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DAILY LESSON PLAN FOR YEAR 3 Name: Nur Farhana Binti Muhammad Fuad Rafidah Binti Sahadad Year:

3 Bijak Theme: World of Self, Family and Friends. Topic: My Cousins, My Neighbour. Lesson summary: Teacher gives out text cards to each group of pupils. Then, teacher shows another text on the screen to highlight the usage of pronouns by asking the students to compare it to their groups text. Teacher to drills students on pronouns usage by giving subjects. Student will be given a set of 5 questions from English Year 3 Textbook (page 23) to test theis understanding before further disscussion on their answers with the teacher. For the production stage, the teacher will guide student to solve a puzzle and give suitable pronouns for each picture in the puzzle. Content Standard 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately. Pupils previous knowledge: Students have learnt common nouns. Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: 1. Identify at least 4 pronouns used by comparing to texs correctly. 2. Fill in the blank with at least 4 correct pronouns in given sentences. Learning Standard: 5.1.2 Able to use pronouns correctly and appropriately: (a) personal (I, he, she, they, we) Duration: 60 minutes Time: 8.40 9.40 a.m No. Of Students: 20 Date: 16/10/2013 Day: Wednesday

Contents: Grammar Moral Values/ Educational Emphases: 1) Cooperation 2) Enjoyment 3) Obey to instruction. Teaching Aids: Laptop, LCD projector, mystery box, colour balls, text cards, English Year 3 Textbook, puzzles. Elements of Smart Learning Management/ Generic Skills: Making association and connection. Future Studies: The students are able to use pronouns correctly in their speaking and writing. Stage Content Focus/ Skills Teaching and Learning Activities Teachers Activity Teacher take out a mystery box and shake it for the students to listen. Pupils Activity S will listen to the sound and guess what is inside the mystery box. Text cards INDUCTION SET 5 minutes Grammar Reading T ask 4 students to come to the front and take out a ball in the box except white and yellow ball. S will sing the song Banana when the 4 students looking for the ball inside the mystery box. Colour balls Teaching Aids/ Values Mystery box Remarks/ Teachers Note Name of subject for each text. Encik Zarif Mia Mia and I Adam and Mia

In group, S read T give each students aloud together their

a text depending on the colours of the ball taken. T paste another text by replacing the subjects name with pronouns.

groups text.

S need to make comparison and tell the differences between the two texts.

Mahjong paper.

Coloured word are pronouns. Pronouns are words used to replace nouns. He refer to a man / boy She refer to a woman /


Listening Reading

T introduces the personal pronouns (he, she, they, we, I) based on the text.

S listen to teachers explanation.

girl We refer to the person who speak or write together with one or more person.

T drills the pupils on pronouns usage by giving subject. PRACTICE STAGE 20 minutes T asks S to answer Listening questions 1 5 in the textbook orally.

S read aloud the texts given together.

S answer the question individually before being asked by teacher orally.

English Year 3 Textbook page 23.

Usage of pronouns I He She

T disscussed the answer with the pupils and correct students misunderstanding if any. T shows a fill in the gap passage for the PRODUCTION STAGE 15 minutes Reading student to read it and write it in their exercise book.

S disscussed their answer with teacher.

We They

S read aloud together the passage before write it in their book with suitable answer in the gaps.

LCD projector

Usage of pronouns based on picture. I He She We They

CLOSURE 5 minutes

T refreshes the student on what they had learnt.