Questionnaire for Investors 1. Do you have any investment plan?

a) YES b) NO
2. Where you would like to invest your money? a) Bank F.D. b) Share Market c) Commodity Market

d) Mutual funds

e) Others

3. Do you aware about Commodity Market? a) YES b) NO 4. Are you willing to invest in Commodity Market? a) YES b)NO 5. If yes, which Commodity Exchange you will prefer for investment? a) MCX b) NCDEX c) NMCE d) Other (specify) b) Can’t Say 6. In which Commodities you will prefer to Invest? a) Bullion b) Agricultural c) Metals d) Fossils/Energy 7. What is your perception about Commodity Market? a) Less Risky b) Risky c) Very Risky 8. What you think Commodity Market Advertisements (hoardings, prints etc) are explanatory enough to give needed useful information? a) YES b) NO


Personal detailsName: - _________________________________________ 1. Gender a) Male b) Female 2. Age Group a) Below 21 Years b) 21 years – 30 years c) 31 years – 40 years d) 41 years – 50 years e) Above 50 years 3. Occupation a) Govt. Job b) Private Job c) Business d) Other (specify) 4. Income Group (Per month) a) Nil b) Below 10,000/c) 10,000 – 20,000/d) 20,000 – 30,000/e) Above 30,000/-