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The Language of images.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
CONTENTS: lntroduction.-Nemerov, H. On poetry
and painting, with a thought of music.-Argan, G. C.
Ideology and iconology.-Taylor, J. C. (etc.]
I. Arts-Addresses, essays, lectures.
I. Mitchell, W. J. Thomas, 1942-
NX60.L33 700 80-5225
ISBN 0-226-53215-1
Cover illustration by J oel Snyder.
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Howard N emerov
Giulio Carlo Argan
joshua C. Taylor
Elizabeth Abel
Ernest B. Gilman
Leo Steinberg
Gerald Mast
Christian Metz
Rudolf Arnheim
E. H. Gombrich
j oel Snyder
j ohn R. Searle
Robert P. Morgan
W.]. T. Mitchell
9 On Poetry and Painting, With a Thought
of Music
15 Ideology and Iconology
25 Two Visual Excursions
37 Redefining the Sister Arts: Baudelaire's
Response to the Art of Delacroix
59 Word and Image in Quarles' Emblemes
85 The Line of Fate in Michelangelo's Painting
129 Kracauer's Two Tendencies and the Early
Histor y of Film Narrative
151 Trucage and the Film
171 A Plea for Visual Thinking
181 Standards of Truth: The Arrested Image
and the Moving Eye
219 Picturing Vision
247 Las Meninas and the Paradoxes of Pictorial
259 Musical Time/ Musical Space
271 Spatial Form in Literature: Toward a
General Theory