Creating Positive Work Environment – A Story

A graduate from a recognized university has an experience of 5 years in manufacturing sector… He is talented, tireless and devoted… To avail the best opportunity, he applies in a well known organization and gets appointed there… Everything is going smooth in his life; his work, family, friends… But one day at 5:00 in the morning, the phone rings… telling him that his mother has died... that she has met with the eternal fate... His whole world comes crashing down around him... thunderstruck, perplexed; he hurriedly grabs his car keys and rushes to the village to pay his last regards... to see the face of the woman one last time who has supported him to take his first steps, till now… After the burial, he stays for 10 days in the village to conduct the religious ceremonies… At the 10th day, he moves his way back to the city, where he is dreading another crises, for he couldn’t think of informing anybody in the office about his sudden departure. Would they cut off his salary? Would he be interrogated? Would he get a warning? Or even worse, would he be fired? Since he has a family to bring home bread and butter to, he musters up the courage to go to the office the very next day... After a couple of hours at work, right the way he had imagined, his boss calls him up … but rather than taking an accusatory stance, he gently asks him the reason of his abrupt absence… The man narrates out the situation he has been through… about his mother’s sudden death that how he being her only son had to make all the entombment arrangements... The boss shows his deepest empathy and asks if the company could do something for him at this hour of grief… The man taken aback and at the same time grateful by receiving such concern asks for nothing and moves his way out of the office, relieved… Time moves on, but he is unable to focus on work, he’s devastated, he feels as if the sadness will never let up... that the world would never be the same again... Seeing the decline in his performance, the HR manager suggests him to visit the organizational psychologist. He’s reluctant, but still agrees.

The psychologist helps him to unleash his inner most feelings which he hasn’t even confronted with himself before… The psychologist then counsels him, has sessions with him, and takes tests to aid him overcome the grief of the great loss… Step by step, he revives and begins to embrace life with open arms… At that point, the man realizes that when he got appointed, he hadn’t just entered an organization, he had entered a family and felt as a family member now…

The reason behind narrating this story is that all of us go through similar kind of situations in our lives when we are unable to give our BEST, where our lives take a halt and we need concern, care, guidance reward for our efforts or just a hand shake or a delightful smile as a recognition to help us move on.. After successfully going through the recruitment and training process, as a manager, it is our responsibility to take care of our employees and retain them...

The Holy Quran too speaks about this golden rule:
[3:159] ?(telling the Prophet) If you had been stern and fierce of heart they (the companions and followers) would have disappeared from around you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the conduct of affairs' This beautiful ayat emphasizes upon two aspects: one, that compassionate and sympathetic behavior towards companions and followers, and second, the adoption of participatory approach when dealing with them i.e. consulting them, is the most effective way of management. If this golden rule is not observed then ?they will disappear from you' i.e. they won't pay attention nor any interest in you or what your work entails. Both these golden rules play vital role in the motivation of subordinates and inculcating in them the spirit of commitment and passion for work.

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