Onward Christian Soldiers: Pastor Melissa Scott Pastor Melissa Scott is an ordain minister who teaches THE WORD

OF GOD at Faith Center in Glendale California after her hus and Dr! Gene Scott "assed awa# to e with the $ORD in %&&'! She has een lessed with a "owerful (ift of commandin( %' lan(ua(es) which she often uses durin( teachin( THE WORD OF GOD to the (atherin( con(re(ation) so to ma*e *nown the ori(inal He rew and Gree* writin(s come to life to those of us that do not understand how to read He rew and Gree*! The ori(inal records of THE WORD OF GOD are written in oth the He rew and Gree* lan(ua(es! I have often said that Pastor Melissa Scott teaches like a school teacher, making known those things that many pastors do not have the ability to teach a maturing person of faith. TH !"#$ "% &"$ encompasses much more than what can be seen throughout the pages of the written word' &"$ makes his word known in the natural world and also in the sun, the moon and the stars also ((( all declaring the glory of &"$)S workmanship. TH !"#$ "% &"$ came by the H"*+ SPI#IT of &"$ and was made physically known to the world by the birth, death, burial and resurrection of &"$)S only begotten Son ,esus -hrist. ,esus -hrist is &"$ come in the flesh and whom has dwelt among his own people. -hrist is the word made flesh, so a world of flesh can see, hear and touch the *iving &"$ whom dwelt in ,esus -hrist without measure. Pastor Melissa Scott often takes her congregation on a .ourney by teaching early church history and /uotes from a variety of church manuscripts to hit home the Power of &"$ has it is recorded in the Holy 0ible in written form. It really is kind of hard to fully e1plain .ust how important and powerful it is to know the history of the church in conte1t of obtaining and knowing TH !"#$ "% &"$, but I believe &"$ raised up Pastors &ene and Melissa Scott to make known to the faithful in the *ord ,esus -hrist at a moment in time as we are living today. %or here is an e1ample of the kind of lesson that you will receive through a Pastor Melissa Scott message, in which your heart will understand 2that is if you know not with your eyes and your flesh, but with your Spirit and Soul the name and nature of &"$3 that through the Holy Spirit, &"$ the !ord is sending HIS message via His messenger in this case Pastor Melissa Scott to make known His heart and His nature through HIS 2&"$3 !"#$ to us. %irst, before I share with you a truly heart opening sermon that the Holy Spirit delivered through his faithful servant Pastor Melissa Scott focused on Psalm 45' It has been put on my heart to bring a couple of other messages into remembrance that *ord ,esus -hrist has said6 *uke 767 89nd ,esus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of &od.8

Matthew 767 80ut he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of &od.8 Mediated on these sayings and the Holy Spirit will make known to you, .ust how true and reverent this truth is today as it was .ust as reverent the very first moment that ,esus revealed the truth to the world. :ow, please take a moment to put all of your daily distractions away, so to spend a little moment to get to know &"$ by His every word. Psalms 45 ( www.youtube.com;watch<v=5$-od>1-?g7 Psalms 45 2via 0ible&ateway.com3 ( www.biblegateway.com;passage;< search=Psalms@45A'version=B,C To learn more information about Pastor Melissa Scott and her ministries held in &lendale -alifornia at %aith -enter, then do so by visiting Pastor Melissa Scott Ministries official website at http6;;www.pastormelissascott.com;inde1.shtml , and then to watch and listen to other messages delivered by Pastor Melissa Scott on +ouTube, you can by dropping by her official +ouTube channel at www.youtube.com;user;Inthebrokenplaces;videos . May &"$ bless and keep all of His children in peace and .oy by His strength that fails not. In ,esus -hrist, 9men.

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