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Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA) Discovery - Workshop

Overview Microsoft advocates a real world approach to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Microsoft has a comprehensive SOA offering that provides developers, architects and IT professionals with the tools, technologies, framework and guidance for building and maintaining SOA solutions, as well as the personal productivity software that enables business users to streamline and optimize business processes in a manner that increases productivity, lowers costs, and promotes organizational agility. Agenda Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA) gives your organization the insight necessary to pinpoint needs, prioritize projects, reengineer processes, and make strategic decisions that deliver clear value to the business, whether you need to cut costs, reduce risks, or grow the business. MSBA focuses on analyzing business capabilities, not processes. We can therefore uncover information that is very different from the insights revealed through process mapping. Due to the inherent stability and objectivity of capability mapping MSBA provides the ideal business foundation for successful SOA. The MSBA SOA Discovery offering is aimed at helping customers understand the business value of SOA early on in the envisioning and planning stages for SOA. Working alongside customers we offer an opportunity to apply MSBA to a subset of your business in an analysis of how business value can be driven from the Microsoft SOA approach. The workshop details are provided below: SEssIoN
MSBA SOA Discovery Workshop

3 day workshop - this intense 3 day workshop focuses on understanding the capabilities of the candidate business area and identifying those that have the potential to provide improved business value through implementation as a Service. MSBA Capability Map and Heat Map a Capability Map is created for the candidate business area and a Heat Map is produced that identifies which capabilities are in need of attention for the generation of improved business value. Service Attributes Service Attributes are captured for each capability that is identified as having the potential to generate improved business value. Service Model the Service Attributes are used to create a high level Service Model which forms the basis of successful SOA development Recommendations and Roadmap for development of Services Model a set of recommendations are produced supported by a high level roadmap for the full development of the Service Model. The Service Model would be used as the primary input for any follow-on ADS workshop.

At the Conclusion You will have a better understanding of how MSBA can help determine candidate SOA services and also how it can help ensure that your SOA architecture is strongly aligned with business goals. Primary Audience Business and Technical Decision Makers Contact Information Please contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Solution Sales Specialist to engage with the Real World SOA Centre

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