800 dollars. Most men purchase condoms, which, while effective, cost a fraction of the price of their female counterparts. A pack of Trojan Latex Condoms costs, on average, 63 cents per condom. This doesn’t even begin to cover the possible health risks some women face in order to protect themselves. Birth control can cause certain side effects that range from mild headaches to liver tumors. Sometimes they can prove fatal. In a recent article in Vanity Fair magazine, the contraceptive method “Nuvaring” was under harsh criticism and investigation for killing its users via deadly blood clots. Some women worry those birth control methods that adjust hormones cause lasting effects on fertility in the future. Some girls use birth control and aren’t sexually active. They choose birth control as a method of controlling acne and regulating periods. Many of the girls at La Jolla High use a form of birth control, whether it is a daily pill or the Birth Control Implant (known as “The Bar”). It is becoming more common for young women to take control of their health, and not just rely on a man to provide it. Birth control is just as much a woman’s responsibility as a man’s. So why do women pay more, and endure health risks? How is that fair? Women are patronized for buying birth control because, by society’s standards, they are actively seeking sex and therefore are considered promiscuous. Being mature and responsible about the subject breaks down the taboo nature of teen sex. Teens forget how easy it is to get pregnant and no one is ready for a child at this age. Nor should they forget that having sex could lead to STI’s and STD’s that can be prevented through the use of condoms. Birth control is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything it should be celebrated. While we don’t encourage sex, we don’t chastise the act either. Having sex doesn’t make you more grown-up, especially if the right precautions aren’t taken. Of course, everyone has his or her own opinion on the subject, and each opinion is valid. But if anyone, girl or guy, chooses to have sex, protection for everyone should be available and cheap. If you are willing to engage in an adult act, you should be willing to except the adult consequences.



By Kaitlin Wheeler Staff Writer What happened to the desire to join sports for the experience, join clubs to meet new people, or take classes to learn something interesting? Sadly, this enthusiasm toward school and extracurricular activities is hard to find in many students. This problem is mainly due to the fact that colleges are putting so much stress on teenagers to make the right decisions, to get the best possible grades, to be the stellar athlete, to ace the SAT, to create a club that will greatly benefit others, and engage in so many more time-consuming activities. It’s hard enough to live a stable life with all the stress going on on a daily basis in school. High school kids are now being brainwashed into thinking that they must do everything perfectly for college. It seems as though no

This neglect is turning teenagers into drones...

it is now a regular standard required by most colleges. Another sad truth is that kids will take a position in a club because it’s a leadership role, which is highly valued by colleges. They could not care less about the club because they are only doing it for that all-important college application.


Anxious About Applying?
Trust us, you’re not alone
sary pressure on students. It is hard to deal with this at such young of an age. Senior Jonathan Abbott agrees that balancing his school work and preparing for college is a lot for a any senior to handle,“The whole situation about going into college could be really be anticipating, but it can also be quite pleasing as well.” With the economic downturn, families’ financial consid-



Valentine’s DayR
By Nicolette Bodine Staff Writer

By Tony Rivas Staff Writer College is a time of big change for many high school students. They no longer have a clear road map for what they are supposed to do to get to the next step. They get a choice about what direction they head by choosing a major. While this can be an exciting time for students, it can also be overwhelming. As second semester starts to kick in, so do all the tests, essays, and projects. If you are a senior, a junior, or a highly competitive sophomore, then you will be taking (or retaking) the SATs and or the ACTs, well, most people will be at least. This is the part when stress and migraines start to kick in. Just thinking about failing one test could really rattle a prosperous student up, and many of them have the idea that getting one bad grade could really knock them out of the charts of their dream colleges. When second semester comes around, students have to learn to manage their time. It is extremely nerve-wracking to pack in sports, grades, and tests. All of this puts unneces-

to achieve, many of whom don’t realize that there are ways to overcome the stress of going to college.”
erations may also cause anxiety or insecurity for some students. Others may feel more pressure to succeed academically to justify the high cost of their education. It isn’t just the seniors who go through this stressful time in high school, but the juniors, sophomores and even some freshman go through a time of stress and anticipation. Junior Daniela Anastasi has been all over the situation of preparing herself for college, in which she ing new ways to help students relieve stress and anxiety. School counselors and many other school administrators are great resources for a stressed student to go and seek help. Leaving high school could be both exciting and stressful. Spending your high school days being a stressful person isn’t the best thing to do; one must enjoy their time and see life in a new positive way.

“There's a growing pressure for teens

feels that the hardest thing for her so far was time management, “Along with dealing with golf and academics, managing my time has definitely been the biggest challenge so far.” There's a growing pressure for teens to achieve, many of whom don’t realize that there are ways to overcome the stress of going to college. Now some schools are find-

Check your answers from last [December] issue’s crossword puzzle. How many did you get right?
2. Ms. Thomas 3. Mr. Tenenbaum 5. Mr. Bankert 7. Coach Atwell 8. Mr. Friburg 9. Ms. Mandock 11. Mr. Marcus 12. Mr. Davis 14. Mr. Essex 1. Mr. Quesnell 2. Mr. Teachworth 4. Mr. Morgan 5. Ms. Brammer 6. Mr. Tellers 10. Mr. Kinsel 11. Mr. Mattio 13. Ms. Vu

Guess Who?

January 31, 2014


February 14 is just around the corner, have you begun thinking about your plans? Valentines Day also happens to be on a Friday this year, which leaves room for creative fun at night. Not only does this special day fall on everyone’s favorite day of the week, but we also do not have school that Friday! Don’t worry if you have yet to think of ideas, we are here to help with gift ideas, places to go, and things to do, for everyone. No matter how or who you spend your day with, make sure you try one of our ideas and have fun with it! We will be interviewing our fellow classmates after the holiday and discussing best gifts and plans.

A new bed, more toys, gourmet treats, or Breakfast at his favorite place, sports memobones or feather toys. rabilia’s, funny movies, video games, gourmet food, a CD of the newest release from his favorite band, headphones, new Sperry’s, A new specialized chores list, a massage, or just a simple card and a box of chocolates. chocolates, breakfast in bed, candles, flowers, paintings, or a relaxation gift basket.




A weekend getaway coupon, jewelry, a sweet treat, a heartfelt card, a manicure/pedicure, a massage, a puppy, stuffed animals, blankets, Starbucks gift cards, or a bouquet of flowers.
Photo courtesy of Nikky Hagopian

Picnic at the beach, brunch at the local farmers market, trip to the Zoo, stargazing, boat ride, horseback riding, camping, local aquarium, roller skating, treasure hunt, or the classic dinner and movie night. A few great dinner places around La Jolla that aren’t too pricey, but still great for the Holiday include Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza, Karl Strauss, Georges, Prep Kitchen, Sushi on the Rock, Roppongi, Piattis, Barbarella, or The Marine Room. If you are out and about during the day for breakfast, lunch, or brunch a few great options around La Jolla are The Cottage, Brockton Villa, Caroline’s Seaside Cafe, Coffee Cup, and Cody’s La Jolla.


next year! I am so excited to go, MIT For me, it is the perfect
carry on my family’s
really looking forward “I committed to “I’m Lehigh University! to going to combination of academics,

January 31, 2014


By Haley Richards and Nicolette Bodine Staff Writers



All Photos courtesy of Creekstar Allan

As college decisions are rolling out, a few of our fellow senior classmates have shared with us their excitement in committing to their top colleges. Here are a few:

it will be great to
-Hallie Bodenstab

a school. legacy there.” in I’m really excited to play
“I’ve committed to
volleyball for MIT
a lot of fun to compete

everything I am looking for

athletics, and location-

Perry Cohen

Yale University
because it was one of my

and I think it will be

top choices.
on the east coast
environment in general.”
and in a different academic

I plan on studying biology so MIT’s emphasis on math

at the college level.
major selling point for me.

Saint Mary’s College FOR GOLF!
I am extremely
“I committed to
Ben Doyle

I’m excited to live

and science is another

“I committed to will be great too.”

town -Sonia Blue college and being so close to Boston

MIT is in; Cambridge is a fun

Also, I love the area that

-Perry Cohen their great academics “I committed to and rowing team,

EXCITED in Spokane, Washington. to pursue my dream I chose the school at such an amazing college. ” not only because of
but also because it felt like somewhere Cal Berkeley I could call home

Gonzaga University

rowing by

“I was recruited for

to MIT! the urban campus I am so excited to
because I loved
when I visited last spring.

University in D.C.

The George -Clare Farley Washington “I am committed
attend such an

for the next four years. I love the area I’m looking forward to around the school and I’m so excited rowing at the D1 level
to be a college athlete!”


-Bennett Doyle -Bella Spies

and to also meet new people.”

the first to establish the major

The university also was amazing engineering school

“I committed to “I am committed to
Arizona State University
Sonia Blue

-Amanda Menas Amherst College “I’ve committed to to play baseball.
The George Washington

lacrosse I intend to pursue: Young political -Emily “I’ve committed to
at the collegiate level.”

and continue to play

for water polo
to start this new chapter
The team and coaching staff

and I’m so excited

in my life. for one of the
a lot from this program.”

I’m ecstatic to be playing baseball

Colorado Mesa University.

are amazing top ranked schools
and I feel like I’ll learn

I’m looking forward to

I decided to go there
because it is an incredible

school academically,

because it is a wonderful bigger schools to play at

academic school. I chose this school I was initially leaning toward

and has so much to offer.

but I fell in love
with the campus
and how the coaching staff
Emily Young

MIDWEST “I’m going to “I committed to
Northwestern University
to their McCormick School

-Taylor Bertrand

in the nation.”

-Brett Volger
because I want to spend

playing water polo cares so much about
and meeting many of the I’m looking forward to

in the nation’s capital

my future beyond baseball.

in Evanston, IL

Indiana University
in a completely different environment

influential individuals

and are looking to while earning a degree -Scarlett Hallahan -Sam Schneider

that reside in the city national championship

competing for a
best schools in the country.”

Biomedical Engineering.
was because it was a school that had

of Engineering to study

my next four years

Why I chose Northwestern

everything I wanted.
with fantastic academics.

make a difference from one of the

It’s a big 10 school I’m looking forward to
Basically, the all around

than I’m used to.
and my new teammates!”

in the world.”

meeting new people

college experience I wanted.”

-Benji Leibowitz

-Sarah Young



January 31, 2014

My definition of happiness


January 31, 2014



is having a

good time.

and girls
make me

-Donavon Griffin.


to its fullest.
people I love
-Lillian Raffetto
make me happy

is enjoying

My definition of

Soccer and being with

is having an
unlimited supply of

Krispy Kreme. I am happy

when my
-Ben Doyle

comes to visit.

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

smile smile smile smile smile smile
Idea courtesy of SoulPancake’s video “Snap Your Joy.” Camera produced by Jordan Bowman and built by the Hi-Tide staff.

out of every


Finding the

and the beach.
- Emi Doncheva


I love going to


The Archery Team, led by captains Brian Gray and Colleen Mellinger, prepares for its first match against High Tech High Chula Vista on February 20.



By Rachel Carroll Staff Writer

Olympics 2014

January 31, 2014

Photos courtesy of Creekstar Allan

The Sochi Olympics will be starting on February 6. There are not many winter sports in San Diego, but it will be exciting to see how the American athletes will fare in Russia. America is very excited that San Diego’s Shaun White will be competing again in his third Winter Olympics. Not only is he the best snowboard half piper in the world, but he is also a world-class skateboarder. He is easily noticed because of his flaming red hair. The most famous female winter athlete, Lindsey Vonn, will unfortunately not be able to compete in downhill skiing, as she re-injured her right knee. The most promising young American who might fill her spot is 18-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin. She will be competing in two downhill skiing events. It will be very exciting to watch her, as she is the same age as many La Jolla High School seniors. There will be two new events during this Olympics. The first is team figure skating. Figure skating has always been the most watched sport in the Winter Olympics. What makes team figure skating a revolutionary sport is the fact

that it will be a mixed gender sport. The men and women will skate individually, but their scores will be combined. Ten countries: Canada, Russia, United States, Japan, Italy, France, China, Germany, Ukraine, and Great Britain, will all enter teams in this event. While more people are likely to watch the team figure skating, the most controversial new sport will be slopestyle. Slopestyle is essentially skateboarding on snow, and just like in skateboarding, athletes will be doing tricks such as jumps, backflips, and even riding their skis, or snowboards, down rails. The men and women who compete in slopestyle are superb athletes, and it will be an exciting competition for the first Olympic medals in this event. In February, the Winter Olympics will be televised all over the world. There will be many new star athletes, hopefully some from the United States. Although we do not get snow in San Diego, the staff and the students from La Jolla High have an exciting opportunity to watch these incredible athletes compete at the highest level. Check out “Olympic Controversy,” page 10.

By Lauren Roberts Staff Writer The La Jolla Womens’ Varsity Water Polo team started with a splash this season. The team had never beat The Bishops School, which is one of the team’s biggest rivals. That all changed this year, when the La Jolla High School Vikings crushed the Bishops School Knights 6-4 in a tough match. Team members Taylor Bertrand, Sarah Young, Scarlett Hallahan and Lexi Atwell each contributed standout individual performances. This history-making event has boosted the girls’ team spirit, and has created great excitement on the squad. “I want to keep working hard to dominate the regular season, and ultimately win CIF, which La Jolla has never done, with this team because I know we are capable. I want to keep breaking history,” said senior Scarlett Hallahan, who will be attending the George Washington University for water polo in the fall. Hallahan is a big contributor, and is also one of the four seniors that lead the team.

LJHS Girls’ Water Polo Beats Bishops School
“There are so many great seniors this year that our coaches were unable to choose captains, so the seniors just naturally lead us and do a great job of it,” said two-year varsity team member and sophomore Lexi Atwell. The girls know they must accomplish several more wins in order to remain undefeated and come home with a 2014 CIF championship title. Undaunted by the challenge, they feel properly prepared for what lies ahead. Senior and team leader Sarah Young, who will be playing water polo at Indiana University this coming fall, said, “Every practice makes our team grow stronger. Although morning and afternoon practices have been tough, in the end, it has made our team the strongest it’s ever been.” The 5:30 am wake-up call to swim and practice, followed by a 2-hour after school practice has benefited the team tremendously as the athletes have come together as a group. This intensity has brought the team to a whole new level, and they expect to make more history before the season is over.

Congratulations to the Mens’ Varsity Basketball team, who defeated Cathedral Catholic 65-57 in a tight game last Friday night. Senior Madigan Sanders said, “Coming off a losing streak and beating Cathedral, one of the better teams in the league, was really rewarding and helped us jump back, and that hasn’t been done in a really long time.”

January 31, 2014

By Lauren Robbins Staff Writer

Exercise Applications
the next level. This app provides three different types of courses: basic, distance, and timed. It is also equipped with a weather forecast built into its calendar, so it’s easy to find the perfect day to schedule a run. On its home screen, it shows the number of runs that have been completed, along with an average pace. Even for those who prefer to run alone, the user is able to connect with Facebook friends through this app to compare who runs farther and more often. 7 Minute Workout App: For those who are constantly on the go, this is a suitable choice for a speedy workout. This app provides a series of fourteen different workout circuits ranging from easy to hard. During the workout, the app plays a video and sound recording instructing how to properly execute the current exercise. This app also has an option for a smart workout that is customized to the two questions it asks the user, which are the level of fitness the user




For students at La Jolla High School, life is already busy enough, juggling academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. Adding in the need to stay in shape can be overwhelming. With the limited time students have, it’s obvious why it’s so difficult to stay in shape during the offseason. Luckily, there are smart phone apps for all types of mobile devices that provide accessible and easy workout routines. Being happier and more alert are just a couple of the benefits of being healthy and in shape. By using one of these outstanding smart phone apps, students will feel less stressed because they will have found a great exercise routine that will give them something to look forward to during their busy days. Nike Running: For students that enjoy running, this app will encourage these students to take their running to

By Tristan Saeed Staff Writer


is at (1-10) and why the user is motivated to work out. Once the user has encountered all the workout circuits and chosen the ones that he or she prefers, he or she is able to create a custom workout that can be used whenever they want. Nike Training Club: This smart phone app is ideal for students who are not set on one type of workout. It has over 100 full-body workouts that were developed by professional trainers. It has four different categories of workout routines: “Lean,” “Toned,” “Strong,” and “Focused.” Each of these categories has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. “Lean” focuses on high-interval cardio drills, while “Toned” focuses on light weights and intervals to add muscle definition, while “Strong” focuses on increased weights and reps to build strength and focused centers on 15 minute workouts to target specific areas. Having a workout routine that fits in with students’ busy schedules is key to being happier and successful in school.

A look at how the San Diego Chargers made it into this season’s NFL playoffs
last season with the Broncos, they earned the top seat in the AFC with a 13-3 record, ending with an 11 game winning streak. Before working with the Broncos, McCoy worked with the Carolina Panthers for nine years from 2000 to 2008, during which they made three playoff appearances, two division titles, two NFC championship appearances, as well as an appearance in Superbowl XXXVIII.

The 2013-2014 NFL season was the San Diego Chargers’ 44th in the AFC West league, as well as their first under new Head Coach Mike McCoy. Despite poor expectations for 2013, the San Diego Chargers had a relatively successful season, ending with a 9-7 record– an improvement from last year’s 7-9–and their first win-

La Jolla gets excited before the legendary game, which they won, versus Bishops. (Top) Scarlett Hallahan, a senior, takes a shot on goal. (Bottom)

By Lily Kennedy Staff Writer

New Year, New You
outside or at home? Running around a neighborhood allows the runner to become enthralled in his or her surroundings, and not bored running in place. Advancements in technology have made workout videos and apps extremely accessible and easy to use. These apps can be downloaded in minutes to smartphones and then used at convenience. Apps for tracking your runs are equal to, if not better, than a treadmill because they also can calculate the pace, the calories burned, and even the map of the run. The gym creates a routine that consumes a lot of time just commuting. For many, that is enough to talk themselves out of the commitment. Working out at home in a more familiar place allows you to accomplish your goals without being judged by the person next to you. Gyms are a great way to motivate someone to work out and create a routine. However, working out at home allows you freedom to focus more on how far you can push yourself, rather than how many calories the machine claims you have burned. Finding a set of stairs to run up can be just as effective as using a Stairmaster, so why waste your money on a gym membership? Instead, lose the pounds and the excuses.

ning season since 2010. Additionally, the Chargers made their first NFL playoff appearance since 2009, and, despite a second-round loss to the Denver Broncos, finished in the top eight overall. McCoy became the 15th head coach in Charger history when he accepted the position in January of 2013. Prior to this new position, McCoy served as an offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. In 2012, his

Photos courtesy of Creekstar Allan

As 2014 begins, almost everyone is following their new year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy. However, after a few days, many give up for a number of different excuses: namely, lack of a gym membership. Many at-home utilities can be harnessed to give you a workout that will match what you can receive from the gym. Gyms are full of fancy machines that most people do not bother to touch due to their intimidating complexity. Why waste your money going to a gym when you could accomplish the same workout




January 31, 2014

A Visit to LJHS

David Alvarez speaks off the record
By Jordan Bowman Business Manager Councilman David Alvarez took time out of his busy campaign schedule to speak with La Jolla High School’s journalism class Tuesday after students returned from winter break. In a full class of 54 writers and editors, Councilman Alvarez talked about the benefits and downfalls of running for mayor in a one newspaper town. The democratic candidate was passionate in what he had to say to the politically diverse group of students, one of whom was his niece Stephanie Alvarez. If successful in the February election, Councilman Alvarez would become the first Latino mayor of San Diego.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Bowman

San Diego Councilman, David Alvarez (above), speaks to Mr. Essex’s fifth period Journalism class about running his campaign for mayor in a one-newspaper town.

Olympic Controversy
Olympic athletes have been asked to not display their team logo outside secure areas due to safety concerns
By Jake Foerster Staff Writer The FBI has begun to send more agents to Russia to help improve security for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The FBI has seen a need to improve security because of the threats of violence at the Games, and because the Russian state has been engaged with extremists who will target the Olympics, as stated by The Washington Post. Sochi, the Black Sea resort town that will host the competition, has been locked down by a colossal barrier encircling the town. The barrier was erected because intelligence reports indicated terrorists were interested in striking “soft targets” such as restaurants, hotels, and transportation. The relationship between Russian forces and US Olym-

B r i d g e o v e r Tr o u b l e d Wa t e r s
New Jersey governor Chris Christie under intense investigation after George Washington Bridge scandal
By Laura Derickson Editor-in-Chief Once thought to be the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election, Chris Christie, the hefty governor of New Jersey, is now making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. First, there was the Washington Bridge scandal, referred to by some as “Bridgegate,” which began in September 2013 when the New Jersey Port Authority announced it would close two lanes of the George Washington Bridge for a “traffic study.” Reporters at The Washington Post eventually unearthed that there was no such traffic study. It was ultimately revealed that Christie’s long-time friend at the Port Authority, in conjunction with members of Christie’s staff, worked together to close part of the world’s busiest bridge on the first day of the school year in a childish effort to punish the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christie for governor. Fort Lee, the town adjacent to the bridge, voted heavily for Christie’s opponent for Governor, Barbara Buono. E-mails obtained by the press from Christie’s staff and the Port Authority sound like middle school bullies on MySpace. The exchange began with an email between Christie’s deputy chief of staff and his friend, the Port Authority official who later resigned when it was disclosed that he ordered the lane closures: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Less.” A week later there was a text to the Port Authority which read: “Presently we have four very busy traffic lanes merging into only one toll booth. . . The bigger problem is getting kids to school. Help please. It’s maddening” A minute later, there was this exchange of emails, with the senders not identified: “Is it wrong that I am smiling?” “No.” “I feel badly about the kids.” “I guess” “They are the children of Buono voters.” Although Christie began by dismissing and joking about any allegations of wrongdoing within his cabinet, after the release of the e-mails, he gave several long speeches denying any knowledge or involvement. He then threw the staff members involved “off the bridge.” There is now an ongoing investigation into Christie’s own involvement. A joke circulating on the internet says that the whole thing was a misunderstanding that occurred when the gargantuan governor stated “someone needs to close the fridge.” This week things got even worse for Christie when the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, publicly claimed that Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds denied her city aid after she refused to approve a real estate project in which the Governor had a special interest. According to MSNBC, there is now an FBI investigation into the allegations. The Hi-Tide plans on staying tuned for more as the scandal unfolds.

pic security has been strained due to back-to-back suicide bombings on December 29, 2013, which killed people inside a main train terminal and on a city bus. ABC News’ reports on the bombings stated that neither side claims responsibility for this security lapse, but the man suspected was the Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov, known as the “Russian Bin Laden.” The US government states that Russia is cooperating for the combined security efforts, but the relationship is still very fragile. Despite the need for security at the Games, FBI Director James Comey has spent most

of his first three months on the job meeting with FBI officials overseas instead of overseeing security force actions. A big concern is that the extremists participating in the current Syrian conflict will become involved in terrorizing the Games. However, the FBI hopes to prevent any attacks by that group. According to The Washington Post, a White House panel recommended last month that Congress allow “national security letters,” FBI-instituted subpoenas, to be issued if a judge determines the information they would reveal would be relevant to national and Olympic security and peace of mind.

By Zen Kelly Staff Writer


“A Polar Vortex is basically a great swirling pool of extremely cold air located tens of thousands of feet in the atmosphere,” said Frank Giannasca, senior meteorologist with The Weather Channel. The 2014 North American cold front, also known as the Polar Vortex, has affected parts of Canada and the US east of the Rocky Mountains. The Arctic cold front, which started on January 2, 2014, created heavy snowfall and broke some of the coldest temperature records throughout the United States. Its caused mass flight cancellations as well as closures of many companies, schools, and roads. Approximately 187 million US citizens were affected by the temperatures. Temperatures dropped so low that in places like New York and Minnesota, frostbite occurred in just 10 minutes to unprotected skin. With the extreme weather came much disorder and frustration. Close to seven thousand flights were cancelled in the United States, homeless shelters and animal shelters overflowed, and work and education were halted in places affected by the cold.

current SeaWorld San Diego killer whale trainer. On June 12, 1999, a famous show orca named Kasatka attacked Peters during a performance by biting onto his foot and brutally dragging him down to the bottom of the pool. The pool is 36 feet deep. Luckily, Peters was an experienced diver and knew about By Misha Kabbage water pressures and how to most famous orca, Tilikum. Staff Writer Already known for fatal inju- keep calm. He was able to lead A movie catching the atten- ries prior to his encounter with Kasatka to the side of the pool tion of the many Netflix lovers Brancheau, Tilikum was held to calm her down, but she continuously dragged him around the nation is down. After about 15 the tragic, but eduminutes of struggle, cational documen“On June 12, 1999, a famous Peters was finally able tary about an ocean to escape Kasatka’s species with a bad show orca named Kasatka hold and barely swim name and bad repuattacked Peters during a back to safety. He had tation with no real reasons: or are there? performance by biting onto his extremely serious injuries that required years Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, foot and brutally dragging him of recovery, but is still Blackfish is an emo- down to the bottom of the pool” a trainer in San Diego today. tional powerhouse of Cases like Peters’ afa documentary that fect all who have ever explores the world of SeaWorld and its sister parks, in captivity for several years, attended SeaWorld, particularly those who make their living where everyday animals are and treated extremely poorly. being held in brutalizing capSome say, “It’s no wonder he working in the park. There are tivity, bringing rise to a con- killed so many people,” while very few SeaWorld parks in the troversy that has been hidden others say, “He is called a killer world, and for many years San from much of the public until whale for a reason, they should Diego was considered lucky to now. just exterminate them,” (even have one. This gut-wrenching film One particular case is that of though it has been scientifithe untimely death of Dawn cally proven that killer whales proves us otherwise, and Brancheau. In early 2010, in the wild do not and will not shows the public the blood on SeaWorld’s hands, blood that Brancheau, a major orca train- attack humans). er at SeaWorld Orlando, was Another serious case dis- can no longer disappear to the viciously killed by the park’s cussed is that of Ken Peters, a bottom of the Shamu pool.

See the World (and SeaWorld) in a Dark Light

January 31, 2014


a reclusive woman engaged in black magic and possession dies in her old apartment After numerous Paranormal which is then taken over by a Activity films, this spin-off and group of teenagers. Despite the newest addition to the fran- weak story line, the film does chise takes a slightly different leave room for Latino culture route to win the hearts of hor- to be in the spotlight. After four movies followror movie junkies. By featuring a predominantly ing the same white family being haunted Latino cast, by spirits and P a r a n o r m a l “After four movies foldemons, the Activity: The Marked Ones lowing the same white intro duc tion takes an un- family being haunted by of Jesse, Hecexpected leap spirits and demons, the tor, Marisol, Arturo and a from a white introduction of Jesse, Latino comsuburban San Diego family Hector, Marisol, Ar- munity gives to a group of turo and a Latino com- the film series Latino teen- munity gives the film a much-needed vivacity and agers who are series a much-needed appeals to the neighbors in vivacity” sizable Latino an apartment fan base. complex. This film is The Paranormal Activity movies have received mixed labeled as a spin-off, and the reviews, spanning the gamut official Paranormal Activity 5 from terrifying to incredibly is scheduled to be released in stupid. Will Paranormal Activ- October of this year. The Paranormal Activity ity: The Marked Ones be actumovies are not known for beally scary? This film had a lot riding on ing the scariest movies to hit it after the negative reception the big screen, yet this spinof its predecessor, Paranormal off, with its compelling ethnic Activity 4, released in 2012. twist on a familiar plot, could The plot of The Marked Ones leave you unable to sleep at doesn’t scream originality: night. By Lana Bass Staff Writer

Paranormal, Marked



HI-TIDE Featured Tracks and Lyric Highlights:
Pretty Hurts: “When you’re alone all by yourself/And you’re lying in your bed/Reflection stares right into you/ Are you happy with yourself?” Haunted: “Spoon-fed pluralized eyes to find the beaches in the forest/When I’m looking off the edge, I preach my gut it can’t help but ignore it/I’m climbing up the walls cause all the s**t I hear is boring” Drunk In Love: “I’ve been drinking watermelon” No Angel: “No I’m not an angel either, but at least I’m trying/I know I drive you crazy, but would you rather that I be a machine” Partition: “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker/Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor” Rocket: “We’re so much more than pointless fixtures/ Instagram pictures/Consumers” Mine (featuring Drake): “Stop making a big deal out of the little things/Cause I got big deals and I got little things/Got everything I’m asking for but you” Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean): “The laws of the world never stopped us once/Cause together we got plenty super power” Heaven: “We laughed at the darkness/So scared that we lost it/We stood on the ceilings/You showed me love was all you needed” Blue (featuring Blue Ivy): “Sometimes these walls seem to cave in on me/ When I look in your eyes, I feel alive”

Beyoncé: Wife, Mother, & Savior of the Free World
By Jeanine Erikat Staff Writer record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.” The album sold over one million copies by Wednesday December 18, six days after the release. In addition to the success of her album, Beyoncé told People magazine “it was important to get back in touch with my sexy side after I gave birth to Blue Ivy in 2012.” Beyoncé stressed the fact that she wanted to prove to the world that, “just because you become a mother it doesn’t mean you lose who you are.” Beyoncé’s new album takes her fans on a journey into her personal dilemmas and beliefs, an aspect that’s long been hidden in her career as a pop sensation. Songs such as “Blue (Featuring Blue Ivy),” “Pretty Hurts,” “***Flawless,” and “Grown Woman” leave a strong impression. “Blue (Featuring Blue Ivy)” shows the indescribable love Beyoncé’ has for her daughter, who can even be heard at the end of the song. The sweet piano tune is juxtaposed against a family vacation to Rio de Janeiro, with plenty of shots of the loving family interacting with the townspeople and generally frolicking around the beautiful beach town. “Pretty Hurts” specifically targets her female fans with a message of body acceptance. The music video shows Beyoncé trying to win a beauty pageant, attempting to make herself flawless to fit to society’s definition of beauty, and eventually ending the cruel practices by destroying her beauty pageant trophies in dramatic slow motion and daring to love her curvy figure in a stick-thin world. With lyrics such as “perfection is the disease of a nation,” this song hits home with many young girls who admire Beyoncé, telling them that their goal in life should ultimately be happiness. “***Flawless” features Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and dissects the double standards and inequalities that still exist between men and women, even in this modern age. Beyoncé begins with “I took some time to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife,” a dig at those who criticized her naming her most recent tour “The Mrs. Carter World Tour.” The middle minute of the song centrally features a clip from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie‘s “We Should All Be Feminists” TED talk. “Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?” “Grown Woman,” the final video of the album, features cameos of her mom Tina and sister Solange recreating childhood home videos. It builds on what can be argued is the central theme of the album: female strength and independence through adversity. Beyoncé herself said in her documentary, “Life Is But A Dream,” that “There’s no drum roll or trumpet that goes off when you make the biggest decisions of your life. Sometimes, you don’t even know that you’ve made them.” Over a month after its release, Beyoncé’s album, at first silent, will alter Pop music forever.


January 31, 2014


On December 12, Beyoncé ended the year with a surprise self-titled album. How was it a surprise? There was absolutely no publicity leading up to its release. Described as a “visual album,” each song is accompanied by its own music video. “I see music,” Beyoncé said in a press release provided shortly after the album hit iTunes. “It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion, a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they’re all connected to the music.” Why the sudden change in music release style? When asked, Beyoncé told the Huffington Post, “I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it, I am bored with that. I feel like I am able to speak directly to my fans. There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn’t want anybody to give the message when my

Beyonce dazzling audiences at a show in Montreal in 2013

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons