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The Standard for Highly Scalable, High-Performance Enterprise Data Integration


Informatica PowerCenter

Setting the Standard for Enterprise Data Integration

Informatica PowerCenter sets the standard for highly scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software. PowerCenter empowers your IT organization to implement a single approach to accessing, transforming, and delivering data without having to resort to hand coding. The software scales to support large data volumes and meets enterprise demands for security and performance. PowerCenter serves as the data integration foundation for all enterprise integration initiatives, including data warehousing, data governance, data migration, service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B data exchange, and master data management (MDM). Provide the right information, at the right time so that the business has the timely, relevant, and trustworthy data and reports it needs, when it needs them, to make better and timelier business decisions Cost-effectively scale to meet increased data demand, save hardware costs, and reduce the costs and risks associated with data downtime Empower teams of developers, analysts, and administrators to work faster and better together, sharing and reusing work, to accelerate project delivery

In our sector, it is imperative to be the rst to obtain competitive advantage and an ROI on our research studies. Adding to this is the growing competition, and one can easily understand that time is represented even more in nancial terms. In this harsh environment, Informatica [PowerCenter] became a valuable ally for daily reporting and thus guarantees our teams the optimum responsiveness and effectiveness.
Alain Aos, Head of Data Processing R&D, Aventis

BBVA COMpass ReLies ON POWerCeNter tO MitiGate RisK

BBVA Compass is a nancial institution with 748 branches worldwide. The bank needed to efficiently detect, investigate, and report on suspected money laundering activity to comply with national and international regulations, guidelines, and best practices. And it needed to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance. BBVA Compass relies on PowerCenter to integrate 17 sources of data including loan, credit card, account, and on-line banking transaction datain different formats, structures, and latencies, across the enterprise. PowerCenter provides a comprehensive view of nancial activity and customer risk. It saves time, reduces costs, and enables the bank to better manage risk.

Sourced new data 50% faster Ensured compliance with regulations Reduced false positive alerts

Informatica PowerCenter Standard Edition

Deliver Timely, Relevant, Trustworthy Data with High-Performance Data Integration
Informatica PowerCenter Standard Edition is highly scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software. It accesses and integrates data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivers that data throughout the enterprise. With PowerCenter Standard Edition, your IT organization can implement a single approach to accessing, transforming, and delivering data without hand coding. PowerCenter Standard Edition scales to support large volumes of data over multiple concurrent sessions. Meeting demands for security and performance, this edition is used across a wide spectrum of data integration initiatives, including data warehousing and data migration.

Metadata-driven data integration architecture and services Robust development environment and productivity tools Automated reference data and data integration mappings creation/management

Meet business needs for timely, relevant, and trustworthy data Cost-effectively scale data integration initiatives to meet increased data demands Accelerate delivery and reduce costs by improving productivity and collaboration

CEMEX CONstrUcts a GLObaL Data ArchitectUre ON POWerCeNter StaNdard EditiON

The worlds leading supplier of readymix concrete, CEMEX was acquiring a major competitor while migrating to a customized back-office SAP platform. It needed to create unied global data architecture, migrate data from 100+ legacy applications to the new SAP platform, and maintain data integrity and consistency. CEMEX built a unied global data architecture for SAP migration and synchronization using PowerCenter Standard Edition. PowerCenter offered CEMEX the unique combination of universal data access, high performance, and data movement exibility. If we didnt use PowerCenter, we would have to manually build interfaces. Its almost a 10-to-1 productivity improvement, says Nelson Enriquez, CEMEXs chief IT architect.

Increased developer productivity by 80% Produced millions of dollars in ROI Shortened time to value by many months

Designed for distributed environments, PowerCenter provides a global administration console that centralizes all administrative, security, operational, and service-monitoring tasks in a Web-based interface.

Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition

Standardize Data Integration at the Enterprise Level
Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition is for IT organizations that are standardizing data integration at an enterprise level, across numerous projects and departments. This edition provides the visibility, control, and scalability to manage change in complex data integration environments and deliver timely, relevant, trustworthy data with enterprise data integration. Highly available, high-performing, and fully scalable PowerCenter Advanced Edition serves as the foundation for enterprise-wide data integration. It provides all the capabilities of Informatica PowerCenter Standard Edition but includes management, control, and collaboration capabilities that are ideally suited for enterprise-wide use and initiatives. It serves as the ideal secure technology infrastructure to support regulatory compliance, data governance, and Integration Competency Centers.

Metadata Manager for collecting and managing metadata Business Glossary for providing business context to technical artifacts Dynamic partitioning for concurrent data processing

Extend data governance and ensure regulatory compliance with trusted data Execute mission-critical data integration initiatives that span the entire enterprise Accelerate delivery and reduce costs by improving collaboration and productivity

BNSF Keeps CUstOMers ON TracK With POWerCeNter AdvaNced EditiON

To keep up with erce industry competition, BNSF Railway Company needed to improve customer service and control costs by modernizing the systems that allow customers to track their shipments in real time. The company needed to extract data from the transportation system on the mainframe and propagate the data into an operational data store (ODS) in near real time. BNSF built a unied, high-performance data integration platform on PowerCenter Advanced Edition. This platform integrates data from the mainframe system uninvasively and distributes changed data to an ODS for use by consuming applications throughout the enterprise. As a result, BNSF shipping information is available to customers on demand, within a 15-minute latency. Call center support costs have dropped dramatically.

Enhanced customer satisfaction by providing realtime Web-enabled access to logistics data Improved on-schedule train arrivals Reduced IT costs by slashing outsourced services and CPU cycles

Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition

Integrate Big Data on Hadoop and Traditional Data Management Infrastructures
Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition is highly scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software that works with both emerging technologies, such as Hadoop, and traditional data management infrastructures. This edition is a safe on-ramp to big data, providing a proven path to innovation by enabling your IT organization to integrate and analyze new types and sources of data. With this edition, developers can realize up to triple productivity gains by moving to a no-code visual development environment. Data scientists and analysts can focus on big data insightsnot on data integration. Your company can use these big data insights to bring innovative products and services to market faster and improve business operations.

No-code productivity that replaces hand-coding and facilitates reuse and collaboration Universal data access to big transaction and big interaction data High-speed data ingestion and extraction and unlimited scalability

Reduce big data management costs while handling growing data volumes and complexity Realize performance and costs benets by adopting Hadoop across more projects Minimize risk by investing in proven data integration software

Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition

Integrate and Provision Operational Data in Real Time
Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition is highly scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software. It accesses and integrates data from virtually any system, in any format, and delivers that data throughout the enterprise, at any speed. PowerCenter Real Time Edition provides all the capabilities of PowerCenter Standard Edition and includes additional capabilities for integrating and provisioning operational data in real time. Packaged for simplicity and exibility, this edition supports operational data integration projects that require the exchange of data among operational applications. It enables the development and delivery of sophisticated data services via an SOA.

Change data capture for relational data sources Zero-latency data integration engine to support continuous data processing Scalable data processing and delivery to handle massive real-time data volumes

Cost-effectively scale IT operations with a real-time data integration environment Reduce risk by making real-time data available in failure conditions Increase business agility and performance with right-time data integration

Informatica PowerCenter Data Virtualization Edition

Deliver a Current, Complete, Trusted View of the Business in Days
Informatica PowerCenter Data Virtualization Edition enables the business and IT to deliver a current, complete, and trusted view of the business within days rather than months. It provides a single environment for data integration and data federation and serves as a high-performance and secure agile data integration foundation for all integration projects. PowerCenter Data Virtualization Edition includes all the capabilities of PowerCenter Standard Edition and adds features that increase productivity and agility. These features enable companies to directly access and merge data across systems up to ve times faster and at a third of the cost.

Role-based tools for self-service and business-IT collaboration Integrated, any-stage data proling and on-the-y data quality Instantly reusable logical data objects for batch, Web services, and SQL

Provide quick access to new critical data and reports Lower development and maintenance costs Boost IT productivity through reuse and rapid prototyping

PowerCenter Data Virtualization Editions metadata-driven Eclipse-based developer environment enables IT to graphically discover, access, merge, prole, transform, optimize, and deploy reusable data services.

Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition

Seamlessly Integrate Data in the Cloud with Data in On-Premise Systems
Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition is the worlds rst cloud data integration infrastructure. This edition combines the power and scalability of Informatica PowerCenter with the exibility, ease of use, and affordability of the latest cloud computing platform. The result is a comprehensive data integration infrastructure as a service. PowerCenter Cloud Edition is designed to run in true virtual computing environments, such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). With PowerCenter Cloud Edition, your IT organization can handle all challenges associated with integrating data in the cloud. Your IT team can delegate one-off data integration tasks to a cloud-based data integration infrastructure and quickly scale IT operations up or down with business needs. This edition requires no upfront capital procurement costs and accommodates future growth.

AbOUt INfOrMatica
Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the worlds number one independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world rely on Informatica for maximizing return on data to drive their top business imperatives. Worldwide, over 4,630 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets residing on-premise, in the Cloud and across social networks.

Sophisticated cloud-based data integration services Simple Web-based conguration, management, and execution of integration jobs Enterprise-grade infrastructure services using virtual computing environments such as Amazon EC2

Reduce costs and risks with a pay-as-you-go data integration model Increase IT productivity with a cloud-based data integration infrastructure Enhance IT exibility, efficiency, and scalability

Informatica PowerCenter Options

Extend Data Integration Throughout the Enterprise
A comprehensive suite of options are available to extend the capabilities of any PowerCenter Edition. Advanced XML Data Integration Option Data Integration Analyst Option Data Validation Option Enterprise Grid Option High Availability Option Metadata Exchange Options Partitioning Option Pushdown Optimization Option Unstructured Data Option

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