1omás I|ores
Þo||t|ca| outs|der

Dear Un|on S|sters and 8rothers:
Vote for change. I am a po||t|ca| outs|der. My a||eg|ances are to a tru|y funct|ona| U1LA.
I ask for your vote to create change from w|th|n, for a UNICN re|evant and s|gn|f|cant to a|| |ts
stakeho|ders. I w||| work w|th each and every off|cer you e|ect, as I be||eve |n ÞkINCIÞLLS
8LICkL ÞLkSCNALI1ILS. After the e|ect|on I w||| advocate for an off|cers’ no-cost retreat to
create trust and he|p us get beyond the campa|gn.
Important|y, w|th my pr|vate sector exper|ence, I w||| be a secretary w|th pract|ca| sk|||s
germane to the [ob. I w||| commun|cate what we are do|ng, faster, better, and more
comp|ete|y, across a|| work|ng groups and members. And create a desperate|y needed
member |nformat|on data base, wh|ch has |angu|shed three years under the |ncumbent.
Act|ons to support Adu|t Lducat|on, nea|th and numan Serv|ces Þrofess|ona|s, Subst|tutes and
a|| members w||| be much more effect|ve once we can engage a|| of us.
I don’t want your money. I want your vote, and I want to hear your |deas and concerns:
tomasf|ores4secretary2014Qgma||.com and Þ.C. 8ox 1362, Montebe||o, CA 90640-1362. Cr
ca|| me, 323 48S S366, and v|s|t !"#$%&'()*+"',#*-./0 at Iacebook.com. Þ|ease support
change at U1LA and vote for the po||t|ca| outs|der, 1omás I|ores for U1LA Secretary. 1hank
you for your cons|derat|on.
S|ncere|y, Lndorsed by
“The information herein represents the views and op|n|ons of the cand|date and does not necessar||y represent or ref|ect
the opinions of UTLA.” ÞkCDUCLD IN nCUSL 8¥ Comm|ttee to L|ect 1omas I|ores 2014

Þer the U1LA Const|tut|on, th|s |s what the U1LA Secretary *1'2"3 be do|ng:
1. keeps adequate record of the nouse of kepresentat|ves and the 8oard of D|rectors.
2. Ma|nta|ns an accurate roster of U1LA and an accurate ||st of comm|ttees and personne|. Appo|nt such ass|stants
as may fac|||tate h|s]her off|ce.
3. Þerforms such other dut|es as proper|y perta|n to her]h|s off|ce and as may be prov|ded e|sewhere |n these
8y|aws and Stand|ng ru|es.
1. Create and ma|nta|n cons|stent and accurate |nformat|on f|ow to and from a|| Cff|cers, D|rectors, Comm|ttee
Cha|rs, Chapter Cha|rs, and Support Staff for p|ann|ng, rap|d consensus bu||d|ng and act|on.
2. Create a manageab|e Membersh|p Data 8ase. 1nIS ÞkCILC1 nAS S1ALLLD ICk 3 ¥LAkS. U1LA, Area and
Chapter Cha|rs must be ab|e to contact each member for a) research b) needs assessment, c) |nput, d)
mob|||zat|on, e) e|ect|ons.
3. keep record of a|| Cff|cer Meet|ngs, Cff|cer and Area Cha|r Meet|ngs, and Spec|a| 1ask Iorces to promote

- 1eacher, West Vernon LL Schoo|, Centra| Area
- 8|||ngua| c|assroom teacher 24 years, one year as AÞLIS.
- M8A from Stanford, w|th twe|ve years |n the pr|vate sector. Managed research teams, data bases,
mu|t|m||||on do||ar budgets, created market|ng strateg|es based on research.
- Þres|dent, San D|ego Chapter of Stanford GS8 A|umn|, |ncreased part|c|pat|on from 6¼ to 30¼ of |oca| a|umn|.

U1LA Lxper|ences
- Þo||t|ca| coord|nator Centra| Area-Current - Dua| member, C1A & CI1
- Centra| Area Steer|ng Comm|ttee- Current - L|ementary Comm|ttee- Current
- ket|rement Comm|ttee- Current - kaza Comm|ttee- Current
- Chapter Cha|r, Luc||d L|ementary 1994-199S - C1A State kep- Current
- NLA kA De|egate 2012 to Þresent - CI1 State de|egate.
“The information herein represents the views a"# $%&"&$"' $( )*+ ,-"#&#-)+ -"# #$+' "$) "+,+''-.&/0 .+%.+'+") $. .+(/+,) )*+ $%&"&$"' $(
UTLA.” 1*$)$ -2$3+ )-4+" 5+,+62+. 789 7:;<9 -) =-" >- ?++ @,*$$/9 A$ >-$ >-&9 B*-&/-"#C 1DE5FGH5 IJ KEF@H => G$66&))++ )$ H/+,)
B$6-' L/$.+' 7:;M
1omás I|ores
U1LA Secretary

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