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KD 6.1

SMP/ MTs Subject Grade/ Semester

: SMPN 1 UNGARAN : English : VII/ 1

Competence Standard : 6. To express the meaning in simple short functional written text to interact with the surrounding and/ or in the academic context. Basic Competence : 6.1 To express the information in simple short written functional text accurately, continuously, and acceptable to communicate in daily life and/ or in the academic context. Indicators : 1. To match the illustration given with the short message. 2. To make a short message based on the illustration given. Character to develop : 1. Discipline 2. Responsibility Type of text Aspect/ Skill Time Allocation : Functional Text : Writing : 1 meeting (2 x 40 minutes)

A. Learning Objectives At the end of learning process, the students are able to: Match the illustration given with its short message. Make a short message based on the illustration given.

B. Learning Material 1. Short Message

C. Learning Method: Cooperative Learning

D. Steps of Activities Opening The teacher checks the attendance list of the students. The teacher reviews the material of last meeting and discusses their homework. Main Activities 1) Exploration Teacher gives a high level question to the students. Teacher tells the purpose of the lesson to the students. Teacher shows the example of short messages. 2) Elaboration Teacher gives the characteristic of short messages. Teacher discusses the vocabularies that are used. Students discuss the material with their friends in a group. Students make a group of five and do an exercise. Teacher gives some questions related to the material given. 3) Confirmation

Students show their work in front of class. Teacher asks students whether they have some problem during the learning activities.

Closing Activities

Teacher gives assessment in a form of making their own short message. Individual Task. Teacher closes the class.

E. Learning Resources Text book, visual aid, surrounding environment.

F. Assessment a. Technique b. Form c. Instrument : Written Test : Matching, Composition :

I. Match the illustration in the left column into the short message in the right column. a. Your mother wants to inform you 1. Dear Mrs. Sari that the money for buying an English book is on the kitchen table. What will she write? Thank you. b. Mr. Danu cannot come to the office 2. Dear mom, because he is sick. What will he write to his secretary? I will be late for today. I have an extracurricular schedule at school. I cannot come to the school because of an important meeting today.


c. Rose wants to inform her mother that 3. Ann, she will be late because of an extracurricular. What will she write? I put the money that you asked on the kitchen table. Buy an English book with it. You can take the change.

Mom. d. The principal cannot come to the 4. Dear Sara. school because he has an important meeting outside. What will he write? Are you still bringing my novel? I need my novel to do my assignment. Please bring my novel to the school tomorrow.

Thanks Jennie e. You want to tell your friend that you 5. Dear Ms. Suzie, need your novel and you want her to bring the novel to t f. he school tomorrow. What will you say? I cannot come to the office today. I feel sick and I need to come to the doctor. Please ask Mr. Steve to lead the meeting.

Thank you.

II. Make a good short message based on one of the illustration below.

1. You want your friend to buy ice cream and bring it to your house when you and your friend study together. What will you write?

2. Today is your sister birthday. Your mother wants you to go to the shoes shop and buy a pair of shoes for your sisters birthday gift. What will your mother write? 3. You cannot come to your friends house because you have to see a dentist. You ask for a possibility to come there another day. What will you write?

4. Mr. Hasan cannot come to the class because of an important meeting. He wants his students to do exercise two in students worksheet. What will he write?

5. You want to tell her mother to not pick you up at school because you have an extracurricular and you will go home with your friend by public transportation What will you write? d. Scoring Guide : Part I Part II Maximum score : The score is 1 for each answer : The score is 5 for each writing aspect. : Part I : Part II 5x1 = 5 5 x 3 = 15

Total Maximum Grade Students Grade : 100 : Correct Answer Maximum score


x 100

e. Scoring Rubric: Part I Correct Answer Incorrect Answer Part II Grammar 5 Makes few (if any) noticeable errors of grammar or word order. 4 Occasionally makes grammatical and/ or word order errors that occasionally obscure meaning. 3 Makes frequent errors of grammar and word order which occasionally obscure meaning. 2 Grammar and words make comprehension difficult. Most rephrase sentence and/ or restrict himself to basic pattern 1 Error in grammar and word to severe as to make the context virtually unintelligible. Vocabulary 5 4 Use of wide range of vocabulary thought previously. Sometimes use inappropriate terms and/ or must rephrase ideas because of lexical inadequacies. 3 2 Frequently uses the wrong words in the context. Mistakes of words and very limited vocabulary make comprehension quite difficult. 1 Vocabulary limitations so extreme as to makes the context virtually impossible. 1 0

Structure of language, spelling, and punctuation

5 4 3

Correct and appropriate. Almost correct and appropriate. Sometimes not appropriate but it does not influence to the meaning.

2 1

Appropriate enough and influence the meaning. Difficult to understand.

Semarang, September 2011 Acknowledge by The Headmaster, The Apprentice,