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Software Requirements Specification JAN 19, 2011 Medical Diagnostic S stem

1.0. Introduction
1.1. Purpose !"e purpose of t"is document is to present a detailed description of t"e Medical Diagnostic S stem# $t will e%plain t"e purpose and features of t"e s stem, t"e interfaces of t"e s stem, w"at t"e s stem will do, t"e constraints under w"ic" it must operate and "ow t"e s stem will react to e%ternal stimuli# !"is document is intended for &ot" t"e patient and t"e doctors# 1.2. Scope of Project !"is software s stem will &e a Medical Diagnostic S stem for common man and doctors # !"is s stem will &e designed to immediatel diagnose & pro'iding tools to assist t"e patient and doctor , w"ic" would ot"erwise "a'e to &e performed manuall # ( t"is s stem, we will &e a&le to quic) diagnose a person and gi'e reports a&out t"at person t"at is eas to understand and use#

More specificall , t"is s stem is designed to allow a patient to diagnose "imself and it will anal *e e'er s mptom and gi'e a complete report of "is illness #!"is software will )eep a complete record of t"e patients "istor and "is medical pro&lems # $t will also

"elp t"e doctors to quic)l anal *e t"e disease and will "elp to decide t"e medicine for t"at illness# !"e software will also gi'e t"e name of t"e doctor to consult in t"is illness#

1.5. Overview of Document !"e ne%t c"apter, t"e +'erall Description section, of t"is document gi'es an o'er'iew of t"e functionalit of t"e product# $t descri&es t"e informal requirements and is used to esta&lis" a conte%t for t"e tec"nical requirements specification in t"e ne%t c"apter# !"e t"ird c"apter, Requirements Specification section, of t"is document is written primaril for t"e de'elopers and descri&es in tec"nical terms t"e details of t"e functionalit of t"e product# (ot" sections of t"e document descri&e t"e same software product in its entiret , &ut are intended for different audiences and t"us use different language#

2.0.Overall Description
2.1 System Environment
Objective is to provide essential medical services online to everyone hardly matters you live in metro or a remotely located village. Users can connect through their home internet or approach any nearby kiosk to get these services. What motivate to build this system are: 1) Very fe or no doctors at remote locations !) "imited hour services and lack of sophisticated medical e#uipments $) %o patients history&lab data management


Functional Requirements Specification !"is section outlines t"e use cases for eac" of t"e patient separatel # !"e patient,

doctor and t"e administrator are t"e main actor in t"is s stem# 2.2.1 Patient Use Case

rief Description !"e patient accesses t"e +nline Diagnostic S stem , registers its full details and downloads it to "is,"er mac"ine# Initial Step! "!Step Description (efore t"is use case can &e initiated, t"e patient "as alread accessed t"e +nline Diagnostic S stem
1# 2# -# .#

!"e patient enters t"e area in t"is &od w"ere it "as most pro&lems# !"e patient enters t"e t pe of s mptoms it is pre'ailing# !"e patient can loo) at its past medical "istor , doctors prescription and total e%pense !"e patient can find t"e nearest doctor a'aila&le and fi% an appointment# Doctor Use Case


rief Description !"e doctor can reall &enefit as from "ere "e can )now t"e patient medical "istor and also find t"e illness# Initial Step! "!Step Description (efore t"is use case can &e initiated, t"e Doctorr "as alread connected to t"e +nline Diagnostic S stem !"e doctor can enter the symptoms of the patient and get to know what disease it has 2# !"e doctor can )now a&out t"e medical "istor of t"e patient#

SRS / 1#0

April 10, 200.

Update Information use cases #dministration uses rief Description !"e administrator enters a new entr patient or updates information a&out a current disease or

Initial Step! "!Step Description (efore t"is use case can &e initiated, t"e administrator "as alread accessed t"e main page of t"e Diagnostic s stem

-# .# 0# 1#

!"e administrator selects to Add/Update information !"e s stem presents a c"oice of adding or updating# !"e administrator c"ooses to add or to update# $f t"e administrator is updating an patient "istor , t"e s stem as)s t"e patient code and updates it# !"e administrator fills in t"e information and su&mits t"e form# !"e s stem 'erifies t"e information and returns t"e administrator to t"e Diagnostic S stem main page#

Use case$ Remove %ntr" !"is use case e%tends t"e Update use case# rief Description !"e 2ditor remo'es an article from t"e acti'e categor # Initial Step! "!Step Description (efore t"is use case can &e initiated, t"e administrator "as alread accessed t"e article using t"e Update use case#
1# 2# -#

!"e administrator selects to remo'e an wrong entr from t"e acti'e data&ase# !"e 2ditor selects an entr for remo'al# !"e s stem remo'es t"e entr from t"e acti'e article data&ase and returns t"e administrator to t"e Diagnostic S stem main page#

SRS / 1#0

April 10, 200.


User Characteristics !"e patient is e%pected to &e $nternet literate and &e a&le to use a searc" engine#

!"e main screen of t"e +nline Diagnostic S stem will "a'e t"e searc" function and a lin) to diagnose ones "ealt"# !"e doctor and administrator are e%pected to &e $nternet literate and to &e a&le to use and update t"e information 2. !on"#unctiona$ %e&uirements !"e +nline Diagnostic S stem will &e on a ser'er wit" "ig" speed $nternet capa&ilit # !"e s stem will &e a'aila&le 2.%3# (etter component design to get &etter performance# !"ere will &e fle%i&le ser'ice for future e%tension#

i. ii. iii. . iv. v.

#unctiona$ %e&uirements
Users profile management and registrations 'atients to make online appointment( look their previous health records( doctor)s prescriptions( lab reports and medical e*penses +octor)s to give appointments( e,prescriptions( vie patient)s history.

-n case of any medical error . rong medication or lab report) patient can register a complaint. 'atient)s grievance and feedback goes to /dmin he can for ard it to any doctor to ans er. 0ite should have details online help manual for patients. "ocal language support is essential. /dmin to take backup of all kind of data( vie log and generate system reports.


Securit" !"e ser'er on w"ic" t"e +nline Diagnostic S stem resides will "a'e its own

securit to pre'ent unaut"ori*ed write,delete access# !"ere is no restriction on read access#

SRS / 1#0

April 10, 200.

!"e 45 on w"ic" t"e Doctor resides will "a'e its own securit # +nl t"e Administrator will "a'e p" sical access to t"e mac"ine and t"e program on it# !"ere is no special protection &uilt into t"is s stem ot"er t"an to pro'ide t"e editor wit" write access to update an entr in t"e s stem#

SRS / 1#0

April 10, 200.