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Andaleon, Karen Gaile L.

Reflection Paper

LS Form

What struck you most about the article? How does this article connect with my life?

My ultimate goal in life is to have a simple and happy life. However I know I have to learn first and master a lot of values and self-formation before achieving this goal. In my twenty-three years of existence there are many times that I questioned the challenges I encountered. I wondered the reasons why I had to experience those things. Sometimes I end up becoming disappointed and bitter with some facts about my life. I want to change them but I felt I was helpless to change them and make them in accordance to my hopes and desires. However through time and interaction with different kinds of people I realize that everything has its purpose. Even the darkest hours of life have meaning and value. Life has its meaning and I agree with the article how our life is planned by God. The part discussing the meaning of our life is the most striking part of the article because it made me realize that I have no reasons to be disappointed and bitter with my life. Uniting with Gods purpose would make us more appreciate the beauty of life. There maybe storms that would come along our journey but being united with God would make us strong enough to embrace these storms and conquer them. With God we can stay focus in upholding the Christian values we have. We can stand above our own weaknesses. We can no longer be controlled by these weaknesses. The article reminded me of how important overcoming ones weaknesses is. I had hurt many people in my life including myself because I was moved by my impulses and emotions. I let them reign in my life. I cling to these things not knowing they are already controlling me and preventing me from becoming truly happy. This article reminded me that I am created to be one with God. The Christian values I have must be constantly exercised because these will help me in moving closer to God. The article also reminded me how loving other people would make us closer to God. We are loved by God first and through loving other people we show our love for Him. The article also reminds us that conversion is a continuous process. We continuously change our intellectual capacity, moral standards and religious grounds to overcome those adversities that keep us away from God. The article reminded me how secured I am with Gods love. I live in this world because of Gods great love for me. We are all loved by God. Through loving other people and sharing good deeds we can show our gratitude to Him. I thank the Lord for bringing me into this world and for letting me experience not just the good times but also the bad times to make me realize how wonderful and meaningful my journey is.

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