Why me!

Hiya guys! This idea popped in my head. So i hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1
8 months and still no call or letter! I murmured to myself as i counted on the calendar how long the CCullens have been gone. 8 months and it still kills me to say there name. Oh well Bella get a grip if he loved you he would ve came back already.Forget about him! Stupid voice in my head. Oh well might aswell pass the time. I did the first thing that came to my head. I walked up to the phone and started dialling Jacobs home number. I hadn t talked to him for a while so we would probably be on the phone for hours. Jake became my new best friend ever since they left. After the 4th ring Billy picked up. hello Billy speaking he said in his usual ruff voice Hey Billy its Bella, Is Jacob home? Uh Bella jakes ah Jakes out Billy s voice lowered the slightest bit
Isnt it funny that every time i call he s out, when i stop by he is at a movie? I had to take 10 long deep breathes to stop

me from having a skits at Billy Look im sorry i have to go
Bella, Just stop calling please i don t like seeing you get hurt

your like family to me but your making it extremely difficult for me and Jake Billy said in a whisper Look ive got to go, Ill get jake to give you a call hows that sound? And like that i

slammed the phone down It would sound great if you would actually do it Billy I mumbled to myself and then shuffled to the kitchen to start dinner. I couldn t be fucked cooking any thing massive and yummy today so i chucked leftovers from yesterday straight into the microwave. Bella? Sweetie im home Dad im in the kitchen I replied loud enough for him to hear. He walked in and embraced me into a tight hug. Once we were seated at the table we
Dug in. So bells listen this weekend i have a big fishing tournament going on in Seattle. Do you mind if i go? Why is

he asking me hes a grown man! Um sure dad i wasn t
planning on doing anything anywayz I said in a cherry sweet voice So when do you have to leave? I asked bemused um i was supposed to leave this morning so i guess tonight ill be leaving Charlie said with a sheepish grin on his face. 2 Hours later and we were hugging each other good bye. Good luck Dad! I smiled thanks bells After he left i ran up stairs straight to the bathroom. What was in that left over chicken for god sake. I stayed near the toilet the whole night. Just vomiting and vomiting. The next day the same routine applied. I got a massive fever. And when i say massive i mean

when i put the thermometer anywhere near my body the temp would be of the reader. On the 7th day of my illness it started to subside. Bout time Bloody hell everytime Charlie called i had to put on this big hoo-hah and act like i was as fit as a fiddle. That evening the illness had totally gone but now the odd thing was I COULD FUCKING MORPH INTO A GIANT BLACKISH-BROWNISH WOLF! I sat on me bed crying my eyes out when i heard a tap at the window. When i finally had enough strength to look up i was surprised to find Jacob and His new friends all staring at me wide eyed. In a swift second the window was open and Jacob was rushing towards me.But i was quicker i got up and went to the corner of the room. Bella what happened? Are you ok? Do you need a doctor or something? his friends were all hovering in the back NO JACOB IM NOT FUCKING OK. WANNA SEE WHY? and in a swift movement i punched my hand through the wall which therefore made a massive hole. Bella what the fuck? You couldn t warn me jake, You couldn t warn me that i could be in the running to be the next person in this stupid, idiotic gang! You couldn t be a friend and help me? I was getting worked up and i started shivering all over. All of the guys stepped forward Wait your a? The boys said together Im a Werewolf for fuck sake you are too. So why are you looking at me like im a psycho, And any chance you get your gonna chuck me in a sych ward? Bella thats not why were looking at you... None of your family has been in the quillette pack Sam

stuttered. Thats when all the tears started streaming down again I m scared. I m scared. I don t want to be like this! Jake ran forward and hugged me fiercely Its ok, Everything will be ok im here for you! Nothing will change that After 5 more hours of them explaining what they- We do i was finally excepting it. We stayed in the lounge room talking and laughing for another 4 hours, When Sam reported a vampire. Time to go kick some sparkely vampires ass. We ran to our destination and i tackled the vamp to the ground will the boys got the boy vamp when i was about to burn the girl i realized who it was. Victoria. That got me started and i started beating her up and i just couldn t let the anger go. I kept whooping her ass till jake pulled me off and Sam ripped her to shreds. Im sorry. Im soo sorry she just brought back old memories! Its ok bella she was your first kill

5 long weeks later and we only got 4 bloody vampires seriously. I was bloodlust, But not the bloodlust your thinking about, i had an urge to kill alot more vampires. We were all in the lounge room, Charlie had left for work and me and the boys, and our newest to members Seth and Leah sat around me. Someone knocked on the door and i jumped up to go answer it. But i stopped when i smelt it. That sticky, Sweet, cold smell. It was a vampire so we all took positions while i went to open the door

slightly. Oh No! I ran away, look leave me alone its the only thing that popped into my head in that moment. It couldn t be, Why now out of all the times? Why now all of a sudden? He hasn t even seen me for 8 months and now here he is looking as sexy and gorgeous as. STOP! God i should be pissed off with him. But his looks, His eyes. Jake and the rest of the gang stepped forward, infront of me. What are you doing here? I cried from behind Jake. Bella, we missed you! And your future disappeared we were scared you had killed yourself. Whats that smell? Alice said stepping closer. Look you have to leave Now! The boys were slowly getting worked up Bella i miss my little sis. Now come give Me a hug! Emmett held out his arms No! You have to leave you aren t safe here please go I yelled. We are not leaving you They all said together. Well you sh- I was cut of my the blonde bitch Rosalie Maybe we should leave, She isn t even worth it Edward. Shes not meant for you Everyone was shooting daggers at her. And plus she obviously has found people to replace us. Even if the people are hideous and have bad hair cuts. That did it I would accept anything she threw at me but when she started picking on my brothers and sisters Thats when things got messy. I didn t think i just acted.

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