Video 6

“Confusion of Things”
Hi, my name is Marcus

This program is called Confusion of Things. These things are needed to understanding the Unraveled presentation. Of course there are many confusing concepts which need to be addressed, but these concepts are essential components of the Swindle. These concepts are Attorney, Licence, and Name. e will start with attorney. !ttorney" hat is an attorney# The word formerly signified any person one! who did "usiness for another $ but its sense is now chiefly or wholly restricted to persons %anyone& who act as substitutes for the persons %one& concerned, in prosecuting and defending actions before courts of 'ustice, or in transacting other "usiness in which legal rights are in#ol#ed. So, an attorney is one who acts for you on anything. (f you get the boo) for me off the table. *ou are my attorney. (n essence, doing someone else+s business. !cting for them. (f you do not own anything, everything you do must be done as an attorney for another with property belonging to another. *ou must be conducting their business, for which you have to account. This is why we have accountants. Here now is a huge re#elation. $f you owned your property, you ha#e no need for a power of attorney. And if you owned your own property, you would mind your own "usiness and not "e conducting someone else%s "usiness. (f you have a written will for when you die, loo) at your last will and testament that your lawyer wrote for you. *ou will see that in the case of your death you will appoint your wife or hus"and as your attorney. ,id you )now your wife or husband is an attorney# *our wife or husband will now run the business that you were running which belonged to someone else. hen you do not own anything, the best you can do is become an underta)er to manage someone else+s property. To conduct their "usiness, and "ecome a trustee

for their property and may"e a surety for their de"t.

-et us brea) down what an attorney really is" Attorn& to turn, or transfer homage and ser#ice from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, #assels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate. law! ac'nowledge a new land owner as one(s landlord. Attornment& The act of a feudatory, #assal or tenant, "y which he consents, upon the alienation of an estate, to recei#e a new lord or superior, and transfers to him his homage and ser#ice. Alienation& law! the #oluntary and a"solute transfer of title and possession of real property from one to another. Homage& did "ecome his man. of life and lim"! )emem"er, “"ecome” does not only change your "eing "ut your place of "eing. This is where address, residence, a"ode, your postal ser#ice is #ery rele#ant to your "eing. $t is your address that signifies what you are “of”.

Today we thin) of an !ttorney as" One who is appointed or admitted in the place of another. %law& ! professional person authori.ed to practice law, conduct lawsuits or give legal advice. ell, you do all of these thing. *ou are an attorney. (f you have the power of an attorney, you are an attorney. *ou can give this power to another to act for you, but you are an attorney. *o, when you go into court, who are you representing+ ,ho are you appearing for with your power of attorney+ -ou cannot appear to "e you, you are you. -ou are appearing in your person. As the .ueen%s son. As your father%s son. ! power of attorney at law is a power of choice. To turn or not to turn. That is the /uestion. ! betrayal. ! traitor. To assume the trait of another character. The choice is treason. ill ( or will ( not use my power to commit treason. A licensed attorney is one who has committed treason. An act of deli"erate "etrayal. 0erfidiousness. A "etrayal of a trust. (t has been e/pressed when they are called to the bar. *our treason is only implied, until you e/press it by assuming it.

hen you committed an attornment, and we all have un)nowingly, you became a feudatory. *ou started a feud. *ou did something that started a feud. ith who# ,ith your old landlord. -ou were "orn to a landlord. *ou might be saying, ( wasn+t born to a landlord. *es you were, or you could not have a power of attorney. ! feud. !n e/treme hatred. (f ( use the word enmity, you may understand real law. (f ( use the word adversary, you will understand the legal system. 1eud& 0rimarily, a deadly /uarrel2 hatred and contention that was to "e terminated only "y death. 1eudatory& the relation of a feudal #assal to his lord, A person holding a fief2 a person who owes allegiance and ser#ice to a feudal lord. 1eudalism& #assals were protected "y lords who they had to ser#e in war. 3assals& A person holding a fief2 a person who owes allegiance and ser#ice to a feudal lord. The .ueen of Canada is a feudal lord. All monarchies are feudal lords. 3assalage& The state of a serf *erf& a person who is "ound to the land and owned "y the feudal lord. 0ersons do not come from the land, only a man does. The man is not owned by the feudal lord, only the person. 1ief& A fee2 a feud2 an estate held of a superior on condition of military ser#ice. -oo) at the last page of your passport. 1ee& An interest in land capa"le of "eing inherited, The land you thin' you own, is only held in 144, contingent on military ser#ice! *ou do not hold your land because of the ta/es you pay, you hold it because of your military service. Liegeman& A person holding a fief2 a person who owes allegiance and ser#ice to a feudal lord L$454, a. 6L. ligo, to "ind2 5r. to "ind7 L$4(548MAN, n. A #assal2 a su"9ect. So, that would be a man who is bonded, in bondage.

)4L$5$:N, n. reli9(on. 6L. religio, from religo, to "ind anew2 re and ligo, to "ind. Sorry to tell you this, but we are all scumbags, not 'ust the lawyers. -awyers are 'ust learned scumbags. e have all committed an attornment. e have all chosen a new landlord. Treason. So, what is an attorney# 1e or she has turned away from his real landlord, a betrayal and become the man, homage, of his new landlord. ! illegitimate son. ! bastard. An Attorney is a treasonous "astard. 2ut of course, we are too. treasonous bastards. e are all

3ow, let me impress this on your mind. !nd you should wa)e up and listen carefully. $f you do not own anything, then you do not own anything. ,o you understand that# *ou do not own anything, you do not own a debt, a liability, any responsibility, you owe nothing, because you own nothing. 2ut you are tric)ed into becoming a surety when you engaged in an underta)ing. Otherwise you will never have anything, because you alienated your estate when you attorned. hen you committed treason, a betrayal to your original landlord. The *windler cannot ha#e it "oth ways. -our whole legal and financial system is a *CAM, a 1)A;< from its% conception to it%s deception. $t is stealing, and you are letting it #oluntarily happen. -et me e/plain it this way, and listen carefully. (f you own something you can rule over it. (f you do not own anything you cannot rule over anything. 3one of your bills which you are a party to and you thin) is law, is valid in law. (t is impossible. The rule you made cannot be valid in law. -ou cannot own something and not own something at the same time. -ou cannot "e and not "e at the same time. Means necessity. -ou cannot “own something and not own something at the same time”. 4ither you own it or you don+t.

%when you say you will wear a seat belt, or ( will not )eep this without a licence etc. *ou cannot ma)e that law. hy# 2ecause you do not own yourself. *ou do not own yourself or the thing you cannot )eep without a licence. (t is a nullity in law.& *ou do not have a say in anything. *ou own nothing. *our democracy is a tric). *our 5ueen is 'ust saying advise me, give me some legal advice. *ou also cannot steal anything from anyone. *ou steal your neighbour+s lawnmower. 3o you did not. *our neighbour phones the owner and the owner sends the cops.

*ou see, when love, faith and trust does not wor), when winning your hearts and minds does not wor), we have to 'ust use a blatant lie. !nd ma)e you believe the lie. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe. hen ( show you why you are doing this, and where this comes from as a matter of law, and what the alternative is, many of you will want to throw up. Some of you will become so angry when you reali.e the life you have been living, and how you have been deceived, cheated, stolen from etc. So, once again, what is an attorney# An attorney& treasonous "astard.

66666666666666666666666666 Licence& hat is a licence# ( been told ( need a licence do this or that. ( have been told ( cannot do this or that...... unless ( have a licence. ( have been told ( cannot )eep this or that ......unless ( have a licence. ( have been told ( cannot do this or that...... because we licence you. ( have been told if ( do this or that....... my licence could be suspended. ( have been told if ( do this or that....... ( will never get a licence again. !nd ( have been told that a licence....... is a privilege. =ut no"ody e#er told me what a licence is. 3ow, everybody has licences. 2ecause nobody owns any property.

e have marriage licences. e have driver licences. *ou need a licence to hunt. *ou need a licence to sell li7uor. *ou need a licence to have a yard sale. *ou need a licence to have a dog. *ou need a licence to be a doctor, or a lawyer or an electrician etc. *ou need a licence to build a house. *ou need a licence to do 'ust about anything. ( wonder if you need a licence to get a licence# The answer will surprise you. The answer is no, but you had to have given a licence at one point to get a licence. The fact that you need a licence for 'ust about everything should tell you that you do not own anything. 2ecause a licence is the authority or permission to do what is otherwise unlawful, illegal, a tort or a trespass. 2ut if ( own something, ( have the e/clusive control, management, use, possession and disposal of the thing with no outside control. $f you owned your property you would ne#er need a licence for anything. 6666666666666666666666666666666666666 So let us loo) more closely at a licence. The legal definition of a licence is the permission to do, or ha#e or act or "e something which would otherwise "e unlawful, illegal, a tort or a trespass. There is no lawful definition for a licence. =ecause it is unlawful. (t is permission to brea) the law. 2ut ( thought law was that which is laid down, set, fi/ed and established. ho can give you permission to brea) the law, to do what is illegal, commit a tort or a trespass. 4ven 8od doesn+t let you brea) the law. *o without permission to "rea' the law, it would "e "rea'ing the law. ( may not be the sharpest )nife in the drawer but this is retarded. -ets see if ( got this straight. <ri#ing is not right, so it can only "e wrong, against the law. =ut $ ha#e a pri#ilege to do what is wrong, if $ get permission to do what is wrong, and that will ma'e it right. And that is a licence. O)ay, 9ustin ,imwit we will try to e/plain it to you again, you do not want to be stupid do you 9ustin# 3o, o)ay you have to try harder to understand, you want to be normal li)e all the other boys and girls don+t you. *es. ( want to be normal.

*ou cannot do this because it is against the law. O)ay, 2ut if we say you can brea) the law, then it is not brea)ing the law. O)ay ( almost got it. :aybe if ( was on some medication that would help. ,o you have any medication called 2rain ,umber# This is insanity. !nd everyone has numerous licences. Thin) about it.

-ets e/plore this concept of a licence a little further without being on medication. ;orget the legal definition and loo) at what it really is. Licence& Lawlessness, 4>cessi#e freedom2 lac' of due restraint2 or used in contempt of law. ?when li"erty "ecomes license dictatorship is near?8 ,ill <urant2 L$C4N*4, pleading. The name of a plea of 9ustification to an action of trespass. A license must "e specially pleaded, and cannot, li'e li"erum tenementum, "e gi#en in e#idence under the general issue. @. T. ). ABB, ACD -iberum Tenementum is a plea in an action of trespass. 2y raising this plea, the defendant claims the place in which s<he is alleged to have trespassed, is his<her soil or, is the soil freehold of a third person with whose permission s<he entered the place. So, a licence is permission to trespass on someone else+s property. So, if you need a licence to marry, you must be someone+s property. hose# hoever issues the license. hen you drive you need a license to drive as someone else+s property and with someone else+s property.. 1ow do you drive# *ou drive in person. Anything you do in per8son is regulated or can "e regulated. After all you ha#e "een su"sidiEed with an identity or new face, and go#ernment can regulate whate#er it su"sidiEes. !nything you do by witchcraft or the occult can be regulated. Licence& freedom to de#iate deli"erately from normally applica"le rules or practices. That would "e one who de#iates, a de#iant. L$C4N(T$AT4, n. 6from L. licentia.7 :ne who has a license2 as a licentiate in physic or medicine.>>>

Licentious& ;sing license2 indulging freedom to e>cess2 unrestrained "y law or morality2 loose2 dissolute2 as a licentious man. 4>ceeding the limits of law or propriety2 wanton2 unrestrained2 as licentious desires. Licentiousness& 4>cessi#e indulgence of li"erty2 contempt of the 9ust restraints of law, morality and decorum. The /uality of "eing lewd and lasci#ious. Lewd& 5i#en to the unlawful indulgence of lust2 addicted to fornication or adultery2 dissolute2 lustful2 wic'ed2 #ile2 licentious. Lasci#ious& <ri#en "y lust2 preoccupied with or e>hi"iting lustful desires. Loose2 wanton2 lewd2 lustful2 as lasci#ious men2 lasci#ious desires2

“Law is the god of wise men2 licentiousness is the god of fools.” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF So why do we use licences in our law# hat is its+ purpose.

The short answer is to get around the law, and the specific answer is in order to regulate and control ourselves. hen you are both the lawma)er and the law obeyer, that would be self governing. The one above the law and the one below the law. ! Sovereign Citi.en and the sub'ect. The ruler and the ruled. The protector and the protected. The regulator and the regulated. The guy who pays and the guy who gets it for free. The freeman and the slave. *ou are the owner and the owned. a)e up people, in a self=governing society you are both of them. -oo) around and give yourself a sha)e, there is nobody else. are you on 2rain ,umber# There is no “they, or them” which you argue with, protest against, fight with or write to. This is an insane delusion. The government is no one, there are only us people here. (t is only a public trust. The >they and them? you argue with is you. The people you call the government are not the government, they wor) for the government. They wor) for you, the government. 666666666666666666666 So let us go bac) to a licence.

(n order for us to convict each other of a crime we have to prove your intent and your act. *ou have to do what is wrong and )now it is wrong. So, a typical statute will read, > 3o person shall drive a motor vehicle, e/cept under the authority of a licence and sub'ect to the regulations. The law is& No person shall dri#e a motor #ehicle. 3ow if you want to brea) the law you need permission. (f you e/ercise your privilege to apply for a licence, we now ha#e the proof of your intent to "rea' the law. 3ow we only need to regulate how you act. These regulations are in the Highway Traffic Act. Act wrong and we ha#e a crime, "ecause of the licence. Act right and there is no crime. The licence is the intent and it is already esta"lished. Any licence is the proof that you are intending to "rea' the law, now let us see if you do. .......0retty sic', *ure you want to engage in licentious "eha#iour+ So, now some of you will thin), ( will not get a licence to drive and then ( won+t be brea)ing the law. 3o. The law is no one can drive. 0eriod. That is the law. 2ut it is only your law if your name is on the bill that was passed into law. 66666666666666666666666

3ame" That by which a thing is called$ the sound or combination of sounds used to e/press an appellation attached to a thing by customary use, by which it may be vocally distinguished from other things. Something that is identical to it for identification purposes. ! label. ! brand, ! tattoo. ! mar). ! sign. Sign your name. ! leg band. ! ear tag. ,e could say a name is that "y which a thing is 'nown. *o a name is not the thing, "ut only the thing used to 'now the thing. A pro>imate thing. (n order to identify, it must be attached to the thing li)e a label, or the thing must bear it or carry it. Or the thing must claim to be it. $f the name of the thing is changed, the thing is still the thing, only the name changed. =ut you will no longer "e a"le to 'now the thing "y the name. -ou may ha#e to actually loo' at it, to recogniEe it. A rose is a rose "y any other name. A name is not the thing, a name is the same thing.

2ut when the thing changes, or transforms, then so does the name. 2ecause it is no longer the same thing. Caterpillar to butterfly. ! transformation. @emember what the purpose of these programs are, a transformation of mind. ,hen you no longer "elie#e what you ha#e "ecome, when you no longer "elie#e you are this, then you are that. A different thing. $t is impossi"le to "ecome anything. And that is a fact. -ou can thin' it or appear as it "ut not "ecome it. hen the caterpillar became a butterfly it can no longer be a caterpillar. (n your case, what you believe you are is 'ust in your head. <o you need a name+ The United 3ations says, everyone has a right to a name and a nationality. That would be a name and a family name. 2ut you were already born into a family name. hy would you need a new one# *o, a nationality creates a new identity, not the one you were "orn with which is your =irthright. $t is an identity to conceal your real identity, to conceal your =irthright. $t is a Mas'. hat does it mean to ma)e a name for yourself# !lso called ma)ing one+s mar). (f you have no name can you 'ust ma)e your mar)# -i)e an A. (f your illiterate, 'ust ma)e a sign, a mar). (n BCCB, a Swedish couple refused to give their newborn a legal name, in protest of e/isting naming laws. (n BCC6, when fined after leaving their child legally nameless for five years, they submitted the childDs name as =rf>>cc>>mnpcccclllmmnpr>#clmnc'ss/l""AAAAB. ( )now a lady who had identical twins, boys. They had no names yet so they were registered as big one and little one. That was their first legal name. 6666666666666666666666666666 ho has the right to name a thing# hoever owns the thing, has a right to name it. So, who names you. *our parents. ,o they give you a family or nationality name# 3o. *our family is automatic, by blood, not affinity. 2ut if they own you, how can family services ta)e your child away from you. ,id you do something to lose dominion over your child# ,id you do something to lose dominion over yourself# <id you do something to change your family name+ % do you remember my story about your inheritance you can claim, if you return home&

atch the news on tv and wa)e up. 0arents are routinely charged with )idnapping their own children. ho charges them# The adopted parent. 1er :a'esty the 5ueen. *ou people are confused. hy would you raise someone else+s child# Of course it is your real child, but you are mentally incompetent to understand this. *ou are incompetent to provide for your child. *ou do not own anything. -et me give up my child, so ( can get a child care ta/ benefit. hy# 2ecause you own no property. ( can+t even begin to tell you how evil this all is. The needless pain and suffering of families, mothers and fathers and of course the children. !ll because you do not own anything. !ll because of your attorment. ( told you in the (ntro video that this cruel hoa/ causes almost all the pain and suffering in the world. (t isn+t until you can grasp the whole picture that you will be able to see it and feel it. -et me tell you a couple of true stories.

There was a lady in the United States, she was at a meeting where parents were all getting together with trustees and board officials and other government officials on setting up the school curriculum, the government approved education and this one lady was going on and on and on about, she wanted this and she wanted that and one of these masters of confusion is sitting there. 1e was a senator but he was also a lawyer, an attorney, a treasonous bastard. !nd he+s sitting there bored to tears, li)e you dumb incompetent idiot why do you )eep shooting your mouth off, you don+t )now anything. So, ( guess he had somewhere to go so he finally 'ust turns to her and he says, “4>cuse me, ma%am, "ut do you ha#e a marriage license+” *he goes “yeah, of course $ do”. And he says to her, “has no one e#er told you that a marriage license is a pri#ilege from the *tate and that e#ery child "orn into that license is a ward of the state+” (n other words, sit down, shut up, it+s not your child. e+ll all decide what happens with this child. So, do you still thin) that if you have no marriage license you+re living in sin# That+s what people actually believe. ( don+t have a legal marriage license so (+m living in sin. There was another case where this boy E or F years old was playing in the bac)yard and of course it+s a school day. e have truancy laws. 4very child, by law, has to be educated by the State, government approved education. So, somebody saw this, a tattle tale, so they phoned ;amily Services and said this child is not in school and he

was of school age. So, the father of this family gets a letter in the mail saying Gyour child is not in school. e+ve become aware of that and under law, this child has to be in school every day. 3ow, it+s your right to choose what )ind of education, private, public, whatever, for your child, but the child must be educated and if you don+t respond within so many days, we+ll be ta)ing legal action against you, and of course all the way to we+ll ta)e your child, if we have to.+ ell, this father, he )new some of these things. 1e )new some things about the world. 1im and his wife did not have a marriage license and he never registered the birth of his child. 1e said this is my child. e+ll )eep it and (+ll raise it and educate and feed it and clothe it myself, even though this man owns no property either. ell, after he sent that letter to the :inistry of ;amily Services, this lady wrote bac) to him from the -egal ,epartment saying Gafter reviewing your case and the particulars of this we won+t be ta)ing no legal action against you and this matter is now closed and resolved. *ou see, this man did not give his child, he didn+t sacrifice his child to the State. 1is child did not do an attornment. 66666666666666666666 hat does, >in the name of? mean# 2asically means by the authority of. ho is the author of your legal name# ,hen you do something in or on someone%s "ehalf, means to do it in their name. $n Canada e#eryone does e#erything in the .ueen%s name. They act, thin' and spea' in her name. *he is the author of your legal name. -our name is the .ueen%s name. -ou "ecame her Man when you attorned. -ou act in the name of, the name of your father. 1ather of the country. *o, your name is of Canada, of Her Ma9esty the .ueen. -ou are of Canada, you "elong to Canada. -ou are the property of Canada. :f& means& 1rom or out of2 proceeding from, as the cause, source, means, author. $t means to come from or "elong to. Hence “of” is the sign of the geniti#e case, the case e>pressing ownership! the case that denotes production2 as the son of man, the son of Canada. =ut it is only fictional. $t does not e>ist in nature or reality. Anything that produces an unnatural effect is ,itchcraft. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Can you change your name#

( am sure if you owned your name, of course you can. 2ut in Canada if you want to change your legal name you have to apply for approval.This would tell me whoever is going to approve my name change is the real owner of the name. $ must "e using the wrong name. $t can%t "e mine. $f you do not own anything, then you do not own anything. 3ow there are two distinct beings, but your government does not recogni.e a man. Only a person. !nd when one assumes the body of the dead the fiction, to personify it, to give body to it, it becomes one and the same. -ou see, when you =4C:M4 something, you no longer are what you were. $t is 9ust not possi"le. 4very time you use your government issued identification as a claim to be or purport to be, which means intend to deceive, and every time you go to court and state your name for the record, you are letting yourself be used as a medium for the dead. How do you li'e the :ccult+ Con9urations, *orcery, The =lac' Arts, ,itchcraft, Necromancy+>>>> 666666666666666666666666666 3ow, did you ma)e your real name public# 0u"lic& Means "elonging to or concerning the whole. -ou do not own your name. The pu"lic does. The “one” does. -our name is in the pu"lic domain. -ou are only part of the pu"lic. A part of one. A party to it. A participant of the “one”. $f you do not own a name, whose name are you putting e#erything in that you thin' you own+ $s your house in your name, is your car in your name+ No it is not.

$f you do not own anything, e#erything you possess is o"tained "y usury. *ou only have an interest in it, you only hold title, you do not own title to anything. -ou e#en made your name pu"lic. ;sury is not only charging interest, "ut ta'ing interest. The one paying interest is as guilty as the one ta'ing interest. More on this in the “Confusion of Money”.

hen you are summoned to appear in person in court, you are summoned to appear in 1er :a'esty+s name. That is the genitive case. 3ot your name. (n her name# *ou are her son and she named you. *ou are her man. She is the author of the son+s name. The name of the countryman. ! Toronto man, a Seattle man, a Ohio man, an Ontario man. !nd you are commanded to appear in person# *our adopted name. !n adopted name or parent is a legal fiction. Can you appear in your own name# 3o, appearing to be anything is itchcraft. *ou can+t appear to be you, you are you. *ou lost ownership to your name when you made it public. hen you attorned. *ou voluntarily transferred title and possession, when you became an attorney at law. *our original -andlord does not )now or recogni.e you anymore. 1e does not remember you. -ou ha#e practiced ini/uity, pretending to "e who you are not. -ou ha#e a mas' on. -ou ha#e "ecome a fiction of law. 66666666666666666666666666666 3ow the @egistrar 8enerals Office deals with four things. They )eep the records of 2irths, :arriages, ,eaths, and 3ame Changes. That one is called the Change of 3ame !ct. They also claim to record only events, not people. 2ut being on 2rain ,umber, ( will never figure out that the details of the event that are registered is the same as registering people. To register the "irth of your new"orn "a"y, you need& To "e the mother, father or parent named on the "irth registration, legal guardian or an informant acting on the mother%s "ehalf A short form "irth certificate includes "asic information and can "e used as identification. %but not personal identification& A "a"y is a new "orn =a"ylonian.Our legal system does not only have it+s origin from the @oman 4mpire but goes bac) to the 1ammurabi Code. 1ammurabi was one of the Hings of 2abylon. 9ust thought you would li)e to )now what your baby is. 6666666666666666666666666666

-et us loo) at a birth certificate. !n Ontario, Canada 2irth Certificate is a certified birth of a countryman. ! Canadian man, a U.S. man, a California man, a -os !ngeles man. A countryman is a pagan. *traight from the original ,e"ster%s <ictionary. $f you are a mem"er of any country you are a pagan. -ou are in#ol#ed in pagan rituals, the :ccult. *orry to inform you. ,o ( need to say the ne/t sentence# -ove of country is love of paganism.

So let us loo) at the forms at registration" %two are re7uired& ;orm B" 3otice of -ive or Still 2irth. 2y a witness. The one pretending to care for you but are only there as a spy, a witness. !n informant. ;orm I" Statement of 2irth, from real mother and father. )emem"er the *tatement of =irth cannot "e used as identification. Now how stupid is that. -ou ha#e a “Confusion of =eing”. *ou see, in reality, out of one we are many. This is your birthright. *our country is, out of many we are one. This new one has to ma)e the new statement. ! new identity. hen the statement is verified, it is given an enrolment number. !n identity number. ! number of the name. Show ;orm I. ! letters patent. *our country holds the patent. ! corporate or account number doing business as 9ustin ,imwit. 9ust li)e a numbered company doing business as almart. *ou are now an article of commerce, an asset of the country. ;orm J" *our receipt. ith a Code 3umber.

O)ay, so now you can re7uest, apply for and beg to be a member. 2ut remember it is a tric). -ou are a"out to lose all your property. To a"andon your "irthright. -ou are a"out to do an attornment. A transformation of the mind. So, you re7uest a 2irth Certificate so you can be normal li)e all the other boys and girls. *ou fill out an application. hy not 'ust use your receipt with the Code 3umber. (t ta)es you right to the statement that was registered. This is what they do, but of course you thin) it has to do with your name and parents and eye colour, weight, etc. Then you get a birth certificate.

1ow many of you do as instructed# 9ust give them your number. They even say please. -ou ha#e a name, address and serial num"er. These are the things that ma'e a son of Canada. e are taught to identify ourselves based on name, date of birth and address. here you live. The chances of the same name, born on the same day at the same address is almost nil. =ut only your num"er is uni/ue to you. ! number is needed because the family is too big. ,addy can+t remember everyone+s name. !nd because who you are is no longer self=evident you re7uire proof of this graven identity. This is a mas). *ou can change your name, but not the number. ,hy don%t you put in an application for a change of num"er instead of change of name. !fter all it is the number of the name. (t is uni7ue to you. ! national identification number or 3ational (dentity Card number is used by the governments of many countries as a means of trac)ing their citi.ens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of wor), ta/ation, government benefits, health care, and other governmentally=related functions. Sometimes, the number will appear on an identity card issued by a country. The ways in which such a system is implemented is dependent on the country, but in most cases, a citiEen is issued a num"er at "irth or when they reach a legal age %typically the age of BF&. Non8citiEens are issued such num"ers when they enter the country. :any countries issued such numbers ostensibly for a singular purpose, but over time, they become a de facto national identification number. ;or e/ample, the United States originally developed its Social Security 3umber system as a means of disbursing Social Security benefits. <ue to functionality creep, the num"er has "ecome utiliEed for other purposes to the point where it is almost essential to ha#e one in order to, among other things, open a "an' account, o"tain a credit card, or dri#e a car.

<o not "elie#e this lie. -ou cannot get any further num"ers without the registration num"er.

666666666666666666666666666666 One day ( opened a 2ible and the first few pages had forms where you can @ecord the same )ind of events. @ecord the births, marriages, deaths, of the family. ! nation is a family. Same thing, different word. 2ut no form for Change of 3ame. ( wonder why# (s there a Change of 3ame !ct in the 2oo) of life# -ou see, the "eings recorded in the =i"le, the =oo' of Life are li#ing. This is why it is called the "oo' of life. This landlord is the Lord of the li#ing. The "eings recorded "y the :ffice of the )egistrar 5eneral are also li#ing, "ut the "eings $ssued "y the :ffice of the )egistrar 5eneral are dead. This is a sacrificial offering. ( should also tell you that in very old family records, the children of a marriage were called their (SSU4. On your 2irth Certificate there is also a ,ate of (ssue, along with your ,ate of 2irth. (t is the certified birth of this (ssue which is the identity you use to conceal your true identity. *our 2irthright. 3ot the date of your real 2irth, but the date of birth of what you have become. hat you wanted to be. hat you claim to be. hat and who you purport to be. 6666666666666666666666 ,hat is the difference "etween a "irth registration and a "irth certificate+ from go#%t we"site info.! A "irth registration contains information a"out a new"orn and is used to create his or her permanent identity record. $ thought this was an identity+ $n fact it is a "irthright and you are a"out to a"andon it.!The "irth registration form cannot itself "e used as proof of identity or to re/uest documents such as 0assports or :ntario Health Cards. $nformation found on the "irth registration is used to create a "irth certificate. To "ecome anything is a transformation. A transformation is to change your form, how you were formed. A new ma'er. A new creator. To "e re"orn as of the issue date. =ut the life of this re8"irthed "eing is not li#ing, it is dead. $t is called a Ci#il Life.

-our =irth Certificate does not certify a L$34 =$)TH GGG :nly a ci#il life. 2irth registration" ;ree ....*ou do not have to pay to alienate your property. There is no fee for doing an attornment. $t is the attornment that creates the 144. The feud with your original -andlord. (n a 2irth registration 2irth registration in Ontario is a two=step process. Two forms must be submitted and matched in order for a birth registration to occur. The first form, the 3otice of -ive 2irth form, is completed by medical staff and submitted to the Office of the @egistrar 8eneral %0rovince of Ontario&. The second form, the Statement of -ive 2irth form, is completed by parents of newborns and is then submitted directly to the Office of the @egistrar 8eneral. $t is the matching of these two forms that creates a "irth registration. %out of the mouth of two witnesses the matter is established& Once the birth is registered, a birth certificate or certified copy of the birth registration can "e o"tained and used as proof of identity or to re7uest documents such as 0assports or Ontario 1ealth Cards. 3ow everything has changed, a total transformation, now you own nothing and have to start begging. 66666666666666666666666666 The ne/t video program is very important, in fact it is crucial to the swindle. (t is called >Confusion of :oney?. *ou have a type of property that can only be stolen from you as an unwitting accomplice to the fraud. The swindle cannot wor) without this blatant deception. (t would have no value. ....the Confusion of :oney.

Till then................My

name is Marcus

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