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Water distribution in Kuwait by donkey cart.

Jan 7, 1948.
View of the construction of a 75 ft.100 ton boom dhow for
Athainev Alghonim in Kuwait, Jan 3, 1948.
View of shops alongside of the marketplace. Kuwait,
Jan 8, 1948.
View of ships docked at the custom's quay in Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1948.
Various shops at the marketplace with mosque on the background.
Kuwait, Jan 5, 1948.
The east side section of the Safat square viewed from the office.
Kuwait. Jan 3, 1948.
Men gathered around the town plaza near the sheep. Kuwait,
Jan 8, 1948.
Izzat Jaffar brother's office viewed across the streets. Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1947.
House construction in the New Kuwait Oil Company Village
viewed from a distance. Kuwait, Jan 5, 1948.
Dhows docked on the sea front in Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1948.
Athainev Alghonim standing beside an on going boom type
dhow construction. Kuwait, Jan 3, 1948.
An aerial view of Kuwait cityscapes on board an aircraft. Kuwait,
Jan. 2, 1947.
An aerial shot of Kuwait viewed from the aircraft. Kuwait,
Jan 17, 1948.
A view of an alley in Kuwait, Jan.
2, 1948.
A view of a souq in Kuwait with men standing in the foreground.
Kuwait, Jan 2, 1947.
A view of a 4 seat rapid bi-plane landed on the grounds of Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1947.
A general view of Safat square in Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1947.
A distant view of Masjid Sharia Al Amir in Kuwait,
Jan 2, 1948.
A 12 diameter oil pipe lined in the fields to Ahmadi oil tanks in
Kuwait, Jan 5, 1948.
Kuwait Petroleum
International Limited