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Exercise 1 Read the following article on most unhealthy food, and then complete the notes on the opposite



When you think of socks images of cotton white tubes with patches of grey at the toes and heels most likely comes to mind. Or maybe you vision those retirees wearing knee high shades of brown and black argyle with their khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts. What you probably dont consider is just how many types of socks there are, and how socks can be some of the most critical components of any sport or activity. The United States military has always placed an emphasis on socks. It may sound strange and obscene to some, but from the days of World War I the military has recognized the importance of keeping soldiers feet dry and healthy in battle conditions. The film We Were Soldiers starring Mel Gibson chronicles the Vietnam War as experienced through the eyes and minds of the 1st Calvary division. During one scene the soldiers are patrolling heavily in full combat gear. As they stop to rest one soldier takes off his boots and socks to reveal badly torn and blistered feet. The unit leader tells him to change his socks every few miles and then encourages the rest of the unit to take off their boots and check their feet as well. In reality this simple and mundane task probably saved the lives of many soldiers fighting in those wet and humid conditions of the Vietnam jungle. The military has made a lot of advances when it comes to uniforms and apparel. Todays soldiers are provided with higher grade military spec socks as part of their uniform. The boots now issued are also of a much better quality. However, many soldiers choose to replace their government issued boots and socks with high quality walking socks and boots. The combination of advanced boots and socks help better protect soldiers feet. Hikers and backpackers have long understood the value of a good pair of specialized socks. Hiking socks are usually composed of high wicking material such as silks and wools. They are usually extremely thick, compared to the average tube sock and have reinforced heels for comfort and protection. By wearing the proper hiking socks backpackers and hunters are able to travel greater distances and traverse harsher climates over the course of their adventures. Athletes also understand the value of a good pair of socks, especially when it comes to performance. Where low cut socks are generally preferred in casual environments, socks that cover the ankle and shins are usually the preference for most athletes. Basketball players often wear two pairs of Athletic socks during practices and games to help protect their ankles and shins from the effects of jumping up and down constantly. Football players often wear socks that cover all the skin exposed below their pants including the knee as a form of protection from turf burns, scraping, and the elements. And baseball players have long worn specialty socks as a part of their uniform. Depending on your sport of choice there is most likely a sock designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether its walking or hiking, baseball, basketball, or dance, theres a sock specifically designed for it. A good pair of socks not only keeps our feet dry and protected but keeps our minds happy and healthy as well. After all, is there is not better feeling in the world than slipping on a brand new pair of socks for the first time.

Two facts about socks that people dont think about

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The reason why the United States Military has given importance to the socks that a soldier wears

Two components used in making hiking socks

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Advantage of wearing proper hiking socks

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Exercise 2 Read the following article about the most expensive ice-cream sundae. Write a summary on the ingredients used in making of Grand Opulence and the items used to serve it. Your summary should be about 100 words. You should use your own words as far as possible. You will receive up to 6 marks for the content of your summary, and up to 4 marks for the style and accuracy of your language.


The most expensive ice cream sundae in the world is called the Grand Opulence Sundae and was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Manhattan restaurant Serendipity 3. Serendipity 3 celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2004 and decided to create the worlds most expensive ice cream sundae as a publicity stunt. They were later recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having accomplished their goal at $1,000 the most expensive item on their menu became the official recorder holder as the most expensive ice cream sundae in the world! Serendipity describes the Golden Opulence Sundae as follows: 5 scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23K edible gold leaf, the sundae is drizzled with the worlds most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porceleana, and covered with chunks of rare Chuao chocolate, which is from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Vene zuelas coast. The masterpiece is suffused with exotic candied fruits from Paris, gold dragnets, truffles and Marzipan Cherries. It is topped with a tiny glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, an exclusive dessert caviar, made of salt-free American Golden caviar, known for its sparkling golden colour. Its sweetened and infused with fresh passion fruit, orange and Armagnac. The sundae is served in a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet with an 18K gold spoon to partake in the indulgence, served with a petite mother of pearl spoon and topped with a gilded sugar flower by Ron BenIsrael. How many customers have been willing to spend the $1,000 that this sundae costs? The founders admit its an outrageous price tag, but they say it has snob appeal. It has been popu lar enough since its introduction that they still serve it today, and recently the 15th Golden Opulence Sundae sold was ordered in advance for someones Sweet 16 birthday party. If you want to try it yourself, be sure to call ahead, as it takes a few days to prepare!

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