Xml Publisher Basics

1) How wil u set sl.no in xml reports? we wil use postion attribute here syntax: <?position()?> ) How wil u !i"e pa!ebrea#s a$ter speci$ic recor%s(rows)? we wil use <?split&by&pa!e&brea#?> syntax: <?i$:position() mo% '() ?><?split&by&pa!e&brea#:?><?en% i$?> &&&&&& we shoul% not use split&by &pa!e&brea# in table. *) How +"oi% the pa!e brea# inbetween the table ,a"!: -n the table properties we wil select row tab in that we we wil select chec# box +llow row brea# across the pa!e .) How wil !i"e Hea%ers to all pa!es? by usin! start bo%y an% en% bo%y syntax: <?start&bo%y?> <?en% bo%y?> ') Xml publisher can ha"e /nly one top le"el elements 0) How !i"e count o$ elemnts in last pa!e o$ the report? syntax: <?start1last&pa!e:bo%y?> count attrbute1 <?en% bo%y?> 2) How to appy colours alternati"ely? syntax: <?i$1row:position() mo% ()?> <xsl:attribute name(3bac#!roun%&color3 x%o$o:ctx(3incontext3>sil"er<4xsl:attribute><? en% i$?> 5) How wil u set Hea%in! per each pa!e? ,a"!: -n the table properties we wil select row tab &> in that we we wil select chec# box repeat hea%er $or each pa!e 6) ,a"i!ation $or lan%scape ,a"!: pa!elayout &>pa!e setup &>lan%scape(to the text&&&&only . tat pa!e) 1)) How apply colour in Bac#!roun% ,a"!: bor%ers an% sha%in! &> sha%in! &> $ill 11) How remo"e Boar%ers ,a"!: bor%ers an% sha%in! &> bor%ers &> (remo"e all si%es except %own) 1 ) 7hec# box (chec# box) <?ename>#asi?> 1.) 8rop %owlist select %rop %ronlist !i"e list o$ elements then !o $or a%% help text 1'. -$ we want to hili!ht one cell then we wil write syntax li#e <?i$:%ebit>1)))?><xsl: attribute x%o$o:ctx( 3bloc#3 name(3bac#!roun%color3> re%<4xsl: attribute><?en% i$?> 10).we wil %o runnin! totals li#e this <?x%oxslt:set9"ariable(:9 X8/7;X< =>;otal?ar=< x%oxslt: !et9"ariable(:9X8/7;X< =>;otal?ar=) @ -,?+A;)?> 12) i$ i want to calclulate totals &&&&&&&& <?a%%&pa!e&total:"ariablenameBCcolumn9nameC?> to %isplay those columns <?show&pa!e&total:ctB=:D<DD).))=B= (:D<DD).)))=?> 15.we can %o sortin! li#e this syn:&<?sort:element name?> ex:&&<?sort:"en%or9name?><?sort:"en%or9num?> 15. set autotrace traceonly &to trace the Euery without %ata 16.select to9char(to9%ate(C1)4 '4 ))5C<CAA4884FFFFC)<C%%&mon&yyyyC) $rom %ual ). we can execute pl4sEl proceures with GXG7 or 7+HH comman%B 1) to remo"e extra )Cs in xml <$o:bi%i&o"erri%e %irection(3ltr3 unico%e&bi%i(3bi%i&o"erri%e3><?7P97/I;?><4$o:bi%i&o"erri%e> ) sum o$ sal <?sum(I+HJtext()K)?>

Xml Publisher ( How to 8elete 8ata 8e$inition L ;emplate $rom Bac# en% )
Icript $or %eletin! the %ata%e$inition &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&> BGM-, X8/98I98GN-,-;-/,I9POM.8GHG;G9>/P(C-,?C<C,>M-,;>C)B G,8B &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& script $or %eletin! the template &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&> BGM-,

#!#).hen we nee% to create soft-link $or Pro! $ile Gx: chmo% 222 XX. #.op . "Mo". #-#. 7hec# Phether so$t&lin# create% or not .G9>/P(C-. "Fr". 2) ) ) "Tu". -.GI9POM./#) END /ee5. 20 . 2) ) ) "Mo".?C<C.GAPH+. CASE WHEN TO CHAR (!". in /racle Query for Display Calander.. -. 7reate 7oncurrent pro!ram L +%% 7onc Pro!ram to >eEuest !roup Query $or 8isplay 7alan%er.89. #2#. #./P4bin4$n%cpesr XX. #$%!!#). MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!". #$%Mo&"h$% ''''#) MONTH. LPAD (TO CHAR (!". #./#) 0 #0-# THEN #12# WHEN TO CHAR (!". #$%Mo&"h$% ''''#) L()E #3a&+# AND TO CHAR (!" . MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!".X8/9.. #7#.>M-. MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!". #!#). "Sa" FROM (SELECT TO CHAR (!". #!#). 2) ./#) 0 #12# THEN #41# ELSE TO CHAR (!" . -.8GHG. MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!".>C)B G.LENGTH (MONTH)) / 2) MONTH. LPAD (TO CHAR (!". "Su". #$%Mo&"h$% ''''#) L()E #De*+# AND TO CHAR (!" . 2) ) ) "Su". #$%!!#). #!#). #$%!!#). SELECT "Tu".GI. LPAD (MONTH.ow create executable +s executable metho% is HOST Gxecutable $ile name as XX. LPAD (TO CHAR (!". LPAD (TO CHAR (!".8B How to >i!ister Ihell Icript (.pro! ln &s :N.GI.Pro! N-le in +pps) 8e"elop the shell script as shown in the pre"ious post Ao"e the Ihell pro!ram to the 7ustom . #2#. "We".(20 . #$%!!#).. "Th".GI..

#). #1#. #$%!!#)..%escriptionSSCKC<p.lan/ua/e + USE&E-0(1L. #$%Mo&"h$% ''''#). SELECT substr(a. LPAD (TO CHAR (!". TO CHAR (DT .user9concurrent9pro!ram9name user9concurrent9pro!ram9name < $.-.actual9completion9%ate&$. 2) ) ) "Th".R0)R0))4*0)))R*0)))40))R0)) )) SS C IG7I C time9%i$$erence <8G7/8G(p.phase9co%e<C>C<C>unnin!C<C7C<C7ompleteC<$.GI C SS roun%(((($. TO N:MAER (/ee5) B Poste% by #asina%h son!a at 0:15 +A How to #now "ersion o$ /racle +pplications $rom bac#en% Printing Oracle Apps versions: Use the below select statement to know the currently installed version of all your modules.actual9completion9%ate actual9completion9%ate < $loor((($.actual9start9%ate)R .R0)R0)) & $loor((($. #. LPAD (TO CHAR (!".application_id .actual9start9%ate)R .actual9start9%ate)R . #!#).actual9completion9%ate&$. 2) ) ) "Sa" FROM (SELECT TR:NC (S'SDATE. #!#).$n%9concurrent9pro!rams9tl pt < apps.actual9completion9%ate& $.#)) GRO:P A' TO CHAR (!". LPAD (TO CHAR (!".concurrent9pro!ram9name) concurrent9pro!ram9name < %eco%e($./#)) ORDER A' TO DATE (MONTH. #Mo&"h ''''#). #8#.R0)R0))4*0))) SS C H/T>I C SS $loor(((($. #$%!!#).R0)R0))4*0)))R*0)) & ($loor(((($. #9#. MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!". #$%!!#).) ) "We".actual9start9%ate)R .application_name ! "$# application_name p.#) . #.TR:NC (S'SDATE.-21#3 Query to find the concurrent program processing time: IGHG7.. #!#).application_id + t.actual9completion9%ate&$.R0)R0))& $loor((($.R0)R0)) & $loor((($. #.actual9start9%ate)R .application_short_name ! "# code substr(t. MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!".R0)R0))4*0)))R*0)))40)) SS C A-.product_version version %&'( fnd_application a fnd_application_tl t fnd_product_installations p )*E&E a. #.$n%9concurrent9pro!rams p < apps.actual9start9%ate)R .T.application_id . TO CHAR (!" .actual9start9%ate actual9start9%ate < $.status9co%e N>/A apps. 2) ) ) "Fr".application_id + p. t.actual9completion9%ate&$. -. ROWN:M !" FROM a<< o=>e*"? WHERE ROWN:M @0 ADD MONTHS (TR:NC (S'SDATE. a.reEuest9i% < pt.actual9completion9%ate& $. MA6 (DECODE (TO CHAR (!". $. -.$n%9concurrent9reEuests $ . -2) .concurrent9pro!ram9name<C+HG787C<p.concurrent9pro!ram9nameSSCJCSS $. #.-.actual9completion9%ate& $.actual9start9%ate)R .phase9co%e) Phase < $./#) or!er =.

o remo"e loc#s on obUect: +H.89P>/M>+A.concurrent9pro!ram9i% ( pt.C <output9type (> C.8 pt.TPM-.application9i% +.concurrent9pro!ram9i% ( p.+BHG (executable (> CXXHN.obUect9type< b.GAH8>C <application (> CHarbor Nrei!ht 7ustom +pplicationC <short9name (> CXXHN.G> (pro!ram (> CHN.ame o$ 7onc Pro!ram <%escription (> CC &&& 8escription <executable9short9name (> CXXHN.TPM-.PHG>G $.pro!ram9application9i% ( pt.GAH8>C <%escription (> CIQHH/+8G> -tem Pro!ram $rom 11i to >1 C <execution9metho% (> CIQHRHoa%erC <execution9$ile9name (> CXXHN.G> IFI.concurrent9pro!ram9i% an% $.GXG7T.I-8 ( a.GAH8>C <subroutine9name (> CC <icon9name (> CC <lan!ua!e9co%e (> CTIC <execution9$ile9path (> CC)B en%B &&&& 7reatin! 7oncurrent Pro!rams &&&& Be!in N.89P>/M>+A.obUect9i%B Gxample : .serialD< b.GAH8>C &&& Ihort .owner< c.GA O-HH IGII-/.G> IFI.obUect9i% ( c.ame <enable% (> CFC &&& Gnable% Nla! <short9name (> CXXHN.?(CHan!C) an% $.application9i% an% $.>GM-I.osuser< b.machine N>/A ":loc#e%9obUect a< ":session b< %ba9obUects c PHG>G b.C <run9alone (> C.ame <application (> CHarbor Nrei!ht 7ustom +pplicationC &&& +pplication .actual9start9%ate is not null />8G> by $.'CB How to >i!ister 7oncurrent pro!ram $rom Bac#en% &&& 7reatin! Gxcecutables Be!in N.TPM-.pro!ram9application9i% ( p.session9i% +. C1''<' 2.TPM-.TPM-.actual9start9%ate %escB Hoc#s on /bUect L >emo"e Hoc#s Query to Knoe locks on the object: IGHG7.C <printer (> CC <reEuest9type (> CC <reEuest9type9application (> CC <use9in9srs (> CFC <allow9%isable%9"alues (> C.GAH8>C &&& Gxecutable o$ the 7onc Pro!ram <executable9application (> CHarbor Nrei!ht 7ustom +pplicationC &&& Gxecutable application <execution9options (> CC <priority (> CC <sa"e9output (> CFC <print (> CFC <cols (> CC <rows (> CC <style (> CC <style9reEuire% (> C.extC &&&& /ut put $ormat <enable9trace (> C.GA O-HH IGII-/. Csi%<serialDCB +H.C <restart (> CFC <nls9compliant (> CFC . -tem 7on"ersion loa%erC &&& 7oncurrent Pro!ram .actual9completion9%ate&$.I-8< b. c.obUect9name< c.concurrent9pro!ram9i% an% $.8 a.lan!ua!e ( TIG>G.status< b.

8GHG.ame en%B How to %elete 7oncurrent pro!ram L Gxecutable -N (N.8 -NB .G9GXG7T.ame o$ Gxcutable Pro!ram < &&& +pplication .P>/M>+A9GX-I.HG.-.C)B &&& Ihort .+889./9M>/TP (pro!ram9short9name (> CXXHN.ame o$ 7onc Pro!ram < &&& +pplication .C)B &&&& Ihort .ame o$ 7onc Pro!ram &&& +pplication .+BHG(CXXHN.ame G.GAH8>C< CHN.89P>/M>+A.GAH8>C <application (> CHarbor Nrei!ht 7ustom +pplicationC)) .<icon9name (> CC <lan!ua!e9co%e (> CTIC <mls9$unction9short9name (> CC <mls9$unction9application (> CC <incrementor (> CC)B en%B How to a%% Parameters to 7oncurrent Pro!ram Be!in $n%9pro!ram. N.TPM-.89P>/M>+A.89P>/M>+A.ame &&& IeEunce .ame o$ 7onc Pro!ram <pro!ram9application (> CHarbor Nrei!ht 7ustom +pplicationC &&& +pplication .8GHG.parameter (pro!ram9short9name (> Cxxh$tup!iteml%rC <application (> Charbor $rei!ht custom applicationC <seEuence (> C1C <parameter (> CpathC <%escription (> Cpath o$ %ata $ile.umber &&& Parameter .ame &&& Paramter 8escription &&& Gnable% Nla! &&& ?alue Iet .TPM-.GAH8>C< CHN.ame N.I (pro!ram (> CXXHN.C <enable% (> CyC <"alue9set (> Car9"archar91')C <%e$ault9type (> CC <%e$ault9"alue (> CC <reEuire% (> CyC <enable9security (> CnC <ran!e (> CC <%isplay (> CyC <%isplay9siVe (> C1'C <%escription9siVe (> C')C <concatenate%9%escription9siVe(> C 'C <prompt (> Cpath C <to#en (> CC)B en%B &&& Ihort .GAH8>C &&& Ihort .ame <reEuest9!roup (> C+ll -nclusi"e MT-C &&& >eEuest !roup name <!roup9application (> C-n"entoryC)B &&& >eEust !roup +pplication .TPM-.ame &&& >eEuire% $la! ( Aan%atory or not) How to a%% 7oncurrent pro!ram to reEuest !roup Be!in N.89P>/M>+A.G9P>/M>+A(CXXHN.

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