Shabbat Sukkot

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October 3, 2009 15 Tishri, 5770

Rabbi Frand Thoughts on the Parsha
Why Booths? The holiday of Sukkos starts on the 15th day of Tishrei. The holiday of Sukkos is characterized by the unique commandment of dwelling in Sukkos - temporary, hut-like dwellings, as the Torah says in Vayikra (23: 42-43 ) "In booths you are to dwell for seven days that your generations will know that I caused the children of Israel to dwell in booths when I took them from the land of Egypt...." their dwellings. The Aruch HaShulchan (Orech Chayim 625 ) raises the following question: Whereas Rabi Eliezer's booths were manifestations of a great miracle that G-d performed for the Jews in the desert, and certainly merits a commandment commemorating the infinite kindness and protection of G-d, Rabbi Akiva's interpretation is most puzzling in light of the commandment to dwell in the Sukkah. What is the significance of the huts that the Jews lived in while in the desert? The Aruch HaShulchan answers The Sages in the tractate of his own question. According to Succah (11b) disagree as to Rabi Akiva, the Succah what the "booths" that the commemorates the greatness of the Israelites dwelt in refer to. Jewish people. Their faith in G-d Rabi Eliezer says that these booths are a reference to the was so complete and so total that they traveled into the uninhabitable miraculous "Ananai desert wasteland at G-d's HaKavod," the "Clouds of command. In this wasteland, the Glory," with which G-d Jews did not even have permanent surrounded the Israelites dwellings, but merely booths, throughout their forty year trusting in G-d that He would care sojourn in the desert after for their every need in the having left Egypt. These clouds protected the Israelites wilderness, which of course, He from the elements and the hot did. desert floor, kept the Jews' Based on what we have seen, both clothing clean, and guided the Rabi Eliezer's and Rabi Akiva's nation of Israel through the interpretation of the Israelite's desert. Rabi Akiva maintains, "booths" in the desert relate our however, that these "booths" observance of the commandment refer to the actual booths or of Sukkos to G-d's miraculous huts that the Israelites built protection of the Jews during their while in the desert to serve as forty year sojourn through the desert on route to the land of Israel. This protection was not furnished only to the Jewish people while in the desert, but in His infinite kindness, G-d has extended that protection to our people throughout the ages. This special protection, symbolized by the Sukkah, has ensured the continued existence and survival of the Jewish people until this very day. Four Species There is another commandment which is also unique to Sukkos - the commandment to take the Four Species. In Vayikra (23:40) the verse says "And you shall take for yourself on the first day the fruit of a goodly tree, branches of palm trees, the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook, and you shall rejoice before Hashem your G-d for seven days." The Gemora in the tractate of Sukkah ( 35a) explains the verse as follows: the "fruit of a goodly tree is an Esrog (citron); the branch of the palm tree is the Lulav; the "boughs of thick trees" are Hadasim (myrtle); and, the "willows of the brook" are Aravos (willow branches). The Sefer HaChinuch (324) Seudah Shlishit Is sponsored by Marilyn & Jeff Freedman In Memory of his Father And by Ellen & Mitchell Siegel In memory of His father David

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Shabbat Announcements Shabbat Sukkot 5770

explains why we have this precept of the taking of the Four Species. As an introduction to the reason, he writes that man is influenced by those actions which he does on a regular basis. His thoughts are drawn to that which he does constantly, whether it be good or bad. This is why Hashem has given us many Mitzvos (commandments). By increasing the number of Mitzvos which we perform, we will always have opportunity to do Mitzvos, we will always be doing Mitzvos, and therefore have Mitzvos (and Hashem) on our mind. Furthermore, we will also be doing good all day long, for which we will be rewarded. By performing the commandments, we are to constantly focus our thoughts toward the good, and we are to remember and assure that we conduct ourselves in an honest and righteous fashion. The reason for the taking of the four species is very similar to this reasoning. The holiday of Sukkos has another name besides "Sukkos:'' The other name is "Chag Ha'Asif," "The Harvest Festival." It has this name because at this time of the year the crops are gathered and fruits are harvested and brought into the house. The harvest is a time of joy and happiness. G-d commanded that we have a festival at this time of happiness, so that we could take this natural reaction and channel it towards Hashem. Hashem, by His command that this happiness should be directed towards Him, provided us with another opportunity to serve Him, thereby surrounding and accustoming ourselves to the performance of Mitzvos, and meriting reward at the same time. By merely being happy, a natural reaction at this time of the year, we are fulfilling a commandment of Hashem thereby immersing ourselves in the performance of a mitzvah and meriting reward. However, since manifestations of joy and happiness are accomplished largely through physical and material expressions, there is a danger that the manifestations of joy will be in a way that is anything but a channeling of happiness directed towards G-d. A person may come to forget Hashem during this highly emotional time and act in a way that is not in accordance with Hashem's commandments. Therefore Hashem commanded that we should take in our hands objects that will remind us that all the rejoicing of our hearts should be for His sake and for His glory. Hashem also desired that the "reminder" be something that in it of itself causes happiness and joy, as the season is a joyful one. Therefore, the Sefer HaChinuch writes, Hashem commanded that we take the four species because "it is known in the ways of nature
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that all four species gladden the heart of those who see them." The Sefer HaChinuch adds that there is another significance to the Four Species, as they resemble certain distinctive organs of a person. The Esrog resembles the heart, which is, as the Sefer HaChinuch notes, "the seat of the intelligence." We take a heart-shaped specie to signify that we should serve Hashem with our intelligence. The Lulav is like the spine, that which is a main element in man. We take the Lulav to signify that one should direct his entire body towards the worship of Hashem. We take the myrtle, whose leaves resemble eyes, to imply that one, on this day of happiness, should not let his eyes lead him astray. We take a willow, whose leaves resemble lips, to signify that one should focus his words and be cautious not to use them improperly at this time of rejoicing.

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October 8, 2009
6:00 PM Family BBQ in the Helene M. Fink Sukkah 6:45-7:30 PM Families and Children, 2nd Graders and under are invited to our first GNS Uncle Moishy Concert in the Mender Auditorium 3rd Graders and up are invited to a Magic Show in the Braun Youth Center 7:30 PM All groups will join together with our High Schoolers & OHEL guests for Simcha dancing in the gym RESERVE IN ADVANCE BY OCTOBER 6th AND PAY ONLY $18 PER FAMILY THOSE WITHOUT PRIOR RESERVATIONS WILL BE BILLED $25 PER FAMILY CALL 487-6100 or EMAIL MTWERSKY@GNS.ORG *This program is for GNS members and associate members only*

SUKKAH DECORATING Please join in decorating the Great Neck Synagogue Sukkah on Wednesday, Sept. 30 from 10 am. Come for an hour or more and help us beautify our Sukkah. GNS MEN’S CLUB The Annual Sukkah Luncheon will be held on the 2nd day of Sukkot, Sunday, October 4th, in the Synagogue’s Sukkah. The guest speaker will be Dr. William Helmreich. A delicious lunch and counselors to supervise the children will be provided. The charge is $36 per adult, $18 for children ages 6-16, and no charge for kids 5 and under. Please contact Al Leiderman 482-0628, Dave Wagner 487-9795, Hilly Milun 504-0320. WITHIN OUR FAMILY Mazal Tov to Ellen & Andrew Allen on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Paul in Mahwah, NJ. Mazal Tov to Avigail & Danny Arbusman on the birth of their granddaughter born to their children Tali & Adam Tantleff.
LOST AND FOUND LOST: A Men’s Calvin Klein Black Suit Jacket, Size 40 was lost this past weekend. If found please call Harriet Cooper 829-9084.
YOUTH COAT DRIVE GNS Youth Department is collecting coats for the needy. Please bring them to Rabbi Moskowitz’s office. WOMEN’S TEFILA If you would like to participate in Women's Tefila by reading from the Torah or leading the davenning, there are opportunities available for you, whether for Simchas Torah, or for a Shabbos mincha service. Even if you don't currently have the skill set, we can help you to learn and participate. Contact Celia at, or call Nechama 773-3572. CHOLENT Stock up on a bag or two of Rabbi Moskowitz’s cholent for your Yom Tov guests! $50 a pot, goes to Tomchei Shabbos. SHIVA CHAIRS There are a number of shiva chairs missing. If there are any that remained in your home by accident after a shiva please get them back to the synagogue. Thank you. SHARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER The 3rd Annual Children’s Champion Comedy Night at Crash Mansion NYC will be on Saturday night October 24th from 9-12pm. For full details, sponsorships, and to register go to for more info contact: Daniella & Jonathan Muller and Emma & Bart Baum.

ANNUAL OPEN SUKKAH Rabbi Dale & Ellen Polakoff are pleased to invite the GNS family to their Annual Open Sukkah. Please make plans to join them at their home, 25 Wooleys Lane, on the first day of Sukkot, October 3rd, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for food, singing, and special treats for the children.

WOMEN’S TEFILA Women’s Tefila invites you to join us for Davenning and Hakafot on Simchat Torah, on Sunday October 11th at 8:30 am in the Beit Midrash. All girls and women are invited to pray, sing, dance and be part of the celebration. HIGH SCHOOL PIRKEI AVOS CLASS There will be a Pirkei Avos shiur for High School and college students every shabbos afternoon approx. 40 minutes before mincha given by Cary Schwechter in the GNS Youth Center. Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv vs New York Knicks at MSG Sun. Oct 18th, at 1pm. All proceeds are donated to Migdal Ohr. Mid-court tickets at $105 each. Tickets are now available on a first come basis. For tickets call Steve Blumner 4873859, Hilly Milun 504-0320, or Paul Brody 466-5412 MEN’S CLUB BLOOD DRIVE Our Semi-annual drive for the 56th year will take place on Sunday, October 25th from 8:15 am until 1:30 pm. Every unit of blood that we collect helps 5 different people. We need donors, and remember giving blood is a good way of earning another mitzvah and starting a new year. FEEDING THE HUNGRY To help feed those who have no food for Shabbat, a cooler will be set up on Fridays only, between 11 am and 1 pm outside the front door of the home of Morris & Cindy Hodkin, 18 Birchwood Lane, Great Neck, 11024. Please put your well wrapped food in the cooler between these hours ONLY. This food will be picked up and delivered to those areas where it will be needed. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Rosh Hashanah Food Drive! We sent out 80 boxes to families, and three carloads of food to food pantries. Thank you for all your help! GIVE OLD MAGAZINES A NEW LIFE Please drop off your current used magazines to the Synagogue office to be donated to NSUH. Please cut off labels, do not tear.

Harriet Cooper and Family would like to thank Rabbi Polakoff, Rabbi Axelrod, Cantor Kron, the Chevra Kadisha and the Great Neck community for their support and guidance following the passing of her mother Celeste Weber.
Saturday, 15 Tishrei Harold Domnitch for Goldie Domnitch Sunday, 16 Tishrei Paul Brody for Rabbi Jacob Brown Monday, 17 Tishrei William Frumkin for Miriam Frumkin Philip Lanzkowsky for Abraham Lanzkowsky Gail Notovitz for Miriam Frumkin Tuesday, 18 Tishrei Sidney Halitzer for Francis Trosterman Rita Litvin for Elya Maryanovsky Wednesday, 19 Tishrei Nettie Halitzer for Hyman Cohen Helene & William Helmreich for Alan Helmreich Roselin Wagner for Louis Seider Thursday, 20 Tishrei Jeffrey Freedman for George Freedman Gladys Moslin for Morris Kimmel Mitchell Siegel for David Siegel Friday, 21 Tishrei Jack Lipsky for Bill Lipsky Emil Sobo for Frances Rosenfield