PARADIGM an original screenplay by Stephen Wise

story by Stephen Wise & Eric Charles Kaplan

(c) 2012

FADE IN: SERIES OF SHOTS: BLOODY HANDS held out with bent, glistening fingers pointing upward. anguished cry. A TARP whooshes open. A MAN-SIZED SHAPE rolls the tarp over something equally large on concrete. A DEAD HAND flops out from the tarp. Trembling, the bloody hands tuck the dead one back inside the tarp. A ROLL OF DUCT TAPE rips open, a large strip pulled from the roll. DUCT TAPE wraps around the tarp-covered body. THE MAKE-SHIFT BODY BAG drags across pavement. CAR TRUNK fills with the body bag landing in an awkward angle. lid of the trunk slams shut. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD - "3 DAYS AGO" EXT. BACK YARD - DAY The blades of a hedge clipper close on a small branch, shearing it in two. MORGAN SHAW, 39, fit and handsome wearing a sweaty T-shirt and shorts, trims shrubbery along the property line that borders the woods. The An

2. The house behind him is a pleasant, middle class home safe and secure among the dense trees that surround it. The back yard is a cornucopia of a variety of beautiful flora. ABBIE SHAW, 36, comes out of the back door of the house. She is reserved and very precise in her movements. Morgan! In a bit. ABBIE Time for dinner. MORGAN I need to finish up. The

ABBIE You can worry about that later. food will get cold.

Morgan sighs and drops the clippers on the ground. MORGAN And I was having so much fun. He heads across the yard while Abbie waters the potted plants on the back porch. ABBIE Don't leave those clippers out there. They'll be ruined. I know. MORGAN You tell me that every time.

ABBIE And you forget every time and I have to pick up after you. MORGAN You know, I don't know why I'm out here getting all hot and sweaty taking care of your plants. ABBIE Because you're a pushover. love me so much. MORGAN One of the two is true. He comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her. tries to push him away. Stop! ABBIE You're disgusting. She And you

DAY The house is a well-furnished middle class home. ABBIE I never said you can't be friends with him. Go hang out with him somewhere. MORGAN I've been busy. She wipes off the dirt. See if there's a baseball card show in town. INT. He takes a dab of dirt and smudges it on the tip of Abbie's nose. DINING ROOM . MORGAN I'd like to invite Tommy over for dinner. Go wash up. MORGAN Wanna roll around on the ground and get dirty? ABBIE You're already dirty. ABBIE I thought you two have drifted apart. Everything is precisely in its place. Dinner. ABBIE Track any mud in the house and I'll throw you in the lake. remember? Morgan kisses her. then walks away grinning. Morgan and Abbie eat their dinner.3. but he's still my best friend. . MORGAN (CONT'D) I haven't seen him a while. MORGAN Spoil sport. Abbie stops chewing and stares at him. I'd really like to have him over. Plants fill every available spot.

clears her dishes from the table. and takes them into-KITCHEN Abbie brings her dishes to the sink. MORGAN There'll be another woman here to talk to. Abbie stands up.4. She proceeds to wash her dishes. MORGAN Abbie. Can you just please bear with him for one evening? ABBIE I never know what to talk to him about. ABBIE Why don't you meet them at a restaurant somewhere? MORGAN How will that look if I show up without my wife? ABBIE Tell them I'm sick. that's not fair. Morgan follows her in. MORGAN Tommy has a new girlfriend and I thought it would be nice if he could introduce her to us. What's the problem with them coming here for an evening? ABBIE Nothing. ABBIE I can imagine what kind of woman would go for someone like him. Morgan dumps his plate in the sink. . MORGAN He's been seeing her for two months and I haven't even met her yet. I have no frame of reference with him.

And he was there for me when.during some other rough spots in my life. I know you don't like him. He was the only one that stayed friends with me. He has no social skills. all of the other kids avoided me. C'mon. Abbie turns her eyes to the floor and considers this in silence. ABBIE And what way is that? Morgan places his hands on her arms. Morgan lifts her chin with his index finger until she meets his eyes. ABBIE Your loyalty to him is commendable. . But I've known him since fifth grade. MORGAN I'm just talking about a couple hours. otherwise you wouldn't be acting this way. He turns her to face him.. He smiles. MORGAN When my little brother died of leukemia. But not Tommy. MORGAN It's obviously something. I don't feel comfortable around him.5. MORGAN Look. She sighs. but he's not a bad guy. ABBIE I just don't like him in my house. like I was contagious or something. MORGAN What does that say about me? ABBIE That you're a good-hearted person who has a lousy taste in friends. Why? MORGAN What's he going to do? ABBIE I don't know. You'd know that if you let yourself get to know him.. He's just creepy. it's not going to kill you. stopping her from attending to the dishes.

TOMMY If you say so. but ends up smearing the ketchup all over his palm and fingers.DAY A glob of ketchup drips down the front of a shirt. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . CHRISTINE Ain't nothing to be sorry for. CHRISTINE (CONT'D) So I finally get to meet your friends. awkward. CHRISTINE KING.6. CHRISTINE I was beginning to think that you were ashamed of me or something. You just need someone to take care of you. Her trashy clothes belie her weariness from a harsh life. then blots the front of his shirt to clean the spillage. pulls several napkins from the dispenser on the nearby hot dog cart. An over-abundance of makeup attempts to cover the lines on her sallow face framed by a shock of bleach blonde hair."2 DAYS AGO" EXT. He is out of shape. He wolfs down the hot dog. TOMMY Yep. TOMMY KREMWELL. . CHRISTINE I do say so. looks at his messy hand while fumbling with the dripping hot dog in his other hand. goopy napkins in a trash can. 39. She cleans off his ketchup-y hand. that's all. then tosses the red. 37. CHRISTINE (strong Southern accent) Can't take you anywhere. That's what makes you so adorable. PARK . and unkempt. A hand immediately tries to clean it off. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. TOMMY Sorry. Finish your hot dog.

I challenge you on that. okay. TOMMY Um. you got me. CHRISTINE You can never be sure about what people want to hide.7. After a moment of confusion. Christine stops walking and crosses her arms. CHRISTINE Thomas Kremwell. I'm actually a secret long distance runner. CHRISTINE You telling me you don't hide nothing from no one? TOMMY Okay. everyone has secrets. TOMMY Like I have any secrets.. he realizes that she has stopped. CHRISTINE I bet you there's something that you don't want me to know about. TOMMY I wouldn't.. TOMMY I wouldn't hide anything from you. CHRISTINE Be serious. CHRISTINE Right. hand-in-hand. She slaps him playfully on the chest. TOMMY Are you kidding? Of course not. TOMMY Not me. . They stroll away. CHRISTINE Sugar.

. What about you? What are your secrets? CHRISTINE Honey. Enough to live on for a few more years. Christine hugs him before taking his hand again and continuing on. TOMMY I dunno. Something that matters."1 DAY AGO" . CHRISTINE Yeah? TOMMY (lowering his voice) I think I love you. Tommy looks around. TOMMY I can look it up. TOMMY Actually. as if looking for eavesdroppers. That's a secret. TOMMY What. CHRISTINE See. You're the one who's saying-CHRISTINE I mean a secret. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . You're avoiding the issue because you don't want me to know. then blushes. I don't care if you know how much I got. Like how much money you got in that trust fund your grandparents left you. like how many times I go to the bathroom in a day? CHRISTINE Why would I want to know about that? TOMMY I don't know. He steals a kiss. Laughing. I do have one secret..8. you know better than to ask a lady a thing like that.

Reaching the house. I'm trying to work. Her complete concentration is on writing. Morgan grabs a paper towel and mops his face. INT. Woods line one side. EXT. Morgan enters without her realizing it. the expansive front yard the other. he slows. EXT. Trees along one side open up to reveal a lake." Abbie types on the keyboard. but he resists. ABBIE Morgan.9. He ignores her and wraps his arms around her. COMPUTER ROOM On the computer screen is a web site called "Abbie's Plant Rant. The red of the sunset reflects in the water as Morgan passes it.CONTINUOUS Morgan trots up the driveway.DUSK Morgan jogs down the country road. her and kisses her neck. KITCHEN . and heads around to the back. . He reaches a hidden driveway. panting hard. MORGAN And you work too much. updating the blog online. ROAD . He creeps up behind She pushes him away. You never work out anymore. HOUSE . Gross. He then takes a carton of orange juice from the refrigerator and guzzles several swallows before returning the carton. You need to come jogging with me again. ABBIE (CONT'D) You're sweaty. You're the most gorgeous wife I have.DUSK Entering from the back yard. ABBIE Telling me that I'm fat? MORGAN Hardly.

MORGAN I know Tommy annoys you. You've brought so much joy into my life. MORGAN Still mad at me about the dinner tomorrow? ABBIE Yep. They stare longingly at each other. Look. I'm sorry. I would give my life for you. sits on the spare chair to face her eye-to-eye. MORGAN I'm sure that whatever you cook will be delicious. I promise. I guess--that it's going to be a disaster. I have to finish this article. ABBIE I know it. Morgan spins Abbie's chair around so that she faces him. MORGAN (CONT'D) I would never let anything happen to you.10. MORGAN I don't know what I'd ever do without you. It'll only be for a couple hours. Now go take a shower. (MORE) He . ABBIE I have this feeling--a premonition. Thank you for doing this for me. He takes her hand in both of his in an intimate gesture. Morgan leans over her shoulder to read what she has written. ABBIE Can you be serious for one moment? MORGAN Okay. She focuses on the computer screen. everything will be fine. ABBIE I'm sure all your other wives are jealous. That's what makes you such a wonderful man.

who stands next to the car with a pensive attitude. Jerry Maguire. MORGAN Wanna join me? He waggles his eyebrows in a comically seductive manner. Anywhere. then kisses her. they really live out in the middle of nowhere. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . Despite herself. She walks around to Tommy. CHRISTINE Wow. CHRISTINE I'm not just any girl. ABBIE Okay. Tommy maneuvers out of the driver's side of the car. ABBIE How could I resist such a romantic gesture? Morgan laughs."3 HOURS AGO" EXT. I've never brought a girl over. HOUSE . Christine emerges from the passenger side. MORGAN (CONT'D) (overly-sentimental) You complete me. TOMMY Yeah. Abbie laughs. Dressed in a tacky outfit.11. . He is Go shower. dressed nicely.DAY A car pulls up into the driveway of Morgan and Abbie's house. though his clothes seem ill-fitting. CHRISTINE What's the matter? TOMMY It's weird.

ABBIE Get out of here. and swaggers up the driveway. I can't wait to see his face when he meets you. She gives him a peck on the mouth. We. With his free hand. Tommy smiles. . the car bleeps and the headlights flash. INT. TOMMY (CONT'D) I've always been the one sitting in the corner watching the couples talk. TOMMY I thought it was third wheel. Behind them.DAY Abbie puts the last touches on the food that is cooking. he aims the car door remote over his shoulder and presses the button. also dressed for the evening. Morgan's always been the one with the girls. CHRISTINE Tommy. wait. you're rambling. CHRISTINE You're not the fifth wheel anymore. He tries to taste some of the food. Now I'm a couple. yeah fifth wheel.12. CHRISTINE We are. Morgan enters. KITCHEN . TOMMY Right. No. but Abbie slaps his hand. takes Christine's hand. TOMMY You can say that again. Christine takes his hand. CHRISTINE Me too. She is dressed up in tasteful way. Cause a car has four wheels and a fifth one is just in the way. TOMMY Yeah.

then pauses for a moment with slight confusion. A look of poorly-hidden disgust crosses Abbie's face at the sight of Tommy. so much for inviting us. CHRISTINE Nice to meet y'all. grinning. Morgan takes a good look at Christine. Hey! MORGAN Come on in. Morgan takes Abbie's hand and leads her to-LIVING ROOM Morgan and Abbie go to the front door and open it to reveal Tommy and Christine waiting on the porch. I'm Morgan Shaw and this is my wife Abbie. As she opens her mouth to speak. Tommy and Christine enter and Morgan closes the door behind them. Abbie flinches. He massages her shoulders. MORGAN (CONT'D) Ready or not. Tommy wraps his bare arms around her in a bear hug. . He wraps his arms around her. then she cooly assesses Christine.13. MORGAN Relax. TOMMY Abbie! It's been so long. She eventually loosens up and leans back into him. Thanks Tommy releases her. Abbie grimaces and gasps for air. He shakes his head as if to clear his thoughts. MORGAN I'm just trying-ABBIE You're just trying to get in the way. The doorbell rings. MORGAN You must be Christine. but she still seems bothered by something. they're here.

Abbie's to credit for that. but remains silent. CHRISTINE I'm sure you'd remember me. CHRISTINE I'd be a bit nervous living out here in such a remote locale. MORGAN Yeah. He motions them toward the living room. Christine extends her hand to Abbie. She runs her fingers up his chest. We don't have much to worry about. MORGAN It's pretty quiet around here. Morgan shakes her hand with warmth. Abbie catches his subtle change in demeanor.14. I suppose so. vague concern overcomes him. MORGAN Thanks. (hesitates) This may be a strange question. should be ready soon. who takes it with icy rigidity. Anything could happen. MORGAN Make yourselves at home. CHRISTINE You have a beautiful home. She's a wiz with plants. but have we met before? CHRISTINE Not that I can recall. ABBIE I'm going to check on the food. Again. TOMMY (chuckling) Wiz. but he promptly puts on his game face. (to Morgan) Want to give me a hand? It . MORGAN You seem very familiar.

Otherwise it's going to be a long night. KITCHEN Morgan helps Abbie with the appetizers. I'm not trying to be a bitch.15. MORGAN Abbie. ABBIE It's not too late to cancel. We'll be right back. MORGAN (CONT'D) Are you trying to make me miserable? ABBIE Of course not. stop it. CHRISTINE It's going to be an amazing evening. Say I burned the dinner or something. MORGAN (to Tommy and Christine) Have a seat. TOMMY I think they like you. . Morgan follows Abbie to the kitchen while Tommy and Christine sit close to each other on the couch. They speak in whispers. He giggles. MORGAN Lay off. upset. He smells like he hasn't showered in a week and just sprayed an air freshener all over himself. Abbie is visibly ABBIE He had to hug me. She runs her finger through the hair on the side of his head. MORGAN You're doing a good job of it. okay? She is taken aback by the vehemence in his statement. ABBIE (sighs) I'm sorry.

but finally nods.16. I thought I recognized her. Abbie. ABBIE Your other wife? MORGAN No. . do you know that woman? MORGAN No. but I guess she just reminded me of someone. Morgan chuckles politely. Tommy. and Christine sit around the dining room table with most of the food eaten. Abbie doesn't react. ABBIE Morgan. trying to hide embarrassment. will you? Abbie struggles. MORGAN (grinning) You're doing a good job of it. then motions for him to proceed. MORGAN (CONT'D) (snooty accent) Madame. "I couldn't help it. she's taller. MORGAN (CONT'D) Lighten up. I saw the third guy coming back with pineapples. Christine squeals in an outburst of hilarity. "Why'd you laugh? You almost got away with it!" So the second one says. The first one asks. Morgan picks up the tray of goodies. Abbie's stony demeanor finally breaks with a laugh. TOMMY The two guys meet in heaven. shall we attend to our honored guests? Abbie takes a deep breath." He breaks into a peal of laughter. DINING ROOM . Abbie glares at Tommy with disgust. which he does by imitating a waiter with his nose stuck in the air.LATER Morgan.

huh? CHRISTINE Yes. CHRISTINE There you go. I was out milking cows when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. Try keeping clean while slopping hogs. Morgan eats his food. . then tries to change the mood.17. Tommy tries to eat a bite of his food while still laughing. The food falls off his fork and slops down the front of his shirt. ABBIE It's not good to hold a grudge. Abbie eyes him suspiciously. Uncomfortable. In Maycomb. Alabama. When you're reared on a farm. sweetie. MORGAN You grew up on a farm. you learn not to concern yourself about a little mess. damn it. sir. All cleaned up. Sorry. Christine titters like Betty Boop and mops off Tommy's shirt with her napkin. You find yourself doing terrible things. CHRISTINE But there's something to be said for finding justice to past wrongs. TOMMY (CONT'D) Ah. Abbie rolls her eyes. CHRISTINE Don't worry about it. TOMMY I'm such a slob. CHRISTINE (CONT'D) I swore that I'd get even with the man who took everything from me. Until the rat bastards at the bank stole it from us. She gives Morgan a meaningful look.

Christine and Tommy exchange gleeful glances. . I guess you could say I've been looking for the right man. Twelve years of pure hell. Been bouncing around here and there for a stretch. don't be so cynical. I was led to Tommy like an old friend told me where to find him. she keeps her gaze on Morgan. MORGAN (changing the subject) How long have you been in town? CHRISTINE A few months. Everything happens because of choices we make. However. But I'm free now. CHRISTINE Honey. CHRISTINE Fate brought us together. TOMMY She just got divorced. She runs her fingers up Tommy's arm. You and Morgan were brought together. ABBIE There's no such thing as fate. CHRISTINE (CONT'D) I'm sure there's a reason why I was brought here to meet you two.18. She grasps Tommy's hand. Things happen for a reason. ABBIE Really? CHRISTINE Yep. which makes him blush. CHRISTINE (CONT'D) I'm so happy that I met Mister Thomas here. and things are definitely looking up. MORGAN It didn't take long for you two to meet after moving here. He grins like an idiot at her. It was like being in a prison.

then fate has a pretty lousy sense of humor. MORGAN I think things happen at random. Abbie looks at her plate. have any girl you desired--sorry. You've always been able to walk into any job you've wanted. Johnny Cartwright did because it was his skateboard. But did he get in trouble? No. CHRISTINE You sound like quite a scoundrel. you should've seen the mess. This one time. and then something comes out the blue that destroys your life. In school. Everything's always gone his way. that he chose you. I'd take that as a compliment. but gulps her wine. .19. he tried to ride a fire extinguisher-powered skateboard down the hall. TOMMY Morgan's had a charmed life. Abbie. Letting someone else take the fall for what you did. You can make the best decisions. Tommy gives Abbie an apologetic look. but she remains frosty. he could do anything and get away with it. TOMMY Sure it is. CHRISTINE (to Abbie) Hon. If that's fate. live like a saint. MORGAN That's not true. Abbie says nothing. Ugh. TOMMY What are you talking about? You have the luck of the devil. Or you could be a complete screw-up and things somehow work out for the best. Five days suspension! Christine guffaws.

Morgan absently picks up the hedge clippers he had left on the ground and snaps them. Maybe.DUSK Morgan and Tommy wander among the tree line at the far side of the yard. Especially what's long dead.sure you're not in over your head? TOMMY What do you mean? MORGAN I'd hate to see you being taken advantage of. Tommy takes the hint and focuses his attention on his food. look at when you were-MORGAN Y'know. but I can take care of myself. I don't want to jinx it by saying anything too positive. he found me after school and beat me senseless. TOMMY Yeah.. MORGAN Tommy conveniently left out the part that Johnny bullied me into it. . The foursome sits in awkward silence. EXT. The day after Johnny was suspended. TOMMY I may not be experienced with women. but you still manage to get out of everything. MORGAN Things are getting serious between you two? TOMMY I dunno. I would never have taken part in something like that on my own.20.. MORGAN Tommy. I mean. BACK YARD . I don't think Christine wants to hear about my past. I think so.

then drapes his arm around Tommy and leads him back to the house. has withdrawn even more. MORGAN Right. MORGAN Not all women are great. you act like this.21.CONTINUOUS Morgan and Tommy enter from the back yard to find Abbie and Christine sitting across from each other. Abbie. I haven't forgotten. It's fine for you to be happily married. Christine grins broadly. Morgan stabs the clippers point-down into the ground. LIVING ROOM . MORGAN Try not to get smacked by the ball. But just because something bad happened to you doesn't mean it'll happen to me. . TOMMY I'm tired of sitting in the dugout while you hit all the home runs. MORGAN How are you two getting along? CHRISTINE Like we're old friends. as if greatly enjoying herself. INT. TOMMY I'm a big boy. MORGAN I just don't want you to get hurt. You have TOMMY Yeah. but when I finally find a great woman. I finally got a time at bat. to be careful. Tommy snuggles up to Christine. however. I know. MORGAN How much do you know about Christine? TOMMY Wow.

The tattoo is of a snake with its mouth open intertwined on a stem of a rose. His eyes widen and his face goes slack It lands on the floor. She smiles at him. Christine rises and follows her. Abbie and Tommy turn to him with concern. causing him to giggle and blush. MORGAN Wine time.22. ABBIE Morgan. I just--if you'll excuse me. win pours out into a puddle. Annie stands and heads for the kitchen. exposing a tramp stamp on the small of her back. Morgan goes to the small wine rack near the dining room table and returns with a bottle of red wine. Red The bottle slips from his hand. TOMMY Didja miss me? CHRISTINE Every second you were away. TOMMY You're freaking us out. He gets up and rushes down the hall. I'm sorry. CHRISTINE I'll give y'all a hand. with shock. She plants a kiss on him. . Morgan notices this. Her shirt has ridden up. are you okay? Morgan stares at Christine. Morgan pops the bottle's cap. (to Abbie) Wanna scrounge up some glasses for us? Begrudgingly. MORGAN I--I'm okay. leaving the other three watch with concern and puzzlement. who pulls the hem of her shirt down to cover the tattoo. I'm not feeling well all of a sudden.

I've never seen you like this. that's all. You're shaking. ABBIE Something's got you upset. what is wrong with you? Nothing. She takes his hand to try to calm him. of course not. Stands back up. ABBIE Was it the dinner? What? MORGAN No. MORGAN Oh my God.23. MORGAN Nothing. Go on back out. Abbie enters. Morgan chokes back tears. And you're cold and clammy. You're spazzing MORGAN Nope. Really. ABBIE Morgan. MORGAN Nothing. What is it? He looks away from her. MASTER BEDROOM Morgan marches back and forth in distress. I'm just--I don't feel well. ABBIE Something is wrong. He sits on the bed. ABBIE Something I said? Then what? . No spazz here. Paces. I'll be there in a minute. Just me. At a loss of words. Oh my God. ABBIE (CONT'D) You can talk to me. Abbie sits him on the bed. out.

MORGAN You know that I would do anything for you. but is unable to speak. too.24. MORGAN No. ABBIE You're starting to scare me. MORGAN Abbie. I'd die for you. ABBIE I love you. ABBIE (CONT'D) You can trust me. ABBIE Something Tommy said? Morgan shakes his head. then smiles at Abbie. MORGAN I'm okay now. But it's over. I guess it was just some sort of attack. ABBIE (CONT'D) Morgan. MORGAN You mean more to me than my own life. I don't know. ABBIE Of course. I love you so much. is there something I should know about her? Did you remember when you met her? Morgan works his mouth. ABBIE (CONT'D) Christine? No response. He composes himself. Abbie gives him a critical look. ABBIE Are you sure? .

25. MORGAN Yeah. They're probably worried sick about me. Can you let them know I'll be out in a minute. Just want to wash my face. ABBIE Okay. They kiss. Abbie leaves. Morgan stares at the closed door, lost in troubled thought for a long moment. As if spurred by a sudden rush of adrenaline, he rushes to the closet and throws open the door. He digs through the top shelf and removes several items before finding a box. Looks at it intently. Sets it on the bed. Opens it. Retrieves a pistol. Morgan flips open the revolver's barrel. loads bullets in it. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD - "12 YEARS AGO" INT. MORGAN'S APARTMENT BEDROOM - NIGHT Morgan, 27, kisses the bare back of a woman lying next to him in bed. He traces his finger over a tattoo of a snake with an open mouth entwined with a stem of a rose embossed on the woman's lower back. The woman rolls over, revealing herself as Christine, 25. She is practically unrecognizable from the woman she is later in life--youthful, vibrant, and healthy with long, dark hair. She wraps her arms around Morgan and kisses him passionately. INT. BASEBALL CARD SHOP - DAY Morgan opens a box and sifts through pages of sleeves of baseball cards. Tommy, 27, rushes to him, pawing at him. Morgan! TOMMY You gotta see this. One by one, he

26. MORGAN Personal space, Tommy. He places a hand on Tommy's arm and slides him back to an acceptable distance. Oh, sorry. TOMMY But check this out.

He shows Morgan the item that has gotten him excited. TOMMY (CONT'D) A near-mint Hank Aaron rookie card. It's the sixteenth most important sports card of all time. You know Hank Aaron once appeared on Happy Days as himself. Of course, he was twenty years too old because that was in 1980-MORGAN You're a font of useless information. TOMMY You wish you had my memory. MORGAN Who are you again? Tommy laughs and pushes him away. MORGAN (CONT'D) (indicating the card) So you gonna get it? TOMMY It's over a thousand dollars. MORGAN You can afford it. TOMMY What would you do? MORGAN (smiling) Give the money away to charity. TOMMY Yeah, you probably would. What the hell. Who else am I going to spend it on? Now.

27. Don't worry. some day. MORGAN You'll find someone

TOMMY Yeah, right. I'm not you. You change girls more than you change your underwear. And I think your underwear is cleaner than some of the girls. MORGAN Shh! Embarrassed, Morgan looks the store, but no one is paying attention to them. MORGAN (CONT'D) From now on, I'm a one-woman man. TOMMY I'll believe that when I see it. MORGAN You're gonna see it. You need to meet Carrie. She's so amazing. TOMMY That good in bed, huh? MORGAN (laughs) Well, yeah. But that's not all. I can't explain it. She's like a gift from heaven. TOMMY Let's see how long until your angel turns into a devil. Seriously. MORGAN I want you to meet her.

TOMMY If she lasts more than a month, we'll do lunch. MORGAN Trust me, it'll last longer than that. TOMMY You're such a sucker. Morgan picks up some new packages of cards.

Christine) cuddles with him. TOMMY Like I said. distressed and uncertain. You're just Morgan gets up and paces around the room. Perfect? MORGAN What you're asking-- CARRIE Babe. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . She could be a totally different person. it'll go off without a hitch. MORGAN It's not that.28. Carrie. It's a perfect idea. CARRIE I'm not asking you to be.DAY Morgan shakes his head. . INT. They always have crappy cards. CARRIE (CHRISTINE) It's a terrific idea. You never know what you're going to get. MORGAN Carrie. I'm not a criminal.A. MORGAN Stealing two hundred and fifty thousand dollars isn't being a criminal? CARRIE Think of it as acting. Carrie (A. I don't think this is a good idea. MORGAN I can't. doing a character. but rather has a Bronx accent and attitude. She shows none of the Southern characteristics that she displays years later. a sucker.K. MORGAN I like the surprise. TOMMY (CONT'D) Don't waste your money on those.

CARRIE The money is sitting there waiting for someone to take it. but not in the parking lot. Morgan closes his eyes and sighs. They'll get it back. CHECK CASHING STORE PARKING LOT . which will force me to quit. Just imagine what you can do with a quarter of a million dollars. MORGAN Of course. INT. I'll be the innocent employee dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome. MORGAN We'll get caught. He wears several layers of clothing to make him appear heavier. Carrie goes to him and wraps her arms around him. A security camera's at the door. Nothing will connect you to it if we do it right. CARRIE That company won't even miss it. MORGAN'S CAR . but that's not the issue. Someone smart. right. You're a smart guy. CARRIE (V. Carrie kisses him seductively. EXT.29.) Park your car in the far corner. stilling his hyperactivity. . MORGAN It's still stealing.CONTINUOUS Morgan is visibly nervous and he turns off the ignition.O.DAY Morgan's car parks on the far side in a secluded place. CARRIE It'll solve all our problems. It's insured. CARRIE No we won't.

He snaps on rubber gloves and pulls a ski mask over his head.CONTINUOUS Morgan bursts in. Her thumb hits the SEND button on the phone. KASH IT STORE LOBBY . Morgan dashes across the parking lot to the front of the store.CONTINUOUS With the gun in one hand and a duffel bag slung over a shoulder. sans the red identifying piece that marks it as a toy. INT. CARRIE (V. MORGAN'S CAR . INT.O. Take out the red thing in the barrel and no one will know the difference.DAY Carrie emerges through a security door from the employee work area that is separated from the lobby by bullet-proof glass. grabs Carrie. action and jumps out of the car. He springs into EXT. . He picks up a realistic-looking pistol. Put on a ski mask and rubber gloves before entering the store. who stands on the other side of the glass door. CARRIE (V.) (CONT'D) Use a pellet gun that looks real.DAY Morgan's cell phone rings a single time. CARRIE I'll send you a signal when I'm getting ready to lock the front door.) You need to make it believable that you're catching me off-guard. presumably to lock it. She gives him a meaningful look. then he shoves the door open. INT. A cell phone is hidden in her palm.O. and puts the pistol against her head.30. He faces Carrie.O. KASH IT STORE PARKING LOT .) Disguise yourself by wearing several sweat shirts to look bigger. CARRIE (V. KASH IT STORE LOBBY .

VAULT .O. He takes her to the security door.) Be aware of the various silent alarm buttons in the store. EMPLOYEE WORK AREA Morgan and Carrie rush in from the lobby. An unidentified FEMALE CO-WORKER enters from a back room and freezes in surprise as Morgan points his gun at her. uses a key in tandem to open the vault.O. MORGAN Get on the floor. CARRIE (V.) Slouch a little so the cameras don't pick up how tall you are.O.O.31. CARRIE (V. . CARRIE (V. so have to tell us to use the real or you'll kill us.LATER Morgan stands behind Carrie and her co-worker. She'll be scared to death. EMPLOYEE WORK AREA . CARRIE (V. You don't want those triggered. Each woman Carrie punches in the Morgan hands the duffel bag to Carrie. Now! The co-worker drops to the floor.) vault requires two keys to open Remember that we have a fake that will set off the alarm. who proceeds to fill it with the stacks of money inside the vault. but she has enough sense to do what you tell her to do. code and the door opens.) It'll just be me and one co-worker. The it. Pretend to force me into the back room. key you key CARRIE (V. you'll be long gone. By the time we can call the police.LATER Carrie and her co-worker lie face-down on the floor as Morgan zip-ties their wrists together.) Make it fast and efficient.O.

NIGHT Morgan stares in horror at the pile of cash spread across the coffee table. ski mask. it might wash it away. Once things settle down. Under the bridge. MORGAN What are we going to do with the money? Put it in a safe deposit box? CARRIE We can't do anything that will leave a paper trail. MORGAN I can't believe I did it. not even a storage facility.DAY The two-lane country road fords a small river that winds into the woods. The duffel bag and a plastic bag with the items from the robbery lie nearby.32. No safe deposit box. The money needs to be completely hidden where only me and you know where it is. MORGAN Is the hole deep enough? If the river rises. CARRIE You should be happy. Carrie counts it. Morgan finishes digging a hole several feet deep. EXT. we can get it again and go anywhere we want. INT. along with the pistol. rubber gloves. . no bank account. putting the bills in stacks. You look like you're gonna throw up. BRIDGE . The empty duffel bag lies on the floor nearby. We can't do anything that will raise suspicions. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . He jabs the shovel in the dirt. and extra sweat shirts. Morgan grabs the filled duffel bag and runs out. MORGAN Sure no one will find it out here? CARRIE No one will find it.

MORGAN'S APARTMENT . Morgan stumbles out of his bedroom. Taking a deep breath. 61.33. INT. Each thing should be somewhere different so nobody can connect them to the robbery. He reaches for the grocery bag. the duffel bag. CARRIE Stop worrying. stands outside the door. DETECTIVE BROWNING. CARRIE (CONT'D) Maybe we shouldn't bury them with the cash. surrounded by several POLICE OFFICERS. Morgan picks up the duffel bag and drops it into the hole. groggy. but Carrie stops him. BROWNING Is there anyone else in the apartment with you? MORGAN What? BROWNING Is there anyone else here? .) Open the door! He proceeds to bury Terrified. I'll get rid of them.DAWN Violent pounding from the front door.S. MORGAN Who is it? Police! BROWNING (O. Morgan opens the door. The pounding continues. Morgan is frozen in place. BROWNING (CONT'D) Are you Morgan Shaw? MORGAN Yes. She takes the plastic bag from Morgan.

BROWNING Have a seat. He directs Morgan to move aside. Morgan is in a state of The officers spread out through the apartment and start searching through everything. BROWNING Are you certain you are alone? Yes! MORGAN What's this about? Browning motions for his accompanying police officers to push past Morgan into the apartment. MORGAN I--no. MORGAN Th-that's insane. BROWNING Did you lend your car to anyone that evening? MORGAN What? No.34. He produces an officiallooking sheet of paper. I don't think so.m. BROWNING Where were you at eight o'clock p. BROWNING (CONT'D) We have reason to suspect that you were involved in a robbery and that evidence regarding the robbery is located here. at home I think. shock. three days ago? MORGAN Um. BROWNING I have a warrant to search your premises. . MORGAN No. Please step over here. BROWNING Was there anyone with you who could verify that.

BROWNING That look like your car? MORGAN Yeah. A police officer approaches them carrying the plastic bag containing the pistol. That guy doesn't look anything like me. excuse me. We were able to enlarge the shot of the license plate. rubber gloves and sweat shirts. The number on the plate is fuzzy. trembling. BROWNING Here's what's interesting. You have the right to remain silent-- . BROWNING (CONT'D) We ran the plate and it matches your car. Browning sits close next to him and then pulls several photographs from a folder and lays them on the coffee table in front of Morgan. He shows Morgan a grainy blow-up of the car's license plate. We found these stashed in the spare bedroom closet. BROWNING (CONT'D) These were taken by a security camera in the parking lot of the Kash It store on Bodega Avenue. POLICE OFFICER Detective Browning. but can still be read. Morgan plops down on the couch. MORGAN Security camera? The photos show Morgan's car clearly as he parks and crosses the parking lot wearing the ski mask. Morgan is speechless. but I'm sure there are a lot of cars that look like mine.35. Shocked horror crosses Morgan's face. you are under arrest for armed robbery. He removes the pistol from the bag. ski mask. BROWNING Morgan Shaw.

45. TOMMY Already done.CONTINUOUS Tommy sits down behind the wheel while Morgan occupies the passenger seat. Morgan breaks down in tears. so don't skip town. DEVON ST. TOMMY The next step is to get you a lawyer. Not that much. EXT. TOMMY'S CAR .DAY Morgan is in a consultation with his attorney. INT. It's mostly (MORE) . There's no way I'm gonna let a public defender get his hands on you.DAY Tommy escorts Morgan from the jail. MORGAN (CONT'D) You can't spend your money on me. JAIL PARKING LOT . MORGAN You don't have to worry about that. He is appears to be in a trance. Morgan appears shell shocked. They reach Tommy's car and get in. INT. JOHN. ST. Tommy places an awkward hand on Morgan's shoulder in an attempt for comfort. And I had to put my condo up for collateral.36. LAW OFFICE . MORGAN Did you use your trust fund? Tommy shrugs. TOMMY Are you okay? MORGAN How'd you pay the bail? TOMMY Don't worry about it. JOHN I've reviewed the discovery package and here's the situation.

but they can place your car at the scene of the crime. Is there anyone who could have done this? MORGAN No. JOHN (CONT'D) Another thing--they know that you're dating one of the employees who was robbed that night. ST. JOHN It doesn't matter. MORGAN It's not even real. A perceived weapon used in a crime is the same as the real thing. The gun has your fingerprints on it.37. JOHN We could argue that someone close to you borrowed your car without your knowledge and then planted the evidence in your apartment. JOHN (CONT'D) circumstantial evidence. The police can't identify you. ST. You used her to get to the money. the pistol the perpetrator carried and the clothes he wore match those found in your apartment. You're facing twenty years to life if convicted. What do you advise? ST. MORGAN Unbelievable. . Based on the security camera recording. ST. Carrie Bachman? MORGAN Yeah. but it doesn't look good. JOHN Cell phone records show that she called you right before she was robbed. Morgan rubs his temples. The prosecutor is making the case that you were aware of the exact time to make the hit and had garnered information about the store from her. ST.

ST. MORGAN I was fired. ST. BROWNING (CONT'D) We checked into her past. we don't have much leverage. BROWNING How much do you know about Carrie Bachman? Morgan and St. Henderson ignores the comment and continues. You've never been in trouble with the law. all things considered. JOHN What's your point? HENDERSON We're just trying to understand why such an upstanding citizen would suddenly turn into a criminal. HENDERSON What confuses me. It seems she moves around quite a bit. John sit across from BARBARA HENDERSON. HENDERSON You volunteer for the United Leukemia Fund. .DAY Morgan and St. Even then. John exchange glances. the stern. The prosecutor may cut a deal if the money is returned. not even a speeding ticket. PROSECUTOR'S CONFERENCE ROOM . JOHN Then instead of a defense. Detective Browning leans against the wall. In fact. Had. You have a good job with a bright future. you seem to be a pretty decent guy. Mister Shaw. 52. INT.38. and she's been the victim of an unusual number of armed robberies. is why a young man such as yourself would commit this crime. we should think about negotiating a plea deal. You're educated. hovering over them like a watchful hawk. Morgan's spirits are crushed. no-nonsense prosecutor.

they snared that guy. BROWNING (CONT'D) Five years ago in Wichita she was held up while working at a convenience store. John. But there was no evidence connecting her to the crime. JOHN So you're looking at a serial con artist who convinces her boyfriends to do her dirty work. Notice a pattern here? The twist this time is he said she was the mastermind. Miraculously. He places some papers in front of Morgan and St. She sets them up and keeps the cash. The money never turned up. Two years later. If you cooperate. JOHN Lay it on the table. The police caught him. Close to fifty G's. But we are willing to work with you. ST. The robber got away with over three thousand dollars. We can't let you get away unpunished. too. . HENDERSON You were the gun man. BROWNING (CONT'D) Last year an Atlanta pawn shop.39. John's attitude changes and is now on the offensive. That time the bad guy got away with ten grand. Something to do with security cameras. What are you offering? BROWNING (to Morgan) Do you want to take the fall for your sweetheart? ST. Henderson leans close to Morgan. Mister Shaw. Low and behold. Morgan looks through the police reports of these crimes. He professed his undying love for her and claimed she had nothing to do with it. she worked for a grocery store in Columbus. St. either. and it turns out that he had been dating our Miss Bachman. he was Carrie's boyfriend.

we want no prison time. we plead nolo contendere and you request adjudication to be withheld. you either prosecute him and Carrie Bachman remains free to run her con again. JOHN For that. ST. Morgan thinks it over. ST.40. We need solid evidence that she was behind all of this. JOHN Three. Plus. JOHN Back off! Henderson waves Browning aside. or you allow Mr. MORGAN I don't know where it is. Which is more important to you? HENDERSON Five years probation. The way I see it. Shaw to help you and hope that you can recover the cash. MORGAN You want me to testify against her? HENDERSON Testifying isn't going to be enough. HENDERSON Only if we retrieve the money. John jumps to his feet to intercede. St. ST. BROWNING Then you'd better get it back from her. You know that. and he will never offend again. . My client deserves a chance to pick up the pieces of his life and rebuild. took it. and he abides like a welltrained guard dog. Carrie Browning closes in on Morgan in a threatening manner. JOHN (CONT'D) My client is no threat to society. ST.

St. John turns to Morgan. INT.41. BROWNING Gotta do better than that. Honest. They don't MORGAN You said there weren't any cameras in the parking lot. have anything on you. MORGAN What about the pistol? And the clothes? I don't understand how the police found that stuff here. Come on. They got my license plate number. You could claim that someone stole your car. I didn't know. CARRIE Smart man. who nods. if you don't remember. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . CARRIE I'm sorry. who is tense. We got a bit distracted. HENDERSON (to Morgan) I expect you to fully cooperate with Detective Browning. POLICE VAN . Carrie snuggles up to Morgan as a diversion.DAY The back of the vehicle is completely enclosed and filled with surveillance equipment. CARRIE They must've recently installed it. Browning listens to the conversation.DAY Carrie wraps her arms around Morgan. You said you were gonna get rid of it. MORGAN That's what my lawyer said. CARRIE It's going to work out. INT. .

The whole reason I came up with this idea in the first place was so we could go off together and live our lives without any worries. MORGAN You don't seem too concerned about my situation. INT. she caresses Morgan's chest. As if to make her point.42. There's nothing to worry about. I want you.DAY A knock on the door. MORGAN I have this crazy idea that you want me to go to prison so you can keep the money all to yourself. This will all be behind us very soon. We'll be free and clear in no time. POLICE VAN . but then she recovers.DAY Morgan moves away from Carrie. CARRIE (CONT'D) But you can't say anything about the plan. CARRIE That's crazy. BROWNING We got her. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . INT. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . MORGAN Sure the money's safe? Trust me. CARRIE No one will find it.DAY Browning rips off his headphone and turns to the other police officers. INT. CARRIE Of course not. Keep denying it and let your lawyer do his job. . A glimmer of concern passes through Carrie.

I would have died for her. Morgan stares at the floor. you are under arrest for armed robbery. HENDERSON Why did you do it? You knew it was illegal and immoral. INT. I feel so bad about what I must've put her through. Morgan remains still for a moment. MORGAN I was terrified. HENDERSON Why this change of heart? If you felt this way about her. It's hard to explain. BROWNING Carrie Bachman. clad in a suit and clean shaven. She glares at Morgan with a mixture of hatred and betrayal. I had never done anything like this before and never will again. . returns a confused expression. I loved her so much that I would have done anything for her. letting in Detective Browning and two police officers. COURT ROOM .DAY Morgan sits on the witness chair. The cops cuff her.43. I keep thinking of that other clerk. At the defendant's table. MORGAN Carrie had a hold over me. questioning him. HENDERSON You wanted revenge. Henderson stands nearby. Carrie stares stony-faced at Morgan. She He opens the door. Her ATTORNEY sits at her side. why not go to prison for her? MORGAN Have you ever been manipulated by someone who you thought loved you? It's a devastating feeling. staring at Carrie.

44. MORGAN No. I wanted to make sure that she never does this to anyone again. In the galley among other spectators, Tommy watches. INT. MORGAN'S APARTMENT - DAWN The doorbell rings insistently. In his sleeping clothes with hair askew, Morgan answers the door. Tommy barges in. TOMMY Why aren't you dressed? sentencing is today. MORGAN I'm not going. TOMMY What do you mean? You have to go. The

MORGAN You can tell me what happens. I never want to set foot in a courtroom again. TOMMY It's the last time you'll ever see Carrie. MORGAN I never want to see her face again. TOMMY Morgan, I don't know what happened and I don't want But she got you into this you owe it to yourself to bitch get her justice. INT. COURT ROOM - DAY Morgan sits in the galley next to Tommy. They watch Carrie, who stands with her attorney before JUDGE CHARLES RICE. JUDGE RICE Caroline Bachman, you have been convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. For this charge, I sentence you to fifteen years in prison, eligible for parole in ten. really to know. mess, and see that

45. He bangs his gavel. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD - "8 YEARS AGO" INT. GYM - DAY Morgan, 31, runs on a treadmill. He slows to a stop and climbs off the machine. He towels off the sweat running down his face, then guzzles down some sports drink. Abbie, 28, jogs lightly on the treadmill next to him. ABBIE You shouldn't run yourself so hard. You'll end up with a heart attack. MORGAN Naw, I'm from hardy stock. at it for hours. I can go

ABBIE I'm assuming you're referring to the tread mill. MORGAN (laughs) Believe it or not, that's exactly what I meant. But you can take whatever meaning you want. ABBIE I'll stick to running. MORGAN I'm Morgan Shaw. He proffers his hand to her. ABBIE Abbie Thornhill. She pauses her running to shake his hand, smiling. resume their stationary runs. EXT. PARK - DAY Morgan jogs down a trail and reaches the end of his run, sweaty and panting. They For now.

46. Tommy brings him water. element. He seems completely out of his

TOMMY Six-forty-two. You're slipping. MORGAN You should be out here running with me. TOMMY I'm exhausted just watching you. Morgan plops down on the grass. Tommy falls into a sitting position next to him, then digs a snack cake out of his bag. As he takes a bite, it crumbles and drops a glob of the filling down the front of his shirt. TOMMY (CONT'D) Ah, crap. He wipes at the mess, but only succeeds in smearing it. MORGAN I gotta tell you about this girl I met. TOMMY (sighs) Again? MORGAN C'mon. I haven't seen anyone in what, four years? TOMMY Yeah, I remember how the last one turned out. MORGAN Not everyone is like Carrie. TOMMY I just figured that you would've sworn off women after her. MORGAN I might've taken a break, but there's no way it'll be permanent. TOMMY Guess not. So you gonna tell her? About what happened?

this is Tommy. INT. TOMMY What if she finds out? MORGAN She won't! Tommy reacts as if punched. TOMMY What if it gets serious? Wouldn't she have the right to know about your past? MORGAN The records were sealed. Morgan calms down. TOMMY I've heard that before. There's no reason to bring that up. Tommy stands at the far side of the room.47. MORGAN (CONT'D) Look. about you. MORGAN'S APARTMENT . Ever. MORGAN Abbie. She greets him with a kiss. her smile falters. She's special. I've heard a lot She forces . it to remain and is coldly polite. letting Abbie in. He gives her a once-over. Yeah.. MORGAN Are you crazy? I'll never tell her about that. TOMMY Me too.. then realizes that they are not alone. I've been able to get a decent job and move on with my life. With anybody. As Abbie's eyes fall on Tommy.I'd really like you to meet her.DAY Morgan opens the front door. ABBIE Nice to meet you. scowling.

DUSK Morgan stalks into the room with a set purpose. I'm sure Abbie could use a hand with the dishes. and Carrie regard him with quizzical concern. TOMMY (CONT'D) Y'know.DAY The shovel breaks through the ground. Finally. HOUSE . She runs her finger up and down his chest in an enticing manner. You didn't poison my food or anything.DUSK The sun sets over the horizon. burnt-orange twilight. . I'm not such a bad guy. EXT. Abbie ignores him. bathing the house in a dim. who organizes them in the dish washer. KITCHEN Tommy carries dishes and hands them to Abbie. MORGAN Christine. Oh. he throws the shovel aside and pulls the duffel bag out of the dirt. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . INT.48. Morgan digs while constantly glancing over his shoulder. Morgan notices the familiar gesture. uh-- CARRIE Be a gentleman and help out. TOMMY I made it through dinner. if you don't mind. Abbie. Tommy."1 HOUR AGO" EXT. Tommy. Carrie then follows Morgan to the garage. LIVING ROOM . TOMMY Well. I need to talk to you. BRIDGE UNDER A ROAD .

MORGAN How long have you been out? (beat) Carrie. too. Abbie sighs. Macon. I almost didn't recognize you. Especially with your skanky Scarlet O'Hara routine. Here. ABBIE You can dry. prison life was not kind to you. She walks away. It takes him a moment to realize that there are no dishes to dry. I said She tries to glide past him toward the door. You said you grew up there. She hands him a dish towel. CARRIE And I was having so much fun. Carrie pulls away from him and drops her pretenses--including the Southern belle routine. which he gladly takes from her. MORGAN I gotta say.49. then closes the dishwasher. in the surroundings. The fictional town where To Kill a Mockingbird takes place. Carrie feigns interest MORGAN See much of Scout and Gem when you were growing up? CARRIE Sorry? MORGAN In Maycomb. This startles her. but he grabs her arm to stop her. . CARRIE I think you misheard me. GARAGE Morgan closes the door from the house. CARRIE A year or so.

Morgan shakes his head in disbelief. It's mine. MORGAN So now you've come sniffing around for the money. you feel justified to show up here and start your tricks all over again? CARRIE You don't know the whole story. You framed me. You conned me.50. MORGAN You seduced me. CARRIE You have no right to MORGAN . CARRIE I want my money. keep it. CARRIE (CONT'D) What will her reaction be when she finds out? How long until the divorce lawyer is called? MORGAN That won't happen. CARRIE How much have you discussed with the ice princess in there? Have you bared your soul and shared your deep dark secret? Morgan remains silent. MORGAN You think it matters? CARRIE Where's the money? MORGAN I'm not going to tell you. Seriously? CARRIE A decade behind bars entitles me to it more than you. And in your warped mind.

You're too smart to blow it all at once and set off alarm bells with the cops. Leave me. Where is it? Morgan looks away. Somewhere.51. MORGAN I don't know. CARRIE Am I supposed to be scared? He points the gun at her. MORGAN (CONT'D) Get the hell out of my house. CARRIE (CONT'D) It is here. CARRIE Just give it to me and poof! I'll disappear into the darkness like smoke in the wind. (to herself) Where would you hide it? MORGAN You won't find it. You tell me. where it was hidden under his shirt. Then we won't have any problems. I'll make a deal with you. MORGAN Tell you what. my wife. MORGAN You think you know so much. He pulls out the pistol from the waist band of his pants. and my friend alone. MORGAN How do you know I haven't spent it? CARRIE On what? This house? How would you explain that to Abbie? An inheritance? The lottery? No. I think you're playing it safe and maybe siphoning off a little at a time. CARRIE Hidden in the house? . Wifey won't have to know a thing. And your idiot friend will never hear from me again.

Abbie and Tommy enter. MORGAN The feeling's mutual. Abbie in turn questions Morgan with her eyes. Abbie hangs back in the room. CARRIE (CONT'D) I think we've overstayed our welcome. CARRIE I spent the last twelve years hating you. Morgan remains expressionless. But not as He's She gives Abbie a knowing look. Morgan hurriedly places the gun on a shelf and covers it with a rag. the gun in his hand unwavering. only a hint of sunlight left on the horizon. I'm not the same guy you used to know.NIGHT Morgan opens the front door for Tommy and Carrie. that would suck. You're not a very convincing tough guy. much as being dead. INT. a one-woman man. MORGAN I think you underestimate me. LIVING ROOM . Morgan steps closer to her. TOMMY Making the moves on my girlfriend? CARRIE (back in character) Morgan knows better than that. CARRIE A dead dinner guest would be hard to explain. There is . MORGAN Yeah. a silent observer. It's time we hit the road.52. The door opens. CARRIE Put that away.

PRISON . Her prison experience is etched into her face and body language. TOMMY'S CAR Carrie's smile is devoid of humor. TOMMY'S CAR . which hides her wounds behind a tough veneer. She waves. INT."10 MONTHS AGO" EXT. his steely eyes never departing from Carrie's. Her hair is mousy and hangs limp. CARRIE'S POV Abbie turns away. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . CARRIE We'll have to do it again sometime. With no makeup. OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . It meant a lot to me. CARRIE'S POV At the front door.DAY Carrie exits the building. both faces emotionless masks. she glances back toward the house.NIGHT As Carrie climbs into the passenger side.53."3 MONTHS AGO" . she is plain and her features are harsh. Morgan pulls Abbie closer to him. TOMMY'S CAR Carrie's gaze does not waver from them as the car pulls out of the driveway. TOMMY Thanks again for inviting us over. Morgan and Abbie watch.

We'll get this whole thing squared away. but her hair is still nondescript. CARRIE Come on.54. EXT. Carrie pauses in her exit. BACK YARD . She has regained her aggressive attitude. I want is my money. CARRIE You can understand my position. ABBIE (CONT'D) What if you could get your hands on other money? CARRIE Other money? ABBIE Morgan has a friend whose grandparents left him a huge inheritance--condo. Abbie looks as if she is going to be sick. ABBIE Morgan has never mentioned it. stocks. ABBIE Wait. CARRIE What kind of marriage is based on secrets? Abbie turns her eyes downward.DAY Carrie sits across from Abbie on the patio furniture. He's hidden that whole part of his life from me. All . trust fund. Not sure how much. ABBIE I don't know where it is. Carrie rises to her feet. She is wearing makeup. CARRIE (CONT'D) I suppose I'll have to come back later when hubby's home. but he doesn't have to work.

INT. Her hair is now bleach blonde and she is heavily made-up to be in character. then tries to scrape it off on a display. Do you think doing it again will make you any richer? Carrie thinks about it. Carrie rounds the corner. GROCERY STORE .DAY Carrie dyes her hair. ABBIE What do you want? Money or revenge? You destroyed Morgan's life once. INT. CARRIE I'd rather have the cash. CARRIE'S CAR . CARRIE Never had the pleasure. but what will that get you? CARRIE A whole hell of a lot of satisfaction.55. who has not noticed her.DAY Carrie pushes a shopping cart. ABBIE You can stir up all sorts of trouble with Morgan. . Satisfied. he moves on to the next aisle. keeping a good distance behind Tommy. Abbie stands to face Carrie. who has stopped and is scanning through products on a shelf. CARRIE Who's the mark? ABBIE Ever meet Tommy? Kind of a loser. BATHROOM . Tommy looks at some gum on the bottom of his shoe. Quickening her pace.DAY Carrie watches as Tommy crosses the parking lot toward a grocery store. She comes up behind Tommy. INT.

CARRIE I wouldn't say that. I'm so sorry. Their hands touch. Carrie regards him with a furrowed brow. TOMMY (laughs) Then it definitely wasn't me. TOMMY Tommy Kremwell. She extends her hand. CARRIE (CONT'D) This is usually the point where you shake my hand. CARRIE Hey. Too bad.56. CARRIE (CONT'D) I'm Carrie King. I should've been looking at what I was doing. CARRIE He was kinda cute. . knocking products to the floor. Tommy. TOMMY Oh. but Tommy doesn't move. As Tommy reaches for an item on a shelf. TOMMY No. It's okay. CARRIE My fault. Oh yeah! He shakes her hand. Sure you're not him? TOMMY Positive. Tommy jerks his hand back. no. Carrie purposefully reaches for the same thing. is your name Richard? No. You look just like this guy I used to know named Richard. CARRIE Hmm. Tommy is at a loss for words. TOMMY Sorry.

Under the covers in bed...I guess I'll let you get back to your hand on his pants. BACK TO THE PRESENT EXT. its headlights leading the way.NIGHT Both of their clothes are strewn on the floor. No! TOMMY I'm. Tommy and Carrie cavort. my hands get kind of sweaty sometimes. Carrie rolls over away from him. Self-consciously..57. TOMMY Oh.. he is enjoying himself. I. TOMMY Sorry. CARRIE Unless I'm keeping you. Let's go somewhere we can relax. revulsion. Well. TOMMY'S BEDROOM . TOMMY (CONT'D) I'm just not good at-CARRIE Shaking hands? You seem to be doing an okay job of it now.. INT.NIGHT Tommy's car rolls down the two-lane blacktop. From the Her face contorts in . Tommy pulls his hand He wipes his CARRIE A grocery store isn't the best place in the world to get to know someone. sounds Tommy is making. CARRIE I'm in no hurry. COUNTRY ROAD .

. CARRIE Some friends you have..58. She is fuming. INT. That you'd just bring me down. CARRIE And then Morgan.CONTINUOUS Carrie rides shotgun as Tommy drives. TOMMY Morgan's a great guy. CARRIE (CONT'D) He said I was too good for you. You know when we went out to the garage? He tried to convince me to break up with you. CARRIE To your face maybe. TOMMY'S CAR . Our very existence soiled her high and mighty palace. That you didn't deserve someone like me. TOMMY Well. I don't even know what to say.. CARRIE Abbie acted like our presence insulted her. She watches him shrewdly... Tommy does not respond. TOMMY What do you mean? CARRIE Don't tell me you were okay with that? I guess you're so used to being treated like garbage that you don't even notice it anymore. TOMMY . TOMMY Huh? CARRIE I can't believe the way they treated us.. Tommy reflects on her words.

CARRIE (CONT'D) I think he's jealous. TOMMY What? Never mind. worried that you'll find someone who makes you happy. TOMMY What do you mean? CARRIE He's always had you as a loyal puppy dog. As if an amusing idea comes to her. but he's not all that wonderful. covering her mouth with a hand. CARRIE Do you? Do you really know him? I know you got this man crush on him. Tommy remains silent in thought. TOMMY You don't know him. You're there when he needs you. CARRIE Yeah. but when does he return the favor? We've been seeing each other for two months. He probably thinks he has a chance with me if he splits us up. CARRIE Just a bit of folly. . CARRIE He doesn't care. I'm sure he's done something in his life that's questionable. Maybe illegal. that's all. TOMMY He's worried about me. and your supposed best friend is just now showing any interest? TOMMY He's busy. Except that he won't have you at his beck and call. and he just can't stand seeing you happy. I don't think things are going well between him and Abbie.59. Carrie barks out a laugh.

Abbie ignores this. Abbie relaxes and gives in to his ministrations. Like ding-dong-ditch. But you wouldn't want to hear it. Morgan slides next to Abbie on the bed. TOMMY What? CARRIE I just had the most mischievous idea. CARRIE Ever play pranks on people? TOMMY Pranks? CARRIE Harmless fun. her expression indicates displeasure. INT.NIGHT The TV blares some nonsense. You're not the adventurous type. TOMMY Why would you want to do that? CARRIE I knew you wouldn't go for it. TOMMY I won't know if you don't tell me. MASTER BEDROOM . After all. Now dressed in a T-shirt and jogging pants. it wasn't you who rode the fire extinguisher-powered skateboard. MORGAN (CONT'D) You're too uptight. He struggles . MORGAN You survived the evening. It's just too naughty. with speaking. Morgan massages her shoulders. He sighs and closes his eyes. Despite being clad in comfortable clothing. Your muscles are in a knot. TOMMY What did you have in mind? Carrie flashes him a predatory smile.60.

though he cannot meet her eyes.NIGHT Morgan and Abbie sit on the bed facing each other. TOMMY I'm not sure this is a good idea. I have something to tell you. MASTER BEDROOM . ROAD IN FRONT OF HOUSE . He raises the key chain clicker. Carrie grabs his wrist. Abbie takes his hand. I've been keeping a secret from you. It took a lot of courage to tell me. from view of the house. He pauses. It is hidden Tommy and Carrie get out and gently close their doors. MORGAN I'm so afraid you'll hate me.NIGHT Tommy's car pulls to a stop. Tommy sighs. INT. ABBIE Go on. . I should've told you this a long time ago. its headlights off. CARRIE (CONT'D) They might hear. Carrie takes him by the hand. but before he can push the button. CARRIE (CONT'D) It's time to start living. They sneak up toward the house. uncertain as to how to proceed. She gazes lovingly at him. Tommy remains unconvinced. Carrie kisses him. EXT. ABBIE I don't hate you.61. CARRIE Don't wuss out on me now. relenting. MORGAN (CONT'D) Abbie. We're just gonna give them a little scare. Their hands are clasped together.

do you? Morgan embraces her. I thought everyone I knew. You got me. When you were ready. ABBIE I'm so sorry you didn't feel that you could trust me. But Tommy was at my side the whole time. as if to make sure he heard correctly. a weight lifted. I still have nightmares about it sometimes. MORGAN And you never said anything? ABBIE I wanted you to tell me in your own time. And I've never been able to tell you. I owe my life to him. . MORGAN How'd you find out? ABBIE You don't think I'd marry a man without knowing his history.62. MORGAN When I was arrested. I suppose you do. family and friends. but it all worked out. would turn their backs on me. I already knew about your past. You screwed up. It's hard to explain the complete hopelessness I felt. Morgan looks up. ABBIE Yeah. ABBIE (CONT'D) I have my own secret. didn't you? Laughing. I thought I was going to be in a cell the rest of my life. Morgan wipes his eyes. MORGAN You have no idea what I went through. I'm here for you now. ABBIE (CONT'D) You were taken in by a con artist who blinded you with your emotions.

--you been? CARRIE Just needed to take care of something.NIGHT Abbie comforts Morgan. TOMMY Where have-Carrie puts a finger to her mouth. I've been afraid of this for twelve years. Tommy paces nervously. startling him. BACK YARD . They kiss.NIGHT Tommy lifts a potted plant. revealing a house key that had been underneath. Carrie emerges from the TOMMY (CONT'D) . BACK YARD . EXT. Then I hated her.NIGHT Now alone. MORGAN I'm so glad I found you. EXT. ABBIE She can't hurt us. Carrie retrieves it. MORGAN I did love her. MORGAN Now she's back. Maybe fate knows what it's doing after all. Shh. After all these years. ABBIE Not gonna happen. MORGAN I was afraid of losing you. Ready for the main event? Tommy lowers his voice. MASTER BEDROOM . ABBIE Don't think about that. INT.63. I still want her dead. I hate myself for feeling that way. shadows.

INT. The beam from her flashlight falls upon Tommy and Carrie emerging from the black recesses of the hallway. which he turns on. He reaches the breaker box.NIGHT The power goes out. A grin spreads across his face. Nothing happens. Carrie opens it and throws the switch to "Off. bathing Morgan and Abbie in darkness. KITCHEN Abbie climbs out of bed and goes to the doorway. which is now a shadowy maze of potential hazards.64. MORGAN I'll check the breaker." INT. MORGAN I suppose you should know. He tosses another one to Abbie. He fumbles around in the dark and locates a flashlight. . TOMMY What are you gonna do? She waggles a finger at him and walks away. MASTER BEDROOM . and flips switches. who likewise illuminates hers. EXT. LIVING ROOM The flashlight beam leads Morgan to the garage. He follows.NIGHT Tommy looks around nervously as he and Carrie approach the power main box.NIGHT Abbie disengages from Morgan. GARAGE Morgan carefully makes his way through the garage. ABBIE What happened to the stolen money? Morgan contemplates. Abbie gasps and drops the flashlight. SIDE OF THE HOUSE . Stay here. opens it. MASTER BEDROOM .

He examines it like it's a foreign CARRIE (CONT'D) ABBIE (CONT'D) Morgan will never forgive you for this. She hands Tommy a dishrag. He grabs her arm. ABBIE Tommy. but Tommy holds firm. LIVING ROOM As Morgan enters from the garage. but then proceeds with caution. Morgan! ABBIE (CONT'D) Hel-- Tommy shoves the dishrag into her open mouth. His eyes roam from the dishrag to the pistol and back again. TOMMY Where'd you get that? CARRIE (ignoring the question) Put this in her mouth. He moves the rag that had covered it. The shelf is empty. He takes the dishrag. .65. MASTER BEDROOM Carrie aims the pistol at Abbie as she and Tommy enter the room and closes the door behind them. Abbie struggles. Tommy picks up the flashlight from the floor. He freezes momentarily. then holds it out before him as he approaches Abbie. She tries to fight him off. but he forces her down on the bed. She retreats from him. Now! Tommy snaps out of his reverie. GARAGE Morgan hurries to the shelf where he had hidden the pistol. Tommy brings the dishrag to her face. object. think about what you're doing. he hears Abbie's voice cut off.

CARRIE Tie her up with these. Morgan rushes to her. Morgan climbs onto the bed to cradle Abbie in his arms. Rising to his knees. He reaches the closed bedroom door. HALLWAY Muscles tense. Put one around her mouth so she can't get the gag loose. Morgan holds his wounded face. It is empty except for Abbie lying on the bed with her hands tied behind her back and the gag in her mouth. Grasps the door knob. She shakes her head violently and makes urgent guttural noises. Tommy looks away. MORGAN Tommy? TOMMY I'm sorry. CARRIE Okay. As Morgan turns toward her. Carrie throws some of Morgan's ties to Tommy. pistol held high. MASTER BEDROOM Bursting in. no more heroics. Morgan steps down the hallway. Throws the door open. she clobbers him across the face with the butt of the gun. Tommy follows her directions as Abbie stares at him in terror. is overcome with confusion. Tommy timidly steps out from the bathroom. He notices Tommy and . Morgan eyes Carrie with pure hatred.66. Carrie darts out from the closet. Morgan arcs the flashlight around the room. MASTER BEDROOM At the open closet. He falls to the floor. A chunk of cheek dangles open and blood pours down to his chin.

MORGAN What are you talking about? ABBIE Don't listen to her. . CARRIE I think I will. I know that. CARRIE (CONT'D) I understand you never told Abbie that you committed armed robbery. She paces before them. you know. ABBIE You're crazy. then pulls the dishcloth out of her mouth. CARRIE Oh. he works the knot in the tie around Abbie's head until it comes free. Carrie lounges nearby with her feet up on the counter. MORGAN She knows. Morgan turns his venomous gaze back to Carrie. MORGAN Are you hurt? Abbie shakes her head no. toying with the pistol. opens the vault and places stacks of money in it. or shall I? Tears well in Abbie's eyes.67. MORGAN (CONT'D) You're not getting your hands on it. You weren't the only one keeping secrets in this house. KASH IT STORE EMPLOYEE AREA (12 YEARS AGO) . Too late.DAY Abbie. INT. She breathes in a lungful of air. With shaking hands. 24. CARRIE Do you want to tell him.

that you had a creepy feeling about him. CARRIE (innocent voice) "Gee. CARRIE That's why we plan carefully. ABBIE The first thing he'll do is tell the cops about you and then you're history. She closes the vault. feet on the floor. CARRIE Oh. We'll make ABBIE You're going to send an innocent man to prison? CARRIE I wouldn't exactly call him innocent if he commits armed robbery. ABBIE What if your boy gets arrested? Carrie sits up in her chair. You can even say you heard him joking about (MORE) . ABBIE You'll never get away with it. Make it look like we're the innocent victims." ABBIE What do you need me for? CARRIE You're my cover. officer. CARRIE Trust me.68. sure of that. I didn't know he was going to rob this place. It'll work. They'll assume it's an inside job and investigate us. he'll be arrested. You'd be amazed at how easily men are manipulated. Tell the police that he was always hanging around checking the place out. He must have used me to get information.

You'll be the . We'll split the take fifty-fifty. victim.69. CARRIE Is this what you want to do with your life? Work at a check cashing store making next to nothing until you retire? ABBIE Of course not. CARRIE (CONT'D) So why don't you? ABBIE I can't afford college. CARRIE (CONT'D) robbing us. ABBIE I'm not a thief. CARRIE You don't have to be. I don't qualify for student loans. CARRIE Gee. It's too bad that you didn't have the money. that sucks. ABBIE Stealing's wrong. Abbie steels herself with inner resolve. ABBIE It's still dishonest. Abbie considers this. Carrie moves to Abbie's side. CARRIE Didn't you tell me you wanted to be a botanist? Wasn't that your lifelong ambition? Abbie nods. CARRIE And so is keeping an intelligent person from realizing her dreams.

Now! Abbie drops to the floor. where he holds Carrie at gunpoint. Yep. We can't leave anything to chance. CARRIE Don't worry about that. then steps out of the back room. ABBIE Turn in your resignation? CARRIE The stress of working there was just too much after recent events. ABBIE We'll have to plan everything perfectly. She takes a deep breath. ABBIE But he bonded out. who freezes. Abbie catches up to her. MORGAN Get on the floor. BACK ROOM .LATER Abbie peeks through the door way to see the masked Morgan force his way in through the front door and into the lobby. readying herself. She winks. ABBIE What if he takes the money and runs? . ABBIE I heard they arrested Morgan. KASH IT STORE PARKING LOT . EMPLOYEE WORK AREA Morgan points his gun at Abbie. EXT. I'm sure it'll be too much for you to bear in a week or two.70. CARRIE All according to plan.DAY Carrie walks to her car.

And so do you.71. ABBIE How do I know you won't take off with it? CARRIE Gotta testify at the trial.DAY Detective Browning places a mugshot of Morgan on the table in front of Abbie. CONFERENCE ROOM . CARRIE They will. Cops talk to you yet? ABBIE No. Why? BROWNING Is it possible that he was the man who robbed you? ABBIE Morgan? Not likely. INT. ABBIE Where is the money? CARRIE It's safe. BROWNING Have you seen this man before? Abbie examines it for a moment. That's the guy Carrie's dating. Stick to the plan and nothing can go wrong. BROWNING How well do you know him? . That guy wasn't quite as tall and he was heavier. Morgan something-or-other. They'll want to build as good a case against him as they can. Remember what we talked about. CARRIE Are you kidding me? The police will be watching him like a hawk. ABBIE Yeah.

but just assumed she was talking to someone from the district office. INT. But she said he was really great. Carrie rages silently at Abbie. Just remembered something Carrie mentioned not long ago. When she saw me. Henderson questions her. She did things her own way and no one could tell her otherwise. she quickly changed the subject and hung up. I'm sure it was just a joke.72. ABBIE I overheard Carrie talking on the phone about the store's cash flow. COURT ROOM . She made him sound like an Eagle Scout. ABBIE Met him once or twice when he picked Carrie up from work. . HENDERSON Miss Thornhill. She prided herself in being able to manipulate her boyfriend. BROWNING What is it? ABBIE Nothing. Yes. Which day we expected to have the most money on hand. BROWNING I could use a laugh.DAY Abbie testifies on the stand. do you think that Carrie could have been involved in the robbery? ABBIE I never trusted her. ABBIE She said the perfect crime was one that someone else did for you. In fact-A worried look crossing her face as if she remembered something upsetting. I thought it was weird. Sitting next to her attorney. that she couldn't believe how lucky she was to have him. I believe she put him up to it.

ABBIE Either tell me what you're doing in my back yard or please leave. MORGAN Naw. I sentence you to fifteen years in prison. She rises to her feet. She psyches herself up. Abbie jumps. JUDGE RICE For this charge. She steps on the empty treadmill next to him and jogs lightly. I wish I could say the same about myself. CARRIE Well. recently released from prison. walks up behind Abbie unnoticed. I'm from hearty stock. ABBIE You shouldn't run yourself so hard. INT. do I know you? CARRIE You've held up well. I can ABBIE I'm sorry. BACK YARD (3 MONTHS AGO) . startled. EXT. if it isn't Miss Botanical Gardens. I have to admit. . She stops a good distance away and keeps out of sight.73.DAY Abbie positions a small tree into a freshly-dug hole. He reaches the treadmill. GYM (8 YEARS AGO) . go at it for hours.DAY Abbie follows Morgan through the facility without him noticing. LATER From the galley on the opposite side of the room from Morgan and Tommy. then approaches him as he performs a rugged workout on the machine. eligible for parole in ten. Abbie watches Carrie's sentencing. You'll end up with a heart attack. Carrie.

74. on the other hand are a very calculating liar. ABBIE Carrie? CARRIE I got thinking. For a while I thought you two had planned the whole thing. He's too emotional. We both work. you got that Botany degree you so desired. CARRIE (CONT'D) Gotten your hands on it yet? From the look of things. Disregarding Abbie's words. CARRIE Surprise. We pay our bills . need stolen money to do it. But he wouldn't have been able to fool me. Abbie gapes at her with dawning realization. She sits down next to Abbie. what would stop you for going after him to claim the cash? Abbie finds a chair on the patio and plops down onto it. CARRIE Imagine my surprise when I discovered that you and Morgan got married. Carrie looks around the yard as if impressed by the surroundings. I didn't CARRIE And I suppose good old fashioned American hard work paid for this house. If you're so cold hearted to turn on me like you did. You. with money we earn. ABBIE I put myself through school. too? ABBIE Yes. ABBIE I didn't know you were free.

Carrie reacts with steadfast aggression. Right.75. ABBIE Go to hell. CARRIE And the two of you just sit on a quarter of a million dollars? What are you waiting for? The gears in her mind grind. And you didn't tell him. Comprehension hits her. CARRIE I wonder what would happen if Morgan found out the truth. CARRIE (CONT'D) He never caught on that you were the one he robbed. He only saw you for an instant through his ski mask. Both of you testified at my trial. CARRIE You can understand my position. CARRIE You got away with it. ABBIE You need to leave. All I want is my money. Makes sense. but they sequestered you separately to prevent influencing each other. ABBIE I don't know where the money is. I'd hate for all this marital bliss to go up in flames. ABBIE I'm not like you. Then you and Morgan will never see me again. and in his frantic state he wouldn't have remembered your face. CARRIE He tends to fall in love with the wrong women. . He had no way of knowing your involvement. ABBIE Morgan and I love each other. you bitch.

Abbie screams. Morgan's grief turns to rage. I'll kill you! What am I It fires. MASTER BEDROOM . She looks as if she is going to be sick.NIGHT Morgan withdraws from Abbie. BACK TO THE PRESENT INT. devastated by this betrayal. A hole rips through Morgan's abdomen. He flies back and lands in a crumpled heap on the floor. MORGAN You married me for the money? No! ABBIE You have to believe me! However. He breaks down. Tommy watches from the bathroom door. MORGAN How can I believe you? supposed to believe? ABBIE I love you! MORGAN Our whole marriage is a lie. MORGAN It's all your fault! He charges at Carrie.76. CARRIE (yawns) I'm just so moved. TOMMY Morgan! . the pistol is still at the ready. enjoying herself. directed at Carrie. the pistol in her hand whips up. As if by instinct. Carrie leans against the dresser.

blocking the scream. CARRIE (CONT'D) Put her in the closet. he screams. Carrie spins around at the sound of Tommy's scream. A trail of blood streaks the floor behind them. Carrie walks over to Morgan and stands over his unmoving form. Looking around the shelves. GARAGE Tommy drags Morgan into the middle of the cement floor. LIVING ROOM Tommy drags Morgan across the house. Releasing the body. Out of nervousness and fear. Carrie removes a tarp from the shelf. TOMMY (CONT'D) You killed him! CARRIE If you don't shut the hell up. Seeing blood on his hands. She then points the gun at Tommy.77. He wipes his brow with the back of his arm. TOMMY (to Abbie) C'mon. Breaking her daze. Abbie is too upset to fight back and allows Tommy to lead her to the closet. straining at the effort. CARRIE Stop it or I'll shut you up permanently! Tommy closes his mouth and sniffles. leaving a smear of blood across his face. he stands up straight with his hands held out before him. Carrie follows with the pistol trained on Tommy with the flashlight in her other hand. but paces in a panic. . you'll be next. Tommy covers his mouth. he circles the body. Carrie collects Morgan's and Abbie's cell phones and keys from the dresser. Carrie grabs the rag lying on the floor and shoves it into Abbie's mouth.

Maybe take it out and throw it in the lake. Carrie tosses him a roll of duct tape. you know. TOMMY The lake? CARRIE Yeah. CARRIE We need to get rid that thing. FRONT YARD . then struggles to roll the body onto the tarp. . Tommy pulls a long piece of tape off the roll. CARRIE (CONT'D) Get on with it.NIGHT Carrie escorts Tommy as he drags the tarp-covered body from the house. He just looks at the tarp. uncomprehending. As Tommy rolls Morgan in the tarp. TOMMY You'll get the death penalty for this. he wraps the tape around the tarp-covered body. and finishes rolling him up like a burrito. With much effort. Tommy groans. TOMMY Wh-what are you gonna do with Abbie? CARRIE I don't even know what I'm going to do with you.78. He lays it open with the edge next to Morgan. taking one slow. Tommy whips the tarp open. TOMMY (to Morgan) I'm so sorry. one of Morgan's hands flops out. Tommy grimaces. EXT. careful step at a time. With shaky hands. tucks the hand back inside. That big body of water down the street. CARRIE (CONT'D) Wrap him in this.

ROAD IN FRONT OF HOUSE . He wipes away the tears and chokes back the sobs. CARRIE (CONT'D) What a man.NIGHT Abbie lies on the floor of the walk-in closet among piles of odds and ends. his bloody. INT. EXT. then proceeds to drag him down the driveway. She motions toward Tommy's car with the pistol. CARRIE You'll fry right along side with me. CARRIE Unbelievable. Put him in the trunk. Opens the trunk. her mouth once again tied with Morgan's tie to keep in the dishrag. Covering his face with Carrie stands over him.. pistol in one hand. Strains to lift the body. Closes the lid.79." Tommy trips and lands on his rear. She rubs her face against a box and slowly works the tie down under her chin.NIGHT Tommy reaches the road with Morgan's body. She then spits out the dishrag. Tommy drags his burden to the rear of the car. he cries. Tommy glares at her with bleary eyes. but is out of breath and stops. MASTER CLOSET . Tommy reaches down and takes hold of Morgan's feet. Carrie stares him down. . He then stands and gives Carrie a defiant stance. Let me introduce you to the word "accomplice. dirty hands.. Shoves it into the trunk. Carrie follows. We'll deal with him later. shovel in the other. TOMMY I can't.

either.NIGHT With her hands tied behind her back. But you know Abbie won't let us disappear into the sunset. Her or us. They reach the power main.NIGHT Carrie strolls along side Tommy. If we go away. Like it or not. CARRIE You know it was an accident. He slaps her finger away. Morgan's out of the picture. you're involved. Abbie attempts to open the door. CARRIE (CONT'D) Finally growing a pair. we don't have to be enemies. INT. There is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars somewhere in that house. Abbie-- CARRIE We'll have to deal with her. She runs her finger up and down his chest in a sensual manner. . go. TOMMY We'd never get away with it. who staggers and stumbles. TOMMY How can I trust you? Carrie slides the pistol into the waist band of her pants and then holds up her empty hands for him to see. Make a decision. CARRIE If you want to leave. she'll get exactly what she's wanted.80. EXT. huh? TOMMY You killed Morgan. Help me find it and I'll split it with you fifty-fifty. and she'll be rich. MASTER CLOSET . CARRIE You know. Is that such a bad thing? What did she ever do for you? Do you want her to keep all the money? Think about it. Here's the situation. but fails. SIDE OF THE HOUSE .

" EXT. CARRIE Tell me where the money is. conceding to her. She goes into the closet. He's gone. Tommy nods. Carrie opens the box and flips the switch back to "On. ABBIE If you have waited another five minutes. MASTER BEDROOM . CARRIE I don't buy it. He was just getting ready to show me. TOMMY She sits Carrie punches Abbie across the face. Shut up. Now you have to think about your future.81. and eyes Carrie with malevolence. INT. I would've known. ABBIE Don't be fooled by her. Tommy. ABBIE What did you do with him? CARRIE Doesn't matter.NIGHT Tommy escorts Abbie from the closet to the bed.CONTINUOUS Windows light up as the power is restored. She-ABBIE You have to do something. Tommy leans in close to Abbie. ABBIE I don't know. HOUSE . CARRIE So it is here. .

. INT. which has the screen removed. MASTER BEDROOM . She reaches Tommy's car and tries one of the back doors. STORAGE SHED .NIGHT Carrie rummages through all the yard tools. GARAGE Carrie examines the various nooks and crannies. TOMMY This is all your fault.NIGHT Tommy stares at the open closet door and the open window. ROAD IN FRONT OF HOUSE . TOMMY Christine! Carrie immediately rushes in and assesses the room. The body bag rolls into view. LIVING ROOM The cover for the A/C intake wall vent has been removed. It opens.NIGHT Abbie runs down the driveway. ATTIC Carrie climbs into the crawl space and shines the flashlight around the support beams.82. now strewn about haphazardly. INT. COMPUTER ROOM Tommy searches the closet. no longer bound with the ties. EXT. Tommy shines a flashlight into the hole in the wall. Abbie pulls on the back seat and it folds down. Reaching in the car. KITCHEN Tommy looks through the cupboards and cabinet under the sink. Abbie lies among the clothes and other items stored in the closet. MASTER CLOSET Once again tied up.

Abbie chokes back a cry. Abbie holds him.. ABBIE (CONT'D) Don't try talking.S. Morgan's eyes flutter open. ABBIE Morgan. Please wake up. Finally. Morgan's face falls into view. then finishes pulling Morgan from his confines.. MORGAN Abbie. Carrie again has the gun drawn. ABBIE (CONT'D) Wake up. I'll get you to the hospital. baby. ABBIE You'll be okay. Shh. honey. unraveling the tarp surrounding it. Just hang in there. A sound Abbie then slaps She kisses his face. avoiding his injury.NIGHT Tommy follows Carrie from the front door and across the yard.83. He doubles up in pain. Relief washes over her and she weeps. FRONT YARD . escapes his lips. his face. He lets out a groan. She shakes Morgan and receives no response. She checks for a pulse. TOMMY (O.) Where do you think she went? EXT. Abbie claws at the duct tape surrounding the plastic tarp and manages to rip it open. A voice from the . front yard draws her attention. Morgan becomes more aware of his surroundings and focuses on Abbie. ABBIE (CONT'D) Come on. but remain unfocused. She pulls at it while turning the body.

I have Tommy We EXT. still partially in the trunk.NIGHT Abbie disentangles Morgan free of the plastic bag. They get far enough away from the road where the car can be barely seen through the trees. Fast. CARRIE Thank you. Two shapes move to the car. Morgan nods an understanding. Abbie glances back. ABBIE (whispers) We need to move. . He is semi-conscious. gotta get out of here. Tommy trails behind. the keys. Captain Obvious. TOMMY (CONT'D) She didn't take a car. She heads down the driveway. then Abbie pulls Morgan to his feet and guides him into the-WOODS Morgan's feet drag as Abbie supports his weight. CARRIE Is it possible for you to ever speak at a normal volume? TOMMY Sorry. tries to catch his breath. CARRIE I don't think so.84. ABBIE C'mon Morgan. I need your help. Confused. She wrenches Morgan's body clear of the car door. ROAD IN FRONT OF HOUSE . TOMMY She's gonna call the police. They press on into the bramble. The two of them fall onto the ground in a heap. They reach Morgan and Abbie's cars in the driveway.

They head in opposite directions. then kneels in front of him so he can look her in the eye. thinking. Be sure to come back. CARRIE (CONT'D) Go that way. . TOMMY He's still alive? CARRIE Looks that way. Morgan reaches out for her.85. TOMMY Where'd they go? CARRIE Not far. We have to find them. You'll be safe here. WOODS Navigating through the dense trees. Make sure they aren't hiding along the road.. She stands. Your life depends on it. ROAD IN FRONT OF HOUSE Carrie examines the car while Tommy stands nearby. Abbie helps him rest against an oak. Listen to me. that's exactly what will happen.. Morgan's strength gives out and he collapses. I'll be right back. ABBIE I need to go back to the house and call for help. CARRIE Do you want to go to prison? If you don't start using your brain. ABBIE If you don't get to a hospital. She takes his hand. She surveys the area. you'll die. Trust me. TOMMY He needs a hospital. you won't survive prison. MORGAN No.

When I saw you in the gym. BACK YARD . She places her hand on the door knob. The pistol presses against her forehead. I fell in love with you. CARRIE I'm going to give you one more chance. She turns back toward the woods. Abbie spins around with a savage yell. . When I got to know you. ABBIE (CONT'D) Please believe me. She forces Carrie back against the house. looking around in the darkness with uncertainty. Carrie hits the wall with a grunt. She kisses his hand. EXT. I just wanted to know that you were okay after everything you went through. then departs. Another hand grabs her wrist and pulls it away from the door. Get me the money and live or I'll pull the trigger now. Abbie staggers backward Abbie grabs a nearby shovel and swings it like a baseball bat. ROAD Tommy takes tentative steps down the road. But I'll take you to Morgan. I still love you.86. Abbie smashes Carrie's hand several times until it releases the gun. while Carrie lunges for the gun. lowering the gun to a comfortable level. I never cared about the money. Carrie loses her footing and tumbles to the ground. Carrie punches Abbie in the stomach. ABBIE I really don't know where the money is. Carrie follows. What I put you through. holding her gun hand out to the side.NIGHT Abbie sneaks out of the woods and dashes to the back door. connecting with Carrie's shoulder.

He props himself against a tree for a moment before forcing himself to continue on.NIGHT Carrie rolls over just enough to grasp the pot. which is just past her fingertips. EXT. it up and smashes it into Abbie's face. The lights from the back yard shine through the branches. BACK YARD . Carrie leaps at Abbie. Abbie clutches at Carrie's throat with both hands. She reaches for a potted plant. Using this opportunity. Carrie rolls over and finds herself on top of Abbie. cutting off Carrie's airway. His mouth moves. She swings The two women . Carrie barely registers the shovel plunging down at her. drained of vitality. WOODS .NIGHT The women roll on the ground. WOODS . Carrie fights for breath and tries to pull Abbie's hands away.NIGHT Morgan approaches a thinning in the trees. but no sound comes out. In one swift move.NIGHT Morgan staggers through the woods. Abbie strains to pull the shovel back out of the ground. He pushes through the limbs and into the clearing. She rolls aside. EXT.87. EXT. EXT. he sweeps them up and storms across the yard. clawing at each other. The force of impact stuck it in place. Then he spots the hedge clippers stick up from the ground a few feet from him. EDGE OF THE WOODS Morgan watches in horror as Abbie's body spasms. BACK YARD . sprawl across the lawn. The shovel buries itself in the spot that she had just vacated.

. time to recognize Morgan as he-Thrusts the hedge clippers forward.. Morgan wraps his arm around her and holds her close to his body. MORGAN It's okay. Morgan lets go of the clippers. coughing and holding her bruised stomach. She does not notice Morgan racing toward her from across the yard..hurt you. Abbie rolls her eyes toward Morgan. to the ground in a heap... Carrie turns. point in space.. Her body is now merely twitching. MORGAN Don't talk. BY THE HOUSE Carrie gets to her knees.wanted to..88. The hedge clipper's blades open enough to make two sharp points two inches apart. Carrie rises to her feet and hovers over Abbie like a victor praising the spoils of war. Abbie convulses. Shh.. ABBIE Never. It's okay. ABBIE Mm. Among the shards of the broken pot and spilled soil it contained. Morgan spirals down next to Abbie... Gurgles emanate from her throat. Ssh.gan. MORGAN Doesn't matter. Carrie's eyes bulge out. Her breath is but a ragged wheeze.mor.. The bloody tips of the clippers rip through Carrie's shirt covering her back. Her eyes fixate on one She barely has Carrie's lifeless body drops His energy now spent. recognizing him. Hearing a noise behind her.. The blades find purchase with a sickening squish-crunch. Blood pours out of Carrie's mouth.. Her face is a bloody pulp.

MORGAN Tommy? TOMMY She always hated me... Her last breath escapes her His energy Morgan presses his head against hers and weeps. He takes out Tommy looms over him with a blank expression. lips like a sigh. MORGAN Put the gun down. Tommy reaches down and picks up the fallen pistol. Nobody ever liked me. Morgan looks up with weary eyes. TOMMY Yeah it is.. TOMMY I want to report a shooting at 1805 Indian Garden Lane.89. sightless. ABBIE . MORGAN Don't talk like that. Her eyes roll up. Showing no emotion. TOMMY It's true. Tommy.. a cell phone and dials you. get help. Except for you. Three people are dead. TOMMY It's too late. is near depletion. MORGAN That's not true. We need to . Tommy contemplates the pistol. A shadow falls over them. TOMMY (CONT'D) It's all my fault.

Yes. MORGAN I gotta use the bathroom. Abbie walks away. I believe she put him up to it. Get to You . TOMMY Excuse me.DAY Morgan has just introduced Abbie to Tommy. You know. who stands on the other side of the apartment in an unfriendly manner. ABBIE She prided herself in being able to manipulate her boyfriend. She is startled by the contact.90. Without responding. on the inside. COURT ROOM (12 YEARS AGO) . ABBIE Thanks. know each other. She pulls away from him and heads away.DAY In the galley. INT. Tommy approaches her and touches her arm. Abbie turns back to him. TOMMY It's a good thing she didn't have anyone else working with her. MORGAN'S APARTMENT (8 YEARS AGO) . INT. did the right thing.DAY As Abbie exits the court room. There'd be no justice in it. ABBIE Yes? TOMMY I just wanted to say thank you. TOMMY (CONT'D) Cause the accomplice would have the money all to herself and no one would be the wiser. Tommy sits alone watching Abbie give testimony on the stand. INT. COURT ROOM LOBBY .

GROCERY STORE (2 YEARS AGO) . ABBIE No. TOMMY It was very traumatic. ABBIE Have we met before? familiar. He sees right through her. CARRIE A grocery store isn't the best place in the world to get to know someone. Abbie's eyes widen with recognition. He exits. His last relationship ended badly. An awkward silence hangs between Abbie and Tommy. A cloud crosses over his face. She flits away from him. Let's go somewhere we can relax.DAY Tommy and Carrie stand in an aisle talking. INT. and he tags along after her. Morgan hasn't dated anyone in a few years. TOMMY Y'know. You seem very Carrie turns back and wiggles her finger at him. . I'm sure he hasn't said anything to you about it. ABBIE Oh? TOMMY She took advantage of him and screwed him over. I'd hate for him to experience anything like that again. His expression instantly changes to a dumb smile. Tommy shrugs. he hasn't.91. There'd be no justice in it.

MASTER CLOSET (EARLIER THAT NIGHT) . looks up at him with fear. INT. out her ID card and looks at it. ABBIE Why are you doing this? Really? MASTER BEDROOM Tommy emerges from the closet. He takes TOMMY (CONT'D) . bound and gagged. TOMMY'S BEDROOM .92. Tommy digs through her purse. TOMMY You have to ask? Abbie flinches. followed by Abbie. He then snips the one binding her hands behind her back. She removes the gag from her mouth. TOMMY Get to a neighbor's house and call the police from there.NIGHT The door opens and Tommy enters with a neutral expression. To see how you'd react to her. Hold still. He didn't need you.NIGHT While Carrie sleeps. (he sobs) I don't know what I'm going to do now. I didn't know she was going to take it this far. He pulls out a pair of scissors. Carefully. INT. TOMMY Why'd you have to marry him? Couldn't you have left well enough alone? He was happy without you. He's dead. It was just supposed to be a joke. The name Caroline Bachman is printed on it. ABBIE Where's Morgan? TOMMY In the trunk of my car. Abbie. he slides one blade under the tie around her mouth and cuts it. Things were just fine.

Without another word. Pulls the trigger. ABBIE Are you sure? Horror crosses Tommy's face. Just go. It's all he can do now. TOMMY You were the best friend I could ever ask for. Tommy stares at the open closet door and the open window. Better than I ever deserved. Quick! TOMMY (CONT'D) Through the window. Places the barrel of the pistol against his own forehead. TOMMY I just assumed-A noise from down the hall draws their attention.93. ABBIE What about you? TOMMY Don't worry about me. Morgan watches helplessly as Tommy drops his cell phone.. TOMMY Guess I screwed up royally. Tommy looks at the dead women. MORGAN . TOMMY (CONT'D) Christine! BACK TO THE PRESENT EXT. No. she climbs through the window. but does not release his hold on Abbie despite his growing frailty. Abbie opens the window and pushes the screen out. BACK YARD . huh? Morgan shakes his head..NIGHT Morgan squeezes his eyes shut.

Blood splatters on the grass. sirens howl. The yard is silent. A tear runs down Morgan's face. . OVER BLACK: TITLE CARD . FADE OUT. Tommy's dead body falls to the ground and lies still.94. He sets the duffel bag down in front of the door. UNITED LEUKEMIA FUND OFFICES .DAY Morgan carries the duffel bag filled with money across the parking lot and to the offices of the charity. then walks away."8 YEARS AGO" EXT. In the distance. THE END His eyes close.

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