There are those in the world who say that if the USA government would just stop embracing

not so much Jesus Christ, but a “medieval” or thus by extension “Crusader” mentality about Him, we could get the Olympics in 2016 and save our own, the Western Hemisphere’s, and global economy. This is in response to such high-minded sounding rodomontade. First, the Summer Olympics for at least a number of consecutive human lifetimes now have been held every four years, with a smattering of Winter Olympics as well; these Olympics are always in different countries one after another; under Bush alone, there were several Olympics, yet not even the countries hosting them seem to have helped their own economies, let alone their region’s or Hemisphere’s economies…to say nothing about globally. Indeed, of all the things even Osama bin Laden and his admirers rant, never once do they say “bring the Olympics, one kind or another, to Taliban-type lands so more than infidels, apostates, and human refuse of all religious stripes may prove they love our poor, our unemployed, our listless, and don’t deserve genocide like we exhort all people under our domain”. If we could believe Chicago and Obama about Olympics, however, a good dose of New Urbanism to Pakistan, for example, might leave Laden, whom Pakistan’s government and USA DHS from Ridge to Napolitano say has so many apartments/open areas to hide in, forced to stop or be picked up due to no more places to hide, plot, or maneuver unobserved. And surely, from Obama to China to Daley and more, such luminary global leaders would concur the wealth every Olympics delivers to large countries would do more for a small Pakistan than all its begging for IMF and foreign aid funds. But that’s not how it works. Instead, luminary global officials tout any Olympics as a magical sinecure that can’t be put in Taliban lands as Ladenists, among everything else humanly imaginable, hate or manipulate all capitalism…by extension, one may even tacitly become “of interest” to USA DHS or foreign analogs thereto just for questioning the value of Olympics as a road to salvation, prosperity, or both; global leaders would LIKE to help Muslims but fear losses and casualties if holding Games in say Iran or Pakistan. What we have to do to share with Muslims, therefore, is to turn “all Muslims” from Ladenism by convincing them Christianity no longer is the Crusade against them it’s “always” been; this is why so many global governments have to be the actual or virtual heads of Christian faiths, fine-tuning “Crusader” mentalities and casting them out. China’s Communist government excels at “re-educating” not only Christian sects, but Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian sects within its sphere; China even promotes “heads-of-State as Supreme Imam” Islam, as evidenced by its long support of Pakistan’s style of regimes…see, your Mushareff and successor types are “containing” Ladenism “harmlessly” in Pakistan, even if it was “oops!” re Mumbai prior to at least $290 billion in USA 2009 aid, or “oops!” that Pakistan eyes the Mymood Alibabajihad “genocide-toZionists” mentality in “un-contained” Iran, Syria, and Lebanon…odd, I never knew JEWS of yore or otherwise were “Crusaders” against Islam. Despite this, China vigorously supports any Muslim regimes which espouse hate against Israel, India, Tibet, the USA…on pretense they “have” to say that to keep Ladenists away from them; of course, ol’ Laden won’t buy it for long and keep propane-tank style anarchy away unless hate-espousing nations follow through with anti-Zionist, anti-Hindu, anti-fill-in-theblank rants.

Again, you’d think the New Urbanism and alleged cash boon of the Olympics in Pakistan would just be used to flick Laden away; or at minimum, you’d think somebody would just give a nation $290 billion if they slammed Ladenists shut for good in their borders. So why this contorted “appoint Laden as King of Islam, re-arrange or eradicate all other faiths and philosophies to appease him” baloney?

If the Olympics are touted as a sinecure to tempt Muslims away from Laden, as all metaphysics and philosophies running counter to Ladenists are hushed or ended to clear Muslim view of the Olympic carrot, yet not even $290 billion and much more stops Ladenists from in fact pressing Muslims into their service where they will not do so voluntarily, surely even global luminaries have spotted the logic problem and thus pursue against non-Ladenist metaphysics and philosophies on grounds not tethered to Islamic issues in any way. Certainly, today’s Western leaders, plus China inter alia, are eager to co-exist with Iranian, Hamas, Janjaweed, and Taliban leaders…leaders who rule by types of constant genocide or piecemeal murdering of anyone at all opposed to them, even if all they want to do is be “leaders” without pestering by commoners or outsiders. “Crusaders”, if you will. This brings the second issue: does Christianity of ANY kind exist only as a “Crusade” to exterminate Islam, its adherents, or both? To be sure, Laden being a Muslim means no more against total Islam than George Bush being baptized impugns all Christians; what would global luminaries then say exists in Scriptures that must be changed to placate the “Crusader-abused” leaders? Answer: that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by His direction will always be with us, everywhere. For example, President Obama, as DHS and Office of Faith-Based Initiatives head ex officio, has called Pope Benedict XVI (claiming apostolic succession) a discredited leader, and almost “dared” him to pray for Ted Kennedy (as if prayer for HIS kind of reputation would not come ). Yet Obama has been very active with Notre Dame University this year, a university of Jesuit institution but now for first time ever run by a non-Jesuit Catholic ordinary priest, Father McBrien. McBrien first gave Obama an honorary law degree in May 2009, a sort of way of saying that the new President of the USA, head of faith funding and education funding, is all the right stuff in all things secular…including the aforementioned view of Laden appeasement. As the May event showed, even any Catholic non-violently protesting Obama would be summarily hauled off and charged by McBrien as a trespasser. Then in September 2009, McBrien opined that Benedict XVI and all prior Popes are liars: Eucharistic Adoration is a worthless sham geared to “medieval” (i.e., “Crusader”) morons suckered in to lining the Vatican’s coffers on a scam of crackers dunked in Ripple. For a Roman Catholic priest to suggest that Eucharistic Adoration is a sham definitely DOES indicate such priest does not believe in a limitless presence of Christ, any more than do foreign leaders who don’t like even their own “pests”.

To eliminate the impression this is just some “ULC schmuck forced to go ULC as Catholicism rids itself of Popish Crusaders”, my actual calling of the Holy Spirit is to edify re the commonality in metaphysics of all peaceable faiths seeking eternal progress in global fellowship; to support my position that Father McBrien is denying Christ’s limitless presence and not some “Crusader cookies-for-winos” anti-Islam doctrine, I cite the following Roman Catholic doctrines relevant to other faiths and the Eucharist: 1. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as adopted 1994 by Pope John Paul II as prepared under Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: Article 841 reiterates “Lumen Gentium” 16 (November 21, 1964) and “Nostra Aetate” 3 (October 28, 1965), as follows: “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day”. Articles 842 through 846 obviously are aimed at ANY religious who adopt ANY self-service; this is made clear by Article 847, which reiterates Mark 16:16, John 3:5, and “Lumen Gentium” 14 as follows: “Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or His Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do His will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience, those too may achieve eternal salvation”. Ironically, it would seem to TRASH such Vatican view of Muslims could do more to make the TRASHER look like a “Crusader”; to trash this, one must imply the presence of Christ is foreclosed to ANYONE the trasher decides, Muslim or not…this is called emulating metaphysics of Ladenist/Taliban religious stylings, NOT Islam, for “appeasement”; Taliban types hold God tells them which Muslims or otherwise are worthy to live and such, and that He disfavors the rest anyway no matter good they do…sort of like Mid-East Calvinists. Worse, at minimum, trashing the Article 841 take on Muslims (and those of other walks) seems to imply “Aha! See? The Vatican and its believers are all worthless destroyers of Muslims”, where quoted perhaps by Ladenists or other AUMF subjects, destabilizing DHS and similar public relations efforts against Ladenism. I must point out that like the IRS requires each individual Church location, not just faith, to have its own EIN non obstante its affiliation, the Vatican Catechism is what it hopes will guide the local catechisms, if any, each bishopric may undertake to make; many people do, and do not, always understand that for a long time the views of any Roman Catholic parish clergy and deacons may not be those of the Vatican or vice-versa, in either case a good number of Catholic laity taking the side of the Vatican. As a ULC minister, I can agree with the Vatican only, insofar as welcoming sincere people of peaceful other faiths, including such Muslims, and believing in a generally boundless presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit. 2. Since the Roman Catholic Vatican perception of the Last Supper Seder is that it be practiced at His command in remembrance of Him and His teachings, there being no known Vatican doctrine

a Eucharist is a symbol of faith intolerance, I will identify what the Eucharist appears to signify per Vatican doctrine. In contemplation of the presence of Christ by the power of His word and the Holy Spirit, the Catechism at Article 1373 reiterates Romans 8:34, “Lumen Gentium” 48, Matthew 18:20, and “Sacrosanctum Concilium” 7 (December 4, 1963) as follows: “Christ Jesus, who died, yes, who was raised from the dead, who is at the right hand of God, who indeed intercedes for us, is present in many ways to His Church: in His Word, in His Church’s prayer, ‘where two or more are gathered in My Name’, in the poor, the sick, and the imprisoned, in the sacrifice of the Mass, and in the person of the minister. But He is present…most especially in the Eucharistic species”. So this is more than just a “feudal” proposition for those who believe in the complete Jesus; if a Father McBrien or anyone else suggests there’s never anyone to adore in a Eucharist, they necessarily impute that they have not only a different catechism and doctrine than the Vatican, but from the Gospels and Scriptures themselves…because they claim to believe Christ can be limited as to where He can go generally or enter by voluntary invitation, including at the request of clergy and assembled laity. Further, the Vatican stemming (as does the Eastern Orthodox branch of Catholicism) from the original Churches immediately after Christ’s earthly days, Scriptures of those days describing Christ as saying or doing more than has been recorded, and it being from the earliest Churches that the remembrance Seder has been celebrated, surely such Christians perceive some Divinity worship is involved therein, and for purpose(s) made tradition since the incarnate time of Christ Himself. By extension, such variant religious freedom from the Vatican implies that there would be nothing wrong in barring religious assemblies for purposes of a Communion Mass (and not just Roman Catholic), because a McBrien-type view says there’s never a thing in or adjunct to ANY Eucharist to ever be adored, worshipped, knelt for, or which can bring God’s grace. That concept is Father McBrien’s Constitutional right, and free spiritual choice. Only Father McBrien or similar Vatican critics could say if they think Christ also might not be in Church prayer, the sick, the imprisoned, and so on, again this all being their right to express. In contrast to Father McBrien, here are some Vatican ephemera on what would be the purely emblematic faith purpose of any Roman Catholic Communion Mass. Number 13 of the General Instruction of the Sacramentary states: “Within the community of the faithful a presbyter also possesses the power of orders to offer sacrifice as the person of Christ. He presides over the assembly and leads its prayer, proclaims the message of salvation, leads the people in offering sacrifice through Christ in the Spirit to the Father, gives then the Bread of Eternal Life and shares it with them. At the Eucharist he serves God and the people with dignity and humility. By his proclamation of the Word he impresses upon the faithful the living presence of Christ”. Where a McBrien-type objection begins to sound more like opposition to any assembly for Last Supper remembrance is taken from the same General Instruction’s Number 3: “The celebration

takes into account the nature and circumstances of each assembly and is planned to bring about conscious, active, and full participation of the people, motivated by faith, hope, and charity”. To reiterate all this wind: Olympics have a terrible track record of fixing the manifest economy of ANY nation; there is no need to join foreign Ladenist appeasers through diminishing or doing away with public displays of Christianity or appearance social issues have its ethic, as most Catholics and similar Christians don’t “Crusade” against any peaceable faiths; and in fact diminishing Vatican or analogous standpoints on Islam, or otherwise inculcating a largely unchurched society, doesn’t neuter Ladenists, it makes it seem Ladenists are correct about one’s people being “Crusaders”, especially since they appear to be Christians who disagree there’s even a desire to gather in faith, hope, and charity. If you think government has it wrong on religious assembly or freedom, peaceably petition them; if you don’t like what Father McBrien, Benedict XVI, a Hindu priest, a Rabbi, a Lutheran or Baptist pastor, I, or any other clergy say, politely point out a grievance, then accept our answer or ignore us…but in every case, please pray for us, and ceaselessly for the whole world.

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