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February 2014

Good day...
It is fantastic to be able to share with you once again about what has been happening over the past month, as well as looking forward to the month ahead. So without further ado...

January 2014
Last month seemed to fly by. It was a real mixed bag of ministry opportunities, with some exciting developments taking place in other areas of my ministry. I was delighted to have the opportunity to share more about my mentoring ministry at Battisford Free Church on 26th January. It was wonderful to have friends and family come and listen too. There will be (I am hoping) a DVD/MP3 available for download via YouTube or my website in the next couple weeks. I will paste a link in next month's newsletter. Some quality time was spent catching up with mentees and students during January. They bless my heart greatly every time I see them, and it is brilliant to see the progress they are making and strides they are taking in their journey's with Jesus. It is always a privilege to meet up with people; to listen, to feedback, to share in their journey. I am always humbled by people's honesty and it's wonderful to be able to encourage and empower people to develop their God-given gifting's and skills further. I have received two bookings for Mentoring Training Days at the end of February and March respectively. I am excited to help other groups find out more about mentoring for themselves, so that they can develop their skills and in turn mentor others. Passing on the baton to others is a privilege (and a little scary), but always very rewarding. There is also the possibility of leading two more training days in April and May as well, so this is a very exciting area of growth at the moment. After several months of meetings and discussions, I have agreed to work with Horringer Court Community Church in Bury St Edmunds for between 8-12 hours a week. The primary focus is to encourage people to journey together with Jesus in order to grow in their faith and develop their discipleship. This is an exciting role, and one which is being worked out as we go along, but it begins to gather more pace this coming month.

February 2014
Whilst January wasn't the busiest month for mentoring or visiting students, I think February is redressing the balance! I have a lot of people to catch up with over the next four weeks, and a great deal of travelling to do as well. There is scope for taking on more mentoring as

well. I am praying into this and asking God to show me people who I should be getting alongside and investing time in. There is some follow-up from my presentation evening at Battisford too, so I'm looking forward to meeting with people to talk about mentoring further. This coming weekend, I am in Penhurst, East Sussex, leading worship at a retreat that is being hosted by my mentor Paul Wilcox. There are 12 of us attending, and I am really looking forward to going away and spending some quality time listening to others, but more importantly, listening to God. I am looking forward to seeing what the Holy Spirit gets up to in our lives: it will be an awesome weekend away I am certain. There are a couple of lads I am going to visit away at university this month who have connections with Sporting 87 FC. It will be great to see them and catch up. Lastly, some advance warning: on 16th March I have the opportunity to share again about my ministry, this time at Horringer Court Community Church. The service starts at 10:30am. All are welcome to come along and hear about what I am doing.

There is always plenty to be thankful for. Your prayers for me and those I meet with are very much appreciated!

Praise God for a great time of sharing at Battisford in January and for the response and opportunity to discuss mentoring with other people as a result of that evening. Prayers for continued direction and wisdom as I look to new opportunities to mentor people. Prayers for discernment and guidance in my work with Horringer Court Community Church; for opportunities to build good relationships and share my heart for mentoring and discipleship with others. Praise God for the existing mentoring relationships and the students I have already visited. Pray that these would continue to bear much fruit. Praise God for past provision financially and for new partners as the work grows into the future. Prayer for the mentoring training days that are taking place: that I would speak with clarity and conviction, and that they would be empowering to those that come along. Prayer for safety in travelling around the country again this month.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about the ministry, I am always delighted to share more and meet up with people. Please do contact me on and I will be happy to talk further. Be blessed and be a blessing Mark