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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) New Delhi Workshops 2012

"About 90% of our negative patterns arise out of unresolved energies from the past." Robert Detzler

What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)? SRT is a system to clear the souls path by researching the soul records to release discordant energies accumulated over lifetimes. SRT provides an exacting, powerful and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live more freely and fully. There are three main aspects of learning Spiritual Response Therapy 1. Understanding the levels and layers of spiritual reality and the expansion process of the universal consciousness. 2. Establishing and maintaining the connections with higher levels of consciousness and working with these levels for clearing and repatterning. 3. Learning the art of asking. SRT works on the simple principle Ask and You Shall Receive. Researching what to ask for and being precise and thorough leads to better results. A meticulous step by step protocol has been developed by Robert Detzler based on over 36 charts that he channeled over the past 25 years. SRT is one of the most comprehensive and powerful energy healing modalities known today.

The SRT Advance Certificate Course. The SRT Advance Certificate Course will be taught in two parts over six days. The course follows Spiritual Response Association curriculum. The Advance SRT course qualifies you as a SRT Personal Practitioner. You can start to practice immediately.

Course Details SRT Part 1: Basic Level, Thursday Oct 25 to Saturday Oct 27, 2012 SRT Basic level curriculum Dowsing with a pendulum Basic Principles of SRT Levels of soul consciousness Clearing blocks and interfering energies Connecting with High Self and Committees Techniques for Researching Past Lives Clearing 13 Key Programs Spiritual Healing Principles Harmonizing Energies with Family Members Transforming negative beliefs blocking a desired future SRT Part 2: Advanced Level, Monday Oct. 29 to Wed. Oct. 31 , 2012 SRT Advanced level curriculum Review of basic SRT procedures Creative Process of the Soul Spirit and Soul Level Preprograms Clearing High Self, Committees and 31 SRT charts Advanced Research Techniques Inner Child Archetypes Clearing Preprogrammed Archetypes Brain Restructuring Organs and Glands Pre course preparation: You will be using a pendulum as a dowsing tool for SRT. If you are new to dowsing, please watch these simple instructional videos to help you get started. Dowsing Part 1: Dowsing Part 2: Post Course Follow up: To ensure that you are comfortable with the system, you will be supported till end of January 2013 by Malabika with remote energy clearing, online support through Skype and email exchanges. Facilitator: Malabika Shaw, Certified SRT Teacher (since 2006). Malabika became a SRT practitioner in 2003 and a Consultant in 2005. Read more about Malabika and her practice at Program Host: Sujata Malik, Advanced SRT Practitioner since 2010, is hosting these classes in her Healing Centre.

Location: A-45/5, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 (within driving distance from New Delhi). Value Exchange: Rs. 28,000.00 covers both Basic and Advanced classes. Coverage includes tuition, text books, pendulum, all course materials and follow up support. In addition, Sujata organizes delicious snacks and lunch for the programme days. Course Registration: To register, please call Sujata at (91) 98111 28979 or email Seats are limited and will be awarded on first come first served basis. An advance deposit of Rs. 10,000.00 by September 23rd, ensures your spot. The balance must be paid by October 26th prior to the start of the class. Please courier your cheque made in favour of Malabika Shaw to Sujata Malik, A-45/5, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002. Direct bank deposit is also possible. For details on direct deposit, please email Malabika at or call 1.515.720.9520 (US). At this time we are only accepting students who will pursue both levels of SRT to qualify as SRT personal practitioners.
Refund policy: In case of dropouts after Sept. 23, deposit may be refunded once the vacated seat is filled.

See how others have experienced SRT

SRT has provided me a peek behind the curtain of another world of assistance and support. It gets to the root cause of problems - like pulling out weeds by the root instead of constantly chopping off the tops. Diane Goodson, LMT SRT is a wonderful modality for healing. I use it every day and have seen very good results. SRT also brings you more awareness of your true connection to Spirit. As you use it, you heal not only your client but yourself as well and that is important. -- Lea Stermer, Energy Healer SRT is something I request whenever I cannot move forward no matter how much I intend, or plan, or prepare. It is as though something is impeding my progress or weighing me downwhich of course is exactly what is going on. I have sensed immediate shifts in the energy around me once old programs, contracts, vows, etc are cleared. -- Carol S, Wellness Practitioner

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