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Sean M.

PO Box 15
Rehoboth, NM 87322
(616) 260-0711

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

Bachelor of Arts degree, Secondary Education Program, May 2008
Major: History
Minor: English
Unity Christian High School, Hudsonville, MI
May, 2004

Certification Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate (7-12 History, 7-12 English)


High School Social Studies Teacher, Rehoboth Christian School

Rehoboth, NM (August 2008 Present)
Taught United States History and Geography to high school juniors.
Taught AP European History to high school juniors and seniors.
Taught Economics to high school seniors.
Taught Government to high school seniors.
Taught Western Civilization to high school sophomores.
Taught Current Events to high school sophomores.
Taught World History and Geography to high school freshmen.
Student Teacher, The Potters House Christian High School
Wyoming, MI (Spring 2008)
Planned and taught a World History course to high school sophomores.
Taught upper-level electives in Economics and Law to high school juniors and
Organized units based on the Understanding by Design lesson planning format.
Participated in the education of a culturally diverse student body.
Teacher Assistant, Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI (Fall 2007)
Provided historical expertise to an introductory course for college freshmen.
Aided in teaching study skills to conditionally enrolled students.
Tutor, Calvin College Student Academic Service
Grand Rapids, MI (Fall 2005 Fall 2007)
Tutored college freshmen and sophomores in World History.
Supported students in their efforts to improve their understanding of course materials.
Teacher Aide, North Rockford Middle School
Rockford, MI (Fall 2006)
Observed and taught lessons in 6th grade social studies and English classes.

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(616) 260-0711

Assisted students with learning disabilities.

Reading Tutor, Ottawa Montessori Academy

Grand Rapids, MI (Spring 2006)
Taught basic reading to students who were struggling and behind their grade level in
Professional Boise State University Master of Educational Technology Program
Development Boise, ID (Fall 2012 Present)
National Council of Social Studies National Conference
Denver, CO (November, 2010)
Attended workshops on teaching Advanced Placement courses.
Discussed curriculum development with fellow social studies teachers.
Examined cross-curricular educational opportunities in the social studies.
National Reading Association National Convention
Phoenix, AZ (February, 2010)
Addressed issues of literacy amongst minority students in the Southwest.
Examined issues of literacy education in different content areas.
Collected information on how to better teach reading while teaching social studies.

Resident Assistant, Kalsbeek-Huizenga Residence Hall

Calvin College, (2006 2007 school year)
Provided personal, academic, and administrative support for forty students in a
residence hall.
Designed, implemented, and evaluated educational and social programs for residents.
Camp Counselor, The Great Escape Day Camp
Harderwyk Ministries, Holland, MI (Summer, 2007)
Planned and supervised activities for first through third graders three days per week.
Organized and led excursions around Western Michigan for sixth and seventh graders
two days per week.


Directed a high school drama production involving 20 student actors.

Led worship in a small group at Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church


Available upon request from the Calvin College Career Development at 616-526-6485 or


Principal Chris VanSlooten, Rehoboth Christian High School, 505-726-9631

Professor Robert Schoone-Jongen, Calvin College History Department, 616-526-6395
Professor Ronald Sjoerdsma, Calvin College Education Department, 616-526-6213
Mr. Stephen Staggs, Resident Director, Calvin College, 616-459-8161
Dr. Howard Vanderwell, Pastor, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, 616-957-8737