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The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014

By Andrew Daley January 22, 2014. Second Revision


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 SCENE. EXT. OPEN ROAD DAY. 1 A MAN is walking down the street in a black suit, he arrives at the road and stops, waiting. The man stands still, forlorn. After awhile, a WOMAN arrives in a car, dressed solemnly in black attire, they drive off together. A PRIEST is heard reciting a passage, reading from a bible. PRIEST (V.O) We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of RICHARD STONE, a valued member of our community, now returned to the home of our Lord as we consign his spirit to the sea. What is there for us to say about Richard, that hasnt been said amongst us before? Lost forever to the depths of a wide ocean, he lays now deep below, deep from our reach, but not from our hearts. Richard was a fine sailor, a faithful friend, a committed lover and a brother. As he is delivered now back into the arms of our Lord in Heaven, we bid Richard, go with our love, and go in peace The man & woman continue walking, the woman slightly behind the man as he progresses alone steadily forward. They stop occasionally; she grasps his shoulder, nods or offers support. The man & woman eventually stop on a hillside, watching the sea as the priest v/o finishes reciting. The man looks haggard, he pulls out and takes a drink from a whiskey bottle hidden in the suit, then empties the rest off the hill and drops the bottle after. The woman looks at him, he shakes his head, the woman grabs his shoulder.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 SCENE. INT. JASONS KITCHEN DAY. 2 JASON is sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from a typewriter. ExW shot of him at the table, he is completely still, emotionless. RICHARD (V/O) Hello Jason. If youre reading this, then I am dead. If knowing you has taught me anything then youre probably not taking this too well. Dont worry about me; I hope it was a good death, not those stupid ones you see in the news like choking on asparagus or being savaged by squirrels Anyway Id like you to look after Claire, shes been through enough trouble with our family already, and its only going to get worse without me around now. Hopefully I would have proposed to her by the time you read this, so at least she has that to rely on, well that and her widow pension. Everything I own is now yours, so do with it as you like because I dont exactly need it now where Ive gone, however if you find some old magazines in my locked desk then just. Just throw them away, actually, well, you can keep them, just dont show Claire. One last thing, theres a small catch to inheriting all my stuff. Ive left you a present, the only condition is you dispose of it in a way I would approve of. If Claire agrees then everything is yours, shell know. Dont take life too seriously while Im gone Jason, your brother, Richard Camera slowly pans back as he is reading, alongside Ex CUs of the words. Ends with a side shot of the table, Jason at one end and the URN at the other.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 SCENE. EXT. BACK GARDEN/BALCONY/WINDOW AFTERNOON. 3 Jason is sitting down, staring vacantly into space and talking almost to himself UW shot of the cabin shows Jason sat at the table, completely alone. JASON Do you remember that time we were drinking in The Ferry after the rugger? Wales lost and you were so drunk you brought fresh glasses for everyone in there, I thought all that whiskey was gonna give you a hernia. And then you were throwing chips at the seagulls on the way home, good times good times. Though I suppose you dont remember seeing as youre a pile of bonfire ashes. What am I supposed to do with you? sigh. Good job you didnt die in June or youd make some brilliant fertilizer for the begonias, might get a decent flower pot out of you though Jason is startled by a noise, he looks up and sees CLAIRE approaching up the path. Jason glances sideways at the URN sitting opposite him on the table, the silent recipient of the conversation. JASON Lets find out what the grieving ex girlfriend wants, shall we? SCENE. EXT. GARDEN TABLE AFTERNOON. 4 Establishing shot of village/house? Claire is sitting opposite Jason outside the cabin, she looks excited whilst he is nervous, his hands holding the envelope. The urn is in the middle of the two at a third place on the table. CLAIRE So hes told you? JASON Yes. Well, told isnt exactly the best word Jason brandishes the letter, waving it slightly in the air. CLAIRE Jason, youve been stuck in this house for two weeks and you say that his death hasnt affected you?


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 Claire looks discretely sideways at the Urn in the third place, almost as if trying to stop it from noticing her. CLAIRE I know we were never that close, but Im here for you, I want you to know that. If you need anything, if you, if you just want someone to talk to JASON Claire, im fi... *sigh* I appreciate the offer anyway, I wish I could say the same for you but im in no state to help comfort anyone. Claire stands up to leave, briefly looks at the Urn disconcerted, smiles back at Jason and begins to walk away. JASON Youre leaving so soon? CLAIRE I said Ill be here for you if you need, and at the moment you dont JASON *Interupts* Thats not true CLAIRE Yes it is, and I dont mean to be rude Jason, its just that I know you wont accept my help. Not until youve got your head around all this anyway. Before I can help you, you need to help yourself, and to do that you need to reconcile with him Claire points at the Urn sat on the table. CLAIRE Are you busy on the 21st? Ill bring something over and we can have dinner JASON Im sure I can fit you in, my diarys pretty busy but Ive got a free slot at 5pm, somewhere between wallowing in self pity and sitting around being depressed Claire laughs, but its not a laugh of humour CLAIRE Ill see you on the 21st JASON Dont take life too seriously Claire!


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 Jason cheerfully waves her off. As Claire walks off with no backward glance, Jason looks at the Urn a few times with a frown, disappointed. JASON Well, you were rude Our mum brought you up better than that Richard He looks back at the Urn incredulously, as if it answered him. Eyes wide, mouth slightly open in shock. JASON You didnt even say goodbye, your own girlfriend! Jason sighs, shakes his head as if he knows its a losing argument and looks away, putting his feet up to relax. He gestures nonchalantly to the urn and talks to himself. JASON Stuck around here talking to a plant pot for two weeks, Jesus Christ SCENE. EXT. HILL? AFTERNOON. 5 Jason is packing a backpack at the house, putting in items to go walking. He straps the urn to the rear of the backpack and pats it gently, almost as if it can watch the journey, picks up his guitar and leaves. He walks through the woods with his guitar, occasionally playing whilst walking. Jason arrives on a hillside, overlooking the sea. He lies down on his coat, relaxing on the grass, placing the urn beside him. JASON You know the Buddhists in Asia say that when you die, youll get reincarnated into something new. I always wanted to be like, an eagle or a pigeon or a disease. Id love to be a pigeon, just spend all day crapping on people. Jason laughs to himself slightly, strums the guitar and looks at the urn, as if its listening to him. JASON Its all bullshit you know? Existentialist bullshit, once youre dead, youre dead and thats it. No new body, no rampant outbreaks of measles in the Middle East. sighs. Its a shame really you would hade made for a lovely ecological pandemic Jason relaxes whilst looking at the sea, gently playing his guitar more.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 JASON I suppose life got a bit too serious for you big brother You know, If I left you my ashes, the decent thing Id do at the very least would be to tell you where to scatter them. Idiot Condescending, sarcastic tone. JASON this songs for Richard Jason stands up with his guitar and announces to the sea, taking a side glance at the urn JASON because he always hated me playing the guitar There once was a man named Richard, they stuck him in the ground. He used to be a sailor, but on the sea he drowned. And now hes on his way to hell with his girl left home abound come on sing it with me plant pot There was once a man named Richard They stuck him in the ground Jason finishes with a flourish and laughs at the Urn, staring out off the hillside. During playing, he is terrible and barely plucks at the strings, overdramatically strumming and gesturing with his plec hand, he almost doesnt seem to care, scornful at the world and his dead brother. SCENE. EXT. PORCH MORNING. 6 Jason is sitting outside the house reading a book, beside him is a tea set, the urn is beside him in its own chair with a cup of tea. He looks up briefly as Claire is walking towards the house. Sighs, rolls his eyes in disgust, and keeps reading. CLAIRE. cheerily Good morning! JASON. condescending Is it? Jason puts the book down, stands and lazily watches her approach, leaning on the balcony


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 CLAIRE You didnt call after we had dinner last week, did you forget? She is smiling, and gestures at him from below in the garden. JASON No A slight grunt from Jason, he shakes his head whilst taking a sip from his cup, confrontational and anger under the surface bubbling. CLAIRE Im dropping into town, need to visit the market for some veg and the usual stuff, I thought Id come see you on the way Jason motions towards himself, turns around briefly JASON Well youve seen me now, feel free to leave Jason empties his tea over the balcony, turns and sits back down, then carries on reading. Claire looks at him shocked, huffs angrily and then walks up to the house. Claire sits down in a seat opposite with frustrated purpose, he looks up startled and slightly irritated. JASON Mumbles condescendingly Hi Claire, why dont you sit down Claire CLAIRE What? Jason quickly changes in mood, visibly cheering up and flashing her a grin, like that of a shark. JASON I said youve got really nice hair, would you like some tea? CLAIRE She looks put out at his change in behavior. no thank you. So how have you been? JASON Pretty good actually. We do a lot of walking, along the sea and talking, thats something else we do


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 He gestures nonchalantly. She looks back at him in disbelief, unsure if its a lie to brush her off. CLAIRE Walking and talking? JASON Yeah, talking and walking, well I walk, he talks. I normally carry him, the lazy bastar CLAIRE. *interupts* He talks? Claire looks shocked at Jason, he carries on as if what hes describing is a regular occurance. JASON Oh yeah, he talks. Yapping all day, he wont shut up about the crossword. Honestly Richard, 14 down is NOT dog, youre missing 11 other letters Jason waves his hand in a chopping motion at the urn NOT dog to reinforce his point. There is an awkward pause as Claire watches this exchange between Jason and the urn, as Jason gestures and argues at it, she watches on slightly freaked out. Jason stops abruptly whilst staring at the urn, after a moment he huffs and turns back to Claire. JASON Exasperated See? And there he goes again he just doesnt shut up They both turn and look at the Urn, completely silent. ExW side on shot of all 3 at the table, whilst birds tweet and the sound of silence lingers. Claire stares completely silent for a few moments. JASON See what I mean, he just wont sto Richard! You cant say that, shes your girlfriend. Honestly the past few weeks have been a nightmare Jason makes his point with a gesture, looks at the urn in shock, then shakes his head in disagreement during this. CLAIRE Questioning You do realize youre talking to an urn?


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 JASON sarcasm No Claire Im talking to a flower pot, I was at the funeral, I know. So were you, we were the only two people who turned up Jason quickly looks at the Urn to acknowledge its reply. JASON Yes you too, I know you were there. Honestly hes such an attention seeker, now I remember why I moved away and we didnt talk for four years CLAIRE Four years? Interrupting Claire, Jason quickly turns to the Urn JASON Shut up Richard! He turns back to Claire JASON Yeah, four years. *sigh* He spent too much time away with work, and we just grew apart. The two of us werent close anymore Hed phone sometimes but I could tell, you know, when people do something for the sake of it, when they feel like they need to do it? Some persistent bit of human compassion in his brain always saying call Jason, call Jason, and he did, but I could tell he never really cared. But when he did phone, he wouldnt stop talking about you, between the awkward pauses and the stupid questions the only thing hed talk about was you. Not the lads on the ship, not the house or the dog but you. Jason pauses to look at Claire, wringing his hands in frustration and regret. JASON What does that show Claire, when the only person in the world he cares for is you, but he sends me his remains? CLAIRE Youre over thinking it, you probably shouldnt take it too seriously


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 JASON Thats what he used to say, but youre the one not stuck with a jam jar of dust Theres a moment of pause as they look at one another. CLAIRE What happened to his dog? JASON Dead Jason abruptly stands up JASON Came out here a few winters ago and it had turned frozen solid over night. Buried it over there Jason gestures off towards the trees, then walks into the house. Claire watches him leave as he rattles around inside. JASON Ive got something for you by the way *shouts from inside* Where is it, ah, gotcha Jason walks back outside and places a small box on the table JASON It came in the post last week, I think its what was left when they cleared out Richards house. I thought youd want to keep it, seeing as its yours? CLAIRE This this isnt mine Claire stumbles over her words CLAIRE He never proposed Jason looks on in confusion JASON Sorry I thought, after his letter well, then wheres the ring? Theres a pause as they both consider CLAIRE I dont know maybe Richards death left both of us with more cracks than we realize. This could just be his way of helping me cope, like you, and the urn


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 SCENE. EXT. HILL DAY. 7 JASON Maybe I am full of cracks Jason is sitting on a hillside overlooking the sea. The urn is beside him, he turns slightly and looks at it. JASON Shattered like a glass, but through everything thats happened you havent left. I thought youd abandoned me a long time ago, but what if you hadnt, what if you still cared? I mean the proof speaks for itself, youre dead but youre still here He looks at the urn. CLAIRE (V/O) Your brother regretted all the missed time, every birthday, every phone call. If he could give that back, he would The urn seems to have an almost mesmerizing quality; Jason looks at it longingly with Claires words in his mind. JASON Is that why you came back Richard? You want a second chance? Jason takes a few moments to deliberate this Okay

SCENE. EXT. BEACH - DAY. MONTAGE OPEN SCENE. 8 Jason is sat on the beach with the urn, they are both sharing a picnic. Jason is eating and occasionally feeding food to the urn, he smears sauce on the urn whilst feeding it a sandwich. Jason is making sandcastles with the urn, or in a fort around it. The urn is buried in the sand, with only the lid peeping out. All through the activities, Jason is taking pictures on a Kodak camera. End shot of Jason running in the sea whilst the urn watches in the foreground in silhouette from the beach.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 CUT. 9 Claire is now at the beach with Jason, they are building sandcastles together, chasing each other in the sea and joking as friends (Jason picks her up and spins Claire around, Claire is screaming and Jason is laughing), whilst the Urn watches silently from the foreground, buried slightly in the sand (possibly) SCENE. EXT. CAR - DAY. MONTAGE. 10 Jason and the urn are driving in a car, through the countryside, over hills, past the seaside/beach. The urn is strapped into the front passenger seat. The pair are going on a journey, enjoying the scenery. CUT. 11 Jason is driving through the same roads, but this time Claire is sitting in the car with him. They smile at each other as Jason drives. Claire reaches over and puts her hand on his that is holding the gear stick, Jason grins slightly. The urn is in her lap SCENE. INT. HOUSE - DAY. MONTAGE. 12 Jason and the urn are eating in the house, two bowls are on the table with Jason holding one and the other static in front of the urn. CUT. 13 The duo are playing chess by the window. As the shot cuts, the urn slowly begins to win the game, Jason gets more frustrated and confused as the game progresses, eventually he loses the game. JASON Checkmate? How is that checkmate?! Jason loses the game, throws an angry fit and flips over the board because he lost the game, the urn sits quietly watching. JASON I lost? How did I lose to a flowerpot! Jason walks off angry muttering, then storms back to the table, crouches down and points at the urn


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 JASON You just count yourself lucky, I went easy on you SCENE. INT. HOUSE - NIGHT. MONTAGE. 14 Claire is banging on the door to the cabin. Jason stumbles drunk to the door, swings it open and slumps against the doorframe, his clothes are ruffled and is holding a half full bottle of alcohol. Claire looks dubiously at him, Jason grins in delight as he opens the door. JASON You got the invite! excited CLAIRE What invite? JASON Your boyfriend died! Jason cheerily shouts this, gesturing wildly with his arms So I threw him a party Jason bows at this proclamation, proud with himself CLAIRE Youre throwing Richard a party? JASON ... A death party! Jason points with his finger, as if its an important correction. CLAIRE There was no invite.. Jason walks back through the doorway and looks at the urn on the tableside, before shouting at it. JASON You forgot to invite your own girlfriend! Useless jar Claire shakes her head and leaves whilst Jason is shouting incoherently at the Urn. He walks back through the cabin shouting to Claire, who he thinks is still there. JASON Sorry, hes been so inconsiderate since he drowned


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 Jason arrives at the doorway; he stops startled, looks around for Claire, either side of the house, turns in a circle, shrugs and shuts the door. Claire is walking off away from the cabin. SCENE. INT. HOUSE - NIGHT. MONTAGE. 15 Jason is sitting at the table doing shots with the Urn, he fills the glasses up shakily, slams the bottle down and slurs towards it. JASON Okay ready? 3.. 2.. 1 Jason downs the shot *ExCU*, puts his glass back down and looks at the urn *Wide*, who has an empty shot in front of him. Jason looks confused. JASON How the hell are you doing that? CUT. 16 Jason is leaning against the table. He picks up the urn and unscrews the top, then empties the bottle of alcohol into it from high in the air. Screws the lid back on and shakes it like a madman whilst drunkenly laughing. CUT. 17 Jason is staring close-up at the open urn, both hands gripping the table. He slowly lifts one hand up, dips a finger into the open top, pulls it back and licks it, then smiles mischievously. Jason is holding the Urn underneath his arm, he reaches in and grabs a handful of ashes before poofing it into the air (blows like a cloud), and smiles/laughs wildly as it rains down around him. SCENE. EXT. HILLS - DAY. MONTAGE. 18 Jason and the Urn are hiking through the hills, Jason is wearing a backpack and the urn is strapped to the outside of it. He is smiling as he looks back at the urn, and is occasionally singing or talking as they walk through the landscape.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 CUT. 19 Jason and Claire are walking in the countryside, through the same woodland and hills that Jason and the Urn were. They are holding hands, Claire looks over and smiles at Jason. CLAIRE You seem to be doing a lot better with Richard now Jason turns his head and smiles at her. JASON Hes doing me the world of good Its funny, we were never this close when he was alive The duo walks off down the wooded path holding hands. SCENE. INT. HOUSE - DAY. MONTAGE. 20 Jason and the Urn are sitting at the table, the table is full of papers and paints, they are doing artistic stuff. Jason looks over at the urn, smiles broadly then lays his hand on the sheet of paper in front of him. He pulls back to reveal a hand print, the camera pans over *Birds Eye* and it reveals there is a perfect circle on the paper in front of the Urn. CUT. 21 Jason is exercising in the house. He is doing situps and the Urn is watching from the table with a little whistle tied around the top of it. Jason then carries on with doing pushups, the Urn is now standing on his back with a little sweatband around the top, coaching him on. Jason is then in the garden doing various exercises such as star jumps, whilst the Urn is watching from the balcony. CUT. 22 Claire and Jason are in the garden acting childish and playing games, they are jokingly pushing each other back and forth and laughing, tagging each other and racing around slightly. Jason falls over and Claire jumps on top of him, they are both joyfully laughing, the Urn is watching silently from the balcony. Claire leans over Jason sensually whilst laughing.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 CUT. 23 Jason is sitting at the table with a pad of paper. He looks determined and writes A LIST OF RICHARDS BEST QUALITIES as the title. He looks up occasionally as he writes at the Urn sitting across from him, sometimes he stops, smirks and carries on, or looks puzzled at the urn before having a burst of inspiration and writing. Eventually Jason gets frustrated and rips the paper off, throwing it at the Urn and the paper bounces off. Repeatedly Jason rips up the list and throws it at the Urn, with paper building up around it. CUT. 24 Jason is sitting on the balcony of the house with his guitar, he is cheerfully lazily playing and singing whilst the Urn sits close by on the table. SCENE. INT. HOUSE. NIGHT. MONTAGE END SCENE. 25 Jason is sitting at a table having a candle light dinner in the evening, he is dressed up smart in a suit, and there are candles in the middle of the table. The urn is sitting on the other side of the table, the second diner. Scene starts as Jason finished telling a lude joke, he is drunk and waving a fork around, using it for enunciation. JASON and then she said.. *chuckles*, she said sorry Sir, but my Husband will be back soon!. *laughs* Do you know Richard, the best part about you being dead? You listen! Youre actually here! Youre a. much.. better! Brother, dead, than you ever were alive And do you know do you know, what the funniest bit is? That.. that jar right there.. *jabs the air with the fork* Thats not even you THATS NOT EVEN YOU *condescendingly* Look at me.. Im shouting at a plant pot Wouldnt Mother be so proud Richard? You, me back together again after 4 years?


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 But if you think if you think that 2 months of running around Devon with the remains of a dead guy is going to change anything..? *chuckles* We had adventures, we went to the beach and I took you hiking, the stuff I only dreamed of doing together That was *chokes up slightly*.. that was fun right? *looks for approval from the urn* You never mattered when you were alive, why does it hurt so much now that youre dead? *sobs* I want you back Richard... I want my brother back Jason beings to cry and shake as he is overcome with emotion, breathing deeply and shaking, his hand holding the bottle gently slumps against the table as his other cradles his head, sobbing as he breaks down in emotion. Scene fades out/pulls out side-on with a wide of the table, both characters at either end, potential outside shot of the cabin shot.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 SCENE. INT. HOUSE - MORNING. 26 Jason is sitting at the table on the balcony reading a newspaper. Claire walks up the path and sits down opposite, she passes over an envelope, he raises an eyebrow, Claire shakes her head and passes it over. Jason slowly opens the letter. As he opens the letter, the emotions on his face change from anger to sadness, distraught to fleeting laughs. Whilst reading, various wide shots of the house are shown, along with landscape and the sea. RICHARD (V/O) Hello Jason, Its Richard. Again There have been times when, you, as a brother, may have questioned if I love you. This is one of those times. When I became a sailor, I knew there was a big chance that one day; I probably wouldnt be coming back If that ever happened, god forbid, and I left you alone, then I knew you wouldnt take it well, so I wrote you this letter. We may not have got on so much as brothers, but I know you Jason. I know, that you wouldnt be able to cope. We are two opposites Jason, and whereas I would weather it, you most likely would not stop grieving till the end of your days, so I came up with a plan. The urn in front of you does not contain my ashes, most likely I died at sea, and my body was lost. Claire knows and, she will give you this letter when youve overcome your grief. Dont be angry at her, as I knew, I knew you would need to work past my death before you could move on with your own life. Im gone, Jason. This is the last thing I can ever do for you I love you. Richard Jason looks up at Claire, distraught and pain clear in his eyes, as she looks back at him, seeking for forgiveness. JASON You knew


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 CLAIRE Yes JASON how long was this wrote? CLAIRE about a year ago.. JASON So whats in there? CLAIRE *quietly* flour Jason shakes his head CLAIRE Really, its just a jar of flour JASON *agitated* No Claire, this is whats left Richard. Ive been a terrible brother and we never talked at all, for four years. Four years! Jason looks up at Claire with a slight smile He may but dead but I at least owe it to him to do the right thing now Jason smiles, stands and picks up the Urn. She stands and smiles, they both run off down the path. CUT. 27 They are driving in a car, heading towards the sea. Jason is holding the urn and talking animatedly. JASON It doesnt matter if thats Richard or not, to me it is. I need to do this, it wont make up for it all, but itll be a start CUT. 28 Jason and Claire are walking with purpose along the hillside/field, the car has been left behind on the road. Jason is holding the urn now in his hands; he turns and looks at Claire as he talks.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 JASON In his first letter he wanted me to scatter his ashes, well then where would be better than the place he loved the most? Where better than the sea? Jason and Claire walk down from the hillside and onto the beach, Jason walks close up to the waves and stops alone. Claire stands beside him. The beach is empty, the only sound is the ocean. Jason looks out over the sea, he turns to Claire and she nods reassuringly. Jason is staring off, he takes a few steps forward on his own, then looks up and talks as if to the sky. JASON So this is it. Richard youve brought me this far, and Im delivering you to the end. It was never about your stuff, your house, Claire I didnt want that. As much as I didnt want to say it at first, I wanted my brother back. Thank you. Over the past two months youve gave me that He looks backwards, Claire smiles at him. JASON *whispers* I think its time to say goodbye Richard Jason unscrews the top of the Urn, drops it to the sand. He takes a handful of flour and gently lets it blow away in the wind. JASON *whisper* goodbye Jason begins to get emotional, blinking gently to stop from crying, he breaks out in a grin, brushes his hand and reaches in for more flour. The next handful he throws into the air high in front of him and watches it get taken by the wind, then throws another, and another. Jason keeps throwing flour high into the air, laughing and turning around on the beach, spinning in circles and throwing the flour out all around him.


The Brother Code / Second Revision / January 22, 2014 He throws the last handful, it drifts down around him as his hand drops, a smile still briefly on his face as he looks out to sea. Claire walks up beside him, as he gently places the empty urn on the sand there is a RATTLING NOISE. Jason reaches in and pulls out a RING. He places the urn between them like a child, screwing the top on, then takes her out held hand, places the ring in the palm and closes it, holding it tight in his hand... Claire looks over at Jason and smiles widely. He mirrors her. JASON Richard always said there were two women in his life. You, the woman he loved. And the sea the woman he lived The two hold hands tightly and quietly watch the tide coming in with a smile, the empty urn between them on the sand. Sun setting maybe? U-Wide Shot. END


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