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Confusion of Mind
Hi, my name is Marcus

The reason I’m doing this first program about your mind is not so much for the confusion programs but for all of them, including the ‘Unraveled’ programs. By the time you go through all the ‘Unraveled’ programs, you ill feel different and I !ust ant to ma"e you a are of some things and some things that I e#perienced as I learned these things. $o, this first program is called ‘%onfusion of &ind’ and e’ll get to your mind in a minute. I’d li"e to start ith this. The reason this ebsite is called $ervant 'ing is because it is the highest status any man can have. It is the most high you can be. (hen you ere born you ere a $ervant 'ing but you ere sub!ected to something that made you abandon it. )ou made a choice in hich you voluntarily abandoned your birthright and automatically descended. )ou chose to become a descendant of something, but did not "no you ere ma"ing that choice. The good ne s is you do not need to re*ascend. )ou only need to stop believing hat you have been sub!ected to. The ascension is automatic or by default. +o , my programs are not a bunch of discoveries that add to confusion and leave you hanging as to hat you should do. +o, I ill be giving you the solution in the ‘Unraveled’ programs, but hether you ta"e it and act on it ill be your choice, !ust as you have already made a choice by ta"ing something and acting on it hich resulted in the loss of all your property. )ou no ill need to ma"e a ne choice. +o , I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I’m going to ma"e some statements up front. Unbelievable statementsIf you are a member of any country, then you own no property. It is just not possible. If you own no property, then you practice the Occult. If you practice the Occult, then you see things that are not there, that is called hallucinations.

And if you practice the Occult, you do not see things that are there, that is called blindness. And if you are suffering from hallucinations, that is a se ere mental disorder, called delusions. If you are suffering from blindness, you just need to open your eyes. $o, if you are a member of any country, you are suffering from hallucinations, and that is a severe mental disorder. )ou are delusional. +o , that is .uite a statement to ma"e, isn’t it/ But, being the nice man I am, I prefer to call it confusion. +o , I "no you don’t believe hat I !ust told you. I ouldn’t have believed this years ago, either. But hat you believe doesn’t change a thing unless you change hat you believe, and ho cares hat you believe/ (ell, let me ans er that for you. The ans er is those ho rely on hat you believe to pull off the greatest s indle ever. Those ho go to great lengths to be sure you ill never reclaim your birthright. (e ere all born ith a birthright. (e still have that birthright. 0ust gotta figure out ho to get it bac". Birthright is something people never thin" about. I don’t "no about you but I thought it ould be nice to o n something 1 anything, maybe a dog. 2ight no , I don’t even o n my dog and neither do you. The other thing I ould li"e to tell you before e get to your mind is hat many call the greatest ne s ever. )ou’ve probably heard it before, but nobody believes it. 3ere’s the ne s.

!"he "ruth will ma#e you free.$
4veryone’s heard that but ho said it and hat does it mean. In layman’s terms it ould be called a ‘get out of captivity free card’. +o , listen very carefully. )ou only get one card. There is no second card. It’s a one* time offer and the offer has already been issued, but do you "no ho to claim it. +o , if you find yourself in captivity today, hat you need to "no , is that you are in a prison ithin a prison. Those ho thin" they are free are also in captivity, but if you use this card, you do have to depart and promise never to return. 0ust so e are clear about this, If you use the card, you can ne er return to who you are and where you are. If you do, you ill have ensnared yourself again because of your conviction. 3o do I "no all this 1.. I have it on very, very good authority.

I ould also li"e to sho you the shado of a couple of things. But, not the things itself. In order to see the thing I ill need to shed a bit more light on it as e go. (hen the light goes on in your head, then you’ll be able to see it. %ould you imagine one day getting a letter from a la yer in the mail and the letter said that you are the beneficiary to a ill. )ou are the heir to an inheritance. The letter goes on to say that you ere disinherited and barred from your inheritance hen you chose to be estranged from your dad and hen you ere adopted by a ne family. 3o ever, I am pleased to inform you that your dad still loves you and according to the codicil of the ill, your dad ill forgive you, but you must return home. In addition, the ill stipulates that you are to be given e#clusive control over your inheritance provided you adhere to the complete and perfect terms of the ill. This is an open standing offer hich you can claim at any time but you can only claim it in person. 5.$. I should also inform you that your dad is really ealthy. (hat ould you do/ (ould you continue trying to ma"e it on your o n/ (ould you continue to try to ma"e a name for yourself or ould you act in the name of your real father and return and adhere to the terms of the ill/ $o, to be sure you claim your inheritance in person, you loo" up the ord ‘person’ in (ebster’s 6ictionary and it says !A person is primarily a MA%& used by an actor on stage.$ 7'8 $o, you go out and buy a mas" and you put it on and you return home for your inheritance. (hen you get home, you say ‘3i 6ad, I’m here for my inheritance’. )our dad loo"s at you and says ‘I don’t recogni9e you. 6epart from me you ho practices ini.uity. Ini.uity means pretending to be ho you are not. (7(, ouldn’t that be a shoc"er. The letter you got from the la yer e#plained the terms of the ill and you thought you did everything correct and right. )ou even loo"ed up the ord ‘person’ to ma"e sure you did not ma"e a mista"e. (ouldn’t that !ust blo your mind/ )ou see, the ord :5erson; is one of the "eys to understanding the confusion, to seeing the illusion and learning ho you have been s indled out of your inheritance. <nd I ill be confusing you more before e completely unravel it. I should tell you that a !person$ is not a noun, it is an ad erb. The other thing I ould li"e to tell you, li"e the inheritance story, is this. 7ne day, somebody sho s you something and it loo"s beautiful. )ou really ant it. )ou desire it. +o , he’s illing to give it to you but you have to as" for it. )ou have to apply for it. )ou have to re.uest it. $o, you as" for it and he gives it to you. Then he tells you that you should "eep it in a safe place. .. very valuable1 li"e a safe deposit bo#, a treasure bo#.

7ne day you decide to sho your friend your treasure and he loo"s at it and says ‘(ell it sure loo"s nice, but it’s a counterfeit’. < forgery. < copy. < duplicate. )ou’ve been duped’. <nd you say, ‘no, I can’t believe that. =oo" at it, it’s beautiful.’ <nd he says ‘)es, I "no it loo"s beautiful, but I’ve seen the real one, the genuine one and I can tell you that this one is counterfeit’. (ouldn’t that !ust rot your so# off. )ou see, there is no ay humanly possible to recogni9e a counterfeit or a forgery of anything unless you have seen the real genuine thing. )ou have to see both of them in order to compare and this is hy I must sho you in my presentations both the counterfeit and the genuine or you can never "no or see the $(I+6=4.

"his first program is called your mind. There is a battle going on for your mind. This is nothing ne . This battle has been going on as old as man"ind, himself. In reality, the battle is over because I can find no one ho has not lost their mind. By the time you atch all these videos, both the %onfusion videos and the Unraveled videos, you ill say to yourself ‘I must have lost my mind’. But to be fair, and in reality, you ha e only lost control of your mind. $o, I need to briefly spea" about your mind so you are a are of ho you ma"e choices. I also need to mention some of the things I e#perienced in my o n mind as I discovered these things. (hat you ill feel and e#perience as you go through these programs I’ve given much thought to hether I should do these programs. I also gave much thought as to ho to e#plain the things I’ve learned and discovered. <s I discovered things, I repeatedly said to myself ‘This is unbelievable. (ho else "no s this. +obody seems to "no this.’ But, of course, somebody must. (hat ma"es the unbelievable, believable, is the evidence, the facts and the proof. 5roven facts become "no ledge. If I ere to !ust give you hat I’ve learned ithout laying a foundation, people ould ta"e it, run ith it, maybe for the right reasons, maybe for the rong reasons and could end up hurting themselves. It is best to act when the confusion is gone. )ou see, the la is a very serious thing. In other ords, if you ere involved in something that is bad, you’d be best to get out of it before you critici9e it. $omeone may hurt you. That is !ust a prudent arning. )ou see, these things that I learned came to me slo ly over many years. )ou ill need time to absorb and grasp these things so you ill need time to thin" and thin" and thin" a little bit more, until you can clearly see them, understand them, feel them and live them.

&nowing something to be true without the why, is not #nowledge at all. "hat is just belie ing someone who told you it is true. 'elief is not #nowledge. 'elief is only what you accept as true. The fe people I have spo"en to about these things, in !ust a brief ay have said :(ell, !ust e#plain it to me, I’m not stupid;. I can hear a sarcasm, a discomfort in their voice, because I !ust told them something that they "no is true but they don’t "no hy and that ma"es them feel uncomfortable. 6eception has nothing to do ith being stupid. It has to do ith mind control in ays that e are all sub!ect to. <s e go through these programs you ill e#perience an emotion of frustration and confusion. )ou may feel a betrayal of something you feel dear and sacred, li"e losing the love of something really great. )our first reaction may be to re!ect hat you are learning and thin" it is cra9y. If you are human, this is normal. )our mind has been controlled in ays to ma"e you react to things that are contrary to your beliefs. )ou ill feel uncomfortable. )ou may feel angry, maybe even to ards me. )ou may re!ect hat I present, but ultimately you should feel deceived. (hy did nobody ever tell me this/ I’ll be ans ering that .uestion, also, as e go along. If and hen you grasp these things, you ill feel fear and scared to act upon hat you "no to be true. All I can say about fear is that the cause of any fear you feel has already happened to you. Thin" about it. The fear of doing something in the future is al ays based on a past e#perience and the deceivers "no this too. They rely on it. It too" me a fe months each time I felt these things to finally overcome them. I almost stopped my .uest but I revie ed the fe things I "ne to be absolutely true and each time it made me continue. (hen you feel these emotions !ust continue at your o n pace, because things that are true ill not go a ay !ust because you do not believe them. (enewing your mind will be the hardest thing you will e er do. And the lying decei ers #now it. Again, they rely on it at your e)pense. =et me say it again. )ou ill feel fooled, deceived, some ill get angry, some ill thin" it’s funny but everyone ill feel frustrated and scared to do anything about it. But, hen you can clearly see the effects of this, ho ever, hy it is done, you ill see the e#treme evil in it. Can you change your mind* 5eople al ays thin" they are big enough to change their mind. I don’t "no . The first thing I need to address is this. If the information I present to you will change your

mind, you ha e to be willing to change your mind. $tubborn, stiff*nec"ed people cannot be turned. But, hen you start to see the facts, as they say, facts are stubborn things. It is very difficult, nearly impossible, to solve a problem using your mind if the problem is in your mind. The problem is your mind. 3o are you going to use your mind to solve the problem in your mind/ It’s li"e a disease trying to cure a disease. $ort of li"e a mental guy ho thin"s he is normal, or a man ith multiple personality disorder trying to get rid of them. These programs have concepts that are hard to grasp1things that you are not supposed to "no . It’s simple hen you see them. "here are only two ways to see things. One is with your eyes, and the other is with your mind, called imagery or imagination. It is the second one that is controlled by law. )ou are not a are of that. But, it ill re.uire you to thin", thin", thin", because right no they are foreign to your ay of thin"ing. (e do and say many things every day ithout even thin"ing hat it is all about because it is normal. But hen you loo" belo the surface as I have, you ill find things you ish you never "ne or sa . (e never thin", e have no time for that and this is done on purpose too. 5eople believe many things. (hat you believe ill determine ho you act. )ou can change hat you believe but you cannot change hat you "no because hat you "no is a fact. (hat you "no ill determine ho you act for sure. If you can change belief to "no ledge, no you "no something for sure. Mind Control is what you let your mind be e)posed to. 4very a"ing moment, e#perience and association is ta"en in through your senses and it is mind altering. (hen you e#pose yourself to things, either good or bad, no matter ho strong you thin" your mind is, they are mind altering to some degree. $o, mind control begins ith you. What will I e)pose myself to* (hen e ere born our minds started developing. (hat e thin" ill change. (hen things are done to your mind for your o n good, that is good mind control but it is still mind control. But, ho decides hat is good for your mind/ )ou decide hat TV sho s your "ids can atch. This is mind control. (e have a government controlled education system. This is mind control. (e have ne s programs, the most trusted name in ne s. This is mind control. (hen your mind is developed by and through someone ho loves you and you trust, that is probably good. (hen someone ho you do not "no or trust tries to control your mind, you ill probably not let your mind be controlled. )ou ill not believe them. )ou ill re!ect it. $o, inning someone’s heart and mind is very important.

2eligion and patriotism uses the same process called ma"e*believe. (hat can I ma"e you believe/ Believe me, it’s true. I have to tell you, though, that some things are !ust ma"e believe. They are not true at all, li"e pretending and acting. This is hy all con men ho ant to sell you something are al ays friendly, nice, compassionate, tell you something you ant to hear, stro"e your ego, your self*esteem, they care for your ell* being, they’re concerned about your public safety. )ou may believe hat I tell you because you li"e me. If you don’t li"e me, even if I told you the truth, you ouldn’t believe it. But, these con men, they only met you a moment ago, can they really feel these things for you, they don’t even "no you. They really ant something else. < salesman ants your money. < politician ants your po er. (hen "no ledge is purposely put in your mind or purposely "ept from your mind, that is also mind control. +e concepts are usually easy to understand unless your mind already holds concepts contrary to them. A well+educated mind will ha e great problems with these concepts I will be presenting. "hey already #now too much . &y blessing, in disguise, as my brain as pretty ell empty. +ot that I as stupid, I !ust did not "no very much. (hen I say something you may see something totally different than hat I intended, based on your e#periences, associations and so forth or !ust re!ect the concept outright. +o room in my brain for a ne or contrary concept. I do not ant to change the ay I do things, it’s too hard, it’s the only thing I "no , it is the only ay I "no . &ost of ho to learn ill happen in the first seven years of your life. <fter that it ill be hard. 3ave a loo" at your child’s report card. 6o it. )ear after year, your teachers are riting in there ‘this child is grasping this concept, this concept, this concept. They "eep using the ord ‘concept’. (e’ve all been taught concepts. Can you be cultured without being a member of a cult* <ny society or culture is a cult. They hold beliefs in common for peace and harmony and that may be good, but it proves that you don’t thin". >ree thin"ers cannot all hold the same beliefs or "no ledge. Those e#posed to the same stimuli or are mind controlled ill thin" ali"e. (e thin" of mind control and a cult is something bad. It can be bad or good. It is !ust hat ill you e#pose your mind to and that re.uires you to thin". %ommon sense is !ust hat everyone does. &on"ey see, mon"ey do. ,)plaining my disco eries to you will be for me, li#e spea#ing to a cult . But you do not thin" you are a member of a cult. This is the genius of the occult. It is hidden and hard to see. I ill sho you something to be true and you’ll be able to see it but you ill try to re!ect it or ignore it because of your long*held beliefs. I !ust ant you to thin" about

this and "eep it in mind hen you feel yourself becoming uncomfortable or ready to re!ect something. )ou’ve absorbed many things over the years because of your beliefs, trusts, patriotism, loyalty, love, vanity, !ealousy, greed, lust, fear. These are the human motivators. These motivators ill ma"e you act one ay or another and they all come from your mind. 2emember hat I said early on, overcoming a mind problem ith your mind is very difficult, almost impossible. I ould li"e you to prove me rong. ???????????????????????????? In the ne#t video I ill begin my story. I ill sho you hat caused me to a"e up from living a dream. &y story reveals my confusion, and my lac" of "no ledge, but is foundational to all the programs. $o, in the ne#t video, let’s get confused together.

"ill then--.

My name is Marcus

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