R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User Functionality

Overview The purpose of this document is to give a brief insight into the new feature of R12 that is “Proxy User” in User Management (UMX) Requirement

To allow a user to specify a proxy who can act on their behalf when he/she is on vacation. The Proxy user should perform all the functions of the delegator (e.g. submit and
review reports, approve documents, perform iProcurement transactions and so on) for the specified for date ranges. Pre-requisites

1. Have access to or have installed licensed version of Oracle Applications R12 2. Having access to User Management (UMX)
Assumptions The section lists the complete set of assumptions that need to be considered along with the other constituents of this solution.

1. The Environment is a vision instance of Oracle Applications version R12
2. The effort involved in localizing this for the end-client and deploying may vary from one client environment to another. Activities To illustrate, I'll refer to two types of E-Business suite Users: OPERATIONS - This is the User who will delegate responsibility to perform transactions on their behalf to the user “BALA”. BALA - This is the user who will sign on to the E-Business suite and access the responsibilities of the user “Operations”. Step 1: • • • Connect to the R12 E-Business Suite as any User (e.g. SYSADMIN) with the responsibility 'User Management' and open the 'Users' form. Search for the user name of the Operations. Assign the role 'Manage Proxies' to this User

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

Step 2: Now connect as the user “OPERATIONS “and navigate to the 'Preferences' form. Click on the 'Manage Proxies' option and then, the 'Add People' button. This will allow you to add the User Names of those Users that you wish to perform actions on your behalf. Now add the user names of all Users that you wish to assume your responsibilities.

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

In my example, I add the user name “BALA”.Apply the changes and exit the E-Business suite.

Step 4: Now Login with the User Name “BALA” Note - the new options 'Switch User' and 'Return to Self' available: As its’ name suggests 'Switch User' is the button that allows you to 'become' the other User without having to enter their password i.e. BALA can become OPERATIONS and access their responsibility list.

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

Step 5: Select the 'People Icon' to switch your user to that of OPERATIONS

Step 6: Now you are in home page of the OPERATIONS, can access any of their current responsibilities and can perform action on their behalf in the E-Business that they themselves are allowed to perform. To return to the original user session, select the option 'Return to Self'.

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

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Solution Salient Features The following are the salient features

1. Provides the delegator the ability to grant/revoke the proxy privilege to individuals 2. Provide a mechanism throughout the application’s framework where the user can access
the proxy switcher feature 3. Provide a mechanism throughout the application’s framework which indicates to the user that they are acting as a proxy 4. One of the vital benefit of proxy user is the ability to delegate proxy authority provides great security controls and Granular control of proxy authority is provided i.e delegate authority can be specified for date ranges 5. Simple approach with the tangible end deliverables clearly identified for each stage. Cheers!! bala Oracle SCM Consultant Email: bala.apps.consultant@gmail.com Blog: http://bala-oracleapps.blogspot.com Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/bala6

R12 - User Management (UMX) – Proxy User

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