Video 5

“Confusion of Law”
Hi, my name is Marcus Law and Government as you know it, or are presumed to know it. The reason for this program is basically an unconventional lesson in civics. You were all taught in school some basic civics and of course the media continually reports on civics. Now there is a reason why over 90% of all elected representatives in government and why presidents and prime ministers of countries are all lawyers. !eaders that are not lawyers have a an e"tra pillow in bed for their lawyer.They are the only ones who #now how it all wor#s. There are all #inds of groups in the world protesting all sorts of things yet not one of them even #now what the root of the problem is that they are protesting. $overnments humour them by allowing them to protest peacefully but behind the scenes they are %ust calling you idiots. &hen is the last time you saw a group of lawyers out on the street protesting something. They are not idiots. '''''''''''''''''' ( see aborginal groups protesting for things they claim they own. &hy would you protest owning something. You are confused. ( see people protesting that )% of people own 99% of all the wealth. *ut wealthy people do not own anything either. You are confused. ( see groups of people protesting against abortions. They want unborn human beings to be declared to be persons. You are confused. ( see groups who oppose all statute law and want to be governed by the common law. You are confused. ( see groups protesting saying they want to be a freemen living on the land. You are confused. ( see people fighting in court for the custody of their own children. You are confused.

+nd who do all these groups and people go to for help. You guessed it ,The -asters of .onfusion/. 0o my lesson to you will hopefully ma#e you reali1e how futile your protests are. 2opefully you will stop what you are doing and change direction. $overnment is pretty straight forward. GOV' !", v.i. #o e$ercise aut%ority& to administer t%e 'aws. Government( ) or*ani+ation t%at e$ercises aut%ority. 0o basically to govern means to control something.

The !aw. &hat is law3 ,'acks Law -st edition sort of says it .est( Law( #%at w%ic% is 'aid down, ordained or esta.'is%ed. ) ru'e or met%od accordin* to w%ic% p%enomena or actions co/e$ist and fo''ow eac% ot%er. #%at w%ic% is 'aid down and esta.'is%ed .y a supreme power or .ein*. Canadian Law 0ict ( Law( ) ru'e to *overn action. ( have heard of all #inds of law. 4ublic law .orporate law 5amily law +dministrative law (nternational law .riminal law .riminal !awyer6 what #ind of lawyer you going to hire. 7h a criminal one. .ivil law .ommon law !aw of physics !aw of mathematics !aw of gravity !aw of thermodynamics !aw of $od You can brea# the law. You can8t brea# the law. Nobody is above the law. 9veryone is under the law. + lawma#er -unicipal law .onstitutional law. The royal law

!aw enforcement -an6made law 7ld law New law 0pent law. .ourt of law There ought to be a law against that The supreme law is the constitution. The law is always spea#ing. &e can amend the law :epeal a law 0tri#e down a law +nd on and on we go about law. (f you brea# the law that is wrong. (f you obey the law that is right.2ere are a few things you should thin# about carefully. ;ust thin# about these things by yourself with your normal good brain. 2as anyone ever as#ed why do ( have to obey the law3 (s there a law that says ( have to obey the law3 !awyers and many others in your society ma#e an oath to obey the law. <id you ma#e an oath to obey the law3 &hy do some ma#e an oath to obey the law and other do not3 +re we not all e=ual under the law3 0urely someone who made an oath has a greater duty than one who has not made an oath or promise to do something. !awyers have a license to practice the law. <o you have a license to practise the law3 (f you practice the law without a license is that not illegal3 -aybe you should stop practising the law before you get into trouble. &e say we are a nation of laws and governed by the rule of law. ( guess we could say we are a society of laws ,a law society./ Then ( must be a member of a law society. ( #now that lawyers are members of law societies. !i#e the law 0ociety of >pper .anada. *ut ( am not a member. +m (3 ( can choose to represent myself in court if ( wish. <oes that ma#e me an officer of the court3 *ut if we are all members of a law society does that mean ( am a lawyer3 ( practice the law. <id you #now that lawyers are taught in law schools to disregard what they may thin# is right or wrong. They are trained to only thin# in terms of what is legal or illegal.

2ave you been taught to disregard what is right and wrong and to thin# in terms of only what is legal or illegal. (f you are going to represent yourself in court disregarding what is right and wrong would be helpful. The basic definition of legal insanity rests upon your ability to #now what is right and wrong. 0o if your lawyer has been trained to disregard what is right and wrong is your lawyer legally insane3 9ven %udges will render a legal opinion. (t may be right or it may be wrong but it will be legal. 0o what does legal mean3 (f ( do what is legal and refrain from doing what is illegal is that right or is that wrong. ?illing ;ews in $ermany was legal. +bortion is legal. 0odomy is legal. 2ating sodomy is illegal. Le*a'ese( t%e 'an*ua*e of a 'aw society. <ictionaries will tell you@ !egal means according to law. (n conformity with law. :ecogni1ed and valid in law. +grees with the law. &hy not %ust say it is the law. (f it was the law then we would not need the word ,legal./ ( thin# legal has more to do with the will. 7r more specifically willful support. &hy because a legal system re=uires your will. (f you cannot form a will you cannot be held legally responsible for your act. +lso a legal system re=uires your support. (f something is legal you have a leg to stand on. (f it is illegal then you do not have a leg to stand on. You will find no support for something illegal. ( also #now that a ,will/ has no force or effect while the testator of the will is yet alive. ( have to wonder how the ,will of the people/ which is the supreme law of the >.0. has any force or effect while they are all stilling wal#ing around alive3 Now let us %ust tal# about !ea' Law :eal !aw6 You never hear the term real law. ;ust the way things are or ought to be. .ould say that real law is always right and proper. ( wonder if we could ma#e real law illegal3

Law of *ravity.That is real law. ;ust the way it is. ( can8t create it amend it repeal it etc. (t has been laid down and established. ( wonder who made that law3 -aybe ( could get my member of parliament to write a bill to amend gravitational law. (f we can get that law passed i will be able to %ump A0 feet high li#e superman. 1ractice t%e supernatura'. 2 %ave 3ust to'd you one of t%e most important parts of t%e trick. Makin* 'aws is t%e practice of t%e supernatura'. !aw of mathematics. &ho made B plus B C D. who made that law3 B plus B C D is right and B plus B C 9 is wrong. &hen ( was in school the teacher would say that is right or that is wrong. That sounds li#e real law to me. ( remember when ( was in grade )) ( too# a course in !egal math. ( remember the teacher as# me what D plus D is. ( said DD. 4%e to'd me no Marcus, t%at is i''e*a'. 4o, !ea' Law is somet%in* t%at you can scientifica''y test repeated'y and a'ways *et t%e same resu't. #%is is 'aw. Law cannot .e c%an*ed, it is esta.'is%ed, or it is not rea' 'aw. 2t is immuta.'e. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 5%at makes 'aw enforcea.'e6 +nswer is the promise. &hat ma#es law3............. The will. The will of something. &hat ma#es law enforceable3 The promise of the will. &hat ma#es a promise enforceable3 The right of the promisee. You see the will is always about the future it is li#e a prophecy. ( will see you ne"t Tuesday. Never say ( will see you last &ednesday. (f you say you will that is a promise ( have a right to it. +re you going to #eep your word3 That is about all you need to #now about why it can be enforced. 5or now. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

5%at is t%e Law6 7rom /8ustice Canada 5%y we need 'aws 9 a .ait and switc%: +lmost everything we do has a set of rules. There are rules for games for social clubs for sports and for the wor#place. :ules of EEmora'ity and custom tell us what we should and should not do. :ules made .y *overnment are called Flaws.F !aws are meant to control or change our behaviour and un'ike ru'es of mora'ity they are enforced by the courts. (f you brea# a law 6 w%et%er you 'ike t%at 'aw or not 6 you may have to pay a fine pay for the damage you have done or go to %ail. 9ver since people began to live together in society 'aws %ave .een necessary to %o'd t%at society to*et%er. (magine the chaos 6 and the danger 6 if drivers %ust chose which side of the street to drive on. (magine trying to buy and sell goods if no one had to keep promises or fu'fi'' contracts. (magine trying to %o'd onto your persona' property or even to #eep yourself safe if there were no laws against robbery or assault. 9ven in a well6ordered society people have disagreements and conflicts ariseG the law provides a way to resolve disputes peacefully. (f two people claim the same piece of property rather than fight they turn to the law and t%e courts to decide w%o is t%e rea' owner and how the ownerHs rights are to be protected. Eif the court can decide who then is the real owner3I Our 'e*a' system, .ased on a tradition of 'aw and %ustice gives .anadian society a valuable framewor#. The rule of law freedom under the law democratic principles and respect for others form the foundations of this important heritage . E( thought this article was about the law3I

0o .anada has a legal system. 7ur system of laws are not right or wrong and certainly not moral. ;ust tradition. (f we change our mind we change the law. Nothing to do with morals. ;ou can .e t%e most perverted, dis*usted, vi'e %uman .ein* t%at ever wa'ked on eart% and sti'' not %ave done anyt%in* i''e*a'. +nd then ( went to a J00 year old boo# for a clue about ,legal/ and found this. !egal@ 4ermitted by law. +ccording to the law of wor#s or resting on wor#s for salvationG as opposed to free grace.

0o legal has to do with law but grace or mercy or pardon is not done by law. ( guess that would be forgiveness as in a pardon. *ut to forgive means someone else will give instead of you. This free grace and forgiveness sounds li#e something to do with $od. ( #eep coming across $od stuff in the law and constitutional documents. *ut ( #now god has nothing to do with the law. .hurches do not ma#e the laws the legislature of a country does. 2ow do ( #now that churches or $od does not ma#e laws3 There are B neighbours living side by each. + lawyer an atheist a plumber and a 4resbyterian -inister. +nd they are all friends. ( #now it sound li#e a %o#e coming. The lawyer made an oath to uphold the laws of .anada the atheist obeys religiously every law of .anada given by 2er -a%esty the Kueen the plumber does not #now what law is but does it anyways because he is scared of the law and the 4resbyterian -inister tells everybody he obeys the laws of $od and people give him money for being good ( guess. Now here is the reality the facts. They all obey e"actly the same laws defend their actions in the same court are all charged by 2er -a%esty when they brea# the law all suffer the same penalty. *ut they don8t believe that they %ust don8t #now that e"cept for the lawyer. You see they are all friends but only the lawyer is called a , Learned friend” #%at is 'awyer speak. The rest of the people are %ust dimwits. (n fact if they get in trouble they go over to their learned friend the lawyer and let him feed on their misery for his sustenance.

Now there are many groups in the world that protest the law or brea# the law because they hate it. They argue with their own servants argue with the police claim that the cop does not have their will or consent. ( do not have to pay ta"es.( never agreed to this. You don8t own me ( am not your property. &ell it is obvious that their #nowledge is lac#ing. &hether you are a patriot group common law group ta" protestor freeman society occupy wall street movement an aboriginal or a religious society or any other group ( have never heard of you should change the course you are ta#ing before you hurt yourself. ;ou wi'' .ecome t%e pro$imate cause of your own in3ury. + smug %udge once told a man who said the same things before he sent him to %ail. Now if you do not own anything what are you protesting about3 ( do not thin# you are protesting ( thin# you are begging. +nd if you owned your own property who are you

protesting to. ;ust manage and regulate it yourself. 0o some rea' work and mine your own .usiness. :ight now you do not own a business. ( will e"plain and show why you have to obey the law and why protesting the law is futile. ( am going e"plain basic law and government as you practice it any lawyer could do this but they won8t they presume you already #now. (f you #new what he #new you would not need him and he would have to get a %ob. ;ou on'y need a 'awyer for 1 and 1. 1'eadin* and procedure. 1'eadin* is .e**in*, so'icitin*, prayin* to your God. (n tribal times there were -edicine -en in medieval times there were 4riests today we have the !awyers. They are your intercessor to fulfilling the law. 0acrifices and offerings. <id you #now the government has no legal obligation to e"plain the law to you. (n fact they cannot give you legal advice. You have to pay a lawyer for that. 7r if you want it for free go see your representative after all he or she is the one who spo#e for you. They will tell you what you said and agreed to. They will tell you the law you made while you were too busy wor#ing. You see when you go to court there is a presumption that you #now the all law because you are the one who made it. + court cannot get a conviction otherwise. They are only enforcing your ill and you gave them the power to do it.

!et us loo# at !aw and $overnment.6 a little history. !aw are basically rules. $overnment is the system by which the rules control or govern things . &here did law and governments begin. $o on internet and type in history of law you get bararians savages etc. +t one time probably )008s of thousands of years ago man started to form some rules or governance. 4robably .ro6magnum man or Neanderthal man had rules li#eG "o man s%a'' dra* %is wife around .y t%e %air e$cept under t%e aut%ority of a 'icence and su.3ect to t%e re*u'ations. Today we only have a record going bac# about L000 years to 9gyptian laws the 2ammarabi code ;ustinian code of laws. +nything before seems to be lost in history. (t

is strange how we have records and evidence of things going bac# about A or L thousand years and before that nothing. ( guess anything before that is prehistoric. *efore history. That would mean before time. 0o ( =uess that at one time there was a time when there was no time. *efore history. That would be pre6historic. &hen we loo# at nations countries laws and rules and government it is %ust li#e the animal #ingdom. &hen man as a human animal developed they probably decided that fighting each other and #illing each other and stealing was not good. 0o they formed groups a family clan tribe nation country community societies. 9ach group would claim a territory. E mar#ed with their scent we put a flag outI <efend the territory. E we have an army for thatI Not let others in the territory deport them or #ill them. E we have border guards or fencesI They would post watchmen to guard the borders of their territory. +nyone that got in was driven out or #illed. They were absolute sovereign rulers over their territory. 9ach territory has its own rules laid down by the supreme one. The leader was the alpha male. The biggest and strongest. They would occasionally fight for that position among the members. Ethat is a leadership campaign I 0omeone who is old and e"perienced #nows everything. +ll the young would be from his seed. They are all the image of their father. 0o you have one common progenitor you are all created in his image. You are all sons of .anada or sons of *ritain. Eloo# at your identification you are all .anadians or all +mericans. That is the family or tribal surname.I 0o that is basically how government wor#s. One .i* %appy fami'y. You defend your sovereignty or territory with an army. 9verybody fights or gets drafted to fight.Ehave a loo# at the last page in your passport and see if you are in the militaryI

Citi+ens%ip is a''e*iance in return for protection. 4rotection from who3 2t is a protection racket. (f you want to ta#e the claim from another group and their territory go to war and #ill them. Today we have rules on how you can #ill them. Now a civil war is li#e euthanasia. (t is a civili1ed #illing. + nice polite way to #ill someone. ( mean we have to #ill you but we can be civil about it. + civil war is also li#e #illing your brother. You are in the same family. &ith a regular war you are not #illing your brother. *ecause that is a brother from a different mother. #%ere is no 'aw to contro' any of t%is. #%is is 3ust %ow t%in*s %ave evo'ved. 2f you .e'ieve you are an anima', you wi'' act 'ike an anima'. 0o that is sort of the basic history of law and governments. There is always one at the top. (t doesn8t matter how many ma#e up the whole society or family there has to be a top guy. 7ne supreme being. !i#e a father. !i#e a $od. (n the >0 there are the founding fathers and in .anada we have the fathers of confederation because there is already a father here called the ?ing or Kueen. 0o in .anada we have a hybrid government a monarchy with a democracy. *ut is %ust an advisory democracy or there could not be a monarch. (t is li#e <ad ruling with imput from th #ids. >0+ is a democracy. 5ormation or constitution is a republic but the system of governing is a democracy. Their supreme being is the 4resident. 2e can veto any bill before it is law he can pardon so in essence the >0+ also has an advisory democracy. !et8s loo# at how laws are made in two .ountries .anada and >0+. but the principles are virtually the same for all countries. 0o how is a law made. &ell ( am going tell you something now that nobody #nows. (t is a very well guarded secret. *ut ( am going to tell you. 2ere is the secret. #%ere is no.ody %ere on eart% .ut us peop'e. !oo# around you and see if it is true. You are probably saying ( #now that. No you do not. +nd ( will prove it to you as we go. 0o how is law made3

+ll countries start the same. 0omeone finds a territory and claims it. 0hip comes over the ocean to .anada and the men say ( claim this in the name of ?ing $eorge. +nother ship comes over to the >0+ and the men say ( claim this in the name of ?ing $eorge. Now ?ing $eorge has a claim to both pieces of land. +nd ?ing $eorge will defend his claim to the death. #%at is %ow soverei*nty is maintained, 3ust 'ike t%e anima' kin*dom. Now the people in the >0+ thought it was stupid to pay some old guy in 9ngland a share of everything they wor# for. 0o they too# their ta" bills and said return to sender. There was an animalistic fight and the ?ing gave up. Now we have a whole bunch of people standing around with no laws and no supreme being no #ing. 0o we will become our own supreme being %ointly and severally. &e will write a constitution of the people by the people and for the people. )fter a'', t%ere is on'y us peop'e %ere. 4o,” Out of many we wi'' .ecome one.” 7#ay now let us ma#e the rules of law. 0o all M00 million get together to have a meeting but the house is too small plus who is going to fed the animals bac# home. 0o we will send one guy from each area and will spea# for the rest of us. 2e will represent us but we are the constituents. &e are part of this. 2e will spea# for all of us and carry our voice. (t will be the same as if we are there. 2e will vote for us. 7#ay This way we will all be e=ually the lawma#ers of the law. &e are the 0overeigns. &e all get to be the father the supreme being. &e are freemen on the land. 0o you form a 4OV ! 2G" 4#)# . ;ou form a God. One w%ic% *overns itse'f independent'y of any forei*n power. "ot%in* .ut t%e peop'e %ave anyt%in* to say a.out t%e 'aw. 2t is e$c'usive to t%e peop'e. You do not thin# you have formed a $od but in law you have. Now we all have to agree with this because we are freemen. &e also have to pledge our allegiance in order for these agreements to be binding. &ell we are all e=ual so who are we going to pledge our allegiance to. &e got rid of our ?ing so we can8t pledge allegiance to him so !ets ma#e a flag. Nobody is going to pledge their allegiance to a piece of cloth on a pole. +re you nuts. &ell it is %ust a ma#e believe sort of thing. 7h o#ay. &e will get all the little #ids to do it every day at school it will %ust seem normal. :eally is %ust a self allegiance or self love.&e will sell this concept as being the greater good.

The ma#ing of a law. + representative of a portion of the whole puts his hand up and says there ought to be a law against that. 0omeone puts up there hand or writes a bill that says we all want to wear seat belts when we drive. <ebate and vote and then you have bill passed by the house. Then with one loud voice you say through one spea#er. !et it be enacted. 0o you say we will act this out. This is how we 5i'' act. 9"actly how you are to act is in the 2ighway Traffic +ct. This is the script you must follow and act by. (t is your will and your will is a promise and a promise can be enforced by law. You give the ,2LL to the president and he signs it into law. Now it is time for you to perform. Time for you to act right. Time for you to pay the bill you wrote. The president will ma#e sure your will is e"ecuted carried out. The e"ecutive branch. 2e holds the *ill. You are the author of the script you authori1ed this you have a character in the act and you are a party to the act. (t is your will. Your the boss your will you said ( will wear my seat belt. (t is a promise you made in a parole contract. 0o who made the laws. You did. You said ( will do this and ( will not do that. &hen you say ( will that is a promise. +nd a promise can be enforced or demanded. The promisee has a right to your promise. You said ( want police man to stop me if ( am not wearing my seat belt. You said ( will pay ND5 dollars if ( do not and get caught. (n court the e"ecutive has to prove your will what you wanted and that you did not do it. #%at is your conviction. (t is what you believed should be the law how you should act. You pay your servants to carry out your will your desire. ;udges are there to administer your %udgements ;our wi'' not their own. 9"ecutive branch is there is carry out and e"ecute your will they hold the bill and your name is on it. 4o w%o is t%e *overnment6 ;ou are. ;ou *overn yourse'f. ,ut you do it as one. You are the e"ecutive the %udge and the law ma#ers. You are. 7f course someone carries out the role for you and you pay them for their service to you. That is your public servant. They only remind their masters what they wanted and the rules you made. *ecause you were too busy watching !aw and 7rder on TV while this is going on. 2ow can you #now all the millions of rules. -any are advertised or

made #nown through the media but all must be posted. &hy do people protest against themselves3 This is what you wanted. The power came from you. You should be happy. *ut of course you did not really understand how it wor#s.(f everybody understood this hardly anyone would be in %ail. &hy would anyone do something contrary to their own will3 )'' dis*runt'ed protest *roups are mere'y protestin* t%eir own wi''. You said you would get a permit to protest and do it peacefully and if you don8t you said the police will come and clobber you on the head. You as#ed for it. You commanded it. +nd now you say but ( don8t li#e that system of law called a democracy. (t is li#e B wolves and two sheep deciding what is for dinner. 5)% of the people can by and through democracy ma#e the other B9% do anything. -ob rule. 9ven your rights are not absolute. They can be ta#en away too. (sn8t that cool. $otta love free will. $otta love being a freeman. -aybe now you #now how your servants got your will and consent. 2ow they got your power. Here is an i''usion( <#%e *overnment is no one& t%ere is no.ody %ere .ut us peop'e.< 2n ot%er words, *overnment s%ou'd .e viewed as a pu.'ic trust, rat%er t%an t%e peop'e w%o work for it. #%e servants work for a trust, your trust. ;ou 'ive in a se'f/*overnin* society. ven t%e peop'e w%o work for t%e *overnment are part of t%e *overnment. (llusion defined@ +n erroneous mental representation something that many people believe but is false +n illusion is something you see but does not e"ist an erroneous mental representation a mental disorder. ;ou are t%e *overnment........;ou 'ive in a se'f/*overnin* society......;our servants are administerin* and e$ecutin* your wi''. Of course, once you %ave made your *overnment, you %ave 'ost a'' contro'. 2t is done .y #!=4#. Ne"t time you feel the need to protest your government %ust stand in front of a mirror and argue with whoever you see. You would be best to do it in private because if anyone sees you and that information gets to a court they may loc# you up in the insane asylum and force feed you some medication.

5e wi'' now 'ook at t%e s'i*%t differences in Canada. (n .anada sovereignty is not in the people. (n practice it is but not in law. The Kueen is a constitutional 0overeign which means someone made her a Kueen. &e are told this is a right she has from $od. *ut that is bullshit. 7r maybe she is referring to a different $od. &e will find out later. Now everybody #nows she is %ust a woman li#e any other woman. *ut when she puts on the .rown and a nice dress we call her a Kueen. (t is %ust ma#e believe and nobody is really fooled. 0he #nows that too. 2er own motto is that “s%e must .e seen to .e .e'ieved”. &hen she dies someone else will put on the .rown it is called assuming or ta#ing the place of and if he is a man we will call him the ?ing. (t is %ust acting nothing serious %ust playing by the rules thats all. (t is the .rown that everyone is really bowing to a molten ring of metal put on the head. ;ust a material effigy of something. (t is li#e the >0+ flag that people sing to and put their hand over their heart. + way to show their love and loyalty to the flag but in reality it is %ust a self love. 7h the song you sing is called an anthem. +n anthem is a sacred song a hymn and a hymn is a song to your $od. Thought atheists would li#e to #now that. &e used to sing in .anada $od 0ave the Kueen. Now we sing 7 .anada. 0he is still our Kueen but we are no longer a colony. 0he gave us some more rights and freedoms. 2ell we are almost li#e +mericans. This Kueen thing is sort of li#e when 5red your neighbour appears as 0anta .laus at the children8s party. The #ids don8t #now it is 5red they believe its 0anta but we #now it. <on8t we. (t is %ust all ma#e believe. 4retending. !i#e when your boy writes a letter to 0anta .laus and says he has been good and would li#e a sling shot. You ta#e the letter and tell him you will mail it. 7f course you throw it in the garbage can and sit down to write a letter which you give him from 0anta .laus. *ecause 0anta .laus doesn8t really e"ist it is %ust ma#e believe. Can anyone make you .e'ieve somet%in* t%at is not true6 "o way, we are educated, we are sop%isticated.

0o in .anada the advisory democracy does the same as the >0+. (n .anada we have a house of commons as opposed to a congress and we both have a senate li#e the old

:oman law. <o not ever thin# the :oman 9mpire died it %ust moved across the street over to the .hurch of :ome. 0omebody says there ought to be a law against that and writes up the bill. They debate it for a while and then vote thumbs up or thumbs done. (f it is passed we give it to the Kueen and she gives her royal assent and it becomes %er wi'', our .i''. #%e 'aw, or 2 s%ou'd say t%e .i'' is *overned .y t%e ru'e of Law. 7n the top of every bill it says wit% t%e advice and consent of t%e 'e*is'ative assem.'y. 0o here we have all given her legal advice and our consent. There you have it we have all given legal advice. &hy because we are all attorneys but do not #now it. &e are not learned attorneys %ust dimwit attorneys. 0he does not really need our advice and consent but it ma#es it more binding as a matter of law. &e now have to act and perform %ust li#e the bill says. 0o read the act and act according. &hen people say ( did not agree to this &ell the fact is you are the one who wrote it voted on it it was your advice you gave your consent. &hat you are really saying is that this democracy suc#s. +nd you would be right. *ut you do not #now how to get out of this because you do not even #now how you got into this. 2ell you will even go out and fight and die for your democracy. (n a democracy everything becomes the property of the one supreme being the state. 9very nation on earth operates by communism you %ust cannot see it. You have to give up ownership of all property and ma#e it common or public. You are given some rights which are not absolute but better than nothing since you have abandoned all of your absolute birthrights. You want human given rights and civil rights. 2uman rights and .iti1en rights. Governments are not esta.'is%ed to secure your God *iven ri*%ts, t%at is a 'ie. Governments are esta.'is%ed to rep'ace and suresede God. On'y t%e L)5 and your promise to perform your duties can secure your God *iven ri*%ts.

(n a democracy@ You get to pay yourself for everything you thin# is free and then wor# even harder to pay all of your servants. The people who play the role of government inspire you to vote for them by saying ( will give you something for free. You will get it

for free after you pay for it. 7r you will get it for free after it is ta#en from someone else and given to you. *ut whats the difference you are all one big family in the pursuit of happiness. *ut remember you are only living a dream it is not real. 0ome of you will wa#e up and reali1e you are sleeping.

!et me e"plain in more detail why you own no property. The short answer to it is because you became a lawma#er. (f only you had not %oined this law ma#ing body you would still own your property. 5%en you .ecame w%at you are not, you 'eft your ,irt%ri*%t .e%ind. 2na'iena.'e ri*%ts cannot .e transferred. ;ou %ave to *o .ack to w%at you were to c'aim t%em. 5%at you .e'ieve you are and w%at you c'aim to .e is 3ust an i''usion, make .e'ieve. 0o now let us loo# at %ust one e"ample to prove you own no property . (f ;ohn <oe stole 5red8s lawnmower out of his garage who charges the thief. &ell the owner has a right to charge him. 0o in the >0+ it might be the 0tate of (daho vs ;ohn <oe or The 4eople vs ;ohn <oe or >0+ vs ;ohn <oe. (n .anada it would also be the owner. 2er -a%esty the Kueen vs ;ohn <oe. 5red doesn8t charge anybody. 2e doesn8t own anything. 2e is only the tattle tale. (f convicted of the crime and a fine is paid does 5red get the money or does the owner get it3 5red doesn8t get a penny. "o .ody sto'e 7red>s property. 7red doesn>t own anyt%in*. 7red %ad it, .ut does not own it. 2t was on'y sto'en from 7red. 5red does not even have to go to court he can stay home and watch cartoons. >nder real law 5red would accuse ;ohn <oe and if found guilty 5red gets his lawnmower bac# and another one as the price of the penalty for the theft . The victim in a democracy is society the one not you. <o you still thin# you own anything3 9verything is owned by the society you live in everything is public everything is common. ;ou on'y %o'd pu.'ic property..... private'y. ;ou own tit'e to not%in*, you on'y %o'd tit'e from t%e owner. ;ou are not a %ouse owner, you %ave a %ouse%o'd. ;ou %o'd it as a tenant.

;ou do not own your c%i'dren. ;ou on'y %o'd custody. #%e owner can c%an*e t%e parent, *uardian, .a.ysitter w%enever t%ey want usin* t%e 'aw. (f you ever want to #now who owns what you thin# you own %ust loo# at the image and superscription on the money you hold. You cannot issue money unless you own property.

This is a good time to have another glimpse at what the tric# and illusion is and how it wor#s. ) fundamenta' concept of 'aw is t%at one can on'y app'y %is wi'' or ru'es or 'aws to t%at w%ic% %e made. (f it is not yours you have no say. (f you try to control something or someone that is not yours that is unlawful. 0o if you want to be a law ma#er a governor you have to create something anything. *ut of course we are human and can create nothing. Create( from t%e 'atin, e$ ni'i%o, out of not%in*., to .rin* into .ein* from not%in*& to cause to e$ist. Creation is a mirac'e. ) mystery. Creation is a supernatura' a.i'ity. 2t does not e$ist in nature. + $od is supernatural. 2e is above nature. 2e is the author of nature. )s a 4overei*n, we are practicin* t%e supernatura', t%at is ca''ed t%e Occu't. )nd we practice it wit% ma*ic words. 5e create not%in* and .e'ieve it is somet%in* so we can app'y our wi'' to it. ( will also be elaborating on this later in detail. 0o first the people who had no law created the >0+. They wrote it8s constitution and a nation was ,O!". #%e peop'e *ave .irt% to it. Can t%e =4) *ive .irt% to you6 You already created the father now all you need is a son to do the fathers will. Yes the >0+ the one will give you a birth certificate. (t is not a real son only ma#e believe son .ut it was devised and created to serve t%e purposes of *overnment and society. 4ort of 'ike an immacu'ate conception. 2t is .asica''y 3ust a mirac'e. (f you can recall this is e"actly what ;udge *lac#stone said about ,persons/. 2e tried to codify the .ommon !aw. 2e said +n artificial person Ea mas#I was devised and created for the purposes of government and society.

(t is a non6 living entity or being created or birthed in the image of the >0+. +nd there will be a date it was issued. + day that this being came forth. +t this point you may use it as proof of your claim to be that but since you cannot the best you can do EE is t%ink, act and speak for it and of course .e'ieve you are. +nd when summoned to court you must appear to .e. “2 t%ink t%erefore 2 am.” 2t is your Mask and t%at is %ow t%e o'dest trick and i''usion in t%e .ook is done. The tric# or illusion is so normal and usual that no one can see it or grasp it. “7irst you created somet%in* in your ima*e. #%en you c'aim to .e t%e ima*e of w%at you created. #%is is pure Occu'tism. “ You now have a false identity a counterfeit a to#en and you personify it. #%at means you *ive .ody to it. + being created in your image your semblance a resemblance of you a similitude a graven image a character. This is a sovereign citi1en and a sub%ect. One is a.ove t%e 'aw and t%e ot%er is under t%e 'aw Eonly someone above the law can ma#e a law.I a split personality a schi1ophrenic a man who has two lives a public one and private one a ;ec#le and 2yde a multiple personality disorder a psychosis insanity. +nd of course a real dissociative identity disorder. +s a citi1en you have your rights and as a sub%ect you owe allegiance your duties. 2f you can reca''( “) person is any .ein* wit% t%e capacity for ri*%ts and duties and is confined to t%at.” Of course, wit% your supernatura' a.i'ities you can *ive it 'ife, or at 'east appear to. #%is is divination. There are now two beings. Two distinct identities. *ut you can only see one. The -as# conceals your true identity. *ecause you are confused. ;ou %ave a “Confusion of 7ace” 7ne is natural one is artificial. 7ne is true one is fiction. 7ne is alive one is dead. 7ne is real one is personal. 7ne is private one is public. 5e %ave to create a dou.'e identity in order for our 'e*a' system to work. ! t%ere is on'y us peop'e %ere.

Nice system of law. <on8t you thin#3 2ave you ever noticed nobody shows identification when they go into court3 You need identification for everything. 2otels airports voting rental shop etc. *ut in court they do not want the son of .anada he is a dead guy they want the person of .anada. ''''''''''''''''' The legal system that we call !aw is the practice of 1ersonification( one of t%e forms of 5itc%craft. &elcome to 2ollywood. 2ollywood is the wood from the 2olly tree the sacred tree of &itchcraft. 2ollywood is a place where people appear in person. 2alloween. Tric# or treat. The celebration of appearing in person. You only get a treat if you ,appear in person/ . One w%o wears a “mask.” You are now “deemed” to be a person. <eem means ,treat as if/. 7therwise you better #now how the tric# is done.

(f you want to enrol your child in school you must enrol your child in person. The state will only educate their child they will not educate your child. &hen the cop stops you for speeding he will charge you for speeding in person. You do not need to say anything to him. ;ust give him your person. &hen you get to court to fight the charge you will need to appear in person. You need to personify the -as#. $ive your body to it. &hy3 ,ecause you are t%e )ctor, t%e man .e%ind t%e Mask. &hy3 *ecause you are the cause of the effect. ;ou are t%e cause of t%e effect performed t%rou*% 5itc%craft. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ( once ate my whole dinner in person. &hen ( was done ( was still really hungry. Yesterday ( drove my car in person. ( almost hit a tree and had to ta#e control of the wheel myself. '''''''''''''''''''''''' .onfusing isn8t it3 *ecause it was designed that way. <eception can only be revealed by learning the truth. No man that is deceived has ever #nown it for if he did #now he would no longer be deceived.

-aybe self6governing is not all it is advertised to be. -aybe you want to =uit. May.e you want to *ive .ack t%at w%ic% is not yours, to restore t%at w%ic% is yours.??? The illusion we live is so normal that we cannot see it. :emember what subtle means. <ifficult to detect or grasp by the mind. !i*%t now, “t%is is t%at” and you cannot perceive t%e difference. 5%en you can c'ear'y see in your mind “t%is is not t%at” you %ave .een successfu''y transformed .y t%e renewin* of your mind. 7or, wit%out “t%is” you wi'' rea'i+e you are 3ust “t%at”. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (n the ne"t video we will loo# at a few different concepts that led to my discoveries. You will need to understand what they are in order to grasp the >nraveled presentations. ( call the ne"t program simply the .onfusion of Things.

#i'' t%en........My

name is Marcus.

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