Independent: State has full powers for mass forced vaccinations and detentions

Irish Independent 01.05.2009 By Dearbhail McDonald State insists it has powers to deal with crisis THE Government has “sufficient” legal powers to deal with a full-blown pandemic, but will move quickly if emergency laws are needed to protect public health. As Ireland last night confirmed its first probable case of swine flu, the Department of Health insisted it had extensive powers to introduce regulations to curb the spread of infections disease such as influenza and SARS. The Government is satisfied it has all the powers it needs to introduce controls, should they be required, such as compulsory vaccination, quarantine, travel bans and involuntary hospital admission. “We do not believe that any other powers are needed in the current circumstances or for the foreseeable future,” a spokesperson from the department said. “However, it is always the case that if future legal powers are needed, the Government will act quickly.” Related: For anyone who thought he/she lived in a democracy and could say no to their bodies being injected with medication (in this case live viruses) these laws would have made them realise they are not free. Do you trust governments and world organisations with the economy? Do you trust them with your body and your family’s health? The Medical Health Act: Reference: Irish Statue Book Health Act section 32: “The Minister may by order declare that-” “it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease” “The Minister may by order declare that—” “it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease”. Section 38 contains a purposeful loophole to detain anyone. It legalises the detention of, by force if necessary, people who are not identified as infected but are a “probable” source. The name of section 38 is “Detention and isolation of person who is probable source of infection” and it states the following, “force may, if necessary, be used for the purpose of carrying out any provision of this subsection.” Health Act section 40 gives the government the right to detain people in government facilities not just hospitals with the following line, “the order to allow for the patient’s isolation in a hospital or

other place convenient“. Part 2 of section 38 redefines the word person into patient: “(2) Where an order is made under this section in relation to a person (in this subsection referred to as the patient), the following provisions shall have effect[….]”. This makes it legal for the government imprison people known not to be infected and label them as patients, different laws apply to patients under this medical bill. The Media around the world last February quietly reported that Baxter globally shipped vaccines with live human and bird flu viruses, “Baxter admits flu product contained live bird flu virus”. This practice is illegal as it causes new deadly virus within the vaccines. The fact that Baxter did this was only discovered by chance when one of it’s subcontractor in the Czech Republic tested the vaccines on ferrets which died as a result. Despite Baxter admitting this and being under investigation the unelected World Health Organisation are working with Baxter on an experimental vaccine for governments, the compulsory vaccinations (forced if you do not want it) for all adults and all children (regardless of psychical condition) during a perceived pandemic . The Chicago Tribune reported: “Baxter confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu”. That old phrase “it’s about WHO you know” could not be more pertinent. >> More information on these laws which are global *