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Relationship Between Criteria and (CR) Program

Criteria Program Example (Colorado)

• College in Colorado CR Website

Online CR website provides information about how to plan, apply and pay for college (College in
Corolado, 2009).
College Ready
Knowledge • Daniels College Prep Program
and Skills
Embedded in Daniels College Prep Program is a comprehensive program to help high school students realize the
Curriculum dream of attending college. Students start the program in their junior year of high school. They
participate in college preparation workshops during their junior year followed by an intensive multi-
day summer program on a local college campus. During their senior year, the students are matched
with volunteer coaches who help ensure that they successfully complete high school and the
college and financial aid application processes (Daniels College Prep Program).
• College Prep Camp

Help high school students from grade 9 to 12 prepare for college by arming them with learning,
study and test-taking tools that help in high school courses and in preparing for and taking an ACT
Student and or SAT test. Teach students innovative note-taking techniques that enable them to retain more from
classroom lectures and personal research. Help them develop effective study habits, which can be
Structure put into effect immediately in high school as students prepare for college and they can be carried
through into their college years (Supercamp, 2009).

• College in Colorado CR Website

• Daniels College Prep Program

Comprehensi • Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Assessment Pilot

Assessment Colorado is implementing a pilot program during the spring and fall semesters of 2009. The purpose
System is to evaluate postsecondary and workforce readiness assessments (Postsecondary Workforce
Readiness Assessment Pilot, 2009).
K-16 • The School-to-Career Partnership
Alignment of

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Relationship Between Criteria and (CR) Program
Criteria Program Example (Colorado)
This is a statewide effort assisting local schools and communities to develop a K-16 learning system
Curriculum that promotes attainment of high academic standards, career development and workforce
and preparation for every student (Colorado School-to-Career, 2009).

Longitudinal Not specifically indicated in the research

K-16 Data

State College Not specifically indicated in the research


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