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-Conduct and implement the publishing of the festivals Final Report 2012 in 3 languages, Finnish, Swedish and English. Meanwhile positive media impact coming from around the world adds global value to our festival and its 10 years history. Festival Trophies and diplomas were sent to our festival winners in 2012.

- The 6th Yaan Panda Animal and Nature Film Festival calls for entries. The festival is scheduled for August 2013 in the city of Yaan the hometown of the Giant Panda. Faithful to our five years co-operation, Wildlife Vaasa festival submitted to China a showcase with 8 of our best films in 2012.

-The final report consisting of 108 pages was sent to all our financers and sponsors together with the audit our festivals budget which has a fine balance. The report was published also online as an e-book at together with the rest of the festivals archive material reaching up to over 1500 reads during 2013!

-Our festival website is also updated and linked to our social media channels in Youtube, Facebook and Scribd which according to our statistics contributed a lot to increase the number of our site visitors. -Festival volunteer, student Tahir Ali Zaki has initiated a project related to our festival as a part of its studies at Vaasa Polytechnic University. His project was related with a study of 'Marketing and Strategic Planning' of the festival and how does it affects Vaasa in terms of creativity, recreation, awareness, media education, business and tourism, examining also new ways of further development in order to attract more audiences and global recognition in the future. For that, Ilias Misyris was invited to present the festival to a group of students of the school. -Screening night at the Korsns library combined with a planning meeting with Carita Nystrm concerning our media education project and the timetable our new film project in the city of Kask.

-Vaasa Ski-week 2013: Film screenings at Terranova auditorium showing some of our festival winners in 2012.

-March starts with the planning of a new ambitious documentary film project about Carl Axel Setterberg, the Swedish architect who undertook the task to rebuilt Vaasa city after it was virtually destroyed by a fire on August 3rd 1852. After a trailer was made and published in late 2012, a 22 pages screen play with 32 scenes and more than 350 takes is now conducted in English by Nik Van Eckmann and it's under translation to Finnish and Swedish.

-Media education project action plan is also ready with our new film project in Kask and the finalizing of two more films ready for festival distribution after our festival partners launch their annual calls for submissions.

-Finnish Broadcasting company YLE starts airing NDR Studio Hamburgs multiple award winning series Wild Scandinavia with the first episode Finland which Wildlife Vaasa has premiered in Vaasa back in November 2011 at Ritz theater, during Nature Film week event with film director Oliver Goetzl present at the screening.

-A new European film festival partnership starts to develop in Olomouc, Czech Republic with AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) festival. AFO Science Film Festival has been around for almost 50 years and its hosting mainly scientific documentaries from around the world focusing on science popularization. The cooperation with AFO launched in autumn 2012 when Wildlife Vaasa Festival offered one month train-ship period to their students Jiri Slavik, Jakub Jana who did a great job during our festival. In addition, AFO festivals marketing director Eva Votrubova has also attended Wildlife Vaasa 2012. Following up such a background, AFO festival invited Wildlife Vaasa Festival manager Ilias Missyris to attend the festival in April and to participate at the Festivals 4 Science Meeting together with significant guests, representing the industry and representatives of five film festivals from Europe and Russia. The aim of the meeting was to introduce our festivals to each other and discuss plans of networking and future cooperation between the festival organizations. -Apart from AFO festival, we received also another invitation from Yaan Panda festival together with interesting statistics about the current status of the film industry in China which clearly showed that there's a rapid development in Box office revenue and movie theatre facilities in the country while film quality continues to improve as a result of China been more opened to the rest of the world for co-productions and with the quota for foreign film imports continuously increasing creating new market areas for filmmakers from all around the world. Meanwhile, a new co-production film proposal with China is welcomed by our festival partners in Beijing and Yaan. The project proposal concerns a film about world heritage sites in Kvarken and Wo-long area the home of the Giant Pandas

-Festival volunteer from China Steve Cheng, student at Vaasa Polytechnic, starts a four weeks practical training. Steve helps us with Chinese translations needed for our co-production proposal with China, our Call of entries 2014, Terranova tourist brochures for cultural tourism project as well as some filming included.

-Wildlife Vaasa festival is presented by Ilias Missyris at the 48th edition of AFO festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic during a very fruitful "Industry 4Science" meeting between six film festival representatives as Wolfgang Haberl from Vienna Science Festival in Austria, Andrew Millington from EuroPAWS, UK, Vincent Lamy Parisience, Paris France, Jakub Korda AFO festival Olomouc, Czech Republic and Irina Belykh from Moscow 360 Contemporary Science Film Festival. In addition, more interesting events took place during the next two days like the "Net for Science" event and among many interesting speakers were BBC's Horizon science program dramaturgist Aidan Laverty and Australian producer director and Emmy award winner Sonya Pemberton, media experts such as ARTE producer and commissioning editor Christine Reisen and Laura Longobardi who represented EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Festival organizers kept additional non-formal meetings during the festival focusing on discussions concerning EU funding contacting also a draft proposal on behalf of all six festivals.

- On April 21st, a devastating earthquake strikes the city of Yaan in China with large number of casualties of more than 200 people dead and 7000 wounded. A letter of solidarity was sent to our festival partners in Chinese thanks to Steve Cheng

-Started the festivals process-depiction, together with Veikko Partanen from Vaasa citys central administration. The process-depiction graphs aim to give a visual representation of all processes involved in the preparation and implementation of the festival project, using organization chart features similar to MS-power point. From the festivals administration point of view this has been the most important goal this year. -A new school film project under media education is launched in the town of Kask, Finlands smallest city. The film tells the story of Peter Johan Bladh, a great cosmopolitan persona that lived in the second half of the 18th century and advanced to become soon the supercargo of the Swedish East India spending many years in China. Following his fathers death he came back to Finland to become the founder of the city.

Carita Nystrm starts working out the script of the film together with a group of school pupils from Kask Swedish School and the shooting schedule in Kask is set for the end of April to be implemented at the local museum in Kask. Pupils perform a great acting making also the music background of the film.

-Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2014 -Call of Entries material including online registering of films is ready and published. New brilliant films start to register in our festivals new film competition

-Audiovisual documentation for Ostrobothnian museum, as Kari Appelgren visits the museum for 2 days to tell very valuable information about Hedman collections and other important historic evidence that experienced as a little girl being the daughter of the first director of the museum.

-Wildlife Vaasa festival is also present in Italy at the Corti a Ponte International short film festival taking place in Ponte San Nicolo, Italy from 318 May. This new film festival hosts also Children and Youth self-made films and among them 4 films from Wildlife Vaasa Festivals media education project.

-Peter Johan Bladh film project is now ready and first premiered at the school after a final cut session at school with Carita Nystrom arranging an interesting evaluation questionnaire filled by the students. Carita starts also English translations to subtitle Malax Boat museum film which was produced in 2012. Subtitling those films in English is an important issue for these films because it allows them to participate and to be screened in various festivals around the world.

Wildlife Vaasa festival started cooperation with Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals in New York, USA.The Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals produces events across North America that screen some of the finest conservation, natural history and wildlife documentary films in the world.

-Peter Johan Bladh film project gets enthusiastic media feedback with two big articles published from both major Swedish speaking regional newspapers: Hembygden (No3 2013) and Sudsterbotten (nr61 rgng 115)

-Festival networking and co-operation continues on a global level with the 7th edition of CMS VATAVARAN in New Delhi, India and SunChild International Environmental Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia both calling for submissions and requesting Wildlife Vaasa festival showcases. Meanwhile, four premier international film festivals from Finland, China, Greece and USA plan to join forces in Athens in the beginning of September, as the 3rd Athens International Digital Film Festival plans to combine the modern cinematic reality of Greece with the developments of the factual documentary on a global level. of film together with the latest digital technologies currently used by filmmakers and scientists around the world.

-Following the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Yaan back in April, the organizing committee of the festival announces that the 6th festival in Yaan will be canceled due to the moaning of the human casualties. However, festival events will take place around China and in Beijing by October 2013.

-SHOOTINGS OF THE FILM A NEW BEGINNING - An ambitious film project implementation kicks off.

Its a documentary film about Swedish architect Carl Axel Setterberg (1812-1871) creator of new Vaasa after a fire destroyed the old city in 1852. The aim of the film is to highlight Carl Axel Setterberg's life and works and increase the local historical awareness among the inhabitants of Vaasa. The film also represents a continuation of architecture pedagogical efforts that materialized during Setterberg's 200th anniversary year. The film will be a lasting document of Setterberg and his efforts during the historical era in which he lived. Ostrobothnian museum with Westlake Films, a media company is responsible for the production. Film director/cameraman Nik Van-Eckmann an internationally experienced

director, has written the film's script and screenplay in consultation with the Ostrobothnian museums experts and researchers.. Equipment and extras were arranged in co-operation with Westlake Films, Ostrobothnian museum and Wildlife Vaasa Festival's network. The primary target audience for the film is the Finnish and Swedish speaking inhabitants in Vaasa. However, the film is intended for a broader Finnish audience and when ready, will be offered to broadcasting companies including YLE/FST and the region's tourism industry. The film will be produced in three languages, Swedish, Finnish and English. -Wildlife Vaasa Festival Screenings at Terranova Auditorium during Nights of Arts on 8.8.2013


-Wildlife Vaasa Festival is in Athens,Greece attending the 3rd Athens Digital film festival at the Culture Centre of the Municipality of Athens with a 10 days program and many art exhibitions on display all around the city. In addition, the 1st Panorama of Ecological and Scientific Films, is taking place the whole day on Friday 6th hosting a 4 film festivals screening contribution a panel discussion consisting by Christos N. Karakasis Full Producer Director, Ilias Missyris representing Wildlife Vaasa Finland, Valia Koutsouri Engineer, Melina Kyzeridi environmentalist and Dr Athena Progiou environmental engineer. This special event was very successful and had a great feedback from the public and national media in Greece.

-After a great festival experience in Athens, time came to experience something similar also in Vaasa by organizing a two-week event named Nature Film weeks 2013, with plenty of program starting wed. Sept 18th all the way until the end of September This event offered its audience a unique opportunity to see top class new films, some of them first time screened in Finland. It also included screenings of local nature and cultural documentaries made by children and young people under the framework of our media education project as well as festival project evaluation seminars and even an outdoor screening in Marias Park outside Ostrobothnian museum. Apart from Terranova auditorium films were screened also at Vaasa City Librarys Drama Hall and Ritz Theatre, all with a free entrance.


-After a colorful and successful Nature film weeks event in Vaasa, our festivals international cooperation continued also in October after receiving another invitation to participate at the III 360Contemporary Science Film Festival in Moscow, Russia which was held from October 10th-17th and it was organized by the world-famous Moscow Polytechnical Museum and the Moscow City Government. Wildlife Vaasa Festival was offered a great opportunity to meet again with festival colleagues from AFO Science Film Festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic and the sf-European Festival for Science and Education Film in Vienna, Austria, in order to continue discussions concerning shaping a European festival alliance project which was initiated and drafted back in April in Olomouc, Czech Republic during the "Festivals 4 Science" Meeting at the 48th AFO International festival of Science documentary films. The festival attended festival producer Vesa Heinonen, Ilias Missyris and Sonja sterholm-Granqvist on behalf of the Ostrobothnian museum and apart from the grand opening at Ria Novosti media center, it included a meeting at the Moscow World Trade Centre meeting with Russian TV producers, festival officials and a representative from the Russian Federal Space Agency's" Russian Space Studios". Finally, the festival included Moscow site tour, visits to the Darwins museum, the ZIL culture center and a very interesting Science slam competition at the DI Telegraph. -Another full house screening night at the Korsns library -School screenings at Lnsi-mets school which is one of the most environmentally oriented schools in Vaasa region, thanks to their headmaster and the teachers of the school who have appreciated the educational values of nature documentaries, making also some of their own films! Such events are very important of our festival as they allow us to integrate knowledge and environmental awareness to the new generations using the audiovisual power of film medium.



-Festival co-operation continues with edition of CMS VATAVARAN- Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum which gears up for its upcoming 7th edition that will take place from January 30th- February 3rd , 2014. Wildlife Vaasa submitted 6 films to be screened as a contribution screening program during the festival. -Venue reservations for Wildlife Vaasa Festival in 2014 and funding applications were send.

-Orrmoan-The Korsns movie festival version is ready and subtitled in English.

In addition, Carita Nystrms English translation of Malax Boat Museum Film is also ready. In addition Joel Lenlunds biography full length documentary film starts its final cut.

-Media assistant student at Vaasa Vocational school Isatou Faal starts a 12 weeks train-ship period with Wildlife Vaasa Festival.
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Wildlife Vaasa Festival co-operation with Camera Zizanio Festival continues. The 16th edition of the festival took place in Pyrgos, Greece from November 30th to December 7th, along with the Olympia International Film Festival of Children and Young People. Participating films came from all around the world and they were created during film workshops by school teams or individuals. Wildlife Vaasa Festival participates once more with a 10min festival version of the film Orrmoan-The Korsns movie which was screened during the festival.