As Chairman of Ellicott Development Company, which he founded in 1973, and a life-long advocate of the City of uffalo, Carl is !est "nown for championing strategic ideas and has !rought new life to the city and region# $o his credit, Carl started his consistently invested in %estern &ew 'or", !eginning his career with his largest single real estate purchase to this day, the ac(uisition of the Ellicott )(uare# &ow, Ellicott Development Co#, owns and manages over * million total s(uare feet of office space, retail, residential and hotel space with appro+imately , million s(uare feet alone in downtown uffalo, ma"ing Carl-s interests the largest private landlord in downtown uffalo today# Carl is a ris"-ta"er, unafraid to pioneer strategic retail developments in the most economically depressed areas of uffalo, )yracuse, and Al!any# Along the way, Carl has waged many !attles with local governments to change the way the system promotes, attracts, and sustains economic development in our area# .n doing so, he has ta"en more than his fair share of criticism# /is leadership and vision for the revitali0ation of downtown uffalo is 1ust now !eginning to ta"e hold in the minds of !oth pu!lic and private sector leaders as they witness the interest and activity generated !y Carl-s upscale housing initiatives in the downtown core# %ith these new pro1ects and many others, he challenges the downtown !usiness community to em!race mar"et-rate strategies for sustaina!le economic development and to willingly a!andon the old engines of patronage and su!sidy# Carl attended )t# onaventure 2niversity and the )yracuse 2niversity College of 3aw# /e received his 4uris Doctor degree in 1971 and traveled to 5ort liss, $e+as to serve in the 2#)# Army# Carl later too" over the management role for the &ew 'or" City-!ased owners of the Ellicott )(uare, and esta!lishing the law firm of 6aladino, Cavan, and 7uinlivan# /e retired from service as a Captain in 1981# As a successful and e+perienced !usinessman, forever loyal to the City of uffalo, Carl is fre(uently sought out to share his leadership and e+pertise with many organi0ations# /e is a Director of uffalo 6lace, .nc#, a former $rustee of ishop $imon9)t# 4ude /igh )chool, a Director of uffalo Civic Auto :amps, a former Director of the /ori0ons %aterfront Commission, a former mem!er of the E+ecutive oard of the &iagara 5rontier Council of the oy )couts of America, and a former mem!er of the Advisory oards of Erie Community College and D-'ouville College, a former $rustee of )t# onaventure 2niversity and past Chairman of the uildings and ;rounds Committee, having presided over the planning and construction of many of the physical improvements and renovations seen at the college today# .n 1991, Carl was honored !y the City of uffalo as uffalonian of the 'ear, in 1993 as Alumnus of the 'ear !y )t# onaventure 2niversity and in ,<<8 the usiness 5irst 3ifetime Achievement Award# A life-long resident of the City of uffalo, Carl is honored to !e married to =ary Catherine /annon and is !lessed with four children> %illiam Anthony, Danielle =arie, ?the late@ 6atric" 4ames and )arah ;raceA and B grandchildren, Carl %illiam, ;race Catherine, Claire :yan and &olan 3awrence, and 3incoln 6atric"#

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