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System Requirements
CPU : 800MHz and above Memory : 256MB RAM or Higher Hard Drive : 4G or higher for hard disk space OS : Windows 2000/XP Resolution : 1024 x 768 Monitor : Larger than 15 inch, & 17 inch is recommended Serial port & USB port available

User Login
Install the driver of encrypt USB key Driver file: Default user name: admin Password: mcquaymds (can be amend)

Menu Introduction
File Menu Exit only Function Menu Initiating: Hardware changes Error History: to record the faults in the system User Manager: to manage the user name & password Parameter Setting: to set parameter of the system Prompts for the units running

Wiring Connection

Computer Transformer(DC 9V) COM cable





A1 B1 A2 B2

Communication Wire(Connect outdoor)


Bin Apc Bpc


Bin Apc Bpc

mainboard of outdoor unit NO:0

mainboard of outdoor unit NO:31

Error History Record

User Manager
To add user: Key in user name Key in password 1. Click Add

To modify: Key in user name Key in new password 1. Click modify

To delete user: Select the user in the list 1. Click Delete

Parameters Setting
System shut down 3 minutes when switching from cool to heat or vice versa

Min. running time before switching to another mode

Lock screen interval time - Unit in seconds - Unlock password: mcquaymds

Click this will shown as follow

Parameters Setting

Stage History

ID Monitor

ID Monitor
1. Choose number of the OD

2. Choose number of the ID

ID Monitor
Single Control Select a indoor unit only

Multiple Control

Select many indoor units

Group Control

All the indoor units in the system

ID Monitor

Select mode (must select)

Select fan speed: (must select)

Select assistant functions:

ID Monitor

Click or , can adjust the set temperature Select or , can turn on or close the units
Click , can send the order to the units

Group Set & Timer

Group Set & Timer

Select OD

Click on the cell to select ID

Customized Group Setting

Customized Group Setting

After select the ID, click this button

To delete the selected ID, click this button

Customized Group Setting

To edit customized group name: 1. Key in group name 2. Click Refresh

To edit ID name: 1. Key in ID name 2. Click Refresh

Timer Setting
To add/delete the timer mode: 1. Key in name 2. Click Add or Delete

Select Timer Mode

To Add, Delete or Modify a task

Timer Setting
First mode: Select ON/OFF task

Timer Setting
Second mode: Select only ON or only OFF

Timer Mode Setting

1. Select ID

2. Select Mode

3. Click Set

System Monitor

System Monitor

System Monitor

Left click to select the locked function

System Monitor
MCC MCK MCM MDB MWM Icon Stop Cooling Heating

Air vent

Service &Commissioning Kit

Transfor mer

Communicat ion wire

Soft key Getway