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Celebrations: Winter Warmth The heat of the fireplace slowly crept under his skin.

He had been walking in the snow for almost an hour, trying to get what she demanded for. He couldnt stand the cold. Sitting on the couch, he sighed. He could hear the noise coming from the kitchen, the sizzling of the pan, the clanging of the pots. Did she know he had returned without what she asked him to get? Would she get mad? He never liked it when she was mad. He didnt like it when he got mad. He never liked it when they get into a fight because either one of them got mad. Without conversations and even a glance, the house always felt colder when there was a fight, and he couldnt stand it. He really couldnt stand the cold. He knew there was no point in delaying the results. The more he delays, the more likely he wouldnt apologize. He would think up of some excuse to apologize- Hubris. He got up, and walked over and stood by the door post. He felt the air change already. But seeing her with her messy hair and food-stained clothes, rushing around, trying to get everything perfect, as always, he couldnt help but smile. He liked it when she did what she loved. He took long strides, and immediately placed his hands on her waist. She jumped against his cold skin, but he continued to hold her tight, seeping in her warmth. He placed his nose on the crook of her neck, and took her in. She smelled just like Cinnamon. Still holding her, she turned around to face him. She had that sparkling look in her eyes, full of hope. He remembered those eyes perfectly, how he would stare at them for hours, and until now, they still had the power to make his heart melt. How could he give her and those eyes any bad news at all? She wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a quick kiss. No matter how many times they done that, or anything beyond that, this simple gesture always made his heart skip a beat. Of course, she knew this, and did not hesitate to take advantage of it. A soft smile adorned her face, which made his heart beat faster. The first time he told her she was beautiful, she didnt believe him. He made it a point to tell her until she believed him. She was beautiful, and he made sure to tell her every single day. He bit his lips and looked away, not meeting her gaze. His hands slid off her waist and took her hands into his. Her hands shivered at his touch. Whats wrong? her voice full of concern. I couldnt get what you wanted. His voice quivered, anticipating the wrath of her reaction. Oh Its alright. She laughed it off, as if it was nothing important at all.

But he said, trying to form the right words. You said you ABSOLUTELY needed it right now. I had to rush to three different stores trying to get what you wanted, and you know how I hate the cold. He didnt mean to, but he raised his voice. She didnt respond. If this would be a fight, he had the upper hand. He looked straight into her piercing eyes unafraid of them anymore. He hadnt apologized yet, and he was glad he didnt. She looked down and started to sniffle. Tears stared to fall. He didnt want her to cry because of some petty argument. There were only two times he saw her cry, and on those days, he promised that he would never make her cry for the wrong reasons. He bent down to see her face. Cupping her face, he brushed of the tears. He pulled her closer into a warm embrace. There was nothing to apologize for. She was the one who got all agitated asking him to buy something in the freezing cold, only to shrug it off and laugh about it. Now here she was, crying about it. Im sorry. He whispered, soothing her back. After she had calmed down, he pulled away from her, staring at her reddened eyes. Im sorry, I got mad. He said with utmost sincerity. Im sorry too. I was being completely inconsiderate. Just because Im. She didnt finish her statement and instead clamped up her mouth. A blush began to creep underneath her skin. Her head turned to the side, avoiding his eyes completely. How could he have been so stupid? Somehow everything made sense now. This was why the fights had been more frequent than before. This was why she refused him so many times the night before. This was why she suddenly ate a lot and still get cravings in the middle of the night. He could no longer say anything. He was frozen, as the news sank in. Silence filled the air. She looked at him, and knew he finally got the answer. His frozen state both excited and worried her. She felt her heartbeat quicken. Did he like it? Did he hate it? She had to know. She was about to say something, when she felt two strong arms lift her up. He was spinning her around the room, and she couldnt help but look at the grin on his face. She always loved it when he smiled. It reminded her of the first time they met. He had that same goofy smile.

She felt him trip over something, but he quickly spun around to break their fall. They fell, with him landing underneath her. They were both laughing now. He sat up, still holding her. You know, I have always wondered why I am happiest when I am with you. He said. Maybe because I bring you joy? She chuckled at the witty banter. He let out a deep sigh. Joy? He had thought out loud. That sounded perfect. He hugged her again and whispered to her. She felt her eyes begin to form tears again. They both sat there, completely still; admiring the warmth they gave each other.