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The Master Sovereign System

True Freedom! MSS is the acronym for The Master Sovereign System
The purpose of MSS is to provide Sovereign spiritual teachings and well researched, tested lawful and honorable commercial remedies. There is critical thing you must know e!ore you em ark on this "ourney# NO PIE E O! P"PE# #E"TES !#EE$O%, ON&' 'O( $O) 'ou say no, only hrist does, but we say who has the free will of choice that activates the !reedom hrist Offers* 'ou do) So by your thoughts, words, choices and actions, you create your own !#EE$O%)

MSS Ste$%1 &''(M)*+S,-S a !ew di!!erent things to your


+. It Separates the orporate &E,"& PE#SON from the Natural living 'O() This correctly rebuts the incorrect presumption that your identity is the &E,"& PE#SON. The &E,"& PE#SON is a corporation, and legal fiction "N$ a title-(PPE# "SE N"%E ON " .I#T/ E#TI!I "TE. 0. Step1+ creates a perfected lien by you against the &E,"& PE#SON that ma2es you the holder1due course of this property and gives you the first right of claim against it. If anyone wants to bring a claim against the &E,"& PE#SON P#OPE#T' they would first have to pay the natural you the full amount of the lien. 3. It gives you a controlling interest in this property. 'ou cannot own the property because you didn4t create it, but you will fully control it after Step1+. 5. It is your $ecree to the world about who you are in reality and it establishes where you stand as a Sovereign living being with all natural rights in1tact.

.$dated# 2%02%2012

MSS Ste$%1# /ecome a Sovereign Secured )arty 'reditor% The .''%1 )0('-SS 1and associated documents2. 3escri$tion o! the two $arts o! MSS Step1+ +. !illing out your own MSS Step1+ Sovereignty $ocuments, using the MSS Template $ocs) 0. !iling "nd %ailing The ( $ocuments 1+ !IN"N IN, ST"TE%ENT "nd Sovereignty

Note6 'ou will need Microso!t 4ord installed on your computer.

5otes a out using &** '&)S! 5(T+'-# $o not alter the case of the words in these documents)

"&& "PS in the legal realm means 7 O%%E# I"&4 "N$ I! 'O( (SE T/E% 'O( "#E " ST#"8%"N) There are many other things that mean you are a strawman which are discussed on our website, 9username and password re:uired; If you are a strawman, then you are under the full <urisdiction of the federal united states corporation and you are its sub<ect, its property, chattel, collateral and slave. 'ou must answer for the ST#"8%"N if you are the strawman and it only has horrible conse:uences) If you are the strawman, the defacto ban2rupt and corrupt federal united states coporation owns all of your assets, property, your land, your home, your vehicles, your children, and even your body) 'ou will wor2 all wee2 giving up your precious time and energy doing things you usually hate, sometimes in hard labor and under great duress and stress only to receive a note of debt for 0=> of what you really earned, which is then all ta2en away by all the commercial fees, ta?es, fines, permits and other bills you must pay. To not pay 9which you can4t; is the ultimate crime to the cabal 9Even when owing a debt is not a crime;. 'ou will be traumati@ed and molested on the highways and byways for no reason, you can have your door bro2en down by agents calling you a terrorist for no reason, be detained, arrested, tortured, imprisoned indefinitely, and even legally be assassinated for no lawful reason whatsoever under e?ecutive orders and unlawful acts perpetrated on the people by a heinous cabal that you did not elect in truth, and be terrified by evil covert agencies for spea2ing words freely) .y being the ST#"8%"N &E,"& ENTIT' "N$ A(#ISTI PE#SON "N$ (.S. ITIBEN, you are on a one1 way road to that leads to hell with no possible redemption or way of escape) The whole point is, do not be the ST#"8%"N) If you have to spend the rest of your life learning how not to be the ST#"8%"N, then you had better get busy) Even doing everything that is taught here means nothing if you do not 2now who or what

you really are) 8e will teach you how to be a strawman and how not to) "n e?ample of how to be a strawman in certain situations is to not say a word. "n e?ample of how not to be a strawman in other situations is to spea2. 'ou can see we all have a lot to learn here) T/E %"IN 8"' TO .E " ST#"%8"N IS TO .E T/E ST#"8%"N .' N"%E, 8/ET/E# 8#ITTEN O# SPOCEN. 8hen you give your name, written or spo2en designates if you are the Strawman or a flesh and blood being. " flesh and blood being becomes a Strawman if he does not refute it or answers to the N"%E) &i2e we said earlier there are many other devious and deceptive ways to be the Strawman in ignorance, such as returning the phone call of a public official to whom you <ust gave an affidavit of Sovereignty. /e calls you bac2 or emails you to tric2 you) The tric2 is if you answer or communicate or respond, you <ust made a contract, and you are the ST#"8%"N again)

ST#"8%EN simply ma2e contracts with the $EDI&. SODE#EI,NS ma2e contracts with ,O$) In summary, 8atch the "PS and don4t be the ST#"8%"N) Enough about this wic2ed stuff. &et4s get on with the #emedy and chain the .E"ST using the .E"ST4S own rules to 2eep it from eating us alive) !or any words written regarding the public corporate side use "PS. !or any words written regarding the sovereign private natural side, use mi?ed case)

.e careful about altering these docs in any way) E?ceptions6 If something is out of line in a paragraph, then fi? it) If something absolutely does not apply to you li2e a marriage or divorce, you can remove that reference. If you detect a typo, fi? it and notify %SS at once at $o not re1 word the docs unless you 2now what you are doing) If you are not sure as2) Pay attention to all punctuations and mar2s as well.

MSS Step1+ Instructions6 Sim$ly re$lace the sam$le data in each ,ray Shaded !ields with your own correct $ersonal data care!ully !ollowing the instructions herein. 8hen your replace the sample data in the shaded field, the gray shading goes away) .e sure to save these original docs in a folder on your P that you can easily access named FOriginal %SS Sovereignty $ocs with !ieldsG. Ne?t copy these original untouched docs with the shaded fields intact to another folder named F!inal edited %SS Sovereignty $ocs.G If you ma2e a mista2e on the edited versions, you can always go bac2 to the untouched originals and start over or used the originals for reference. $o not edit the Originals directly, lest you have to start completely over if you ma2e a serious mista2e. 5(T-# +! you do not !eel com!orta le a out uilding your own version o!

these MSS Ste$%1 3ocuments6 !eel it7s too com$licated6 are concerned a out $ossi le mistakes in your !inal versions6 or i! you "ust want the documents $re$ared !or you in an error%!ree $ro!essional manner6 click the link elow#

3ocument )re$aration and click on the 3ocument )re$aration /utton at the .ottom of the page on The MSS 4e site. !or a gift of H0=I.II, you will receive the gift of having it all done for you in a timely, correct and professional manner) This shall include document preparation for each of the Steps shown on the 8ebsite and includes phone coaching for each step) 5ote# " Safety Private "greement shall be re:uired for this assistance) Send an Email to in about giving your gift of love.

.se 5otice and 3isclaimer# Per your original )rivate &greement to gain access The MSS 8ebsite and have !ree (se of the information therein, the use or misuse of this information 9which includes but is not limited to errors in your documents and any steps or actions ta2en on your part related to The MSS will be your sole responsibility and MSS is com$letely held harmless and you are held at esto$el without recourse against MSS !or your $ersonal Sovereignty work6 $rocesses and actions.

NOTE6 If you do not understand what the terms below mean, then send us an Email and as2)

3e!inition o! !ields in MSS Ste$%1 Sovereignty 3ocuments

$ateToNotari@eJ$ate to put on your docs which will be the date you plan to go down to the Notary and sign them) !I#STN"%EJST#"8%"NKs !irst Name &"STN"%EJST#"8%"NKs &ast Name !I#STN"%E &"STN"%E J ST#"8%"NKs complete Name.

!irstNameJ'our Sovereign !lesh and .lood, !amily1,iven !irst Name %iddleNameJ'our Sovereign !lesh and .lood, !amily1,iven %iddle Name &astNameJ'our Sovereign !lesh and .lood, !amily1,iven &ast Name

!irstName1%iddleName6 &astNameJ 'our Sovereign family given name. e?6 Sue1&ee6 Aones

NOTE6 LSue1&ee6 AonesM is the proper synta? for your flesh1and1blood Sovereign Name. The L and M symbols are on the Insert NN Symbol menu in 8O#$) Note6 !rom now on your new name shall be !irstName1%iddleName of the &astName !amily. If you do not use this new name when you sign things or say your name, you will be a ST#"8%"N, and everything will be retribution) The symbols are optional but recommended to show you have a valid common law copyright and violations for using your name without permission can become very costly to abusive statutory officials.

-8$lanation o! the 3ocument 5um ers

elow# "PS1ddmmyy1initials of document

A/$100IO=P1P" is your three initials in title. P" means Private "greement)

A/$100IOQQ1 N N means opyright Notice.

Notice the difference in the last two digits of years in each of the numbers above. One is your birth date and the other is your eighteenth birthday) Cnow which is which and where they go by the e?amples in the docs) NOTE6 To edit the numbers in the footer of the document, simply double clic2 on the footer and it will open for editing) hange the number to yours then clic2 bac2 on the body of the $O to close the footer)

%an1or18omanJ#eplace this field with either the word %an or 8oman depending on what you is) &O& ,enderJ #eplace with %ale or !emale unless u are something else. &O& again) 'our%ailing"ddressJ9address where you live now; 'our ity J'our $omicile letter in "PS) ity 9where you live now; spelled out with the first

'SJ'our $omicile State 9where you live now; two letter state abbreviation in "PS. This is only used in these docs and not in everyday use) !or everyday use, spell the state out with only the first letter in "PS. 'ourStateJ'our $omicile State 9where you live now; Spelled out long with first letter only in caps 'ourBipJ Bip where you are domiciled 9where you live now;. Note6 "fter you become Sovereign, either do not use a BIP or put s:uare brac2ets around it to

show that you are e?empt from the !ederal @one. I do not use a @ip code or a post office) .oth create !ederal Aurisdiction over your body)

'our ountyJ ounty where you are domiciled, first letter "PS)

'our.irth$ate J 'our .irth $ate e?6 "ugust +=, +PR0 5$igit.irth'ear J 51digit .irth 'ear e?6 +PR0 'ourbirth/ospitalStreet J Street address of birth hospital 'ourbirth ity J ity of birth hospital 'our.irthState&ong J 'our long spelled "&& "PS, State of .irth) .S J 'our 01letter abbreviated "&& .ullshit; &O&) .irthBip J .irth /ospital-&ocation Bip "PS birth state e?6 " 9also stands for

.irth ertificateNum J Number off of your birth certificate. If you don4t have a birth certificate, get a certified copy, for use in the Sovereignty Process only)

+0315=1RQOP J Socialist Number S'our social security numberT +035=RQOP J einU or e?emption number)

$&N(%1+035=RQOP J 'our $river4s &icense Number $river&icenseState J State where your driver4s license was issued

The second $art o! MSS Ste$%1 is The Filing and Mailing o! your MSS Ste$%1 3ocuments!

+nstructions !or !inali9ing MSS Ste$%1# filing and mailing the ( financing statement and Sovereignty $ocuments


,ow to store and use these digital sovereignty !iles on your com$uter! +. (n@ip all documents to a folder on your computer. #emember where this

folder is) 0. I recommend that you also bac2 up this folder onto a !lash $rive, $D$, or an e?ternal hard drive and then move these digital bac2up copies to a different secure location from the originals and store the media in a !ire safe that is stored out of the way)

'om$leting The .''%1 Financing Statement :you have to do this. it7s sim$le!; +. Print the State and the Postal ode by hand using a blue in2 pen, in section 3c6 +. The State must be written out fully and not abbreviated and with only the first letter capitali@ed and needs to stop at the end of the State .o?. E?ample6 "ri@ona 0. The Postal ode must include s:uare brac2ets around it to 2eep you out of the !ederal Bone. E?ample6 9O=303; )rinting6 notari9ing6 secure hardco$y your sovereignty docs acku$s6 and mailing $rocess !or

+. Print out all the P$! documents and proofread them. Note6 (se P5 bright-0Ilb printer paper. Print in blac2 and white, and at high resolution.
0. Ta2e all of the documents you printed to a notary and simply lay down the

page where you and the Notary sign) State this true fact to the Notary6 that you are securing an interest in personal property. 'O( are the property) "ppreciate his-her good service with praise. 3. Once you have the docs notari@ed, ma2e color copies of each document for your records) Ceep all these color originals with notary seals in a fire safe in a separate secure area away from the copies. NOTE: THE EXTRA DO !"E#T$ %# TH%$ &A 'A(E )%** +E !$ED ,OR TH%#($ *ATER- .!$T 'EE& THE" %# A $A,E &*A E- % A*$O 'EE& A O&/ O, E0ER/TH%#( O# "/ &ER$O# AT A** T%"E$ 5. Place the ( 1+ over &etter 9as the first page;, ucc1+ financing statement, schedule1a, commercial security agreement and a money order for H3=.II for each ( 1+ statement 9%an and wife with their own ( 1+ must each send H3=.II; in a P ? +0 envelope and mail it to the following address6 9NOTE6 %an and wife must use separate envelopes.;

4ashington State (!!ice o! the Secretary .'' Filings $epartment of &icensing

PO .o? PRRI Olympia, 8" PO=IQ1PRRI

Note: /ou can write the address on the envelope1 or use a large printer label- !se the e2act $overeign name3 return address spelling1 punctuation as shown in the Ac4nowledgment bo2 located in the left top corner of the ! 56 ,orm as your return address for the envelope=. Send this package regular mail! 'ou should get a receipt from the

postmaster for the mailing costs showing information about the mailing)
R. 'ou should get your reply bac2 within a wee2 or so from The 4&S,+5<T(5

S-'0-T&0= (F ST&T- .'' Filing (!!ice. &!ter your document is entered into the $u lic record y this o!!ice6 you will receive an o!!icial !iling num er! >ee$ this with your other secure records! Q. #E O%%EN$"TION6 'ou can ma2e your own cover page for this official set of Step + documents. The over page should show the 8ashington State Seal, your sovereign name, the filing number and filing date. This is an important date to you because it is the date you declared and gained your personal freedom lawfully using commercial remedies and e?emptions set forth by the (NITE$ ST"TES !E$E#"& O#PO#"TION. O. Place this over Page and the olor opies of your original notari@ed documents into a hard clear plastic binder) This is a powerful document pac2age for use in all encounters with public corporate commercial statutory officials) P. If possible, file all of these documents with your local county cler2. This provides more local protection for you) Some cler2s won4t file because they can be asses who brea2 their own oath of office and laws, but there is plenty of ,oogle research on how to get-force them to file your lawful documentation) "s an alternative you can record all these docs with the National Public #egistry Online. Aust ,oogle it) 'ou may also place the docs as a 7public notice4 in a newspaper for 5 wee2s and have someone in representing the newspaper sign an affidavit of posting. 'ou may also <ust post the docs on the 8E.) "ll of these are considered lawful public Notice, and none of them are absolutely necessary under ommon law, but they are definitely a plus) 'ou can use this additional public record recording to bac2 up what your documents claimV that you are not a ST"TE1 #E"TE$ &E,"& ENTIT', ST#"8%"N O#PO#"TION or $E.TO#, but a living breathing, flesh and blood man and creditor, created only by ,O$)

This is the end o! Ste$ %1 o! The Master Sovereign System

5(T-# 4hen you get your .'' !iling num er =ou will e noted in the record as & Sovereign Secured )arty 'reditor!

ack !rom the S-'0-T&0=6

Feel strong, free and good about hat you ha!e done and get ready for the ne"t step, hich can commence about #$%& days after Step$%!

5ote# Ste$ two is the /irth 'erti!icate 0edem$tion?Trust &ccount &ctivation )rocess6 which we will do a!ter you receive ack your .''%1 Filing 5um er!

5otice# )e have ta4en every step to ma4e sure your ucc56 financing statement will be filed with the secretary of state. %t7s rare1 but1 some $overeign ! 56 filings get re8ected for different reasons1 so if that happens1 first don7t become discouraged1 doubtful1 or angry. $econd1 4now that there are 9 other ways to do this-

Email if you have any :uestions or get stuc2) 8e do not accept in1bound phone calls. 8e will call you with a scheduled coaching call if we have an arrangement to prepare your documents for you) 8ith that said, we are here for you and at your service) Make sure you elieve in yoursel! :This is hard at !irst; and elieve in what you are doing and make sure you give thanks to <(3 !or your lessings!!

*ove gi!ts !rom your heart are a


,old down 'trl and 'lick here to o!!er a love gi!t# <ive a *ove <i!t i! you are lessed!

Notice and 'isclaimer: The educational materials contained herein are the sole and private property of the "A$TER $O0ERE%(# $/$TE". )e do not practice law1 but we do study the law. %f you see4 legal advice1 you must consult a +AR Attorney. All of this information is copyrighted and lawfully protected under a :61;;;1;;;.;; fee per violation of copyright violation. /ou are not authori<ed by me to disclose any communication between myself and yourself in any manner. (ny misuse or disclosure of )*+,(TE '(T( or these materials or any copyright !iolations

+S sub-ect to se!ere penalty under .O' and in la . Anyone violating this disclaimer or ma4ing a claim otherwise will be committing fraud upon the court and upon the people. +y proceeding the agreement in this disclaimer is in force and has no e2piration. NOT+/E: This is a lawful filing procedure under the !#%,OR" O""ER%A* ODE A#D it is a (OD5(iven right for all of the $overeign &eople to hold the only security interest in their personal property1 their own life and body being their highest form of property. 0ay .od ha!e mercy on any one ho harms one of his /hildren! end

'o$yright 20126 The Master Sovereign System and MSS. &ll 0ights 0eserved. *aw!ul 3isclaimer# The Master Sovereign System and MSS is opyrighted Private Property that shall not endure trespass and operates in honor and peace, lawfully in the Secured Private Denue. The Master Sovereign System and MSS are privately owned by the Secured Party, and Sentient Natural being not sub<ect to any statutory law or O#PO#"TE &E,"& ENTIT'. "nyone ma2ing a claim otherwise will be committing fraud upon the court without recourse, under their full personal commercial liability, under penalty of per<ury, under severe personal penalties per fee SP fee schedules in law before a $e<ure ,rand Aury in the Sovereign4s $e<ure ourt of the "merican #epublic.