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Module 2 Other Essential Theories for Instruction Checklist

Feb. 18 Mar. 3 Module 2 Begins Lots of Readings and Viewing - Get Ready Click on Course Modules - Module 2

Read and Think: Tasks: Due: Read The Science of Learning (Sawyer) Read Elements of a Science of Learning (Mayer) Read How Learning Works (Mayer) Read How Instruction Works (Mayer) Read Applying the Science of Learning - Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (Mayer) Read Student Learning: What Has Instruction Got to Do with It? View Cognitive Load for Dummies Read 25 Principles Start your Relational Map Include theories and principles from Module 1 and Learning Sciences articles in Module 2. Start recruiting client for mini-redesign. Mar. 3 Post draft of Map in Discussion Board. Indicate which app. you used.

Mar. 4 Mar. 18 Read and Think: Tasks: Due: Read Motivation Theory (Keller) Read Adult Learning Theories Read Aesthetic Principles of Instructional Design Read and look at Principles of Visual/graphic Design View 4 Steps for Better Powerpoint Presentations and enhancing Visual Effects View Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen and Cheating Death Analyze and Synthesize Read about CAST and UDL Examine Seidel et al.s Taxonomy Select at least 4 slides from poorly designed presentations. Revise these 4 slides according to Module 2 principles. Comment on your own VoiceThread which Module 2 principles were violated and why. Explain how your resolved these violations which principles you applied. Select the product for your mini-redesign (post in Discussion Board forum) Analyze the product relative to the Taxonomy (Seidel et al.) Begin work on Modules 1 and 2 relational map and brief Mar. 18 Link to your individual VoiceThread with principle violations, revisions, and rationales posted in Discussion Board. Mar. 18 Describe your Client and Product for mini-redesign. Apply Seidel et al. taxonomy (posted in Discussion Board in Blackboard)

Mar. 18 Mar. 24 Read and Think: View UDL in practice

Tasks: Due: Mar. 24

View how to apply cognitive principles to the design of instruction (CTML 25 Principles) Read UDL Guidelines View Cognitive Design Solution chart Work on your mini-redesign Continue on relational map and brief Mar. 24 Make a comment on at least 5 of your classmates VoiceThread Due soon- Apr. 1 Module 1 and 2 theories and principles relational map and brief in Discussion Board Due soon - Apr. 8 Mini-redesign in Discussion Board

Module 2 Completed!