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vidQan F qm ~~ YW wt ws MAN’S BATTLE FOR THE STARS 19 October 1988 The folowing erata should be noted for 2300 AD. ADVENTURER’S GUIDE ‘On page 54, the statement in the sidebar denies the BH:21 Com: tat Walker asthe frst wales ever produced. That is Incoret. ‘On page 60, the speeds ofthe First-Line Mutipurpase Fighter should be “koh.” not “raph ‘On page 81, the sidebor concerning Manchuria mentions DM +4 123 a the Eber home system; tis, rather, the Sung home system, DIRECTOR'S GUIDE ‘On page 50, under “Fre Comba." note that weapon rate offre Is the number of aed shots or area fre bursts that a weapon can fre In ‘combat rund (inate point), ot combat turn ‘On page 59, in he “Optional Wound Rules box o the "Target His dagram, "Arm was not listed. An am hit should glve die moder of +0. (This correction should be made on page 9 ofthe “Play Aids book as well) ‘On pages 60 and 61, afew changes should! be made to the combs 2300 AD Errata cow example: First, treat Frank 9s having an FAM-90, not an SK-19. Second. note that characters with Combat Réleran3 need a3 10 hi at cise range (Routine task =6, ~3 for sll), nota 4. Thir, when Angele performs a diving blow toward Georgete, Angele rolls 106 ard adds io her Sze x 2, but Georgie (es recehve) should Just add her oun Strenath and Size together. As long as the resutant fotals are equal, both characters will sufer damage. Fourth, she information about the polenta ight wound that resus or Angela should say "a 4s rolled fr its elect," not a9. Las, Angela's Nal sirke atack occurs in un the, a inanve pont 1 eich i hall of her acted inane of 3). Tur se never occur, and even 111 id, Angele would not act unl insanve pola 3 ‘On page 74, he Anou-cias cargo vese! has life suppor enough for 25 people, not 24 as is indicated In the thd paragrah ‘On page B2, the Kaler X-ray Missile should have 8 Movement of 6, ot ‘On page 87. the frst column of the Lite Zones table should read ‘Lumines, not “Distonce Current copies of 2300 AD contain, a5 2 bonus, @Iree adventure module, Kafer Dawn.