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My Name is Duncan Pickthall I'm going to send you a late Christmas card I'm afraid its been used

and its had some tea spilt on it, Its also got some awful scribbling on it,. hat's so special about this card is its a kamika!e Christmas card .. and Its all down to that bit of scribble . I don't ha"e much myself but this is I belie"e the greatest thing I will e"er ha"e and I'm gi"ing it to you .... #ll of you .. in the hope that we all may become a little freer. I can't afford the specialist magnetic material this re$uires so. Its my best theory and if its mince then I hang my head in shame but I really don%t think I'm going to ha"e to do that.

&f course no one has e"er seen the circuit or knows the theory of the 'te"e Mark (oroid it has been the holy grail of the free energy world for years .. this is it me thinks, howe"er its not a toroid is it) Duncan's real doughnut perhaps) (his I ha"e worked it out , It is also how (esla's car trundled about so for those as sharp as ra!ors here's a "ery $uick description there is a small battery supplying *+ ,an * bridge- controlled by an oscillator the output from the * bridge feeds identical coils # and + which of course together make one inductance, the capacitor is of such a si!e that this part of the circuit is in series resonance. there are four separate electromagnets here each with a small air gap, the North south relationship you see on your beautiful card is at one instant in time. (hose poles will ob"iously change with each cycle. +y the means of magnetic induction the cores of coils C and D change in sympathy which in turn induces "oltage and current in coils C and D which in turn feed the .oad . a simple e/planation of where the e/tra energy comes from is because the inducti"e load has been split e/actly in half at resonance the effect of .en! law has been re"ersed and in fact turned around and been forced to operate in assistance, as the primary circuit ,coils # and +- are dri"en at resonance no real power is consumed whilst the circuit itself becomes hyper sensiti"e to the electrostatic wa"e 'the sea of energy flowing freely e"ery where and in the ground,. It is transformed to magnetic current by resonance. (hat then is where the free power comes from with copious amounts the earth%s natural magnetic flu/. (hat's the simple electrical description to unra"el the (esla 0 .orent! 1orce law conspiracy and try to e/plain things in that way is $uite some task .. but I do attempt to point out at least the area of deception because I'd .ike e"eryone to fully under stand

each nuance of this machine and how it does what it does and why 2 so now at a rather more leisurely pace 1irst I use the term magnetic Induction that might be clear to some but perhaps not all so I hope you can see coils # and + are being dri"en by the * +ridge whilst the core C and D are connected only by touching through an air gap , here then is how that transfer of magnetic influence happens shown with permanent magnets for school children. &f course In this machine the same thing is happening many times a second and its being done with electro3magnets Magnetic induction .oud speakers "ibrate at many thousands of times a second It then is ob"ious that their electromagnetic cores must be able to respond at this rate. I tend not to consider the machines or the patents "ery much until I ha"e some measure of the man behind the machine 'te"e Mark and his boyfriend lea"e a hard trail to follow , 'till here's some key points as far as they pertain, 'te"e Marks worked at a top end loud speaker manufacturer he did research and de"elopment work and assembly of different loud speakers whilst testing for the all important fre$uency response, (here are a few seemingly unrelated facts about the human ear I would like you to take aboard a youngsters hearing range is from a few *! to about 45 6*! It drops off $uite $uickly as we age. #nother peculiarity of the human ear is that it is possibly the only thing in nature I can think of that responds to a cur"e of .og base 75 , (hat means for you to percei"e double a sound le"el ten times the le"el of power has to be used to power the loud speaker, which is why you find some "ariable resistors scaled in .og 75 which are then used as "olume controls. It also incidentally e/plains the hearing loss caused by "isiting to many 8ock gigs. Putting these two responses and effects together we can get to a pretty good ball park figure of where the best centre of a loud speakers response cur"e should be 2 between about 96h! and : 6h! gi"e or take and depending on the $uality of the speaker. It so happens that this is the fre$uency range 'te"e tells us his de"ices are running at. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out where the core material used for the four magnets has come from does it ) It would be a spiffing Idea then to grasp the way a loud speaker works for an e"en more important reason than the magnetic cores ,belie"e it or not- an so I would like you to go here to the school child e/planation and fully digest how the loud speaker operates .oud speaker

'te"e Mark would then ha"e access to the many e/otic magnetic materials which would be used to form the core of electromagnet 4 capable of different fre$uency responses he would also be able to form those cores into the desired shape . Notice the force of the magnetic thrust is back and forth .. a lateral mo"ement this is also e/actly what%s re$uired in the de"ice . I want you to take particular note that sound is a backward and forwards mo"ement 2 It is a linear wa"e .. (his is the wa"e that has been hidden for hundreds of years in order to ensla"e humanity and I want to show you why.

Now you know that despite #C being fed into a loud speaker it is 'transformed' to a linear motion and if you think briefly how the human ear works its ob"ious why .. It has to hit a drum ; 'o now I'd like you to watch this "ery carefully you may not at first realise it but you are watching one of the greatest miracles of the natural world beauty and order is being formed from chaos . #t the mathematical heart of this action is... Nikola (esla's < 'If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would ha"e the key to the uni"erse.' so apart from my silly dirty card I can gi"e you Nikkies *uge gift at last. (he one he wanted you to ha"e all those years ago but could not gi"e you, so watch carefully what happens when a linear wa"e is in resonance .inear wa"e resonance (his wa"e is denied in its electrical form.. It isn't taught, the mathematics and science ha"e been e/punged from the records, If you understand this wa"e and how to separate it, all of the machines you ha"e pu!!led o"er which are not red herrings can be made to work, the sole purpose of doing that is to keep humanity ensla"ed.. #nd here's why . #lbert =instein played a huge part in the conspiracy but in order to make a tale hold together there has to be some element of truth .. there was and Its this >=nergy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.? &r put another way .. there is as much energy in our uni"erse now as there has e"er been not a penny weight more or less; #nother @iant in the field of alternati"e energy *enry ( Moray "oiced it like this... (he Sea of Energy in which the =arth Floats ... 'o what of the power in 2 Power out, Morons that infest and infuriate) It is they that are deficient It is they who are to stupid to know what or how to measure, It is their instruments that are $uite worthless and cant see this energy. (he law holds good; (he reason you cant see or measure this energy is because it is as *enry says >all around you? imagine you were in a swimming pool but the water was energy howe"er you ha"e a bucket . *ow would you tell you bucket full of water from all the rest in the pool) It has no shape or form it can do no work 2. Its Aust a uniform chaos, Aust another grain of sand on the beach, 2 ah but you ha"e Aust seen e/actly what resol"es chaos mes enfants series resonance ; (he linear wa"e; 2 you know the one that doesn't e/ist; (his then is why the circuit is made series resonant .. In that state and only in that state It can suck huge amounts of the electrostatic wa"e from the surroundings and co"ert it to magnetic current . hich after transformation can dri"e anything. *ere then is a rough sketch of why and how these power in power out cretins ha"e got it so "ery horribly horribly wrong. I will ha"e to stay with the electricity you at least know a little about so you get the idea 2 only then can I perhaps e/trapolate so that so you can see a little behind the "eil, e"ery bodies $uite familiar with "olts and amps its what our power in power out nit wits amuse themsel"es with howe"er e"en this electricity that we are familiar with has the ability to take off for pastures new . &r con"ersely arri"e from else where now that sort of thing going on is going to seriously effect any power in power out measurements anyway isn't it ) 'o we need to understand how the electricity we are familiar with can fly and land before e"er we consider another type.

(he electromagnetic wa"e known to you as the radio wa"e .. so lets take a look at that its really only the transmission and reception bit we are interested it 2 the bits where our normally well beha"ed "olts and amps kick up their heels and either fly off into the #ether or con"ersely are tempted to lea"e the #ether and fly into the cables luckily one is e/actly the re"erse of the other so first (ransmission so other trades might understand this I describe e/actly the same condition here but the description and teaching for e"ery trade has been altered and the trades separated so one cannot understand the other and make the connection which leads to free energy .. each of these terms means e/actly to same thing 1or 81 engineers a 'tanding wa"e ratio of 7 for electricians would be known as power factor B 7 for electronics techs would be parallel resonance. ' 8 "isual standing wa"es 'o you see at resonance Its possible for all the energy to lea"e the cable and take to the #ether ; Do we know the shape of this resonance ) Do we know its form) (his gi"es some Indication Its a sine wa"e ; +ut keep in mind this is only for parallel resonance Now lets take a look at reception; #gain this miracle occurs at resonance in fact it e/actly the opposite procedure as you ha"e Aust watched. # parallel circuit is tuned to resonance usually by a "ariable capacitor. #t parallel resonance this miracle occurs and energy is sucked from the #ether here's a pretty typical crystal set circuit

(he part parallel resonance plays with .7 and C7 is $uite ob"ious now I hope, howe"er as Its a radio system there is only feeble power a"ailable.; +ut It shows you that resonance is key, only resonance allows energy to flow in and out of a system "ia the #ether free energy de"ices work standing alone and looped surly that's not by radio ) (his is the bit that might get me killed so pay attention; Not by radio but by wireless 2 let me e/plain a little more there are two resonant states in electricity series and parallel so far its only the state of parallel resonance we ha"e considered 2 that%s because the other state of resonance is hidden secret and denied .. this is the wa"e and the type of electricity (esla used to transmit electricity .. the books and the maths and the science ha"e been hidden for hundreds of years by tptb in order to keep humanity ensla"ed. *ere then is =PD e/plaining and demonstrating this wa"e that doesn't e/ist which is the creation of series resonance .. in fact if you pay close attention you'll hear the man say 2 ' 8 of infinity and that girls and boys is series resonance notice e/actly the opposite to unity power factor which is parallel resonance.

. =PD 7 =PD 4 =PD C =PD D =PD 9 =PD E what this basically means is there is a totally free energy source that%s always been a"ailable but its been obfuscated and hidden from you. I don%t ha"e the money to construct this although it costs "ery little , *owe"er .ike (esla I can see the picture and I know it works 2 Parallel resonance results in a perfect sine wa"e regardless of input wa"e form shape ,within reasonNotice here despite the fact that a s$uare wa"e is being inAected you can clearly see a perfect sine wa"e is the result '$uare wa"e to sine (here are as perhaps most of you know two resonant points series resonance and parallel resonance howe"er the only one you can actually see is parallel resonance, here you'll see the effects of both types of resonance ha"e "ery different effects resonance &f course unlike parallel resonance you can't see series resonance , after all how can you see current on you oscilloscope ) Fou cannot, you may with some manipulation measure a "oltage of some kind that gi"es you an indication but that simply defeats the whole obAect. (hat in a state of either resonance ,series or parallel- the circuit uses minimum power because in both cases PG HI cos I and cos I is approaching !ero 'o before we consider wa"e shape of this current lets see Just why I ha"e opted to use series resonance and so ma/imum current . (he +asic formula for the magnetic field strength in a core is as shown here .

Now let me ask you a $uestion do you see "oltage or power in"ol"ed in that formula at all ) &f course not then the magnetic field strength is totally proportional to #mps and the number of turns and at series resonance we can ensure ma/imum #mps whilst ensuring almost no power use what so e"er. ,(hat copy and pate taken from this web page should you want to know moreMagnetic theory It would also be possible to configure the magnetic circuits in series parallel hence the two tier incarnations although I ha"en't spent a deal of time considering the configuration possible e/amples are shown in this PD1 PD1 Now I may be pressing the case a little hard but the whole obAect here is to smash right through the conspiracy of the .orent! and =instein force law and not only cancel .en! law but turn It back on itself and into a win 2 win condition and I want you to understand $uite clearly how that is done . Fou might be forgi"en for assuming the shape of the current wa"e at series resonance would transform into a sine wa"e Aust as you ha"e watched the "oltage do with parallel resonance surprisingly it does not , here it transforms into the impulse wa"e you Aust listened to =PD talking about. Now if I tell you that in a slightly different guise you ha"e split electricity in half and you actually ha"e in the palm of your hands right now what is effecti"ely =M1 and the hated back =M1 then perhaps you'll pay a little more attention to what is about to happen . Now I'm not a professor or a physicist and I really don%t want to try and unra"el the machinations of =instein to simply accomplish the task is sufficient and then like house training a pup Its easy enough to tap these boffin s on the nose and then rub their noses in the poo . 'till I'll try , 1irst consider the making of a 'non inducti"e' wire wound resistor because of course the inductance could also be regarded as the source of +ack =M1 , &ne of the techni$ues for making a wire wound resistor Non Inducti"e is to wind it +ifilar as is e/plained here +ifilar low impedance resistor Now look back at the scruffy Christmas card 2 Coil # and Coil + are +ifilar windings as far as the circuit is concerned. .. (he * +ridge sees and deli"ers electricity to a +ifilar circuit as far as it is

concerned . *owe"er you ha"e physically turned the direction of that horrible force to your ad"antage 2. .en! law is now your friend, you ha"e a common circuit Aoined at resonance and the back emf has been physically turned K5 deg and is now assisting to huge ad"antage. =lectricity has now been hal"ed and the business of this particular machine is really concluded. *owe"er (he lies that tptb told "ia their 'sock puppet' #lbert =instein in order to keep humanity in chains has me so incandescent I feel inclined to take a few random swipes that others may see the way the wind blows feel inclined to Aoin in the me lee . I ha"e that @iant =PD to help from this "ideo please watch from circa 7*C:M to 4* =PD L you'll see there a two forces at play electromagnetic and electrostatic It is of course the electrostatic force tptb wanted to keep e"eryone away from that%s why =instein Aust missed it out .. Its there that free powers is; #nd its there the web of intrigue starts . Now Aust as a possible aid we inspect to lateral forces here , one related to "oltage and one to current .. In other words one is specifically reacti"e to current ,series resonance- and the other to "oltage ,parallel resonance- I then considered where in electricity such a ob"ious split occurs and where its used to ad"antage . *ere it is .. tptb ha"e had to use it for greed they wanted to use the band width and charge you for it . (he $uart! crystal you will see here can be dri"en with series resonance in which case it will tend follow the natural progression of 'odds' that is o"ertones It may also be dri"en in parallel resonance in which case It will tend to follow the natural progression of. *armonics. (his isn%t the present day interpretation musicians use for harmonics and o"ertones (his is your @ods counting 'who e"er your god may be may be' and the numbers are infinite rather as I might as well say to you an odd number can ne"er be an e"en number *armonics and o"ertones ... odds and e"ens here then is a huge start for you scribblers if my in"estigation is correct the electricity is split along musical lines an a situation where a harmonic can ne"er be an o"ertone and Hisa "ersa is e/plained pretty well here from where this comes from In counting harmonics are not overtones . (he bells are my friend's Now mo"ing on a little bit and some conAecture on the dri"e circuit I ha"e not got the magnetic material re$uired for the core perhaps I'll try Iron in one form or another . * bridge is not a problem 75 a penny =bay *bridge should you prefer to build an * bridge from scratch form your Aunk bo/ there's plenty on the here's a page full (alking * bridge the dri"er I opted for was this 2 oscillator flip flop oscillator dri"er

ob"iously switching the * bridge instead of the transformer .. using the on board 9"olt supply to feed the chip with altered timing components .. perhaps some one can see a better way but Its cheap and cheerful its also not $uite a 95M duty cycle ,not according to my scope anyway-