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is submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of
SUB"I##E! B(
"S1 2A!AA &U/#A "S1 2A!AA &U/#A
$BA#CH 4)),54)+4'
ARELA3 !ELHI 6 ++))7)
#here is alwa8s a sense of gratitude whi9h one e:press to other for the helpful
so need8 ser;i9es the8 are render during all phases of life1 I would li<e to e:press m8
gratitude towards all those who ha;e been helpful to me in getting this might8 tas< of
training to a su99essful end1
I would also li<e to be than<ful to our fa9ult8 tea9hers who ha;e gi;en me the
right wa8 to prepare m8 pro=e9t report1
I would ta<e this opportunit8 to than< all m8 tea9hers for their helps and
suggestions during the 9ourse of pro=e9t wor<1
"adhu<ar Rai
#his is to 9ertif8 that ?"adhu<ar Rai@3 has a99omplished the pro=e9t titled
?CUS#O"ER SA#ISFAC#IO I "ARU#I SUAU%I@ under m8 guidan9e
and super;ision1
He has submitted this pro=e9t submitted in partial fulfillment of the reBuirement
for the award of the degree of BBA $B>I' &&SI/ Uni;ersit81
#he wor< has not been submitted else an8where for an8 other award1
All sour9e of information has been dul8 mentioned1
2andana &upta
$Assistant professor %RCHE'
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 About "aruti SuCu<i
1.2 Histor8 of "aruti SuCu<i
1.3 Compan8 profile
1.4 Ob=e9ti;es of "aruti SuCu<i
1.5 OrganiCational stru9ture of "UL
1.6 2isionD "ission of "aruti SuCu<i
1.7 Ob=e9ti;es of Stud8
1.8 Resear9h "ethodolog8
Chapter 2 Customer Satisfaction
2.1 "eaning
2.2 /urpose of 9ustomer satisfa9tion
2.3 Constru9tion on 9ustomer satisfa9tion
Chapter 3 Product and services of Maruti Suzuki
Chapter 4 Marketing Strategy At Maruti Suzuki
4.1 "ar<eting Strategies of "UL
4.2 SEO# Anal8sis
Chapter 5 Awareness of customer
5.1 Awareness of Customers
5.2 %e8 initiati;e for satisf8ing 9ustomers
Chapter 6 Data Analysis and Interpretation
Chapter 7 Findings
Chapter 8 Suggestion

Chapter 9 Conclusion
Chapter 10 Limitations

Chapter 1
In this world of 9ompetition an8 organiCation 9annot a;oid Customers1 It has
be9ome a ne9essit8 for an organiCation for its sur;i;al in an8 industr8 so that
9ustomer satisfa9tion pla8s important role in ea9h an e;er8 produ9t life 989le1
Customer satisfa9tion sur;e8 for "aruti SuCu<i is the pro=e9t 9ondu9ted for
"aruti SuCu<i Automoti;e p;t1 Ltd in 9it8 of Amra;ati1 #oda8 Companies are fa9ing
toughest 9ompetition e;er1 #he intense 9ompetition ma<es the 9ompanies to ta<e the
ne9essar8 steps1
#o retain their e:isting 9ustomer as well as attra9t new on9e1 In the
en;ironment of ad;an9ement of the te9hnolog8 the 9ompanies are tr8ing hard to <eep
the pa9e with latest de;elopment1
#his sur;e8 will help the 9ompan8 to <now the 9ustomers satisfa9tion le;el and
feedba9< of 9ustomers at the produ9t in Amra;ati1 It will also help 9ompan8 to <now
about the 9ompetitors1 #his will help 9ompan8 to <now about wants and e:pe9tation
of 9ustomers1
#he 9ompan8 9an also <now if there are an8 problems fa9ed b8 the 9ustomers
in that region1 #his sur;e8 has 9ondu9ted a geographi9al are in Amra;ati1
"aruti SuCu<i India Limited $"SIL3 formerl8 <nown as "aruti Ud8og
Limited' is a subsidiar8 of SuCu<i "otor Corporation3 0apan1 "SIL has been
the leader of the Indian 9ar mar<et for o;er two and a half de9ades1 #he
9ompan8 has two manufa9turing fa9ilities lo9ated at &urgaon and "anesar3
south of ew !elhi3 India1 Both the fa9ilities ha;e a 9ombined 9apabilit8 to
produ9e o;er a +14 million $+34))3)))' ;ehi9les annuall81
#he 9ompan8 plans to e:pand its manufa9turing 9apa9it8 to +1FG million b8
#he 9ompan8 offers a wide range of 9ars a9ross different segments1 It offers
+G brands and o;er +G) ;ariants 5 "aruti -))3 people mo;ers3 Omni and
Ee9o3 international brands Alto3 Alto5%+)3 A5star3 EagonR3 Swift3 RitC and
Estilo3 off5roader &8ps83 SU2 &rand 2itara3 sedans SH73 Swift !Aire and
%iCashi1 In an en;ironment friendl8 initiati;e3 in August 4)+) "aruti SuCu<i
introdu9ed fa9tor8 fitted C& option on G models a9ross ;ehi9le segments1
#hese in9lude Ee9o3 Alto3 Estilo3 Eagon R and S:71
In fis9al 4)),5+) "aruti SuCu<i be9ame the onl8 Indian 9ompan8 to
manufa9ture and sell One "illion 9ars in a 8ear1
"aruti SuCu<i has emplo8ee strength o;er -3G)) $as at end "ar9h 4)++'
In 4)+)5++3 the 9ompan8 sold o;er +14F "n;ehi9les in9luding +3*-34IIunits
of e:ports1 Eith this3 at the end of "ar9h 4)++3 "aruti SuCu<i had a mar<et
share of 771, per 9ent of the Indian passenger 9ar mar<et1
"aruti SuCu<iJs re;enue has grown 9onsistentl8 o;er the 8ears1
(Rs. in Million)
Year Net Sales Year Net Sales
Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a publi9l8 listed automa<er in India1 It is a
leading four5wheeler automobile manufa9turer in South Asia1 SuCu<i "otor
Corporation of 0apan holds a ma=orit8 sta<e in the 9ompan81 It was the first 9ompan8
in India to mass5produ9e and sell more than a million 9ars1 It is largel8 9redited for
ha;ing brought in an automobile re;olution to India1 It is the mar<et leader in India
and on +F September 4))F3 Maruti Udyog was renamed "aruti SuCu<i India
Limited1 #he 9ompan8Js headBuarters are in &urgaon3 Har8ana $near !elhi'1
"aruti SuCu<i is one of IndiaJs leading automobile manufa9turers and the
mar<et leader in the 9ar segment3 both in terms of ;olume of ;ehi9les sold and
re;enue earned1 Until re9entl83 +-14-K of the 9ompan8 was owned b8 the Indian
go;ernment3 and G714K b8 SuCu<i of 0apan1 #he Indian go;ernment held an initial
publi9 offering of 4GK of the 9ompan8 in 0une 4))*1 As of "a8 +)3 4))F3 &o;t1 of
India sold its 9omplete share to Indian finan9ial institutions1 Eith this3 &o;t1 of India
no longer has sta<e in "aruti Ud8og1
"aruti Ud8og Limited $"UL' was established in Februar8 +,-+3 though the a9tual
produ9tion 9ommen9ed in +,-* with the "aruti -))3 based on the SuCu<i Alto <ei 9ar
whi9h at the time was the onl8 modern 9ar a;ailable in India3 itsJ onl8 9ompetitors5 the
Hindustan Ambassador and /remier /admini were both around 4G 8ears out of date at
that point1 #hrough 4))73 "aruti has produ9ed o;er G "illion ;ehi9les1 Marutis are
sold in India and ;arious se;eral other 9ountries3 depending upon e:port orders1 Cars
similar to "arutis $but not manufa9tured b8 "aruti Ud8og' are sold b8 SuCu<i and
manufa9tured in /a<istan and other South Asian 9ountries1
#he 9ompan8 annuall8 e:ports more than G)3))) 9ars and has an e:tremel8
large domesti9 mar<et in India selling o;er F*)3))) 9ars annuall81 "aruti -))3 till
4))73 was the IndiaJs largest selling 9ompa9t 9ar e;er sin9e it was laun9hed in +,-*1
"ore than a million units of this 9ar ha;e been sold worldwide so far1 Currentl83
"aruti Alto tops the sales 9harts and "aruti Swift is the largest selling in A4 segment1
!ue to the large number of "aruti -))s sold in the Indian mar<et3 the term
L"arutiL is 9ommonl8 used to refer to this 9ompa9t 9ar model1 #ill re9entl8 the term
L"arutiL3 in popular Indian 9ulture3 was asso9iated to the "aruti -)) model1
"aruti SuCu<i India Limited3 a subsidiar8 of SuCu<i "otor Corporation of
0apan3 has been the leader of the Indian 9ar mar<et for o;er two de9ades1
Its manufa9turing fa9ilities are lo9ated at two fa9ilities &urgaon and "anesar
south of ew !elhi1 "arutiMs &urgaon fa9ilit8 has an installed 9apa9it8 of *G)3)))
units per annum1 #he "anesar fa9ilities3 laun9hed in Februar8 4))F 9omprise a
;ehi9le assembl8 plant with a 9apa9it8 of +))3))) units per 8ear and a !iesel Engine
plant with an annual 9apa9it8 of +))3))) engines and transmissions1 "anesar and
&urgaon fa9ilities ha;e a 9ombined 9apabilit8 to produ9e o;er F))3))) units annuall81
"ore than half the 9ars sold in India are "aruti 9ars1 #he 9ompan8 is a
subsidiar8 of SuCu<i "otor Corporation3 0apan3 whi9h owns G714 per 9ent of "aruti1
#he rest is owned b8 the publi9 and finan9ial institutions1 It is listed on the Bomba8
Sto9< E:9hange and ational Sto9< E:9hange in India1
!uring 4))F5)-3 "aruti SuCu<i sold FI73-74 9ars3 of whi9h G*3)47 were
e:ported1 In all3 o;er si: million "aruti 9ars are on Indian roads sin9e the first 9ar was
rolled out on !e9ember +73 +,-*1
"aruti SuCu<i offers +4 models3 "aruti -))3 Omni3 Alto3 2ersa3 &8ps83 A
Star3 Eagon R3 Aen Estilo3 Swift3 Swift !Cire3 SH73 &rand 2itara1 Swift3 Swift dCire3
A star and SH7 are manufa9tured in "anesar3 &rand 2itara is imported from 0apan as
a 9ompletel8 built unit $CBU'3 remaining all models are manufa9tured in "aruti
SuCu<iJs &urgaon /lant1
"ore than half the numbers of 9ars sold in India wear a "aruti SuCu<i badge1
Ee are a subsidiar8 of SuCu<i "otor Corporation 0apan1

SuCu<i "otor Corporation3 the parent 9ompan83 is a global leader in mini and
9ompa9t 9ars for three de9ades1 SuCu<iMs te9hni9al superiorit8 lies in its abilit8 to pa9<
power and performan9e into a 9ompa9t3 lightweight engine that is 9lean and fuel
"aruti is 9learl8 an ?emplo8er of 9hoi9e@ for automoti;e engineers and 8oung
managers from a9ross the 9ountr81 earl8 FG3))) people are emplo8ed dire9tl8 b8
"aruti and its
"arutiMs mar<eting ob=e9ti;e is to 9ontinuall8 offer the 9ustomer new produ9ts
and ser;i9es that.
Redu9e the 9ustomerMs 9ost of ownership of their 9arsN and
Oanti9ipate and address the 9ustomerMs needs and preferen9es in all aspe9ts and
stages of 9ar ownership3 to pro;ide what the8 refer to as the ?*I) degree
9ustomer e:perien9e1@
#he8 sell ten models with more than G) ;ariants in segments A3 B3 C3 and utilit8
;ehi9le segment of the Indian passenger 9ar mar<et1 Of these3 the8 manufa9ture nine
models and import the &rand 2itara as a 9ompletel8 built unit from SuCu<i in 0apan1
#heir models and ;ariants are designed to address the 9hanging demands of the
mar<et and are periodi9all8 upgraded in te9hnolog83 st8ling and features1 #o ta<e
ad;antage of the brand re9ognition asso9iated with their produ9ts3 the8 retain the
brand name of the produ9t through ;arious stages of produ9t upgrades o;er time1 For
e:ample3 the ;ersion of the "aruti -)) brand 9urrentl8 sold in the mar<et is a
signifi9antl8 upgraded ;ersion3 in terms of te9hnolog83 design and st8ling3 of the
"aruti -)) laun9hed in +,-*1
Chairman5 P "r1 R1 C1 Bharga;a
"anaging !ire9tor and CEO 6 "r1 ShinCo a<anishi
!ire9tor P "r1 "an;inder Singh Banga
!ire9tor P "r1 Amal &anguli
!ire9tor P "r1 !1 S1 Brar
!ire9tor P "r1 %eii9hi Asai
!ire9tor P "s1 /alla;i Shroff
!ire9tor P "r1 Osamu SuCu<i
!ire9tor P "r1 Shu=i Oishi
!ire9tor P "r1 %eni9hi A8u<awa
!ire9tor and "anaging E:e9uti;e Offi9er $/rodu9tion'5 "r1 #suneo Ohash
The Company Mission:
#o pro;ide a wide range of modern3 high Bualit8 fuel effi9ient ;ehi9les
in order to meet the need of different 9ustomers3 both in domesti9 and e:port
The Company Vision:
Ee must be an internationall8 9ompetiti;e 9ompan8 in terms of our
produ9ts and ser;i9es1 Ee must retain our leadership in India and should
also aspire to be among the global pla8ers
#o <now about the produ9ts and ser;i9es a;ailed b8 "aruti suCu<i to its
#o <now about the moderniCation of the Indian automobile Industr81
#o stud8 on the produ9tion of fuel5effi9ient ;ehi9les to 9onser;e
s9ar9e resour9es1
#o anal8Ce the produ9tion of large number of motor ;ehi9les this was
ne9essar8 for e9onomi9 growth1
#o stud8 the future aspe9ts of "aruti SuCu<i in respe9t of its 9ustomers1
It is a wa8 to s8stemati9all8 sol;e the resear9h problem1 Resear9h methodolog8
helps man8 dimensions and s9ope is wide1 Ehen we tal< about Resear9h
methodolog83 we not onl8 tal< about resear9h methods but also 9onsider the logi9
behind the methods we use and e:plain wh8 we are using a parti9ular method or
te9hniBue and wh8 we are not using the others so that resear9h results are 9apable of
being e;aluated either b8 resear9h himself or b8 others1
#here are four t8pes of Resear9h methodolog8 whi9h are as follows.
It is also 9alled statisti9al resear9h1 #he main goal of this t8pe of
resear9h is to des9ribe the data and 9hara9teristi9s about what is being used1
#he idea behind this t8pe of resear9h is to stud8 freBuen9ies3 a;erages and
other statisti9al 9al9ulations1 Although this resear9h is highl8 a99urate1 #his is
mainl8 done when a resear9h wants to gain a better understanding of a topi91
#his resear9h is 9ondu9ted in order to e:plain an8 beha;ior in the
mar<et1 It 9ould be done through using pre9autionar83 group dis9ussions3
inter;iews3 random sampling et91
It is 9ondu9ted into an issue or problem where there are few or no
earlier studies to refer to fo9us is on going inside and formulate for later
in;estigation1 It is used to identif8 and obtain information on a parti9ular
It is meant to pro;ide information that is useful in resear9h 9on9lusions or
de9ision ma<ing1 It tends to be Buantitati;e in nature i1e13 to sa8 in the form of
numbers that 9an be Buantif8 and summariCed1 It release on both se9ondar8 and
primar8 data1 /urpose of it is to pro;ide reliable or representati;e pi9ture of
population through the use of ;alue resear9h instrument1
The present research is of descriptive nature
It refers to 9olle9tion of information for a resear9h to su99eed raw fa9ts
must be 9olle9ted in a form whi9h helps in effe9ti;e produ9tion of result and
meeting the ob=e9ti;e of stud81
#here are two t8pes of data 9olle9tion whi9h are as follows.
Primary data:
!ata obser;e or 9olle9ted dire9tl8 from first hand e:perien9e1 #his t8pe
of data is 9olle9ted b8 resear9her dire9tl8 from own obser;ation and e:perien9e1
#here are man8 method of 9olle9tion of primar8 data.
+1 Questionnaire
41 Inter;iew
*1 Obser;ation
71 &roup inter;iew et91
Secondary data:
/ublished data is a data 9olle9ted in the past from other part8 for
se9ondar8 data1 It 9an be used to get a new perspe9ti;e stud8 to supplement or
9ompare the wor< or to use the part of its stud8 ma8 to 9ostl8 and time 9onsuming1
#here are man8 methods for 9olle9tions of se9ondar8 data are.
+1 Boo<s
41 "agaCines
*1 &o;ernment 9ompan8
71 Annual 9ompan8 report
The present study is based on primary data
Chapter 2
Customer satisfaction3 a term freBuentl8 used in mar<eting3 is a measure of
how produ9ts and ser;i9es supplied b8 a 9ompan8 meet or surpass 9ustomer
e:pe9tation1 Customer satisfa9tion is defined as Lthe number of 9ustomers3 or
per9entage of total 9ustomers3 whose reported e:perien9e with a firm3 its produ9ts3 or
its ser;i9es $ratings' e:9eeds spe9ified satisfa9tion goals1@ In a sur;e8 of nearl8 4))
senior mar<eting managers3 F+ per9ent responded that the8 found a 9ustomer
satisfa9tion metri9 ;er8 useful in managing and monitoring their businesses1
It is seen as a <e8 performan9e indi9ator within business and is often part of
a Balan9ed S9ore9ard 1 In a 9ompetiti;e mar<etpla9e where businesses 9ompete for
9ustomers3 9ustomer satisfa9tion is seen as a <e8 differentiator and in9reasingl8 has
be9ome a <e8 element of business strateg81
LEithin organiCations3 9ustomer satisfa9tion ratings 9an ha;e powerful effe9ts1 #he8
fo9us emplo8ees on the importan9e of fulfilling 9ustomersM e:pe9tations1
Furthermore3 when these ratings dip3 the8 warn of problems that 9an affe9t sales and
profitabilit81 #hese metri9s Buantif8 an important d8nami91 Ehen a brand has lo8al
9ustomers3 it gains positi;e word5of5mouth mar<eting3 whi9h is both free and highl8
#herefore3 it is essential for businesses to effe9ti;el8 manage 9ustomer satisfa9tion1
#o be able do this3 firms need reliable and representati;e measures of satisfa9tion1
LIn resear9hing satisfa9tion3 firms generall8 as< 9ustomers whether their produ9t or
ser;i9e has met or e:9eeded e:pe9tations1 #hus3 e:pe9tations are a <e8 fa9tor behind
satisfa9tion1 Ehen 9ustomers ha;e high e:pe9tations and the realit8 falls short3 the8
will be disappointed and will li<el8 rate their e:perien9e as less than satisf8ing1 For
this reason3 a lu:ur8 resort3 for e:ample3 might re9ei;e a lower satisfa9tion rating than
a budget motelRe;en though its fa9ilities and ser;i9e would be deemed superior in
JabsoluteJ terms1
#he importan9e of 9ustomer satisfa9tion diminishes when a firm has
in9reased bargaining power1 For e:ample3 9ell phone plan pro;iders3 su9h
as A# > # and 2eriCon3 parti9ipate in an industr8 that is anoligopol83 where onl8 a few
suppliers of a 9ertain produ9t or ser;i9e e:ist1 As su9h3 man8 9ell phone plan 9ontra9ts
ha;e a lot of fine print with pro;isions that the8 would ne;er get awa8 if there were3
sa83 a hundred 9ell phone plan pro;iders3 be9ause 9ustomer satisfa9tion would be wa8
too low3 and 9ustomers would easil8 ha;e the option of lea;ing for a better 9ontra9t
#here is a substantial bod8 of empiri9al literature that establishes the benefits of
9ustomer satisfa9tion for firms1
Customer satisfa9tion pro;ides a leading indi9ator of 9onsumer pur9hase
intentions and lo8alt81L LCustomer satisfa9tion data are among the most freBuentl8
9olle9ted indi9ators of mar<et per9eptions1 #heir prin9ipal use is twofold.L
LEithin organiCations3 the 9olle9tion3 anal8sis and dissemination of these data send a
message about the importan9e of tending to 9ustomers and ensuring that the8 ha;e a
positi;e e:perien9e with the 9ompan8Ms goods and ser;i9es1L
LAlthough sales or mar<et share 9an indi9ate how well a firm is performing currently3
satisfa9tion is perhaps the best indi9ator of how li<el8 it is that the firmMs 9ustomers
will ma<e further pur9hases in the future1 "u9h resear9h has fo9used on the
relationship between 9ustomer satisfa9tion and retention1 Studies indi9ate that the
ramifi9ations of satisfa9tion are most strongl8 realiCed at the e:tremes1L On a fi;e5
point s9ale3 Lindi;iduals who rate their satisfa9tion le;el as JGJ are li<el8 to be9ome
return 9ustomers and might e;en e;angeliCe for the firm1 $A se9ond important metri9
related to satisfa9tion is willingness to re9ommend1 #his metri9 is defined as L#he
per9entage of sur;e8ed 9ustomers who indi9ate that the8 would re9ommend a brand
to friends1L Ehen a 9ustomer is satisfied with a produ9t3 he or she might re9ommend
it to friends3 relati;es and 9olleagues1 #his 9an be a powerful mar<eting ad;antage1'
LIndi;iduals who rate their satisfa9tion le;el as J+3J b8 9ontrast3 are unli<el8 to return1
Further3 the8 9an hurt the firm b8 ma<ing negati;e 9omments about it to prospe9ti;e
9ustomers1 Eillingness to re9ommend is a <e8 metri9 relating to 9ustomer
2.3 Construction of Customer Satisfaction
OrganiCations need to retain e:isting 9ustomers while targeting non5
9ustomers1 "easuring 9ustomer satisfa9tion pro;ides an indi9ation of how su99essful
the organiCation is at pro;iding produ9ts andDor ser;i9es to the mar<etpla9e1
Customer satisfa9tion is measured at the indi;idual le;el3 but it is almost alwa8s
reported at an aggregate le;el1 It 9an be3 and often is3 measured along ;arious
dimensions1 A hotel3 for e:ample3 might as< 9ustomers to rate their e:perien9e with
its front des< and 9he9<5in ser;i9e3 with the room3 with the amenities in the room3
with the restaurants3 and so on1 Additionall83 in a holisti9 sense3 the hotel might as<
about o;erall satisfa9tion Jwith 8our sta81
As resear9h on 9onsumption e:perien9es grows3 e;iden9e suggests that 9onsumers
pur9hase goods and ser;i9es for a 9ombination of two t8pes of benefits. hedoni9 and
utilitarian1 Hedoni9 benefits are asso9iated with the sensor8 and e:periential attributes
of the produ9t1 Utilitarian benefits of a produ9t are asso9iated with the more
instrumental and fun9tional attributes of the produ9t $Batra and Athola +,,)'
Customer satisfa9tion is an ambiguous and abstra9t 9on9ept and the a9tual
manifestation of the state of satisfa9tion will ;ar8 from person to person and
produ9tDser;i9e to produ9tDser;i9e1 #he state of satisfa9tion depends on a number of
both ps89hologi9al and ph8si9al ;ariables whi9h 9orrelate with satisfa9tion beha;iors
su9h as return and re9ommend rate1 #he le;el of satisfa9tion 9an also ;ar8 depending
on other options the 9ustomer ma8 ha;e and other produ9ts against whi9h the
9ustomer 9an 9ompare the organiCationJs produ9ts1
Eor< done b8 /arasuraman3 Aeithaml and Berr8 between +,-G and +,-- pro;ides the
basis for the measurement of 9ustomer satisfa9tion with a ser;i9e b8 using the gap
between the 9ustomerJs e:pe9tation of performan9e and their per9ei;ed e:perien9e of
performan9e1 #his pro;ides the measurer with a satisfa9tion LgapL whi9h is ob=e9ti;e
and Buantitati;e in nature1 Eor< done b8 Cronin and #a8lor propose the
L9onfirmationDdis9onfirmationL theor8 of 9ombining the LgapL des9ribed b8
/arasuraman3 Aeithaml and Berr8 as two different measures into a single
measurement of performan9e a99ording to e:pe9tation1
#he usual measures of 9ustomer satisfa9tion in;ol;e a sur;e8 with a set of statements
using a Li<ert #e9hniBue or s9ale1 #he 9ustomer is as<ed to e;aluate ea9h statement
and in term of their per9eption and e:pe9tation of performan9e of the organiCation
being measured1 #heir satisfa9tion is generall8 measured on a fi;e5point s9ale1
LCustomer satisfa9tion data 9an also be 9olle9ted on a +)5point s9ale1L
LRegardless of the s9ale used3 the ob=e9ti;e is to measure 9ustomersM per9ei;ed
satisfa9tion with their e:perien9e of a firmMs offerings1L It is essential for firms to
effe9ti;el8 manage 9ustomer satisfa9tion1 #o be able do this3 we need a99urate
measurement of satisfa9tion1
&ood Bualit8 measures need to ha;e high satisfa9tion loadings3 good reliabilit83 and
low error ;arian9es1 In an empiri9al stud8 9omparing 9ommonl8 used satisfa9tion
measures it was found that two multi5item semanti9 differential s9ales performed best
a9ross both hedoni9 and utilitarian ser;i9e 9onsumption 9onte:ts1 A99ording to
studies b8 EirtC > Lee $4))*'3 the8 identified a si:5item F5point semanti9
differential s9ale $e1g13 Oli;er and Swan +,-*'3 whi9h is a si:5item F5point bipolar
s9ale3 that 9onsistentl8 performed best a9ross both hedoni9 and utilitarian ser;i9es1 It
loaded most highl8 on satisfa9tion3 had the highest item reliabilit83 and had b8 far the
lowest error ;arian9e a9ross both studies1 In the stud8
the si: items as<ed
respondentsM e;aluation of their most re9ent e:perien9e with A#" ser;i9es and i9e
9ream restaurant3 along se;en points within these si: items. ?please me to displeased
me@3 ?9ontented with to disgusted with@3 ?;er8 satisfied with to ;er8 dissatisfied
with@3 ?did a good =ob for me to did a poor =ob for me@3 ?wise 9hoi9e to poor 9hoi9e@
and ?happ8 with to unhapp8 with@1
A semanti9 differential
whi9h is a four5item F5point bipolar s9ale3 was the se9ond best
performing measure3 whi9h was again 9onsistent a9ross both 9onte:ts1 In the stud83
respondents were as<ed to e;aluate their e:perien9e with both produ9ts3 along se;en
points within these four items. ?satisfied to dissatisfied@3 ?fa;orable to unfa;orable@3
?pleasant to unpleasant@ and ?I li<e it ;er8 mu9h to I didnMt li<e it at all@1
#he third best s9ale was single5item per9entage measure3 a one5item F5point bipolar
Again3 the respondents were as<ed to e;aluate their e:perien9e on both A#"
ser;i9es and i9e 9ream restaurants3 along se;en points within ?delighted to terrible@1
It seems that dependent on a trade5off between length of the Buestionnaire and Bualit8
of satisfa9tion measure3 these s9ales seem to be good options for measuring 9ustomer
satisfa9tion in a9ademi9 and applied studies resear9h ali<e1 All other measures tested
9onsistentl8 performed worse than the top three measures3 andDor their performan9e
;aried signifi9antl8 a9ross the two ser;i9e 9onte:ts in their stud81 #hese results
suggest that more 9areful pretesting would be prudent should these measures be used1
Finall83 all measures 9aptured both affe9ti;e and 9ogniti;e aspe9ts of satisfa9tion3
independent of their s9ale an9hors1 Affe9ti;e measures 9apture a 9onsumerMs attitude
$li<ingDdisli<ing' towards a produ9t3 whi9h 9an result from an8 produ9t information or
e:perien9e1 On the other hand3 9ogniti;e element is defined as an appraisal or
9on9lusion on how the produ9tMs performan9e 9ompared against e:pe9tations $or
e:9eeded or fell short of e:pe9tations'3 was useful $or not useful'3 fit the situation $or
did not fit'3 e:9eeded the reBuirements of the situation $or did not e:9eed'
Chapter 3
1. Maruti 800:
"aruti -)) is one most small famil8 related 9omfortable 9ar3 whi9h
9ome under E9onom8 segment1 It is mostl8 sellable b8 the "aruti Ud8og1 It
has been most good performan9e b8 the bu8ers1 And also good result of it1
Sin9e +,-4 has been started produ9tion of this 9ar1

Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes "aruti Standard
"aruti !UO
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 7
71 Laun9h in India !e9ember +,-*
2. Alto:
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes Alto
Alto L:
Alto L:i
Alto %+)
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India Sep 4)))
3. Zen Estilo:
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes L:
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India o;ember 4))I
4. Omni:
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes Omni G seater
Omni - seater
Omni L/&
Omni Ambulan9e
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrolDL/&
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G seater3 - seater
71 Laun9h in India +,-7
5. Wagon R:
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes L:
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 7
71 Laun9h in India +,,,
6. Swift:
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes L:
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrolD!iesel
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India "a8 4))G
7. Swift Dezire:

Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes LHi3 2Hi3 A:i$/etrol'
Ldi3 2di3 Adi$!iesel'
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrolD!iesel
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India "ar9h 4))-
-. Maruti SX4

Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes SH7 2:i 3 SH7 A:i 3
SH7 A:i $Leather '
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India "a8 4))F


Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes L:i3 2:i3 A:i1
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
G1 Laun9h in India 4))-
10. RITZ
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes L:i3 2:i3 A:i3 Ldi3
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol3 !iesel
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G
71 Laun9h in India 4)),
11. EECO
Sr. No. Features
+1 #8pes Standard3 A1C1SHtr
41 /etrol Or !iesel /etrol3C&
*1 Seating 9apa9it8 G or F
71 Laun9h in India 4)+)
As< an8 thing about "aruti1 An8time3 9all 1800 1800 180 (#oll Free'1 "obile +91
9910 20 20 20
"aruti On 6road Ser;i9e1 0ust dial 39891515 for a 475hour on5road brea<down
ser;i9e in man8 9ities1 o other 9ar 9ompan8 9an mat9h this1
"aruti &enuine /arts1 "aruti SuCu<i spares are easil8 a;ailable a9ross the length and
breadth of the 9ountr81
"aruti fore;er 8ours ser;i9e in9lude an e:tend of warrant8 with ;er8 reasonable rate1
E:press Highwa8 Ser;i9e introdu9ed with ser;i9e stations
at 9on;enient points on important national highwa8s1
"an8 of the auto 9omponent 9ompanies other than "aruti Ud8og started to offer
9omponents and a99essories that were 9ompatible1 #his 9aused a serious threat and
loss of re;enue to "aruti1 "aruti started a new initiati;e under the brand name
Maruti Genuine Accessories to offer a99essories li<e allo8 wheels3 bod8 9o;er3
9arpets3 door ;isors3 fog lamps3 stereo s8stems3 seat 9o;ers and other 9ar 9are
produ9ts1 #hese produ9ts are sold through dealer outlets and authoriCed ser;i9e
stations throughout India1
"aruti #rue ser;i9e offered b8 "aruti Ud8og to its 9ustomers1 It is a mar<et pla9e for
used "aruti 2ehi9les1 One 9an bu83 sell or e:9hange used "aruti ;ehi9les with the
help of this ser;i9e in India1
As part of its 9orporate so9ial responsibilit8 "aruti Ud8og laun9hed the "aruti
!ri;ing S9hool in !elhi1 Later the ser;i9es were e:tended to other 9ities of India as
well1 #hese s9hools are modeled on international standards3 where learners go
through 9lassroom and pra9ti9al sessions1 "an8 international pra9ti9es li<e road
beha;ior and attitudes are also taught in these s9hools1 Before dri;ing a9tual ;ehi9les
parti9ipants are trained on simulators1
4 is the short form of End to End Fleet Management and #his fleet management
ser;i9e in9lude end5to5end solutions a9ross the ;ehi9leJs life3 whi9h in9ludes Leasing3
"aintenan9e3 Con;enien9e ser;i9es and Remar<eting1
Chapter 4
#he8 intend to 9ontinue to fo9us on the small 9ar segment3 while offering
produ9ts in most segments of the Indian passenger 9ar mar<et1 #he8 aim to a9hie;e
their prin9ipal ob=e9ti;es b8 pursuing the following business strategies.
Maintain and enhance their product range: #he8 intend to utiliCe SuCu<iMs
e:pertise in small 9ar te9hnolog8 to produ9e new ;ariants of their e:isting models and
to upgrade their produ9ts with 9ontemporar8 te9hnolog8 and features1
Increase reach and penetration: #he8 plan to 9ontinue to utiliCe their e:tensi;e
sales and ser;i9e networ< to in9rease the rea9h3 in terms of geographi9al spread3 and
penetration3 in terms of sales ;olumes3 of their produ9ts a9ross India1
Increased availability of automobile finance: #he8 9ontinue to see< opportunities to
e:pand the siCe of the Indian passenger 9ar mar<et3 espe9iall8 in the small 9ar
segment3 through fa9ilitating eas8 a;ailabilit8 of automobile finan9e1 #o that end3 the8
ha;e re9entl8 entered into an agreement with the State Ban< of India1
Secure repeat purchases by offering a 360 degree customer experience. On the
basis of their belief that se9uring repeat pur9hases from an e:isting 9ustomer reBuires
less e:penditure than a9Buiring a new 9ustomer3 the8 aim to pro;ide 9ustomers with a
?one5stop shop@ for automobiles and automobile5related produ9ts and ser;i9es1
Continue to benchmark their manufacturing capabilities: #he8 plan to 9ontinue to
ben9hmar< our manufa9turing 9apabilities with the most effi9ient 9ar manufa9turing
fa9ilities of SuCu<i and its subsidiaries1
Continue to reduce costs to offer more competitive products:
Cost 9ompetiti;eness has been3 and 9ontinues to be3 9entral to their strateg8 as the
leading manufa9turer in the small 9ar segment to e:pand the siCe of the mar<et b8
offering 9ompetiti;el8 pri9ed3 high Bualit8 produ9ts1 #he 9omponents of this strateg8
Higher le;els of lo9aliCation
2endor parti9ipation in 9ost redu9tion
Cost redu9tion on warranties
Redu9tion in initial in;estment 9ost
Redu9tion in number of ;ehi9le platforms
A9hie;e further 9ost redu9tion through higher produ9ti;it8
Lower cost of ownership:
#hrough their business strategies3 the8 see< to redu9e the 9onsumerMs 9ost of
ownership of their 9ars3 whi9h 9omprises the 9ost of pur9hase3 the 9ost of fuel
and maintenan9e3 in9luding spare parts and repairs3 during the life of the
;ehi9le3 insuran9e3 and resale ;alue1
4.2 SWOT Analysis
"aruti SuCu<i is the mar<et leader in India and has an amaCing brand eBuit81
"aruti is <nown for the ser;i9e it pro;ides and is s8non8mous with "aruti -)) 6 the
longest running small 9ar in India1 Here is a SEO# of maruti suCu<i3 its strengths3
wea<nesses3 opportunities and threats1
"aruti Ud8og limited $"UL' is in a leadership position in the mar<et with a
mar<et share of 7-1F7
"a=or strength of "UL is ha;ing largest networ< of dealers and after sales
ser;i9e 9enters in the 9ountr81
&ood promotional strateg8 is adopted b8 "UL to transfer its thoughts to the
people about its produ9ts1
"aruti SuCu<i re9orded highest number of domesti9 sales with ,3II377F units
from F3IG3G** units in the pre;ious fis9al1 It re9entl8 attained the +)million
domesti9 sales mar<1
Strong Brand 2alue and Lo8al Customer Base are big strengths for "UL
#here are around +G ;ehi9les in "aruti /rodu9t portfolio1 Has good produ9t
lines with good fuel effi9ien98 li<e "aruti Swift3 !iesel3 Alto et9
Alto still beats the small 9ar segment with highest number of sales
"UL is the first automobile 9ompan8 to start se9ond hand ;ehi9le sales
through its #rue5;alue entit81
"UL has good mar<et share and hen9e itMs after sales ser;i9e is a ma=or
re;enue 9ontributor1
Low interior Bualit8 inside the 9ars when 9ompared to Bualit8 pla8ers li<e
H8undai and other new foreign pla8ers li<e 2ol<swagen3 issan et91
&o;ernment inter;ention due to ha;ing share in "UL1
(ounger generations started getting a great affinit8 towards new foreign
#he management and the 9ompan8Ms labor unions are not in good terms1
#he re9ent stri<es of the emplo8ees ha;e slowed down produ9tion and in
turn affe9ting sales1
"aruti hasnMt pro;ed itself in SU2 segment li<e other pla8ers1
"UL has laun9hed its L/& ;ersion of Eagon R and it was a good mo;e
"UL 9an start R>! on ele9tri9 9ars for a mu9h better substitute of the
"arutiMs 9er;o I)) has a huge potential in tapping the middle 9lass
segment and a9t as a strong threat to ano
ew !Aire from "aruti will 9apture the mar<et share and e:pe9ted to
9reate the same magi9 as "aruti Esteem$9urrentl8 not a;ailable'
E:port 9apa9it8 of the 9ompan8 is gi;ing new hopes in Ameri9an and
U% mar<ets
E9onomi9 growth of the 9ountr8 is 9onstantl8 in9reasing and the
go;ernment is wor<ing hard to in9rease the gdp to double digit1
"UL re9entl8 fa9ed a de9line in mar<et share from its G)1),K to 7-1),
K in the pre;ious 8ear$4)++'
"a=or pla8ers li<e "aruti SuCu<i3 H8undai3 #ata has lost its mar<et
share due to man8 small pla8ers li<e 2ol<swagen5 polo1 Ford has shown
a 9onsiderable in9rease in mar<et share due to its Figo1
#ata "otors re9ent laun9hes li<e ano 4)+43 Indigo e59s are imposing
ma=or threats to its respe9ti;e 9ompetitorMs segment
China ma8 gi;e a good 9ompetition as the8 are also planning to enter
into Indian 9ar segment
Laun9h of H8undaiMs H-)) ma8 result in the de9line of Alto sales
Chapter 5
Car pickup & delivery facility for women car owners
Quote UnBuote. L#he stud8 finds that ;ehi9le pi9<up and deli;er8 before and after
ser;i9e has a strong impa9t on 9ustomer satisfa9tion1 In parti9ular3 9ustomers who sa8 that
their ;ehi9le was pi9<ed up from their doorstep before ser;i9e and deli;ered to the same
point after ser;i9e are notabl8 more delighted with their after5sales ser;i9e e:perien9e3
9ompared with 9ustomers who do not re9ei;e this ser;i9e1111L
Car Safety device: Immobilizer
#he 9ompan8 used te9hnolog8 to meet 9ustomer needs and e;en delight them1
Following feedba9< that the 9ompan8Js 9ars were more prone to theft owing to their resale
;alue3 the 9ompan8 wor<ed on an anti5theft immobiliCer or LI5CatsNL s8stem for all its new
Setting up "Express Service Bays" & "2 - Technician Bays"
As the name suggests the 9ompan8 set out to delight its 9ustomers b8 offering them
faster 9ar ser;i9e b8 introdu9ing new 9on9epts su9h as E:press Ser;i9e Ba8s > 45
#e9hni9ians Ba8s1
#hese are done for 9ustomers who are hard pressed for time1
Both the initiati;es underta<en in this dire9tion ha;e helped impro;e 9ustomer interfa9e and
also helped in9rease the produ9ti;it8 and 9apa9it8 of e:isting wor<shops1
Mega Camps
#he 9ompan8 aggressi;el8 9ondu9ts J"ega CampsJ throughout the 9ountr8 round the
A9ti;ities underta<en during a mega 9amp in9lude 9omplimentar8 9ar wash3 AC >
/ollution 9he9< up3 oil and fuel top ups3 wheel alignments et91
Apart from mega 9amps wor<shop 9amps li<e ADC 9he9<up 9amps3 /UC and general
9he9<5up 9amps3 Lo9alit8 9amps 3 /re monsoon 9amps et9 are also regularl8 9ondu9ted as
part of 9ustomer 9onne9t initiati;es1
Service at your Door Step through Maruti Mobile Support
Another uniBue initiati;e is the door step ser;i9e fa9ilit8 through "aruti "obile Support1
"aruti "obile Support is a first of itJs <ind initiati;e and is e:pe9ted not onl8 to help the
9ompan8 rea9h out 9ustomers in metro 9ities but also as a mean to rea9h semi urban Drural
areas where setting up of new wor<shop ma8 not be ;iable1
Complete Car Needs
#he 9ompan8Js effort of pro;iding all 9ar5related needs 55 from learning to dri;e a 9ar at
"aruti !ri;ing S9hools to 9ar insuran9e3 e:tended warrant8 and e;entuall8 e:9hanging the
e:isting 9ar for a new one 55 under one roof at dealerships also enhan9es 9ustomer
Chapter 6
QUES. 1 Table showing Occupation of Customer-
S.No. Occupation No. of
+ Business 77
4 Emplo8ee *4
* Agri9ulture +7
7 Other +)

1 Business
2 Employee
3 Agriculture
4 Other
Occupation of the customer
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 77K 9ustomers are doing the Business and *4K 9ustomer are the
emplo8ee in pri;ate or go;ernment se9tor3 +7K are farmer and +)K in other field1
QUES. 2 Table showing Age of the Maruti Suzuki`s Customer
Buyer 20 - 25 26 - 34 35 - 44 45 & above
G 44 - I
) +) +7 +)
Additional ) - - ,
Total G 7) *) 4G
20 - 25 26 - 34 35 - 44 45 & ao!e
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 GK 9ustomerMs age is between the 4)54G 8ears3 7)K in 4I5*7
8ears3 *)K in *G577 8ears and 4K 9ustomers abo;e 7G 8ears1
QUES. 3 Table showing Pre-Sales satisfaction level of the customer.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
E:9ellent *G
&ood GG
A;erage +F
Below a;erage *
Pre Sales Satisfaction of customers
E$cellent %oo# A!!erage Belo& a!erage
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 G)K of the 9ustomers are highl8 satisfied with the /re5sales
ser;i9es And GK are dissatisfied with the /re sales ser;i9es1
QUES. 4 Table showing customers opinion about the Maruti`s vehicles for Value
for Money
Respondent's Remark No of respondents
Abo;e E:pe9tation *-
As per E:pe9tation 74
Below E:pe9tation 4)
Value for Money
Ao!e E$pectatiom As per E$pectation Belo& E$pectation
Interpretation -
74K of the respondents are of opinion that ;ehi9les are as per e:pe9tation > 4)K are
of the opinion that the ;ehi9le are below e:pe9tation1
QUES. 5 Table showing Post-Sales satisfaction level of the customer.
Customers remark No. of respondent
E:9ellent *)
&ood 7G
A;erage 4)
Below a;erage G
Post Sales satisfaction of the customer
E$cellent %oo# A!!erage Belo& a!erage
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 7GK of the 9ustomers are highl8 satisfied with the /ost5sales
ser;i9es And GK are dissatisfied with the /ost sales ser;i9es1
QUES. 6 Table showing customer priority with respect to characteristic.
Customers Pirority with respect to charesteristic
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 4IK of the 9ustomers preferred "ileages as first preferen9e and
IK preferred safet81
QUES. 7 Table showing customer unawareness about MS Add on services.
Ser;i9es o1 of Respondent
"#2 +)
"5Finan9e +4
Aspect No of Respondents
Comfort +4
"ileage 4I
Features +4
Loo<s 4)
/ri9e 47
Safet8 I
"5Insuran9e 7
"5o5S +-
An8time "aruti 4)
"&A -
"&/ -
"EE 4)
Unawerness of the customers about Maruti Add-on Services
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 4)K of the 9ustomers are unaware of An8time "aruti3 and 7K of
the 9ustomers are unaware of "aruti Insuran9e1
QUES. 8 Table showing customer remark about services.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
E:9ellent G)
&ood 44
A;erage +G
Below A;erage +*
Customer remark about services
E$cel l ent
Bel o& a!erage
It is obser;ed that3 GGK of the 9ustomers are satisfied with the ser;i9es3 and
*K are not satisfied1
QUES. 9 Table showing customer expectation for improvement in Maruti Suzuki.
Customer expectation from Maruti Suzuki
Interpretation -
7IK of the 9ustomers are of opinion that "aruti should impro;e in Bualit81
Customers remark No. of Respondent
pri9e +I
Bualit8 7I
ser;i9e 47
other +7
QUES. 10 Table showing customer`s repurchase intention.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
(es F7
o 4I
2es 3o
No. of espon!ent
3o4 o) 5espon#ent
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 F7K of the 9ustomers are read8 to repur9hase the "arutiMs 9ar3
4IK are not read8 to pur9hase the 9ar1
QUES. 11 Table showing customer`s recommendation intention.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
(es F4
o 4-
Recommandation to friends/relatives
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 F4K of the 9ustomers are read8 to re9ommend the 9ar to the
friends and relati;e3 4-K are not read8 to re9ommend the 9ar to the friends and
QUES. 12 Table showing customer`s preference about M-Finance.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
(es *-
o I4
Customer Preference about M-Finance
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 I4K of the 9ustomers are read8 to prefer "5Finan9e3 4-K are not
read8 to prefer "5Finan9e1
QUES. 13 Table showing customer`s preference about M-Insurance.
Customers remark No. of Respondent
(es -I
o +7
2es 3o
Customer Preference about M"#nsurance
3o4 o) 5espon#ent
Interpretation -
It is obser;ed that3 -IK of the 9ustomers are read8 to prefer "5Insuran9e3 +7K are
not read8 to prefer "5Insuran9e1
Chapter 7
It is obser;ed that
#he prospe9ti;e segment is from the business and self emplo8ed 9lass1
#he 9ompan8 should 9on9entrate on the age group 4I5*71
"aruti should 9ontinue to maintain the standard of the ser;i9e1
It is obser;ed that3 74K of the respondent are of opinion that ;ehi9les are as
per e:pe9tation3 and 4)K are sa8ing its below e:pe9tation1
Compan8 should impro;e its post sales ser;i9e1
#he 9ustomer highest priorit8 is for the mileage1
"aruti SuCu<i needs to impro;e its awareness about Add5on5Ser;i9es li<e an8
time "aruti3 "EE et91
Customer are highl8 satisfied with the ser;i9e whi9h help in 9ustomer retention
It is obser;ed that3 7IK of the 9ustomers are of opinion that "aruti should
impro;e in Bualit83 and +IK of the opinion that "aruti should impro;e in
Customers are highl8 satisfied whi9h help in 9ustomer retention1
Compan8 has 9reated goodwill among the 9ustomers whi9h will help them to
re9ommend 9ar to friends and relati;es1
"aruti SuCu<i needs to edu9ate the 9ustomers about the benefits of "5Finan9e1
#he8 9an moti;ate the 9ash 9ustomers to offer "5Finan9e1
It is obser;ed that3 -IK of the 9ustomers are read8 to prefer "5Insuran9e3 +7K
are not read8 to prefer "5Insuran9e1
Chapter 8
After 9ondu9ting the sur;e8 and <nowing the mar<et3 I realiCed that.
#he 9ompan8 should <eep in mind the need of 8oung generation1
Compan8 should impro;e the promotion strateg8 of produ9t1
Compan8 should impro;e the promotion strateg8 of Add5on ser;i9es1
It will be benefi9ial for the 9ompan8 to ma<e the warehouse near to the showroom
and there should be roof fa9ilit83 adeBuate se9urit8 fa9ilit8 in the warehouse1
#he Compan8 should <now its 9ustomers satisfa9tion le;el throughout doing periodi9
sur;e8s1 /eriodi9 sur;e8s 9an treat 9ustomer satisfa9tion dire9tl81
Compan8 should impro;eDupgrades its emplo8eeMs produ9t <nowledge3 mar<et
situation3 and its 9ompetitorMs <nowledge b8 gi;ing proper training to emplo8ee1
Compan8 should upgrade or inno;ate its new produ9t1
#he Compan8 should not onl8 9on9entrate on the 9ustomer satisfa9tion but also the
9ompan8 led to monitor their 9ompetitorMs performan9e in their areas of operations1
#he Compan8 should ma<e 9hanges a99ording to the other 9ompetitors > a99ording
to the 9ustomerMs e:pe9tations1
Chapter 9
It has been obser;ed that most 9ustomers are satisfied with pre sales ser;i9es
similarl8 most of these 9ustomers are dissatisfied with the post sales ser;i9e whi9h is
the matter of 9on9ern for the 9ompan81 "aruti SuCu<i needs to impro;e some parts of
produ9ts spe9ifi9all8 the interiors1 High 9ustomer satisfa9tion le;el helps the 9ompan8
to retain its e:isting 9ustomer as well as generate new 9ustomer through word to
mouth publi9it81
Customer satisfa9tion inde: is a good tool to ma<e impro;ements in the
produ9ts and ser;i9es of the 9ompan81 And therefore should utiliCe 9arefull8 > <ept
as 9onfidential as possible1
Chapter 10
#hough the resear9h was 9ondu9ted properl83 the probabilit8 of errors > biases
<ept is minimumN still some errors o99urred be9ause of 9ertain limitation1
These are as follows:-
a' A ;er8 short span of time for resear9h1
b' #his is time59onsuming resear9h method > the respondents did not ha;e
suffi9ient time for gi;ing information for su9h t8pe of resear9h1
9' /eople were relu9tant to gi;e responses for su9h t8pe of resear9h1
d' /eople also did not gi;e proper response for Questionnaire > inter;iew3
be9ause of short time1
e' Stud8 is restri9ted to onl8 Amra;ati 9it81
I ha;e honestl8 and sin9erel8 tried to present the fa9ts and figures but some
error still might ha;e 9ropped up1
&upta S1L1 3 Lmar<eting managementL3 edu9ational /ubli9ation
%othari C1R1 3 Lresear9h methodolog8L3 Himala8a publi9ation
ewspaper5business standards3 !aina< &a=ran3 #imes of India3 et91
Name : _________________
Gender : $ ' "ale $ ' Female
Age : ______________
Address : ____________________________________
Occupation : $ ' /ri;ate Emplo8ee $ ' &o;t Emplo8ee
$ ' Businessman $ ' /rofessional
Monthly Income: $ ' Below G))) $ ' Between G))) to +))))
$ ' Between +G))) to 4G))) $ ' Abo;e 4G)))
+1 Ehi9h "odel of "aruti are 8ou usingU
41 From how man8 8ears 8ou are using this modelU
a' )54 8ears b' 457 8ears
9' 75I 8ears d' I5- 8ears
*1 /referen9e for 9hoosing parti9ular 9arU
a' Comfort b' "ileage
9' Feature d' /erforman9e
e' Loo<s f' /ri9e
g' Others /lease spe9if8.5VVV

71 Are 8ou satisfied with 8our 9arU
a' (es
b' o
If o3 gi;e the reasons for the same
a' Comfort b' "ileage
9' Feature d' /erforman9e
e' Loo<s f' /ri9e
G1 From whi9h of the following add5 ser;i9es are 8ou unawareU
a' "#2 b' "5Finan9e
9' "5Insuran9e d' "aruti on road ser;i9es
e' An8 time "aruti f' "&A
g' "&/ h' "aruti E:tend warrant8
I1 !o 8ou prefer "5Insuran9e o;er an8 other insuran9e optionU
a' (es
b' o
If o3 then wh8.5VVVVVV1
F1 !o 8ou prefer "5Finan9e o;er an8 other finan9e optionU
a' (es
b' o
If o3 then wh8.5VVVVVV1
-1 !o 8ou prefer to get "&A fitted in 8our 9ar or an8 lo9al a99essoriesU
a' "&A b' Lo9al
,1 Ehat is 8our /re5sales e:perien9e while pur9hasing the 9arU
a' E:9ellent b' &ood
9' A;erage d' Below A;erage
+)1 Ehat is 8our /ost5sales e:perien9e after pur9hasing the 9arU
a' E:9ellent b' &ood
9' A;erage d' Below A;erage
++1 Are 8ou satisfied with the features of "arutiU
a' ComfortVV1 DG b' "ileageVV1 DG
9' Feature VV1 DG d' Safet8VV1 DG
e' Loo<s VV1 DG f' /ri9eVV1 DG
+41 How will 8ou rate "aruti on the basis of 2alue for "one8U
a' Abo;e E:pe9tation
b' Below E:pe9tation
9' As per E:pe9tation
+*1 !o 8ou find eas8 a;ailabilit8 of spare partsU
a' (es
b' o
+71 Eould 8ou li<e to re pur9hase the "arutiMs 9arU
a' (es
b' o
+G1 Eould 8ou li<e to re9ommend the "aruti 9ar to 8our friendsDrelati;esU
a' (es
b' o
+I1 In whi9h se9tor do 8ou thin<Dfeel "aruti should impro;eU

a' /ri9e b' Qualit8
9' Ser;i9e d' Others
+F1 Are 8ou satisfied with the o;erall ser;i9e of "arutiU
a' E:9ellent b' &ood
9' A;erage d' Below A;erage