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Both Al-Qurtubi and Ibn-Kaseer have recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) in respect of
this Surat, that one who recites it on the day of J umu'a (Friday) his sins committed during the week
are forgiven by Allaah, he will be awarded with it a light reaching the sky and will be saved fromthe
corruptions of Dajjal.
.,>' < _.] _. _ls :.,s ..>l `l _-> .`] l>s
Alhamdu lillaahillazee anzala alaa abdihilkitaaba wa lam yajal lahu ewaja. [1].
The praise is for Allaah who sent dawn upon His servant the Book (Al Quran) and did not
made for it (Al Quran) any distortion.
!., ..`,l !.!, .,.: _. ..] :,`, _,...l _,.] _l.-, .>l..l l > !..> _
Qaiyyiman liyunzira basan shadeedan miladunhu yubash shiral mumineenal
lazeena yamaloonassaalihaati anna lahum ajran hasana. [2].
1. Straight forward so as to warn of the severe punishment fromHim(Allaah) and convey
good news to the believers, those who do righteous deeds, that for themis a pleasant reward.
_,:>.. , ., _
Maakiseena feehi abada. [3].
3. Dwellers in it for ever.
..`, _.] l! .> < .] _
Wa yunzirallazeena qaaluttaqazallaahu walda. [4].
4. And to warn those who said, Allaah has held / begot a son.
!. ,> ., _. l. `!, ,` .l _`> _. > | _l1, | !,. _
Maa lahum bihi min ilmin wa laa liaabaa ehim, kaburat kalimatan taqruju min
afwaaihim, in yaqooloona illaa kaziba. [5].
5. Nothing for themin it fromthe knowledge and (even) not for their fore-fathers, harsh is the
word (which) comes out fromtheir mouth, they do not say except lie.
,l-l _>., ,.. _ls >.., | `l `..`, .., ,.>l !. _
Falaallaka baaqiun nafsaka alaa aasaarihim in lam yuminoo bihaazalhadeesi asafa. [6].
6. So, perhaps you may destroy your own self on their preference (of not believing on the Al
Quran) that they do not believe in this narration (the story of the people of the cave) in grief.
!.| !.l-> !. _ls _ ., !> `>l,.l _.> .s _
Innaa jaalnaa maa alalarzi zeenatan lahaa linabloo'wa'hum aiyyuhum ahsanu
amala. [7].
7. Certainly, We have made that which is on the earth a decoration to it, so as to put
themto test (as to) who fromthemis better in deeds.
Both Al Qurtubi and Ibn Kaseer have recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he
said, This world is sweet, green and Allaah has sent you there, so as to test your deeds there, so be
careful of this world and women, as the first corruption which was started in the children of Israel
was that of women, this world is going to be destroyed.
!.| l-.>l !. !,l. .,-. ``> _
Wa innaa lajaaeloona maa alaiha saeedan juruza. [8].
8. And We are indeed the makers to that which are on it (earth) a chopped off plane land
, ,.> .>. >l ,l .l _. !...,, !,>- _
Am hasibta anna ashaabalkahfi warraqeemi kaanoo min aayaatinaa ajaba. [9].
9. Do you think that the people of the cave and the inscriptions, were fromOur signs of
:| _ ,.l _|| >l l!1 !.`, !.., _. ,..] .- _> !.l _. !.. .:
Iz aawal fityatu ilalkahfi faqaalu rabbanaa aatinaa min ladunka rahmatan wa haiyyi
lanaa min amrinaa rashada. [10].
10. When the young men took refuge towards the cave, then they said, O our Nourisher, give
us mercy fromyour own-self and facilitate for us our affair (to a) right guidance.
Quoting Al Baghavi, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being Ibn
Umar (Rz) wherein he defined the believer (momin), The believer who mingles with the people and
observe patience on their cruel behavior is better than the believer who do not mingle with the
people and do not observe patience on their cruel behavior .
In another saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) Al Qurtubi has recorded wherein he said, The
hermitage of the believer are their houses.
!.,. _ls .:, _ >l _,.. :.s
Fa zarabnaa alaa aazaanihim filkahfi sineena adada. [11].
11. So' We threw on their ears (senselessness) in the cave for a number of years.
. ..:-, l-.l _ _,,>' _.> !.l .,l .. _
Summa baasnaahum linalama aiyyulhizbaini ahsaa limaa labisoo amada. [12].
12. "Then We raised them, so as to know which of the two groups reckon the extent to which
they spent there.

_> _1. ,,ls >!,. _>l!, .| ,. `.., `,, `..: _.> _
Nahnunaqussu alaika nabaa'hum bilhaqqi innahum fityatun aamanoo birabbihim wa
zidnaahum hudan. [13].
13. We narrate to you (O Muhammad SAS) their story with truth, certainly, they were young
men believed on their Nourisher and We increased to themthe guidance.
!.L, _ls `,l :| `.! l!1 !., , ,...l _ _l `s.. _. ..: !.l| .1l !.l :|
!LL: _
Wa rabatnaa alaa quloobiim iz qaamoo faqaaloo rabbunaa rabbussamaawaati
walarzi lan naduu min daanihi Ilaahan laqad qulnaa izan shatata. [14].
14. And We fastened determination in their hearts, when they got up, they said, O our
Nourisher of the skies and the earth, we will never call leaving Him(Allaah) as Ilaah (deity) if it be,
then indeed we said the transgressed (saying).
,.> !.`. .> _. ..: l, l _.!, ,l. __.Ll., _,, _. `lL _.. _. _ls < !,. _
Haaulaai qaowmunattaqazoo min doonihi Aalihatan, laow laa yaatoona alaihim
bisultaanin baiyyinin, faman azlama mimmaniftara alallaahi kaziba. [15[.
15. These are the people of our community who have held (others) leaving Him(Allaah) as
Ilaah, why do they not bring a clear authority on them(for their claim), so who did more wrong from
them, who fabricated falsehood on Allaah.
:| >..l.s !. _.,-, | < .`! _|| >l :., _>l >, _. ...> _`, _>l _. _.
!1. _
Wa izitazaltumoohum wa maa yabudoona illallaaha fauu ilal kahafi yanshurlakum
rabbukum min rahmatihi wa yuhaiyyi lakum min amrikum mirfaqa. [16].
16. (They talked themselves), And when you isolated yourselves fromthat which they were
worshipping leaving Allaah, then took refuge in the cave , your Nourisher will spread for you, from
His mercy and prepare for you in your affair, a facility.
_. _.:l :| -lL '. _s ` ,: _,.,l :| ,s .1. ,: _!.:l > _ :>
.. ,l: _. .,, < _. . < ...l _. _l.`, _l .> .l !,l .:`. _
Wa tarashshamsa izaa talaat tazaawaru an kahfihim zaatalyameeni wa izaa garabat
taqrizuhum zaatashshimaali wa hum fee fajwatin minhu, zaalika min aayaatillaahi, man
yahdillaahu fahuwalmuhtadi wa man yuzlil falan tajida lahu waliyan murshida. [17].
17. And you can see the sun when rose, it oblique from their cave towards the right and when
it set cut off fromtowards the north, and they are in its gap. That is from the sign of Allaah, to whom
Allaah guides, he is the guided one and to whomHe astrays, then you will not find for himany
guardian to lead (him).
',.> !L!1, > :' ,l1. ,: _,.,l ,: _!.:l ,l 1.., ,s: .,.l!, l -lL
,ls ,ll `.. :l.l .. !,s' _
Wa tahsabuhum aiyqaazan wa hum ruqoodun wa nuqallibuhum zaatalyameeni wa
zaatashshimaali wa kalbuhum baasitun ziraaaiyhi bilwaseedi, lawittalata alaihim
lawallaiyta minhum firaaran wa lamulita minhum ruba. [18].
18. And you think them (to be) awaking (but) they are sleeping, and We turn to the right (side)
and their dog spreading it's fore-legs at the entrance, if you tried to know about them, indeed, you
have turned away fromthem, running away, and indeed, you would be fulfilled with fear from
,l. `...-, l,!..,l '., _! _! .. `.:,l l! !.:,l !., _-, ,, l! >,
`ls !., `.:,l .-,! .> >, .:..> _|| .,..l L.,l ! _ !.!-L .!,l _, ..
Ll.,l -: , .> _
Wa kazaalika baasnaahum liyatasaaaloo bainahum, qaala qaailun minhum kam
labistum qaaloo labisnaa yaowman aow baza yaowmin,qaaloo rabbukum alam bimaa
labistum fabasoo ahadakum biwaraqikum haazihi ilalmadeenati falyanzur aiyuha azkaa
taaaman falyatikum birizqin minhu Walyatalattaf wa laa yushiranna bikum ahada. [19].
19. Like that, We awakened them, so as to ask amongst themselves, a speaker fromthemsaid,
How long you have stayed (here). They said, We stayed (here) a day or some (part) of a day, they
said, Your Nourisher knows well with that you have stayed (here), so, send one of you, with this
your coin to the town, so as to see which is the good permitted food, so to bring to you, your food
from it, and he should be polite and any one from them (the people) should not come to know about you.
.| | `L, _>,l. `.`>, .,-`, _ .l. _l >l. :| ., _
Innahum in yazharoo alaikum yarjumookum aow yueedookum fee millatihim wa lan
tuflihoo abada. [20].
20. And certainly, they, if they come to know about you, they will stone to you till death or
they will make you, return back to their religion and if so, you never be successful for ever.
,l. !..s ,ls .l-,l _ .s < _> s!.l , !, :| `s..., '., >.
l!1 `., ,ls !..,., , `,ls `, _! _.] ,l. _l s >. _.>`..l ,ls .>`.. _
Wa kazaalika asarnaa alaihim liyalamoo anna wadallaahi haqqun wa annassaaata
laa raiba feeha, iz yatanaazauuna bainahum annahum amrahum faqoolubnoo alaihim
bunyaanan, rabbahum alamu bihim, qaalallazeena galaboo alaa amrihim lanatta qi
zanna alaihim masjida. [21].
21And like that We informed (the people) about them, so as to know that the promise of
Allaah is true and that the Hour (Doomsday), there is no doubt in it, when the people [of the place]
disputing themselves in their matter, so they said, Build a building (monument) on them, (at that
place), their Nourisher knows best about them. Those who over powered on their matter said, Let
us definitely, hold upon them(construct) a Masjid (place for prostration).
Quoting Abu Dawood and At-Tirmizi, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS)
source being Ibn Abbaas wherein he has cursed the women visitors of the graves and those who hold
the graves as places of prostration.
Quoting Muslim, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being J abir,
wherein he has forbidden to particularize the grave and to sit at it and to construct monuments on it.
l1,. ..l. ``-, `,l _l1, ..- `.:!. ',l !.- ,-l!, _l1, -,. ..!.
',l _ _ `l. :.-, !. .l-, | _,l !.. , | ,. .L .`. , `.. .> __
Sayaqooloona salaasatun raabiuhum kalbuhum wa yaqooloona qamsatun saadi
suhum kalbuhum rajmambilgaibi wa yaqooloona sabatun wa saaminuhum kalbuhum,
qul rabbee alamu biiddatihim wa maa yalamuhum illaa qaleelun, fa laa tumaarifeehim
illaa miraaan zaahiran wa laa tastaf'ti feehim minhu ahada. [22].
21. They will say, Three (people of the cave) and their fourth one is their dog, and (others)
say, Five their sixth one is their dog, striking (guessing) with the unseen and they say, Seven and
their eight one is their dog. (O Muhammad SAS) say, My Nourisher is the most Knower of their
number, they do not know about themexcept a few, so do not dispute in themexcept an apparent
dispute and do not ask in them(about the people of the cave) from any of them, [people of the
scripture, J ews/Christians].
_l1. ,_!:l _.| _s! .l: .s __
Wa laa taqoolanna lishaain innee faailun zaalika gadan. [23].
23. And you should never say for any thing, Certainly, I amthe doer of that tomorrow.
| ,!: < : .`, :| ,. _ _.s _,., _ , _. ..> .: __
Illaa an yashaa Allaahu wazkur rabbaka izaa naseeta wa qul asaa an yahdiyanee rabbee
liaqraba min haazaa rashada. [24].
24. Except, If Allaah desire, and remember your Nourisher, when you forget, and say,
Perhaps, that He (Allaah) may guide me, my Nourisher is for a more nearer than this (in) right
.,l _ ` .l. .!. _,.. :: !-`. __
Wa labisoo fee kahfihim salaasa miatin sineena wazdaadoo tisa. [25].
25.And they stayed in their cave three hundred years and increased (by) nine.
_ < `l. !., :,l .l ,s ,...l _ ., ., _.`. !. l _. ..: _. _|
.: _ ..>`> .> __
Qulillaahu alamu bimaa labisoo lahu gaibussamaawaati walarzi, absir bihi wa asmi,
maa lahum min doonihi min waliin wa laa yushrik fee hukmihi ahada. [26].
26. (O Muhammad SAS) Say, Allaah is the best Knower with that which they stayed (in the
cave). For Him(Allaah) is the unseen of the skies and the earth, most Clear Seer with it and the most
Hearer, there is nothing for themleaving Him(Allaah) fromguardian and (He) do not associate any
one in His command.
`_. !. _- ,,l| _. ,!. ., _.,`. ....l>l _l .> _. ..: .>.l`. __
Watlu maa uuhiya ilaika min kitaabi rabbika, laa mubaddila likalimaatihi, wa lan
tajida min doonihi multahida. [27].
27. And read that which is revealed towards you, fromthe Book of your Nourisher, there is no
change for His words and you will never find leaving Him (Allaah) a place of refuge.
. ,.. _. _.] _`s., '`, :.-l!, _:-l .,`, .> .-. !.,s .s .,. .,
:,>l !,..l _L. _. !.ls .,l _s !.: _,. .> _l .:`. !L` __
Wasbir nafsaka maallazeena yad uuna rabbahum bilgadaati wala shyyi
yureedoona wajhahu wa laa tadu ainaaka anhum tureedu zeenatal hayaatiddunyaa wa laa
tuti man agfalnaa qalbahu an zikrinaa wattabaa hawaa hu wa kaana amruhu furuta. [28].
28. And observe patience on your self along with those who call their Nourisher at morning
and evening, desiring (Allaahs face) (pleasure) and do not turn away your eyes fromthem, seeking
the decoratives of the worldly life, and do not obey whomWe have made his heart heedless from
Our Rememberance and (who) followed his pleasures and his matter is forfeited.
Quoting Bazzar, Ibn Kaseer has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein it is recorded
that a person was reciting the Surat Al-Kahf, seeing Rasoolullaah (SAS) he stopped, Rasoolullaah
(SAS) sat there and said, Continue reciting, I amordered to sit in such places.
_ _>l _. `>, _. ,!: _.`,l _. ,!: >,l !.| !...s _,.l.Lll !. 1l> , !:. |
:,-.`. .!-`, ,!., _.ll _: :`>'l _., ,:l ,,!. !1.`. __
Qulilhaqqu min rabbikum, fa man shaaa falyumin wa man shaaa falyakfur, innaa
atadnaa lizzaalimaana naaran ahaatabihim suradiquha wa in yastageesoo yugaasoo
bimaain kalmuhli yashwilwujooha, bisashsharaahu, wa saaat murtafaqa. [29].
29. And Say, (O Muhammad SAS), The truth is from your Nourisher, so, whoever desire (to
obey) he should believe (in Allaah), and whoever desire (to reject Faith) then he may reject the Faith
(in Allaah), certainly, We have prepared for the wrongdoers, the Fire, its canopy surrounded them
and if they ask for help, they will be helped with the water like bottomremains of the (hot) oil, it
will roast the face, bad is the drink and evil is the utilization.
| _.] `.., l.s .>l..l !.| _,.. > _. _.> .s _
Innallazeena aamanoo wa amilussaalihaati innaa laa nuzeeu ajra man ahsana amala. [30].
30.Certainly, those who believed and did righteous deeds, certainly, We do not waste the reward
of the one who is good in doings.
,.l` > ..> .s _> _. `.> `.. l> !, _. !. _. >: .,l, !,!,. .> _.
_... _.`.| _,:>`.. !, _ls , -. ,.l ..> !1.`. _
Ulaika lahum jannaatu adnin tajri min tahtihumulanhaaru yuhallaowna feeha min
asaawira min zahabin wa yalbasoona siyaaban quzran min sundusin wa istabraqin
muttakiyeena feeha allaaraaiki, nimassawaabu, wa hasunat murtafaqa. [31].
31. Those are, for themare ever existing Heavens, flow beneath themthe streams, they will be
made to put on bracelets of gold and made to wear the green dress from silk and brocade, reclining
on the thrones, pleasing is the reward, pleasing is the utilization.
. ,> .. _,l`> !.l-> !.>.> _,..> _. ..s l,a..> _>., !.l-> !.., l. __
Wazrib lahum masalan rajulaini jaalnaa liahadi,himaa jannataini min anaabin wa
hafafnaahumaa binaqlin wa jaalnaa bainahumaa zara. [32].
32. And put forth for themthe examples of the two men, We made for one of the two, two
gardens of grapes and We had surrounded the two (gardens) with date-palms and had made between
!.l _,..>l ., !l `l lL. .. !:,: !.> !.l.l> . __
. Kiltal jannataini aatat ukulaha wa lam tazlim minhu shaia, wa fajjarnaa qilalahumaa
nahra. [33].
33. Both the gardens brought fourth their eatables and never did wrong in it even a thing
(decrease in yield) and We gushed forth in between thema stream.
_l .l ".. _!1 .,>..l > .:'!> !. . ,.. !. s . __
Wa kaana lahiu samarun faqaala lisaahibihi wa huwa yu haawi ruhu an aksaru minka
maalan wa azzunafara. [34].
34. And for himwere the fruits, so he said to his companion, and he was talking with him, I am
more with you (in) wealth and respected individual.
_>: ...> > "l!L ...l _! !. _L .,,. .:..> ., __
Wa daqala jannatahu wa huwa zaalimun linafsihi, qaala maa azannu an tabeeda haazihi
abada. [35].
35. And he entered into his garden and he was a wrong doer to his own self, he said, I dont
think that this may perish ever.
!. _L s!.l .! _l ,:: _|| _ .> ,> !.. !,l1.`. __
Wa maa azannussaaata qaaimatan wa lain rudidtu ilaa rabbee laajidanna qairan
minhaa munqalaba. [36].
36. And I dont think that the Hour (Doomsday) stand (occur) and if at all (I will be) returned
towards my Nourisher, It will definitely I will find much better than it (present worldly comforts) a
returning back.
_! .l .,>!. > .:'!> , _.]!, ,1l> _. ,. . _. L. . ,.. `> __
Qaala lahu saahibuhu wa huwa yuhaawiruhu a kafarta billazee qalaqaka min
turaabin summa min nutfatin summa sawwaaka rajula. [37].
37. His companion who was talking with him said to him, Do you reject with that, you are
created with mud, then froma sperm, then, (He /Allaah) appropriated you as a man.
!.>.l > < _ . _, .> __
Laakinna huwallaahu rabbee wa laa ushriku birabbee ahada. [38].
38. But He is Allaah, my Nourisher, and I do not associate with my Nourisher any one.
l :| l>: ,..> l !. ,!: < : | <!, | . !. _ ,.. !. .] __
"Wa laowlaa iz daqalta janna'taka qulta maa shaa 'Allaahu laa quwwata illa bil'laahi in
tara'ni anaa aqalla minka maa'lan wa walada". [39]
39. And for what you did not said, when you entered your garden, That which Allaah desired,
there is no power except with Allaah, if you see me lesser than you (in) wealth and child.
Quoting Abu Huraira, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS), wherein,
Rasoolullaah (SAS) asked him, Should I not point out to you to a sentence which is fromthe
treasures of the Heaven or he said, A treasure fromthe treasures of the Heaven. For his Reply, in
affirmative, Rasoolullaah (SAS) said, La Hawla Wa La Quwwata, Illa Billahi, when a person
recites this, Allaah says, My servant embraced Islaamand submitted to Me.
Quoting Anas, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said,
When a person after seeing a thing which pleased himand said, Ma ShaAllaahu, La Quwwata Illa
Billahi, his eyes will not trouble him.
Al Qurtubi has also recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said, One who
recites the four (following) he is protected fromthe four evils:-
(1). One who recites, Ma Shaa Allaahu, La Quwwata Illa Billahi, (That which Allaah desired,
there is no power except with Allaah), He is protected fromthe eyes (diseases etc.).
(2). One who recites, HasbunAllaahu Wa Neimal Wakeel, (Allaah is sufficient for us, He is
the best protector), he is protected fromthe cunningness of Shaitaan.
(3). One who recites, Ufawwazu Amri Ilal-lahi, (I entrust my affairs to Allaah), he is protected
fromthe cunningness of the people.
(4). One who recites, La Ilaaha Il-la Anta, Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minnaz-zalimeen, (There is
no Ilaah (God) except you, Most Glorified You are, Surely, I amfromthe wrong-doers), he will be
protected fromthe grievances.
_.- _ _,.`, ,> _. ,..> _.`, !,l. !.!,`.`> _. ,!..l _,`.. .,-. !1l _
Fa asaa rabbee an yuteenee qairan min jannatika wa yursila alaiha husbaanan
minassamaae fatusbiha sayeedan zalaqa. [40].
40. So, perhaps my Nourisher may give me better fromyour garden, and may send on it (the
garden of the disbeliever) Husbaan (a calculated torment) fromthe sky, thus it will become a
sloppy field.
_,`.`, !>!. s _l _,L.`. .l !,lL _
"Aow yus'biha maa'u'ha gaowran falan tasta'tee'a lahu talaba". [41]
Or its water may become sinking to the bottom, then you never be able to try to get to it. [41].
1,> .:.., _,.! l1`, , _ls !. _. !, _> ,l> _ls !:``s `_1, _..,l., `l . _,
.> __
Wa uheeta bisamarihi faasbaha yuqallibu kaffaiyhi alaa maa anfaqa feeha wa hiya
qaawiyatun alaa urooshiha wa yaqoolu yaalaiytanee lam ushrik birabbee ahada. [42].
42. And (the torment) surrounded to his fruits, so, he turned, turning his palms to and
fro (in grief) on that which he spent in it, (for raising the fruits) as they were lying on their
upper parts down and he was saying, Alas, I wish, if I only did never associated with my
Nourisher any one.
l _>. .`] : ...., _. : < !. l ...`. __
Wa lam takun lahu fiatun yansuroonahu min doonillaahi wa maa kaana muntasira. [43].
43. And for himthere could never be a group (of persons) helping him leaving Allaah
and he was not the taker of revenge.
,l!.> ,.ll < _>' > ,> !,. ,> !,1`s __
Hunaalikalwalaayatulillaahi, huwa qairun sawaaban wa qairun uqba. [44].
44. There (the Day of Resurrection) is the authority for Allaah is true, He is the best to
reward and He is the best for aftermath.
`,. ,> _:. :,>' !,..l ,!. ..l. _. ,!..l 1l.>! ., ,!,. _ _,.! !.,:> :'..
_.,l l < _ls _ ,`_: ..1. __
Wazrib lahum masalalhayaatiddunya kamaain anzalnaahu minas samaae faqtalata
bihi nabaatularzi faasbaha hasheeman tazroohurreeha, wa kaanallaahu alaa kulli shiin
muqradira. [45].
45. And (O Muhammad (SAS) put forth to themthe example of the worldly life, it is like the
water, We (Allaah) poured down fromthe sky, so it mingled with the vegetation of the earth, then, it
became a dry straw, the wind scatters it, and Allaah is able on all the things.
Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein it is recorded that a person
approached Rasoolullaah (SAS) and said, I intend to become fromthe successful (persons).
Rasoolullaah (SAS) said, Shun the world, take from it like sluggish water, a little fromit suffices
and much fromit will be made oppressive.
Quoting Muslim, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said,
Certainly, one gained success who embraced Islaamand maintained with minimum subsistence and
satisfied with that which Allaah gave to him.
`_!.l `.,l ., :,>l !,..l .,1.,l .>l..l ,> ..s ,, !,. ,> . __
"Almaalu wal banoona zeenatulhayaariddunya walbaaqiyaatus saalihaatu qairun
inda rabbika sawaaban wa qairun amala. [46].
46. The wealth and the children are the adornments of the worldly life and the remaining good
deeds are better at your Nourisher, a reward and a better expectation.
Quoting Annisai, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being Abu
Sayeed Al Qudri wherein he said, Do desire abundance in Al Baqiyatus-Salehaat, (Remaining
good deeds). He was asked about that. He replied, " (Allaahs greatness, Acclamation of Allaah,
Hymns for Allaah and All Praises for Allaah and No Power and No Ability except for Allaah).
Quoting Abu Ad'darda, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he
said, It is upon you (much more recitation of), (Subhan Allaah, Al Hamdu Lillahi, Wa La Ilaaha
IllAllaah, Wa Llahu Akbar) as these cause fall out of the mistakes (forma muslim) as the tree
causes to fall its leaves.
, ,. _!,>' _. _ :!, ..:> l :!-. .. .> __
Wa yaowma nusaiyyiruljibaala wa taralarza baarizatan wa hashar naahum falam
nugaadir minhum ahada. .[47]
47. And the Day (when) We, cause the mountains to move and you see the earth conspicuous,
and We gathered them, so We never double cross any one fromthem.
Quoting Muslim, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being
Aayesha (Rz) wherein he said, All the human beings will be gathered on the Doomsday naked,
without circumcision. She asked, O The messenger of Allaah, Do the men and women see each
other? He replied, O Aayesha (Rz), the matter will be so, horrible that no one will look at one
.`s _ls ,, !. .1l !....> !. _>..1l> _ _:. _, `..- _l _-> _>l .s. __
Wa urizoo alaa rabbika saffan, laqad jitumoonaa kamaa qalaqnaakum awwala
marratin, bal zaamtum an lan najala lakum maowida. [48].
48. And they, be presented before your Nourisher in (a) line, Indeed you came to Us, similar
to (when) We created you for the first time, but claimed (yourself) that We can never make for you
the appointed time.
_.` ..>l _. _,.>.l _,1:`. !.. , l1, !..l,., _!. ..> ..l ':!-`, :,-.
:,, | !..> .> !. l.s .l> `lL, ,, .> __
Wa wuzialkitaabu fataralmujrimeena mushfiqeena mimmaa feehi wa yaqooloona
yaawailatanaa maali haazalkitaabi laa yugaadiru sageeratan wa laa kabeeratan illaa
ahsaaha wa wajadoo maa amiloo haaziran wa laa yazlimoo rabbuka ahada. [49].
49.And the Book is placed before them you see the criminals are fearful, with that which is in it,
and they say, Woe to us, what is for me, this Book has not betrayed even a small and a great (deed)
except that it has reckoned it, and they found all that which they did, (during their worldly life)
present (in it) and your Nourisher do not do wrong to any one.
Ibn Kaseer has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said, On the Doomsday
the matter of all His creatures will be decided, even if a goat with horns had hit to a goat without
horns, will be allowed to take the revenge by hitting to the oppressor.
:| !.l >.l.ll .>`. : .>. | _,l,| l _. _>l _. _s . ., ...>`.. ..`,:
,!,l _. _.: > >l .s _., _,.l.Lll ., _
Wa iz qulnaa lilmalaaikatisjudoo liAadama fasajudoo illaa Ibleesa, kaana minaljinni
fafasaqa an amri rabbihi, afatataqizoonahu wa zurriyatahu aowliyaaa min doonee wa
hum lakum aduun, bisa lizzaalimeena badala. [50].
50. And when We said to the angels, Prostrate to Aadam, (AS) so they prostrated except Iblees,
he was fromthe J inns, so he acted sinfully to the order of his Nourisher, thus, Do you hold himand
his off springs as friends leaving Me (Allaah) and they are enemies to you, bad is the exchange for
the wrong doers.
!. :.: _l> ,...l _ _l> .. !. . .>`.`. _..l ..s _
Maa ashhadtum qalqassamaawaati walarzi wa laa qalqa anfusihim wa maa kuntu
muttaqizalmuzilleena azuda. [51].
51I have not made themto witness the creation of the skies and the earth and (even) creation of
themselves and I was not the holder of the strayed ones (to) assist (Me).
, `_1, :!. _,!. _.] ..s >s. `l ,,>.`. > !.l-> '., !1,. __
Wa yaowma yaqoolu naadoo shurukaaiyallazeena zaamtum fa daaow hum falam
yastajeeboo lahum wa jaalnaa bainahum maowbiqa. [52].
52. And (on) the Day, He (Allaah) will say, (to the polytheists) Call My associates, whom
you claimed, so they called them, but, they will not answer to them, and We have made between
thema place of destruction.
, `.>`,l !.l .L . !>`-. l .> !.s !`.. __
Wa raaalmujrimoonannaara fazannoo annahum mawaaqiuuha wa lam yajidoo
anhaa masrifa. [53].
53. The wrong doers saw the Fire, they thought that they are the fallers in it and will never find
any turning away fromit (the Fire).
.1l !.. _ ..> ,1l _!.ll _. _ _.. l _... . ,`_: .> __
Wa laqad sarrafnaa fee haazalquraani linnaasi min kulli masalin, wa kaanalinsaanu
aksara shaiin jadala. [54].
54. And indeed We have discharged clearly in this Al Quran for the human beings al
examples, but the human beings are disputants in many things.
Quoting Muslim, both Ibn Kaseer and Al Qurtubi have recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah
(SAS) source being Ali (Rz) wherein it is recorded that one night Rasoolullaah (SAS) visited the
house of Fatima (Rz) and found themnot performing the Salaat, so he told them, Why are you not
performing the Salaat? Ali (Rz) replied, O Rasoolullaah (SAS) our souls are under the hands of
Allaah, He places us as He pleases. Hearing the answer, he returned back, while returning he was
saying, (the human being is disputant in many things).
!. _.. _!.l `..`, :| `>,l> _.l `-.`. `, | ,.!. .. _] `,.!, ,.-l
, __
Wa maa manaannaasa an yuminu iz jaaahumulhuda wa yastagfiroo rabbahum
illaa an tatiyahum sunnatulawwaleena aow yatiyahumulazaabu qubula. [55].
55.And it has not forbid the people to accept the Faith, when the guidance came to themand
seek forgiveness fromtheir Nourisher except that there came to themthe behavior of their foregone
persons or the punishment to come in front of them.
!. `_.. _,l..l | _:,`. _..`. `_..> _.] ` _L.,l!, .>.`,l , _>' .> _..,,
!. '.. '> __
Wa maa nursilulmursaleena illaa mubashshireena wa mun zireena wa
yujaadilullazeena kafaroo bilbaatili liyudhizoo bihilhaqqa wattaqazoo aayaatee wa maa
unziroo huzuwa. [56].
56And, We, do not send the messengers except the conveyers of the good news and the warners
of the punishment and those who rejected the Faith, disputing placing false-hood, so as to disprove
the truth with it, and they held My signs / verses and that with which they were warned as mockery.
_. `lL _.. : .,!:, ., _s! !.s _.. !. .. :., !.| !.l-> _ls ,l .
:1, _ .:, | ``s.. _|| _.l _l .. :| ., __
Wa man azlamu mimman zukkira biaayaati rabbihi faaraza anha wa nasiya maa
qaddamat yadaahu, inna jaalnaa alaa quloobihim akinnatan an yafqahoohu wa fee
aazaanihim waqra, wa in taduuhum ilalhudaa falan yahtadoo izan abada. [57].
55. And the one who did most wrong fromthe one who is advised presenting the signs of his
Nourisher, but he turned away from it, and forgot that which his hands have forwarded, certainly,
We have made cover on their hearts lest they understand it and in their ears there is deafness, and if
you call themtowards guidance, as such, they will never get guidance forever.
,, '-l : .>l l >.>`, !., ,. _>-l `l ,.-l _, l .s. _l .> _. ..:
. __
Wa rabbukalgafooru zurrahmati, laow yuaaqizuhum bimaa kasaboo laajjala
lahumulazaaba, bal lahum maowidun lan yajidoo min doonihi maow ila. [58].
56. And your Nourisher is the most Forgiver with abundance of Mercy, if He hold themfor
that which they earned, definitely, He would have hastened the punishment for them, but for themis
a fixed time, they will never find any refuge leaving Him(Allaah).
.l. _1l ..>l> !.l .L !.l-> >l.l .s. __
Wa tilkalquraa ahlaknaahum lammaa zalamoo wa jaalnaa limahliki him maowida. [59].
57. And those towns, We, destroyed themwhen they (its inhabitants) did wrong and We made
for their destruction a fixed time.
:| .! _.`. ..l _, _.> _l, _.>. _,`>,l _.. !,1`> _
Wa iz qaala Moosa lifataahu laa abrahu hattaa abluga maj ma al bahraini aow amziya
huquba. [60].
58. And Moosa [AS] said to his boy-servant, I will not leave till I reach the culmination of
two seas or I continue going a long stretch of time.
Quoting Saheehain (Al Bukhari and Al Muslim) Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of
Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being Obaid Ibn Kaab, wherein he listened Rasoolullaah (SAS) saying,
Moosa (AS) stood to deliver a speech amidst the children of Israel, that a person asked him, who is
the most knowing person. Moosa (AS) replied, I, so, Allaah admonished him as he not returned /
referred Him (Allaah) as the possessor of the most knowledge. Then Allaah revealed to him, There
is a servant to Me at the culmination of two seas, he is having more knowledge than you. Moosa
(AS) asked, O My Nourisher, how can I be to him? Allaah said, Hold a fish with you, and make
it clustered with, so when it is missed, there you will find him.
!.l !-l, _.>: !.., !,. !..`> .>! .`,,. _ `>,l !,. _
Falamma balaga majmaa bainihima nasiya hootahumaa fattaqaza sabeelabu
filbahri saraba [61].
59. So, when both reached the culmination of the seas, both forget the fish, as it (the fish) took
its way into the sea.
!.l l> _! ..l !.., !.,.s .1l !.,1l _. !.. ..> !,.. __
Falamma jaawaza qaala lifataahu aatinaa gadaaanaa laqad laqeenaa min safarinaa
haaza nasaba. [62].
60. So, when both passed over (the place), he tolled to his boy-servant, Give us our breakfast
(meals) indeed reached (inflicted) us this difficulty (tiredness) in our journey.
_! ,, :| !., _|| :>.l _.| ,. ,>' !. ,... | _.L,:l .:: .> .`,,. _
`>,l !,> __
Qaala araaiyta iz awainaa ilassaqrati fainnee naseetulhoota qa maa ansaaneehu
illashshaitaanu an azkurahu, wattaqaza sabeelahu filbahri, ajaba. [63].
61. (His boy-servant) said, Did you saw, when we took shelter towards the rock, so I forgot
the fish and it (the fish) did not caused me forgetfulness except the Shaitaan, that to tell it (to you
the incidence) and it (the fish) took its way in the sea, as a wonder.
_! ,l: !. !. _,. ..! _ls !.>!., !.. __
Qaala zaalika maa kunna, nabgee fartadda alaa aasaarihima qasasa. [64].
62. (Moosa AS) said, That is what we were seeking, so both of themreturned back tracing
their signs (foot prints).
.> .,s _. !.:!,s ..., .> _. !...s ..,l. _. !..] !.ls __
Fa wajada abdan min ibaadinaa aatainaahu rahmatan min indinaa wa allamnaahu min
ladunnaa ilma. [65].
63. Thus both found (there) a servant fromOur servants, We had given to himgraciousness
fromOurselves and had taught himknowledge fromOurselves.
_! .l _.`. _> ,`-,. _ls _.l-. !.. .l`s .:' __
Qaala Moosa hal attabiuka alaa an tuallimani mimma ullimta rushda. [66].
64. Moosa [AS] said to him(Khizr AS), May I follow you, so that you may teach me, from
that which you are taught in right guidance.
_! ,.| _l _,L.`. _-. . __
Qaala innaka lan tastateea maiya sabra. [67].
65. (Khizr AS) said, Certainly, you can never have patience with me.
, `.. _ls !. `l 1> ., > __
Wa kaifa tasbiru alaa maa lam tuhit bihi qubra. [68].
66. How can you have patience on that which is not settled down with it (in)
_! _..>.. | ,!: < ,!. _.s ,l . __
Qaala satajidunee in shaaallaahu saabiran wa laa asee laka amra. [69].
67. (Moosa AS) said, You will find me, if Allaah desired, forbearer of patience and I
will not disobey you (in) order / any matter.
. Qaala fainittabatanee falaa tasalnee an shaiin hattaa uhdisa laka minhu zikra. [70].
68. (Khizr AS) said, If you follow me, then do not ask me in any thing, till I tell you
about it.
_! | _..-,. _.l:`.. _s ,`_: _.> ,.> ,l .. : _
fan talaqaa, hattaa iza rakibaa fissafeenati qaraqaha. Qaala a qaraq tahaa litugriqa
ahlahaa laqad jita shaian imra. [71].
69. So they both proceeded till they entered into a ship, (Khizr AS) broke it (removed a plank
of the ship). (Moosa AS) said, Why did you broke it so as to drown its occupants? Indeed you have
brought a thing (which is) stupid.
!1lL.! _.> :| !, _ .,.l !> _! !.> _-.l !l> .1l .> !:,: .| _
Qaala alam aqul innaka lan tastatee a maiyya sabra. [72].
72(Khizr AS) said, Did I not told you, certainly, you can not have the ability to observe
patience with me.
_! `l _ ..| _l _,L.`. _- . . __
Qaala laatuaaqiznee bimaa naseetu wa laa turhiqnee min amree usra. [73].
73(Moosa AS) said, Dont censure me for that which I forgot and dont make me to suffer
from(in) my matter a difficulty.
_! _..>. !., ,. _.1>. _. _. .`s __
Fa talaqaa, hattaa izaa laqiyaa gulaaman faqatalahu, qaala aqatalta nafsan zakiyyatan
bigairi nafsin, laqad jita shaian nukra. [74].
74So, they both proceeded, till, when they both met with a boy, then, (Khizr AS) killed him.
(Moosa AS) said, Why did you killed a soul (boy) innocent with out a soul (in retaliation as a
penalty)? Indeed you have brought a thing, disapproval.
!1lL.! _.> :| !,1l !..l. .`.1 _! l. !.. , ,-, _. .1l .> !:,: >. __
Qaala alam aqul laka innaka lan tastateea maiyya sabra. [75].
75 (Khizr AS) said, Did I not told you, certainly, you can not have the ability to observe
patience with me.
Surat-Al-Kahaf Qaala alam
_! `l _ ,l ,.| _l _,L.`. _- . . __
Qaala alam aqul laka innaka lan tastateea maiyya sabra. [75].
75.(Khizr AS) said, Did I not told you, certainly, you can not have the ability to observe
patience with me.
_! | ,.l!. _s _,`_: !>.-, _.,>... . -l, _. _..l .`s __
Qaala in saaltuka an shaiin badaha falaa tusaahibnee, qad balagta min ladunnee
uzra. [76].
76.(Moosa AS) said, If I ask you about any thing after that, then dont take me (as) your
companion, indeed you have reached by myself a pretence.
Quoting Al Bukhari, Ibn Kaseer and Quoting Muslim, Al Qurtubi both have recorded the saying
of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said, Allaah may have mercy upon us and Moosa (AS) that he
hastened in having discontinuity of the company of Khizr (AS) and had he kept patience, he could
have seen many wonders.
!1lL.! _.> :| !,. _> , !.-L.`. !l> ,! !.>,.`, .> !, .> .,`, _1.,
..!! _! l :: ,.>`.l ,ls > __
Fan talaqaa, hattaa izaa atayaa ahla qaryatin istatamaa ahlahaa, fa abow
anyuzaiyyifoohumaa fawajadaa feeha jidaaran yureedu an yanqazza, fa aqaamahu, qaala
laow shita lattaqazta alaihi ajra. [77].
So, both proceeded, till they came to a town, both asked its dwellers food, but they refused to
make them guests. Then he (Khizr AS) found a wall about to fall, so he set it right. Moosa (AS) said,
If you have desired, you would have taken reward / wages on it.
_! ..> _ _.,, ,., ,`:,.!. _,!., !. `l _L.`. ,l. . __
Qaala haazaa firaaqu bainee wa bainaka, sa' unabbiuka bitaaweeli maa lam tastati
alaihi sabra. [78].
78.(Khizr AS) said, This is separation between me and you, I will inform you the interpretation
with which you could not have patience on it.
!. .,.l .l> _,>...l l.-, _ `>,l ,:! !,,s l >, ,l. .>!, _ .,. !,`.s __
Ammassafeenati fakaanat limasaakeena yamaloona filbahri,fa aradtu an ayeebaha
wa kaana waraaahum malikun yaaquzu kullaa safeenatin gasba. [79].
79.As for the ship, it was for the poor people, so they were working in (on) the sea, thus I
wanted to make it defective, ahead to themthere is a king, (he) gets hold all the ships forcibly.
!. `.l-l l> :, _,..`. !.,:> !.1>`, !..,-L _
Wa ammalgulaamu fakaana abawaahu muminaini faqasheenaa an yurhiqahumaa
tugyaanan wa kufra. [80].
80.And as for the boy, his parents are believers, so we feared that he may oppress them(parents)
for despotism and rejection of Faith.
!.:! !.l.,`, !., ,> .. : , !.-' _
Fa ardnaa an yubdi lahumaa rabbuhumaa qairan minhu zakaatan wa aqraba ruhma. [81].
81.So we intended that to change for the two (parents) the Nourisher of the both, a better from
him(the boy) thus killed) in uprightness and very near to mercy.
!. '.>' l> _,..l-l _,.,., _ .,..l _l ..> ". !.l l !.>, !>l.. :! ,, !-l,,
!.>.: l>>.`., !.>. .> _. ,, !. ..l- _s _. ,l: `_,!. !. `l _L`. ,l. . __
Wa ammaljidaaru fakaana ligulaamaini yateemaini filmadeenati wa kaana tahtahu
kanzunlahuma wa kaana aboohuma saalihan, faaradnaa rabbuka an yablugaa
ashuddahuma wa yastaqrijaa kanza humaa rahmatan min rabbika wa maa faaltuhu an
amree, zaalika taa weelu maa lam tasti alaihi sabra. [82]
82.And as for the wall, it is for the two orphan boys, in the town and below it is their treasure,
their father was righteous person, so, your Nourisher desired that the two may reach to their strength
(age) and take out the twos treasure, a mercy fromyour Nourisher, I have not done it of my own
affair, those are the interpretations, which you were not able to have patience on it.
..l:`. _s _: _,.1l _ l.!. >,l. .. : __
wa yasaloonaka an zilqarnaini, qul saatloo alaikum minhu zikra. [83].
83.And they ask you about Zul-Qarnain, say, I will recite to you of it (as) a remembrance.
!.| !.>. .l _ _ ..., _. _ ,`_: !,,. __
Innaa makkannaa lahu filarzi wa aatainaahu min kulli shaiin sababa. [84].
84. Certainly, We had empowered him on the earth and We gave him all the things, a
_,.! !,,. __
Fattabaa sababa. [85].
85. So, he followed (with an intent) reasoning.
_.> :| _l, ,-. _.:l !>.> ,`-. _ _,s :.> .> !>..s !. !.l .., _,.1l !.|
,.-. !.| .>`.. , !.`.`> __
Hatta izaa balaga magribashshamsi wajadahaa tagrubu fee aini hamiatin wa wajada
indaha qaowman, qulnaa yaa zalqarnaini immaa an tuazziba wa immaa an tattaqiza
feehim husna. [86].
86.Till when he reached the setting place of the sun, he found it setting at a dredged fountain
and he found near it a community, We said, O Zul-Qarnain, either you may punish themor hold
in themwith a betterment.
_! !. _. lL .. .,.-. . :`, _|| ., .,.-`, !,.s >. __
Qaala ammaa man zalama fasaowfa nuazzibuhu summa yuraddu ilaa rabbihi
fa'yu'azzibuhu azaaban nukra. [87].
87.He said, One who did wrong so, I will punish him, then I will turn himback to his
Nourisher, thus He (Allaah) will punish himwith an unknown punishment.
!. _. _., _.- !>l.. .` ,> _.`.>' `_1.. .l _. !.. . __
Wa ammaa man aamana wa amila saalihan falahu jazaaa alhusnaa wa sanaqoolulahu
min amrinaa yusra. [88].
88.As for the one who believed and did righteous deeds, so for himis a pleasing reward and We
will say to him, fromOur matters an easiness.
. _,. !,,. __
89. Summa atbaa sababa. [89].
Then he (Zul-Qarnain) followed (with an intent) reasoning.
_.> :| _l, _lL. _.:l !>.> _lL. _ls , `l _-> l _. !.: .. _
90. Hattaa izaa balaga matliashshamsi wajadaha tatluu alaa qaowmin lam najal lahum
min doohiha sitra. [90].
Till when he reached the rising place of the sun, he found it (sun) rises on a community, We
(Allaah) did not made for them, a part it (sun) a veil (shade).
,l. . !.L> !., ,.l > _
Kazaalika, wa qad ahatnaa bimaa ladaihi qubra. [91].
91.And like that We, have indeed encircled with that which was with him(Zul-Qarnain) (in)
. _,. !,,. __
Summa atbaa sababa. [92].
92.So, he followed with as intent (reasoning).
_.> :| _l, _,, _..l .> _. !..: !. :l>, 1, __
Hattaa izaa balaga bainassaddaini wajada min doonihima qaowmallaa yakaa'doona
yafqahoona qaowla. [93].
93.Till he reached between the two obstructs, he found apart fromthe two a community, almost
not (in a position) to understand the talk / matter.
l! .., _,.1l | _`>!, _`>!. ..`. _ _ _ `_-> ,l l>> _ls _-> !.., .,
.. __
Qaaloo yaazalqarnaini innaa Yaajooja wa maajooja mufsidoona filarzi fahal naja'lu
laka qarjan alaa an tajala bainanaa wa bainahum sadda. [94].
94.They said, O Zul-Qarnain, Yajooj and Majooj are making mischief on the earth, so shall
we make for a departing (payment) on that you to make between us and theman obstruction.
_! !. _.>. , _ ,> _.`.,s! :1, _-> _>., '., !.: __
Qaala maa makkannee feehi rabbee qairn faayeenoonee biquw'watin ajalu bainakum
wa bainahum radma. [95].
95.(Zul-Qarnain) said, That with which I amstrengthened in it (by) my Nourisher is better, so
help me with strength (manpower) I will make between you and thema fill up (barrier).
_.., ,` .,.>' _.> :| _!. _,, _,..l _! `>. _.> :| .`-> !. _! _.., _ ,ls L __
Aatoonee zubaralhadeedi, izaa saawaa bainassadafaini qaalan fuqoo, hattaa izaa
jaallahu naaran, qaala aatoonee ufrig alaihi qitra. [96].
96.Bring to me the pieces fromiron, till when it became equal to two obstacles. He said, Blow
in it (ignite the fire) till it became fire, (then) he said, Unload over it with tar.
!. `-.L`. :`L, !. `-.L.`. .l !,1. __
. Fa mastataauu an yazharoohu wa mastataauu lahu naqba. [97].
97.So, they (Yajooj and Majooj) may not be able to appear over it, and will not be able to make
hole in it.
_! ..> .- _. _ :| ,l> .s _ .`-> ,l: l .s _ !1> __
Qaala haazaa rahmatun min rabbee fa izaa jaaa wadu rabbee jaalahu dakkaaa wa
kaana wadu rabbee haqqa. [98].
98.(Zul-Qarnain) said, This is the mercy frommy Nourisher, so when the promise of my
Nourisher comes it will make it pulled down and the promise of my Nourisher is true.
!.. .-, .. , _., _ _-, _. _ .l ..-.>' !-.- __
99. Wa taraknaa bazahum yaowmaizin yamooju fee bazin wa nufiqa fissoori
fajamanaahum jama. [99].
And We left some of them, on that day, make wave in some, and blewed out in the bugle, thus
We collected themall together.
!..s ,.> .., _.>ll !.s
100. Wa araznaa jahannama yaowmaizin lilkaafireena arza. [100].
And We put forth the Hell, on that day, for the rejecters of the Faith, (like) a presentation.
_.] .l .`,s _ ,!Ls _s _: .l _`-,L.`. !-.-
Allazeena kaanat ayunuhum fee gitaain an zikree wa kaanoo laa yastateeuuna
sama. [101].
101.And those whose eyes were in covering fromMy remembrance, and they were not able to
.> _.] ` .>`., _:!,s _. _.: ,!,l !.| !...s ,.> _.>ll '. _
A fa haseeballazeena kafaroo an yattaqizoo ibaadee min doonee aowliyaaa, innaa
atadnaa jahannama lilkaafireena nuzula. [102].
102.Do they think, those who have rejected the Faith have held My servants (as) guardians,
leaving Me, certainly, We have prepared the Hell for the rejecters of the Faith, a descending (place
for residing).
_ _> ,-`:,.. _.>!, ..- _
103. Qul hal nunabbiukum bilaqsareena amaala. [103].
Say, (O Muhammad SAS) shall We informyou about the losers of deeds.
_.] _. ,-. _ :,>' !,..l > ,.> . `..> !-.. _
104. Allazeena zalla sauhum filhayaatiddunya wa hum yah saboona annahum
yuhsinoona suna. [104].
. Those whose efforts were astrayed in the worldly life and they think that they are beautifying
the makings.
,.l` _.] ` .,!:, , .!1l L,>' l..- `,1. > , ..,1l !. _
105. Ulaaikallazeena kafaroo biaayaati rabbihim wa liqaaihi faha bitat
amaaluhum fa laa nuqeemu lahum yaowmalqiyaamati wazna. [105].
Those who have rejected the signs / verses of their Nourisher, and meeting with Him, so their
deeds were confiscated, then, We do not establish for themany weight (of their deeds) on the
,l: ,>> ',.> !., ` .> _..,, _l.' '> _
106. Zaalika jazaauhum jahannmu bimaa kafaroo wattaqizoo aayaatee wa rusulee
huzuwa. [106].
That is their reward, the Hell, because they rejected the Faith, and held My signs / verses and
My messengers, a laughing stock.
| _.] `.., l.- .>l..l .l > ..> _:l '. _
Innallazeena aamanoo wa amilussaalihaati kaanat lahum jannatul firdaowsi nuzula. [107].
107. Certainly, Those who have believed and did righteous deeds, for themwere the Heavens of
Firdous, a descending (place for residing).
_..> !, -,, !.s > _
Qaalideena feeha laa yabgoona anha hiwala. [108].
They will reside therein for ever, they do not infringe upon it to have a change (fromthe
_ l l ``>,l :.. ..l>l _ ..l ``>,l _, ... ..l _ l !..> ..., :.. _
Qul laow kaanalbahru midaadallikalimaati rabbee lanafidal bahru qabla an tanfada
kalimaatu rabbee wa laow jinaa bimislihi madada. [109].
109.Say, (O Muhammad SAS) If the sea be the ink for the words of my Nourisher, indeed the
sea will be exhausted before the words of my Nourisher to be exhausted and even if We bring
similar to it (the sea) ink (the words will not be exhausted).
_ !..| !. :, _>l.. _-`, _|| !.. >.l| .l| .> _. l `>, ,!1l ., _.-,l ,s !>l..
: ::!,-, ., .>
Qul innamaa ana basharummislukum yuuhaa ilayya annamaa Ilaa hukum Ilaahun
waahidun faman kaana yarjoo liqaaa rabbihi falyamal amalan saalihan wa laa yushrik
biibaadati rabbihi ahada. [110].
110.Say, (O Muhammad SAS) Certainly, I am a human being like you, inspiration is made to
me, that your Ilaah (God) is the only one Ilaah, so, one have a desire to meet his Nourisher, then he
has to do the righteous deeds and should not make any other associate, with his services to his
Both Ibn Kaseer and Al- Qurtubi have recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) source being
Shaddan Ibn Ows wherein he said, Making associates to Allaah and the secret desire, I amafraid of
this to my followers. He was asked as to his followers who make associates to Allaah after him. He
replied, O Shaddan, they neither worship the sun nor the moon nor the stone nor the idol, but they
show their deeds. He was asked as to hypocrisy is making associates to Allaah? He said, Yes.
He was asked about the secret desire, he said, A person wake up as observer of fast, but he would
be persuaded with the worldly desires so, he would break his fast.
Quoting Maaz Ibn J abal, Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he
said, One who recited the beginning and ending (some verses) of this Surat, he will be rewarded
with brightness fromhis head to his feet.
Quoting Omer (Rz) Al Qurtubi has recorded the saying of Rasoolullaah (SAS) wherein he said,
One who recited, (Fa Man Kaan Yerju Liqaa Rabbihi, Fal Yamal Amalan Saleha) he will be
rewarded of brightness of a distance between Eden and Makka and the angels pray for himand seek
forgiveness to himfromAllaah.