Supplemental Ideas for Jumper Lesson Plans - Modified 9/6/2005

Bear Hug # / Teaching Aim VIP Night Bible Story Theme Coming in Book time Play Time Snack Time Other
Wordless bracelet/worm. “A” & “C” on paper on floor…run to them “A” & “C” shaped cookies, colored jelly beans that tell gospel Shepherd dress up. Hide sheep stuffed animals, find sheep/animal 10 Teddy grahams, 10 CookieStart creation Book. crisp cereal, 10 miniature Song…”In the Beginning” marshmallows, inside a zipDonut Man lock bag, one per cubbie. Cubbie bear, ball for day and pillow for night. Welcome activity. Get acquainted. “Our Funny faces…embroidery hoops with 2 toy telephones, call child, give message to another class fingerprints” put up on bulletin rectangle of skin colored felt inside, child in group to jump 3x, hop on one foot, etc. Child board along with Cubbies names. assorted face pieces with velcro to does movement and is given phone to make next call, mix n’ match continue to all had opportunity Lacing cards of “A” and “C”…make out of Drawing to color of examples of child Bad News…sad, walk slow repeating “A” verse BUT Good plastic canvas or cardstock, shoelaces sinning News…glad, skip repeating “C” verse or plastic lacing Play doh and heart cookie cutters. Letter sheet. Using letter stamps, “Guess who I am” remove 3-4 cubbies from room, cover 1 Small milk carton; make David’s harp. stamp out their name on paper with sheet, come back in room asking whoo am I? Take Sheep picture with cotton balls turns to all have chance to play option… all close eyes, 1 cubbie is tapped and says whoo am I, others try to guess voice Glue a set of pictures inside of file Piece of poster board divided in ½ Act out day and night activities Blind Cubbie, partner folder…matching set in attached pocket, left side with pictures, right side leads around room, blindfold off, shout God made light. cubbie sorts and matches the pictures, with matching pictures in random Do action and cubbie guesses when it is done…day or activities from day and night. Make order, insert a brad next to the night. Items hidden in bag; have sun/moon to hold up paper plate with torn dark blue/yellow inside edge of each pattern, tie yarn when item chosen from bag. Hide animals & let children pieces lengths around brads on left, match find them with flashlights. Shadow play…projector/wall pictures by wrapping year around correct brad…use photos, stickers, pictures Gather seeds of various sizes…sort by Trace stencil or pattern of day #…fill Write cubbies names on paper flower/plant and hide in size. How a seed grows…sequence in the shape with seeds, beans, etc. sand/dirt…dig and find a name. Go on nature hike…duct pictures on cards, put in order Make a watermelon slice on paper tape sticky side out. “Seeds and Sprouts”…cubbies plate, add paper seeds crouch down or grow up. Pg. 71 Lets Play book…The nature game. Relay race to get plant items Place black finger paint in zip-lock White tempera paint on black paper… Large sun, moon, and stars laminated…call out shape and bag that has star glitter inside. Tap sprinkle with glitter or salt, let cubbie runs to it. Glow in the dark items or objects… shut with strong tape. Draw picture dry. Star, moon, sun sponges. Shape attach to wall, etc. Turn off lights and run to glowing with fingers by placing bag on table activity… sun=circle, moon= half object named. and pressing. Can you find the stars? circle, stars= star. Black paper & Black paint & chalk. Color on foil chalk. with fluorescent colored crayons. Empty animal cracker box…add small Use cardstock paper for book time. Which animal am I? Picture taped on back of cubbie, try plastic zoo animals, photos, pictures, Animal pictures on index cards…cut to guess by asking questions about move, look like, cubbie takes one out and acts out card in ½, mix up cards, cubbie tries live, eat, sound, etc. -Who am I? Leader or cubbie action or noise made. Live animals to put animal together again. Animal describes animal and others guess. -“See what God has brought in. Inexpensive hand towel… pictures on index cards…two of each, made” follow the leader variation…act out animal and paint, set with blow dryer. play matching game. Play animals in others mimic. Obstacle course…walk thru like animal sock…feel & guess. Take photos of cubbies from previous Make a special book…fold paper in Who am I guessing game…describe cubbie and others try to weeks, enlarge and copy, laminate, cut half, cover with shiny paper, write So guess who. Use a mirror…mirror, mirror, who do you see? into puzzles, place in separate zip special! on outside, inside put piece I see ____ looking at me. “I See You” (tune Frere bags, put puzzles together. “I am of foil. -Fold paper in half, Jacques) I see brown eyes, I see green eyes, Blue eyes special” booklet illustrate paper to look like a Bible too! I see you! Quiet all the talk now, Show me that you with words “God loves me” or “God made know how, Gosh-oh-wow, Gosh-oh-wow! me” on cover, glue circular “hand” cutouts to the paper and self portrait of head to middle…look like reading the Bible. -Boy/girl shape…add material, yarn, wiggle eyes. -Make paper bag costumes Cubbie grand prix night---follow God’s Visual discrimination games…shapes, Games having to do with following instructions like Swat track. Racetrack drawn on poster board colors, patterns-match identical ones the spot! 6 pictures, colors, shapes on each gameboard, or white plastic tablecloth…small cars fly swatters for cubbies, call out item, take turns and follow the road having swatter to swat the correct item. Old Testament area & New Testament area---run to correct area when story named, any story about Jesus=New Colored balloons cut from paper, two of each, glue one balloon of each color onto a piece of poster board…laminate and match with remaining balloon. “Hole” lot of fun…give colored paper and hole punch, make own confetti for party later. Make ark with animals in it…eggcarton craft book pg. 10 Lid patterning…colors in rainbow color Play any game with two at a time. Pin the vest on Cubbie order on paper, match colored lids or tail on Luv E. or colors on rainbow. Sing to tune from bottles/jugs. Rubber band holding “The Mulberry Bush” Here we go round the birthday cake, several thin crayons together to draw the birthday cake, the birthday cake. Here we go round rainbow. Inexpensive weaving looms the birthday cake. Today is Cubbie’s birthday. Make a with colored loops to make rainbow. wish and blow us out, blow us out, blow us out, Make a Make table cloth, streamers, balloons, wish and blow us out, Today is Cubbie’s birthday. etc. Two long pieces of rope or yarn…2 groups, Egyptians and Israelites, ropes are walls of water. “Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch us. We’re part of God’s plan.” Ropes on ground close together, open wide and hold up, when Israelites run through, drop when Egyptians come Paper with Bible drawn on it, Cleaning the Temple…act out actions to clean temple…This handprints of Cubbie on paper to look is the way we sweep the floor, etc. Find the Bible…Hide like holding Bible -Make a Bible N” Seek. Touch the Bible…run, touch Bible, and run back, bookmark. -Make a Bible wall hanging relay -shaving cream small pile-sticker hidden under it , paper towel to clean up & reveal it Game…tape Daniel figures to large Wild animal game…act out wild animals. Go on a lion plastic cups (pins); ½ cubbies are hunt…variation of bear hunt. Prayer bridge (tune London angels to protect Daniels; others Bridges) God will listen when you pray, When you pray, lions with balls to knock down when you pray, God will listen when you pray, What will Daniels. Play Duck, duck, goose— you say? Daniel, Daniel, Lion…Leader is the angel who catches the lion so it cannot get Daniel. Newspaper…color on it, paint on it. Stepping Stones. Paper Stones on floor, each with a word Good news of Jesus! of the memory verse. Cubbie crosses room with newspaper in hand, stepping only on stones and saying verse. Gives newspaper to next cubbie in line, repeat until all have chance to play game. [can have several sets of stones so more can play at a time]

Bear Hug Brochure #1 Lord, you are very great. God, the creator… Loves me
David sings about God’s love (1 John 4:8) Getting-toKnow-YouNight Light Night

God creates the #2 Lord, you are very great. God, the creator… heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1) Is everlasting

God creates the air, #3 Lord, you are very great. God, the creator… plants, and trees (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Knows everything God creates the sun, #4 Lord, you are very moon, and stars great. God, the creator… (Psalm 136:3, 7-9) Is the source of all light

Sprout Night

Watermelon snack

Make potatoe prints of flowers and plants, use to create picture

Bright Night

Sugar cookies in shapes of Add glitter to play doh, sun, moon, and stars. Lucky use star shaped cookie charm cereal cutters to make stars

God creates the #5 Lord, you are very birds, fish, and great. God, the creator… animals (John 1:3). Has all power

Jump to the Corral Night

Hide animals in room-search Behind bars…shoe box, cut & find. Stuffed animals opening in bottom for puppets-put on show cage, tape Popsicle sticks to opening for cage bars, make play doh animals Sugar cookie people decorate Who am I? Find out ahead of time about each cubbie’s families…share similarities as well as differences. Who is oldest, baby, special treats, traditions, etc.

God creates Adam and #6 Lord, you are very great. God, the creator… Eve (Psalm 139:14). Created me

Who Am I Night

#7 Lord, your words are Introducing the Bible Peanut Butter (2 Timothy 3:16) Night very great. The Bible … Is God’s Special Book

Hokey-pokey…have large shapes or colors, hear their shape and do the action…You put the ____ in, you take the ____ out, etc. Pin the animal on the ark. Shine flashlight through Pin the nose on Cubbie Bear. a prism onto a sheet of 2 identical plastic animals paper…color spectrum will 1 hidden, cubbie must try appear to find the match to make a pair. Hopscotch party & other games. Cotton cloud Pillar of fire Play ‘Follow the Leader’ 2 blue sheets-hold up, walk thru, drop on army Bookwiches…shape heart cut out of cheese, put one piece of bread, heart cheese, another slice. Hide wrapped snack for children to find, attach to a scroll Lion Pizzas…English muffins, Prayer time. Anywhere, tomato sauce, cheese for Anything, Any time, God lion mane, pepperoni slices hears, God cares! for lion eyes, triangle piece of cheese for nose… cook and eat [made during coming in time] Manger Haystacks. Make mangers out of chow mein noodles, marshmallow crème; each cubbie makes their own, then eats them. Take photos of cubbies for a “God Loves me” display

#8 Lord, your words are very great. The Bible… Teaches me that God’s promises are true.

Noah builds the Ark (Psalm 119:160).

Rainbow Birthday Night

#9 Lord, your words are very great. The Bible… Teaches me to trust God

Moses leads the people to freedom (Proverbs 3:5)

Red Sea Night

#10 Lord, your words are very great. The Bible… Teaches me that I should learn about God

Josiah’s men find God’s Word (Psalm 33:4).

King Night

Dress up night to look like king and queen. add velvet felt on king’s robe. -make sock puppet to help dust/clean. -Build with blocks, hiding Bible -Jewelry box with crown and jewels -Large, fancy buttons to sort and match Make a prayer spinner using a small paper plate, pictures of things to pray for, paper arrow and a brad. Prayer basket with requests from cubbie and their families. Lion bread face-peanut butter, M&M’s, candy corn, pretezel. Fake fur or yarn add to picture. Mailbox…make out of shoebox with slit on top for mail, have paper and pictures so make own cards to send to those they love…God sent Jesus to us!

#11 Lord, your words are Daniel survives in very great. The Bible… the lions’ den (Psalm 55:17). Teaches me to pray

Lion Night

#12 Lord, your words are Mary and Joseph are very great. The Bible… visited by angels (1 John 4:10). Teaches me about God’s Son, Jesus Christ

Good News Night



#13 Lord, your works are The Wise Men visit very great. Lord Jesus… Baby Jesus (Matthew 2:10). You deserve our honor

Glitter Night

#14 Lord, your works are Jesus invites the very great. Lord Jesus… children to Him (Mark 10:14) You tell me to love others

Jesus Loves Me Night

#15 Lord, your works are Jesus calls Matthew (1 John 4:11). very great. Lord Jesus… Thank you for being my friend

Buddy Night

#16 Lord, your works are very great. Lord Jesus… Thank you for your care

The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin (1 Timothy 1:15).

Lost and Found Night

#17 Lord, your works are Jesus calms the storm (Matthew 8:27). very great. Lord Jesus… Thank you for your great and marvelous works

Fish and Ships Night

Decorate a clean, baby food jar with Make star viewers using cardboard ribbon, bow, etc. Fill jar with snack tissue rolls, 4” square blue clear items, give to someone. Add (tape) cellophane paper, star stickers, wrapping paper on top of each gift. rubber bands, and tape. Cover end of roll with paper, add stars. Star chain decorations, Make large star out of paper, attach to paper chain. Picture of Jesus as individual or “The Friendship Song” (tune Jesus mural, add pictures of children around loves the little children) There are Jesus. Journal thoughts…Ask Cubbies oh, so many children, all kinds of what they would say to Jesus if they children in the world. Shades of could see Him? Record answers in book yellow, brown, and white. With big to share at Parent nights and award smiles that are so bright. There are times. Book variation…glue ribbon oh, so many children in the world! around frame There are oh, so many children, All kinds of children in the world. Different colors of our skin, Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, With the oh, so many children of the world! Wear matching clothes with a buddy…plan week ahead or make something at club for buddy and me to wear. Book…stickers of toys, food, things to share, add to picture. Partner Play…concentration or memory games in pairs, match things that friends do, things that deal with loving others. Stickers..find partner by matching stickers. Items to trace around . Hide and Seek…collect objects having to Eye Spy…clear, plastic soda bottle do with story, place picture of object filled 2/3 full of sand/salt. Put in on an index card, hide objects in 5 different items (crayon, paper clip, sensory table [box/pan] filled with dry toy animal, ball, etc.), glue lid on rice. Cubbie picks card and tries to securely. Then shake bottle to mix find object using hands only. Glue and hid well. Cubbie shakes to find cotton balls on sheep. object. Coin rubbings…tape coins to piece of paper, turn over, rub with crayons Make a storm picture…use watercolor Water table…toy boats, act out story. markers to draw boat, waves, clouds on Make boats out of egg carton…cut out white paper. Paint over drawing with one 4egg cup section, tape flag/sail water to show storm. Book…use brass to round toothpick, insert in section. fastener to attach boat to paper. Snow Float/sink-item float? Sink? globe baby jar-storm globe=water, glitter, blue dye, plastic fish, sea shells. Lord’s Supper

Follow the star…shine flashlight on floor of dark room, one cubbie at time runs and tries to jump on star. Gold star on end of dowel rod, play Follow the Leader

Make a star sandwich using star cookie cutter to cut star shapes out of bread. Spread with peanut butter, jam, or cream cheese, etc.

Obey game…give instructions and respond -Red light [no]disciples/green light [yes] Jesus -Have you ever seen a Lassie tune…walk in circle with Jesus in center. “Have you ever seen Jesus, Seen Jesus, seen Jesus; Have you ever seen Jesus, Turn children away? He loves us, We love Him, He loves us, We love Him. Have you ever seen Jesus Turn children away?" Game..leaders catch cubbies & give them heart sticker; cubbies catch leaders & give them heart sticker. Game variation…Mother May I

Stuck like glue…use imaginary paintbrushes to put glue Share a snack…Little Debbie Going home time share all over themselves. Give direction such as stick elbow snack or cheese crackers what they did with their to partner’s knee, stick hand to your partner’s head, buddy/partner with their etc. Stick together until washed apart by imaginary parent/s bucket of water. Beanbag partners…bean bag between tummies and walk around room without letting bag fall [balloon] …between ears, etc. Creepy crawlers…crawling position, child in back grasps ankles of child in front, play music, crawl forward, moving as one! Reverse positions. Hide n” Seek game. Go on a scavenger hunt to find hidden Discuss what to do if objects related to Bible story. Hidden treasure hunt…hid cubbie gets lost. Go over treasures in room, allow to search and find them. several different scenarios.

Stormy sea…sheet with foam balls or balloons, gentle waves, rock sheet gently, for big waves, rock harder, say “Peace, Be still.” Calm the waves. Repeat.

Edible aquariums…cream cheese wit blue food coloring, spread on melba toast, add goldfish cracker on top. Pretzel stick for fishing pole, dollop of peanut butter, small cup of goldfish crackers, dip pretzel in peanut butter and pick up fish.

#18 Lord, your works are very great. Lord Jesus… Thank you for dying for me

The Last Supper, Judas betrays Jesus, and the Crucifixion (1 Corinthians 15:3; Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8) #19 Lord, your love is Paul and Silas praise God in prison very great. Lord Jesus, (Matthew 28:20).

Newspaper Night

Cover cubbie with newspaper, count to 3---Rise and say verse

you… Teach me that you are always with me

#20 Lord, your love is very great. Lord Jesus, you…Teach me to share

Jesus feeds 5,000 people (John 15:12)

Family Flags…gather information ahead Make paper chains of time on families, make banner to illustrate family [fun-work-love] , display on bulletin board. Book…add black strips of paper for bars Picnic Night Food match up activity…take a magnetic Copy a picnic basket on paper and food page photo album, cut the pages in half pictures for each cubbie. Glue to horizontally. Collect two sets of basket their picnic lunch. Coloring identical food pictures from magazines. picture of bread and fish or paper cut Place one set in the top half of the outs of them to glue to paper…counting pages. Place the second set in the activity and review story. Fishing bottom half in random order. Cubbie game. takes turns matching the top half with the bottom half. Play dough loaves and fish; place in margarine tub with pipe cleaner handle.

Sing a Song Night

Song game…pass pillow while music plays, stop music, Serve prison food….bread and Set up jail with black sing song to cubbie who has pillow… Rock-a-bye water in pie tins streamers, paper chains ____[cubbie name], Jesus loves you. He will be with you cubbies, reenact the all the night through. Rock-a-bye ____, This is your story song. Jesus is with you all the night long. Thumbs up or thumbs down game. Share activity or item, Place food in lunch bag for Watch for sharing without thumbs up if it is good to share, thumbs down if it each cubbie. Use blanket being told, reward with should not be shared. I.E. crayons, cup, apple, game, and have a pretend picnic. special award. toys, tissue, toothbrush, books. Sharing game. Give an item to several cubbies. Have all others sitting on the floor with their eyes closed, and hands open. Standing cubbies place item in sitting cubbie hands. Open eyes and try to guess which cubbie shared with them. Take turns till all have shared. [food item] . Song/game tune B-I-N-G-O. Stand in circle with 1 cubbie in middle with item to share. Invite cubbie to share with someone in circle then that cubbie goes in to the middle. S-H-A-RE repeat3x, And [name] was [his] name-O! Cubbies help make instant pudding. Place pudding in container that can be closed tightly. Cubbies add milk then take turns shaking the closed container until ready. Set the table relay. Run to table, take and place cup, plate, silverware on table. Run to next cubbie. Repeat till all have turn.

#21 Lord, your love is very great. Lord Jesus, you… Teach me to love others #22 Lord, your love is very great. Lord Jesus, you… Teach me to obey #23 Lord, your love is very great. Lord Jesus, you… Are making a home for me in heaven #24 Lord, your love is very great. Lord Jesus, you… Teach me to remember Your Word

The Good Samaritan (Galatians 5:14)

Neighbor Night

“Sew” lacing cards…practice sewing Let’s do laundry …basket with socks to Sock Relay. Run and take sock from laundry basket, run skills. Make your own lacing cards from sort and match. Quiet hammering…golf to clothesline, hang it up, and run and tag next cubbie. old cards or heavy paper or plastic tees, styrofoam, toy hammer. Practice -Toss the clothes relay. Basket full of clothes and one canvas. Use shoelaces or yarn for hammering skills. empty. Run to basket, get clothing item, run to empty lacing . See Book Time too. Make basket and throw it in. Run back to line and tag next nurse/doctor hat. Make doctor kit. cubbie. Color LARGE Goliath Throw bean bags at Goliath to knock him down

David and Goliath (Ephesians 6:1) The Good Shepherd (Psalm 23:1)

Parent Night

Sheep Night

Timothy remembers God’s Word (Psalm 100:2).

God’s Word Night

Matching game. Pictures of animal homes, match to the correct animal. Pictures of various types of homes we have here on earth. Things in heaven and things not in heaven. Writing temptations…various colors, bold, metallic, assorted colored papers, feathers, paint, scented markers, chalk, colored pencils, stampers, etc., encourage to draw and write thank you cards. Make name cards for party.

The Good Shepherd Game. “It” walks around the circle, stops behind a cubbie and asks, Have you seen my sheep? Cubbie answers, What does your sheep look like? Explain the cubbie who is your sheep. Cubbie looks around the circle and tries to guess the sheep. Cupcake greeting Cut a giant cupcake I Can Serve Relay/Game. Practice spooning and scooping or shape from heavy paper. Add skills. Place a serving bowl with play doh or small sprinkles by adding painted soft balls inside. Cubbie goes to bowl, removes one thumbprints from cubbies. Write ball using a spoon or scoop to place it on a plate or cubbies names under prints. Add serve others. Cubbies can serve parents at party…have greeting and deliver to someone aprons for them to take turns serving their parents, special, tailor to them some can seat their parents while others serve.

Glue cotton balls on the picture of the sheep



Special Days Thanksgiving

Jesus heals 10 lepers Thankfulness (Ephesians 5:20)

Draw pictures or cut out & glue Paper Plate Turkey - Make a turkey out Turkey Hunter game: - Pick out a few Cubbies to be pictures of things they are thankful of a paper plate…use the plate for the hunters (we pick 2 for every 10 Cubbies). Dress them in for to a piece of paper. Make a body, add head, glue feathers or the orange vests like hunters wear and put them in the handprint turkey…write on each finger& leaves as feathers to the plate middle of the room. When they say "GO!", the rest of palm something they are thankful for, the Cubbies (the turkeys) run from one side of the room could draw. Good for small clubs or to the other, as the "hunters" try to catch them by ones with lots of help: Place between 2 touching them. If a "turkey" gets touched, they go to pieces of waxed paper autumn leaves, the turkey pen (on the side of the room). The rest of warm iron moved slowly across the the Cubbies continue until all of the "turkeys" have leaves & paper will seal to make a been caught. Then start over, choosing new "hunters". placemat. If you have a large group, maybe run two games. Cool down game: Ten to One - (Let’s Play: Group Games for Preschoolers pg. 115) Have children hold both hands in front with fingers pointing up. Ten lepers came to Jesus one day. (wiggle all 10 fingers) “Please make us well,” he heard them say. (fold hands in prayer) He said what to do, and they all obeyed. (point with pointer finger) So Jesus healed them right away. (clap on each syllable of right away) Excited and happy they ran awhile. (Make hands jump up and down, then wiggle fingers) But one came back with a thankful Smile (hold up 1 finger). Leprosy Game: Put white dot stickers on face, arms, legs of cubbies. One child acts as Jesus & heals lepers. Remove stickers and run away. Child tagged goes back to Jesus to say Thank you. Play again. Help Cubbies dip angel or star cookie cutters in a shallow plate of paint. Then they can stamp paper to make a card, tags or gift wrap. Careful supervision needed, and plastic bag paint smocks. Use finger paint, sponge shapes, side of hand for footprint, hands/feet, stencils, veggie/fruit prints. Make own napkin rings: paper towel holder cut into 2” sections, cover with wrapping paper or construction paper. Make coffee filter flowers: using eyedropper or straw, add drops of colored water to filter, allow to dry, pinch & twist its center, wrap pipe cleaner around paper for stem. Can also use washable markers, lightly mist with water bottle, watch for neat designs. “Empty Tomb Biscuits”: Let Cubbies help make the biscuits during Coming In Time, and eat them at Snack Time. Use homemade biscuit recipe, or canned biscuits, large marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Place uncooked biscuits on baking sheet. Have Cubbies push a hole in the top of each biscuit. Cubbies put 1-2 chocolate chips and a marshmallow in each hole. Pinch the dough over the top to cover the marshmallow. Bake according to biscuit directions. The marshmallows will melt, leaving the insides hollow like the empty tomb. Bring in a Show n’ Tell item from another country to share with others. Baby Jesus and Manger: Cut cardboard tube to 3” in length, and cut in half lengthwise. Glue rounded sides back to back. Cubbies fill manger with straw. Use a peanut in shell for baby Jesus. Draw dots for eyes and nose. Wrap in scrap of cloth. Glue blanket on peanut, or leave open so children can upwrap baby.

Turkey Cookies

Special Days - Christmas Jesus is born (Luke


Act out the Christmas story: Bring props like colored Decorate sheep-shaped cookies towels for robes, fake fur for the donkey, tulle for the with marshmallow fluff angel(s), a beard and glasses for the inkeeper, etc. Going to Bethlehem (Bible Learning Game #30) Play like musical chairs. Use Christmas music. Children pretend they are Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem, walking around chairs until the music stops. The children who are eliminated could go to a nearby table or room and do an activity sheet.

Special Days Valentine’s Day

A woman washes Jesus’ feet with her tears (1 John 3:11)

Love for Jesus

Make a card: Cubbies rubber stamp hearts on front of card. Use baby wipes to clean up hands. Help them write their name on card.

Special Days - Easter

The Resurrection (Luke 24:6)


Give each cubbie a plastic egg: place a heart sticker on the outside because Jesus loves them. Give them a candy kiss for Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss. Give them 2 pieces of pipe cleaner to bend and make a cross to place inside along with a small stone. Place a piece of cotton or cotton ball inside for when he went back to heaven. Could also place flowers because tomb was in garden. Think of items in the lesson, make sure safe for cubbie, age appropriate.

Musical chairs with hearts taped to some of the chairs. Anything in the shape of a heart Hearts have the Bible verse written on them. Sit in heart chair, keep heart, & say verse. Heart twister: make own board with large white tablecloth that has slip resistant back. Colored hearts with body parts written on them spread out on cloth. Call out color of heart, do what heart says about body part. I.E. hold heart to knee, chest, nose, etc. Jesus Is Alive Action Rhyme: Jesus is alive today (clap on syllables) As I jump and run and play! (jump with words) Jesus is alive today (clap on syllables) Hip-hip, hip-hip, hip-hooray! (cheer & jump) Roll the Rock: (Let’s Play: Group Games for Preschoolers pg. 92) Form 2 groups and have them get in a line on opposite sides of the room. Leader says: “When the women came to visit Jesus’ tomb, they were surprised because the stone was rolled away. Jesus wasn’t there – He was alive! We’re going to be rolled away like the stone.” Have the first Cubbie in the first group lie down and roll across the room to the other group. When he reaches the other side, he goes to the end of the other group’s line. The first Cubbie in the second group rolls over to the other side. Larger groups will need to have 4 lines or more.

Special Days - Missions

Philip tells the Ethiopian about Jesus (Acts 8:37, KJV; John 20:31, NIV)


Special Days - Extra Day

Solomon asks for wisdom (Proverbs 30:5)


Rhythmic Good News: (Let’s Play: Group Games for ‘french fries’ Italian pizza bites, Pita bread, etc. Preschoolers pg. 72) Children sit in a circle, and leader says, “We have good news to tell the rest of the world: God loves us! Let’s have fun spreading the news!” Clap your hands as you say to the child on your right, “God loves you.” The child claps their hands and repeats the message to the next person. Continue all the way around. Vary actions: Pat your head, hop up and down, etc. Chariot Rides: Have leaders hold 2 corners and give your cubbies a chariot ride. They sit inside the sheet on the floor while leaders pull them around. Supplemental Bear Hug SD 6: Color wise Solomon Says: Children follow the leader, doing what is King Solomon. Let Cubbies dip their said by “Solomon” “Children of God, wave your hands.” fingers in glitter glue and decorate Variations: jump up and down, turn around, reach for his crown. the sky, hop on one foot, hug a friend, sit on the floor, giggle and laugh, sit and be quiet.

Color, cut out, and add to popsicle sticks to make puppets. Practice telling them about Jesus.