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In this Edition.... (Click on the Menu item to go straight there!) 1. General Information 2. What is an educational tour? . Christian Communities in !erusalem ". #ra$el %#i&s' (. )eat on a *us &ilgrimage +. ,o- to lead .our o-n &ilgrimage tour /. #his months calendar of e$ents 0. #our 1eaders Corner 2. 3ur &roducts 14. 3ur educational tours to Israel 5 *e.ond 11. 6ates for Christian 7esources E8hi*itions 12. 3ur contact details

General Information.
1ast month -as a Christian 7esources E8hi*ition month9 and this time -e -ere at :eter*orough. 3ur stand -as ad;acent to the one of the Israel Go$ernment #ourist 3ffice. We sa- %old' and %ne-' faces and of course made man. ne- friends. We are creating on our -e* site a section for <=> (<re?uentl. =sked >uestions) and if .ou feel .ou -ish to contri*ute &lease click here @ thank .ou. 6id .ou e$er -onder -hat -as a traditional !e-ish <rida. night dinner in !erusalem like? Wonder no more @ click here for more details

3ur eas.!et com&etition -as -on *. 6r !ohn Godfree. #he comment from the management of eas.!et -asA.Delighted to see that the competition was a success.
The answers were all of a very high standard and the winner is John Godfree. Our thanks go out to all those of you who entered. We have regular quizzes on our facebook page just click here and then click on ‘LIK ! "o ensure that you receive our questions without delay#

#he decision *. the #urkish authorities to remo$e their B$isa on arri$alB ser$ice means that after 14 =&ril 241" e$ must o*tain an eC$isaD it's a straight for-ard &rocess and -ill remo$e the need to ?ueue9 *ut it is essential all tra$ellers to #urke. are a-are of the re?uirement. Clearl. this is &articularl. im&ortant for customers -ho ha$e alread. *ooked their holida.s to #urke. to *e a-are of. Click here for current edition of the Israel ra!el News

"ARNIN#$$$$$ %o&e tour leaders collect their de'osits and wait till the( reach !ia)ilit( )efore sendin* in all their de'osits and co&'leted )ookin* for&s+ A word of warnin* , che-ues carr( a !alidit( of no &ore than . &onths+

What is Educational /Familiarisation Travel?
3ne of the -a.s that the tra$el industr. introduces ne- destinations9 ne- airline routes9 ne- hotels or ne- attractions is to in$ite &otential %*u.ers' (tra$el agents 5 tour o&erators) at a reduced &rice (or free e$en!) to sam&le it themsel$es @ -ith a $ie(ho&efull.!) that the. -ill share their e8&eriences -ith their clients and hence generate *usiness. #his is a tried and tested -a. to sell in our industr. and -e kno- that the more first hand e8&erience .ou ha$e9 the more it makes it easier to sell holida.s. In our segment of the industr.9 (&ilgrimage tra$el) this t.&e of educational tra$el has e$ol$ed and *ecome the norm to introduce the &roduct to the &ros&ecti$e %*' @ the &otential &ilgrim grou& leader. #he su&&liers (hotels9 airlines9 restaurants9 coach com&anies 5 guides) ha$e noticed that o$er a &eriod of time9 the num*er of &artici&ants on the educational tours does not e?uate -ell to the num*er of grou&s that are materialising. Moreo$er9 some leaders are &artici&ating in educational tours to the same destination -ith more than one tour o&erator in a short &eriod of time.

)ome leaders ;oin the grou& -ith no intention of e$er taking out their o-n &ilgrimage tour and for them it is a chea& holida.. #his is -ithout a dou*t a*use of the su&&liers generosit. #he -ord 'educational' of course is misleading9 *ecause it does not state a$aila*le onl. to those -ho are serious a*out leading their o-n &ilgrimage tour. I ha$e *een told9 *. more than one minister that a $isit to the ,ol. 1and enhances his ministr.9 ;ust as &ilgrimage tra$el does. =ll of the su&&liers are financiall. su*sidising educational tours9 -ith a $ie- that their in$estment -ill mature -ith a grou& from each &artici&ant. #his sadl. is not the case9 -hich -ill ha$e a longCterm im&act in organising future educational tours. We the tour o&erators -ill find it harder and harder to organise educational tours *ecause the su&&liers are tired of gi$ing and not seeing a return. )o the *one fide tour leaders -ill loose out. M. friends9 %the -riting is on the -all'9 for those &eo&le -ho think that educational tours are a holida.9 for the. are ruining it for their colleagues. In conclusion9 let me &ut a smile on .our faceA. 1ast -eek I -as discussing -ith a minister his itinerar. for his forthcoming &ilgrimage to the ,ol. 1and. ,e had *een -ith me on an educational tri&. ,e -as indeed one of our success stories. ,o-e$er9 -hen -e del$ed into more detail of his tour9 he asked me9 %6o -e get an. free lunches as -e had on .our tour?'

Christian Communities in Israel - Jerusalem
Christians are re&resented in the Israeli Go$ernment $ia the Ministr.Es 6e&artment for Christian Communities. =ccording to the Israeli Ministr. of <oreign =ffairs9 the Christian Communities is res&onsi*le for addressing the needs and concerns of the Christian communities to the Israeli Go$ernment. #he Israel Fnesset Christian =llies Caucus9 esta*lished in 244"9 seeks to im&ro$e the relationshi& *et-een Christians and !e-s. #his *od. -orks to o&en formal and direct communication *et-een the !e-ish &eo&le and Christian leaders -orld-ide. #he Christian =llies Caucus &ro$ides assistance in o*taining $isas for the Christian communit.9 educates Israelis a*out Christianit.9 &romotes Christian tourism to Israel9 and seeks to strengthen the status of -omen -orld-ide on the *asis of !udeoC Christian $alues. =s of 244+9 there -ere 1"09444 Christians li$ing in Israel9 constituting 2.1G of the total &o&ulation9 and re&resenting an increase of "44G since 12"0. Israel is the onl. countr. in the Middle East -here the Christian communit. has actuall. gro-n. 3f these a&&ro8imatel. 049444 are Catholic and are di$ided among se$eral denominations including the 1atin :atriarchate of !erusalem9 the Maronite Church9 the Greek Milkite Catholic Church9 the ).rian Catholic Church. #he largest of these

is the Mikite communit.9 most of -hom li$e in the Galilee total (49444 and the 1atin :atriarchate -hich com&rises 249444 &eo&le most of -hom li$e in East !erusalem9 HaIareth9 the West Jank and GaIa. #he Christian communities are re&resented in four main grou&sK 3rthodo89 HonCChalcedonian (Mono& Catholic (1atin and Lniate) and :rotestant. More than 20 &ercent of the Christian communit. in Israel li$e in ur*an areas -ith HaIareth ha$ing the largest Christian &o&ulation at 129444. #he Catholic &resence in Israel dates *ack to the Crusade9 -hen the first 1atin :atriarchate of !erusalem -as esta*lished in 1422 in the Crusader state of the Fingdom of !erusalem. :rior to then the Christians had *een under the care of the Greek 3rthodo8 :atriarch of !erusalem. <ollo-ing the 6estruction of the Fingdom of !erusalem *. the Mamluks in 12219 the 1atin :atriarchate of !erusalem sur$i$ed onl. in name and -as reCesta*lished onl. in 10"/ under :atriarch !ose&h Malerga. #he 1atin :atriarch has en;o.ed uninterru&ted succession of 1( different &atriarchs since that date. #he current :atriarch is <ouad #-al and he is assisted *. four :atriarchal $icars9 -ho are *ased in !erusalem9 HaIareth9 =mman and C.&rus.
)ourceK #he Israel :ro;ect9 the Israel Ministr. of #ourism9 Israel Ministr. of <oreign =ffairs

Christian Community Contact in Israel- Jerusalem =in Farim C Misitation (!erusalem)9 ContactK <ather =tanasius (Italian9 English)9 #elK 42 +"1/221

=in Farim C )t !ohn (!erusalem)9 ContactK Hicolas (Italian9 English)9 #elK 42+ 2 444

=&ostolic 6elegation (!erusalem)9 ContactK Mon )enior :aolo Jor;ia (English9 <rench9 Italian9 )&anish)9 #elK 42+2022209 42+200+ 4

Jar Ilan Lni$ersit.9 <acult. of !e-ish )tudies :rof. !eshua )ch-ords9 #elK 4(4/2/ 1+D :rof. I$an <redman9 #elK 4(20/+"/+1D General #elK 4 ( 1 01219<a8K 4 ( ( 12 9 EmailK ;sfct.Nmail.*

,e*re- )&eaking Catholic Micariate

ContactK :atriarchal Micar 7e$. 6a$id Heuhaus )!9 #elK 4(" /0220" 9 EmailK neuhauss; or 7e$. =&olinaire )I-ed9 #elK 42+2"02((9 CellK 4("""( "++49 EmailK

CHRI TI!" C#$$%"ITIE I" JER% !&E$ #,E C=#,31IC C,L7C, 1 C =&ostolic 6elegation Mount of 3li$es9 )hmuel Jen =da.a )treet9 :.3.J. 121229 !erusalem 21121 Msgr :aolo Jor;ia9 =&ostolic 6elegate EmailK $atgeNnet$ )ecretar.K Msgr. Gianfranco Gallone #elK +202220O+200+ 4 C <a8K +201004 2 C Custod. of the ,ol. 1and )t. <rancis )treet 19 :.3.J. 10+9 !erusalem 21441 C #elK +2++(2(O/// C <a8K +20"/1/ Custos of the ,ol. 1andK M.7. <r. :ier*attista :iIIa*alla9 ofm )ecretar.K <r. )te&hane Milo$itch9 ofm EmailK C 1atin :atriarchate 1atin :atriarchate 7oad9 :.3.J. 1"1(29 !erusalem 211"1 Msgr. <uad #-al9 :atriarch9 ,ind )hre.des9 <ath. 6a$id He-house #elK +2/2204 O +202 2 C <a8K +2/1+(2 ChancellorK <r. ,umam FhIouI EmailK chanceller.Nlatin& " C GreekCCatholic :atriarchal E8archate (Melkite) GreekCCatholic :atriarchate 7oad9 :.3.J. 1"1 49 !erusalem 211"1 =rch*isho& !ose&hC!oul =lCPreih #elK +20242 O+2/12+0O2 C <a8K +20++(2 Email addressK gc&;erN& ( C ).rian :atriarchal E8archate Chaldean )treet +9 off Ha*lus 7oad9 :.3.J. 12/0/9 !erusalem 2112/ Msgr. Gregor :eter Malki9 :atriarchal E8arch #elK +202+(/ O +2/" 10 C <a8K +20"21/ EmailK st;osscN& + C Maronite :atriarchal E8archate Maronite Con$ent 7oad 2(9 :.3.J. 1"2129 !erusalem 211"4 =rch*isho& Msgr. :aul Ha*il )a..ah9 :atriarchal E8arch #elK +2021(0 C <a8K +2/2021 EmailK *& or fmmNmaronite; / C =rmenian Catholic :atriarchal E8archate Mia 6olorosa +9 rd )tation9 :.3.J. 12("+9 !erusalem 2112"

Msgr. 7a&hael Minassian9 :atriarchal E8archD Qossi )a.d #elK +20"2+2 C <a8K +2/212 ECmailK 0 C Chaldean :atriarchal Micariate Chaldean )treet /9 off Ha*lus 7oad9 :.3.J. 241409 !erusalem 21244 #elO<a8K +20"(12 <r. :aul Collin #elO<a8K 40C+2/"+1" 2 C Catholic Co&tic 6iocese =gron )treet 249 :.3.J. 11""9 !erusalem 214149 !ean )ser #elK +2(/( 4 C <a8K +2 1/+ THE #RTH#'#( CH%RCH 1 C Greek 3rthodo8 :atriarchate Greek 3rthodo8 :atriarchate 7oad9 :.3.J. 12+ 29 !erusalem 2112+ ,is Jeatitude #heo&hilos III9 :atriarch )ecretar. GeneralK =rch*isho& =ristar8os CCCCC #elK +2/"2"1 C <a8K +2024"0 Chief 6ragomanK ,.Em. Metro&olitan Christodoulos 2 C =rmenian 3rthodo8 :atriarchate =rmenian 3rthodo8 :atriarchate 7oad9 :.3.J. 1"4419 !erusalem 211"1 ,is Jeatitude =rch*isho& #orkom Manoogian9 :atriarch #elK +202 1 C <a8K +2+"0+1 Chief 6ragomanK 7e$. <r. Goossan =l;anian #elK +2+"0++ C <a8K +2+"0+2 Ecumenical and <oreign =ffairsK Jisho& =ris )hir$anian C Co&tic 3rthodo8 :atriarchate 2th )tation of Mia 6olorosa9 :.3.J. 1"44+9 !erusalem 211"4 ,is Grace 6r. =n*a =*raham9 =rch*isho& #elK +2/2+"( C<a8K +2/2// General )ecretar.K 7e$. <r. =ntonious ElC3urshalimi " C Ethio&ian 3rthodo8 :atriarchate 0th )tation of Mia 6olorosa9 :.3.J. 1242(9 !erusalem 21124 =rch*isho& =**a Matias #elK +2020"0 O +20+0/1 C <a8K +2+"102 ( C 7umanian 3rthodo8 :atriarchate )hi$tei Israel )treet "+9 !erusalem 2(14( =rchimandrite Ieronim Cretu General )ecretar.K )r. =nna :rafir #elK +2+"+20 O +2+40"/ C <a8K +2+"+20 + C 7ussian Ecclesiastical Mission of the 7ussian Church =*road (3utside 7ussia) :.3.J. 241+"9 !erusalem 21121 #elK +20+ 02O <a8K +20+ 01

=rchimandrite :eter 1uckenhoff (&ri$ate) #elK +20" / O +20 400 / C 7ussian Ecclesiastical Mission in !erusalem (Mosco- :atriarchate) 7ussian Com&ound9 :.3.J. 14"29 !erusalem 21442 =rchimandrite #ichon #elK +2(2(+( C <a8K +2(+ 2( 0 C ).rian 3rthodo8 :atriarchate )t. MarkEs 7oad9 :.3.J. 1"4+29 !erusalem 211"4 #elK +20 4" O +2+"/(0 C <a8K +2//42" ,. Em. Mar )-erios Malki Murad9 =rch*isho& :atriarchal Micar of the ,ol. 1and and !ordan THE !"G&IC!" CH%RCH 1 C E&isco&al Church of !erusalem and the Middle East )t. GeorgeEs Cathedral9 Ha*lus 7oad 249 :.3.J. 121229 !erusalem 21121 :.3.J. 124109 !erusalem 21124 #elK +2/1+/4 O +2/21 C <a8K +2/ 0"/ #he 7t. 7e$. )uheil 6a-ani C #elK +20 2+1 <a8K +2/+"41 2 C Christ Church Christ Church9 !affa Gate9 :.3.J. 1"4 /9 !erusalem 211"4 #elK +2///2/O2 C <a8K +2+4/2 7e$. Murra. 6ickson EmailKchristchNnet$ E)!"GE&IC!& - &%THER!" CH%RCH 1 C E$angelical 1utheran Church in !ordan and the ,ol. 1and (E.1.C.!.,.1.) 7t. 7e$.Jisho& Muni* =.Qounan )ecretar.K George =-ad EmailK gaRelc;Nnet$ Muristan 7oad9 3ld Cit.9 :.3.J. 1"4/+9 !erusalem 211"4 #elK +2++044 C <a8K +20(/+" English )&eaking Congregation :astor 7ussell 3. )iler #elK +2/+111 O +2014"2 C <a8K +20(/+" 6anish Israel Mission C 6anish Church =*road Jar Foch*a )treet 21O(9 :.3.J. 11("9 !erusalem 2/022 CC #elO<a8K ( 2"2(" 7e$. ,ansC3le JSkgaard C #el. 4("C""2 1(" EmailK dankirkeNnet$ <innish E$angelical 1utheran Mission (<E1M) )hi$tei Israel )treet 2(9 :.3.J. (0"9 !erusalem 2144" #elK +2"1+( 7e$. Martin #uhkanen9 7e&resentati$e #elK +200+ 1 C <a8K +20("+1 EmailK felmNnet$

)-edish #heological Institute :ro&hetsE )treet (09 :.3.J. /9 !erusalem 21444 #elK +2( 022 C <a8K +2(""+4 6irectorK Mats ,Tgelius Educator and CoordinatorK Mrs. Ferstin ,Tgelius 2 C 1utheran Church of the 7edeemer Muristan 7oad9 3ld Cit.9 :.3.J. 1"4/+9 !erusalem 211"4 #elK +2++044 C <a8K +2/+222 EmailK &ro&steiNredeemerC; German )&eaking Congregation (E$angelischeC1utherische :ro&stei) :ro&stK #he 7e$. 6r. L-e GrU*e =dministratorK Mr. Wolfman JuchholI )ecretariesK Mrs. Monika ,aI*oun9 Mrs. )a*ine ,amdan C 1utheran Church of the =scension =uguste Mictoria Centre9 Mount of 3li$es :.3.J. 1"4/+9 !erusalem 211"4 #elK +2/ ++( O +20//4" C <a8K +2/ 1"0 EmailKaugusteNnet$ #THER 1 C Ja&tist Con$ention in Israel Ja&tist ,ouse Centre9 Harkis )treet "9 :.3.J. / +"9 !erusalem 214/2 =dministratorK Greg Fingr. #elK +2 4+01 C <a8K +2 4+02 EmailK * 2 C !erusalem Ja&tist Church Ja&tist ,ouse Centre9 Harkis )treet "9 :.3.J. 1("9 !erusalem 21441 7e$. !err. Qoung #elK +2"0/"2 C <a8K +2"0/"1 EmailK;er*a&chNnet$ C <irst Ja&tist Ji*le Church =sfahani )treet +9 :.3.J. 12 "29 !erusalem 21122 C #elK +202110 7e$. =tif ,imadeh " C East !erusalem Ja&tist Church =li I*n #ale* )treet 1+9 nr. 7itI ,otel9 :.3.J.1/1++9 !erusalem 21124 7e$. =le8 =-ad C #el.K 4("(C2/(20" #elK +/++"/2 C <a8K 2/" 2/0 ( C 7eformed Ja&tist )t. :aulEs Church9 )hi$tei Israel )treet 29 :.3.J. 1+229 !erusalem 21 1+ 6irectorK =nton. )imon C #elK 4("C"20204 + C Christian Jrethren =ssem*l. )t. George )treet (9 LH Com&ound9 :.3.J. 124 9 !erusalem #elK (022+/"

/ C Church of God Mt. of 3li$es9 nr. Commodore ,otel9 :.3.J. 1220/9 !erusalem 21122 7e$. Will. 7uoff C #elK +2/ 022 C <a8K +2+4/2 0 C Church of the HaIarene International Ha*lus 7oad 9 :.3.J. 12"2+O242219 !erusalem 2112 7e$. 1indell Jro-ning9 7e$. HiIar #ouma C #elK +20 020 C <a8K (0211/2 2 C <rench :rotestant Churches (<ederation) :ro&hetsE )treet 249 :.3.J. 1+1"9 !erusalem 2141+ #elK 4(""C/ 422 <a8K +2+""2/ C EmailK ;ac?ues.el*aINitf; 7e$. !ac?ues El*aI 14 C Garden #om* C Interdenominational Ha*lus 7oad9 :.3.J. 12"+29 !erusalem 2112 C#elK +2/2/"( C <a8K +2/2/"2 Gen. )ecretar.K Mr. :eter G.1.Wells 11 C !erusalem Church C !erusalem Ji*le College ElC!a*sheh )treet 09 Christian >uarter9 !erusalem #elK ( 220/ C <a8K (/424+/ 7e$. Issam ,issen 12 C Fing of Fings =ssem*l. Isaiah )reet (9 :.3.J. "2/9 !erusalem 2144 #elK ( /1(40 C <a8K ( /4200 7e$. ,ilsden9 7e$. Chuck Cohen EmailK kokaNnet$ 1 C Forean :res*.terian Church Mt. )co&us9 :.3.J. 2"2029 !erusalem 212"2 C #elK (02/+(4 C <a8K (0120+ 7e$. Chung :ank 1ee 1" C )cots Memorial )t. =ndre-Es Church (:res*.terian) Hear 7ail-a. )tation9 :.3.J. 0+129 !erusalem 2140+ #elK +/ 2"41 C <a8K +/ 1/11 7e$. Colin =nderson C )ession ClerkK Mr. 7iIek =*u )harr 1( C )e$enth 6a. =d$entist Centre =*raham 1incoln )treet "9 :.3.J. (229 !erusalem 2144" #elK +2(1("/ C <a8K +2(1 12 7e$. 7ichard Elofer 1+ C )t. :aulEs <ello-shi& )hi$tei Israel )treet 29 :.3.J. 21+9 !erusalem 21441 #el O <a8K +20/(2 7e$. Edd. Marshall 1/ C #he !erusalem =lliance Church 3ld Cit.9 =l a7usul )treet 1+9 :.3.J. 1"2""9 !erusalem 211"2 #el O <a8K +2+4/11

)enior :astor. 7e$.!ack )ara C EmailK 10 C #he He- =lliance Church Wadi il !oI9 =li I*n #ale* )treet 1+9 !erusalem C #elK (0 +(+0 :astor. 7e$. Jassem =dranl. 12 C 6ugit Messianic 3utreach Centre C for more details click here Editors noteK #here are man. more Christian Communities in Israel @ the a*o$e is onl. in !erusalem.

Travel Ti*s
>. I am a tour leader and -hen I arri$e at a destination -ith m. grou&9 am I allo-ed to organise some of m. o-n e8tra tours and collect &a.ment for them? =. 3nce .ou *ecome a tour organiser .ou are acce&ting legal res&onsi*ilit. for the su&&liers .ou engage. #he -a. to a$oid it is *. asking all the &artici&ants to &a. directl. to the su&&lier i.e. ta8i9 coach com&an. etc. 3nce .ou acce&t &a.ment9 .ou are taking on the lia*ilit. and in a foreign land that could *e ?uite a hea$. res&onsi*ilit.. Hine times out of ten there is no &ro*lem9 *ut it is ;ust that one time the car has an accident and the &erson in;ured ha&&ens to *e a and then .ou -ill -ish that .ou had ke&t to the original itinerar. and not added on an. e8tras. #he rule is that -hate$er a&&ears on .our in$oice is co$ered *. insurance in the LF and items that .ou add on is a risk. #his fact has *een tried and tested in courtsD for e8am&le -hen tourists *u. at a holida. destination an e8tra e8cursion or rent a *ike and something tragicall. goes -rong @ the tour o&erator -ho sent them to said destination has no res&onsi*ilit. -hatsoe$er. #his is -h. the %&ackage' holida. is making a come *ack *ecause so man. &eo&le ha$e fallen foul of %doing their o-n thing!'



:rices fluctuate o-ing to the su&&l. and demand. With Israeli hotels en; the highest rates of annual occu&anc. that the. can remem*er and %off season' *ecoming a term of the &ast @ -e ha$e had to hold rooms and negotiate s&ecial rates in order to o*tain the rates *elo-. Early +oo,in- is advised. #he lists of grou&s *elo- are grou&s made u& of indi$iduals and not from a s&ecific church or organisation. 6edicated *rochures are a$aila*le &lease click here to re?uest more details. 'ates Tour "ame &eader/s01 2RICE 11 Ho$em*er Classical 7e$ )imeon 345446.77 1/th @ 2"th 6amdar 8746 !anuar. 1



7e$ )te$e




12rofiles of the tour leaders can +e found +y clic,in- here
VV =ll &rices are su*;ect to airline fuel surcharges and LF 5 Israeli Go$ernments im&osed ta8es and air&ort charges9 that to date are an additional W2+4.44 &er &erson @ -ith flights from 1ondon ,eathro- on El =l Israel =irlines

H#W 9#% C!" &E!' 9#%R #W" GR#%2
We arrange tours to the follo-ing destinationsK C Israel9 Eg.&t9 !ordan9 Greece9 #urke.9 C.&rus9 Malta9 Ital.9 :ortugal9 )&ain and <rance @ to name a fe-. We ha$e sent grou&s to )outh =merica9 India9 )outh =frica and :oland. )o our &ortfolio is trul. glo*al. We organise educational tri&s for clerg.Ola. leaders @ -ho e$er. intention of one da. leading a &ilgrimage grou& of their o-n through I#) :ilgrimages. #hese tours are hea$il. su*sidised *. the su&&liers9 from the airline to the guide. ,ence9 -e onl. allo- one re&resentati$e &er church. We do allo- a s&ouseOcom&anion to ;oin the &artici&ant for a su&&lementar. charge. #he cost of the tour is refunded to the &artici&ant -hen heOshe leads his or her o-n &ilgrimage tour. 6etails this .ear's tours can *e found *. clicking here. We can design .our itinerar. to suit .our needs9 duration9 hotels and sites to $isit. 3r .ou can select one of our man. suggested itineraries. Hothing is too much trou*le. 3nce *ooked9 -e are onl. too &leased to hel& .ou &romote .our tour. We can make a &resentation at a location of .our choice and if .ou so -ish9 &roduce a *rochure along -ith a *ooking form. :lease do not hesitate to tele&hone me should there *e need for an. clarification of the a*o$e9 or sim&l. if .ou -ish to discuss an. further &oint @ nothing is too much trou*le. )ee a selection of grou& itineraries @ click here

Please use our free phone 0800 0181 839.

This months im*ortant dates for your /ol( 0and calendar

FEBRUARY 2014 2 Candlemas " ( + / 0



11 3ur 1ad. of 1ourdes



1" )t Malentines 6a.















T#%R &E!'ER: C#R"ER

'ates 2"th =&ril @ 1st Ma. 241" 12th @ 20th Ma. 241" 0th @ 10th )e&tem*er 241" "th @ 11th 3cto*er 241"

'estination Israel Israel Israel Ital.

"ame of Tour Contact details &eader Ms. Ma$is #hom&son 7e$ )imeon 6amdar 7a. Jeattie Caroline 6em&se. 41220 / 2/"( simeondamdar &fN* 41 4 2(+ 10 ra.*eattieN*i* caroline.dem&

22nd 3cto*er @ "th Ho$em*er Israel 5 241" !ordan 2"th 3cto*er @ 1st Ho$em*er Ital. 241" 2/th 3cto*er @ 2nd Ho$em*er Israel 11th @24th Ho$em*er 241" Israel

7e$ !ohn 5 Mrs =nn :ang*ourne 7e$ Marian !ones 7e$ Mictoria 1a-rence

41"4" 012 2 eK ;ohnann.&ang*ourneN$irgin.

7e$ Marian !ones 412/0 014 222 ta$la-/

7e$ Canon michaelNrees0442.freeser$ Michael 7ees

11 th , 11 th No!e&)er 2014
2"th Ho$em*er @ 1st 6ecem*er 241" 2 1

/ilar( 2alta %heldo C34 its n
Israel Israel Greece Israel 7e$ !osh P$im*a :astor !oe Jen;amin 7e$ Marian !ones Mirginia 7o*inson 424/ 2"2 (4/" 4/24( /04+0 7e$ Marian !ones 412/0 014 222

@ 4th March 241( @21st =&ril 241(


/th @ 21st Ma. 241(

For more -rou*s clic, here or call us on Free*hone 7;77 74;4 ;<=

#ur 2roducts
For -rou*s of not less than 46 *ersons
We s&ecialise in &ilgrim grou&s toK Israel9 Eg.&t9 !ordan9 )antiago de Com&ostella9 #urke.9 Greece9 Ital.9 Malta9 <rance9 :ortugal9 5 C.&rus. In addition -e ha$e o&erated *i*lical stud. grou&s to man. other destinations to include )outh =merica9 )outh =frica9 India and the Lnited )tates of =merica to name a fe-.

We can arrange musical tours in Israel – both for choirs and orchestras.

NE" 0445 A 4UR E6%/47

F4R A NE" AN8 E9CI IN# /40I8AY IN I%RAE0: BI5E%: %E#"AY: CU0INARY E C #4 4 www+thin*stodoisrael+co&

We are the onl. &ilgrimage tour o&erator in the LF to gi$e free gifts to all our &ilgrims in Israel C a *eautiful &iece of ;e-eller. from Caprice & ! "P#$ %& A/A;A<% '$ ' !$ P(%')C*!+

2issed the Aha!a sho' in Israel , no worries )u( on line )( clickin* here

)EE L) 3H

& C$,%%- =# I*!PI#.(I" .$!

We are onl. too &leased to $isit an. location in the LF to arrange a &romotional e$ening to su&&ort our leaders9 once .our grou& is *ooked. We -ill also &re&are9 if .ou so -ish9 a *rochure along -ith a *ooking form. <or tra$el to Israel and to *ook .our flights9 hotel accommodation9 car hire9 air&ort car &arking and tra$el insurance click here. Hot forgetting that -e are *onded -ith =J#= as a tour o&erator (M11/0) and as a tra$el agent (C++2")9 -e are also licensed -ith the Ci$il =$iation =uthorit. (=#31 202 ) and an accredited I=#= agent (2120"//1). )o .our &a.ments are 144G &rotected9 our &rofessionalism is assured and .ou are getting the *est $alue9 for -e are licensed to deal directl. -ith the airlines and all the su&&liers.

Educational Tour 2ro-ramme 874>
Call 0800 0181 839 for a boo/ing form to be sent to 0ou

&I$ITE' 2!CE I !)!I&!?&E #" #%R F#&&#WI"G T#%R @ #he tour listed *elo- is designed for Clerg.9 1a. 1eaders and &ilgrimage grou& leadersD -ho ha$e e$er. intention to take out their o-n &ilgrimage grou&. It is hea$il. su*sidised and -e refund the cost to the &artici&ant if the. *ook their o-n tour -ithin 12 months of their return. We do allo- an accom& s&ouse or friend to ;oin the leader for a su&&lementar. charge. 3ur educational tours are o&en to all first time $isitors to the destination on a %first come @ first ser$ed' *asis. #he. are not to *e considered @ holida.s for the clerg.



Cost from #J= W 2(.44

Remar,s 3nl. 14 &laces a$aila*le in total

14th @ 1/th Ho$em*er #urke. 2+th Ho$em*er @ 6ecem*er 241"


#he &rice does not include air&ort ta8es9 fuel surcharges or de&arture ta8es and tra$el insurance. )ingle rooms are a$aila*le at a su&&lement. Qou ma. take a com&anionOs&ouse on the

Christian Resources EAhi+ition Calendar
&ocation )ando-n :ark E$ent Cit. Manchester 'ates 1

#ur stand num+er )142 <0

@ 1+th Ma. 241"

0th @2th 3cto*er 241"

)EE L) =# #,E =J3ME C,7I)#I=H 7E)3L7CE) EX,IJI#I3H) C#"T!CT % ! $#"TH ?EF#RE F#R C#$2&I$E"T!R9 TICBET THE9 WI&& ?E F#RW!R' T# 9#% ! !" E&ECTR#"IC &I"B



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