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Petrov [A].[N]. - technology of the regeneration of the teeth

(Based on materials Petrov, [Arepeva], Korolev) The tree, which exists before our consciousness, has internal and external connections of manifestation. Before the organism this of the connection of brain for the sake of each specific organ. Balance with each cell and it is still very important with the environment. So that the regeneration of organ is past correctly, necessarily the tree of life, with billions of twigs, which are necessary so that all cells W !"# $% W about each other everything. &f W' disturb such a balance and disrupt the collection of information based on entire organism, plus W' &%( ))'(T"* !%+,($ #%,, then the process of regeneration can be braked. &ndeed with #%, everything begins. &t is the open system. &t is opened beside cosmos much more than many other structural elements. Why T-' ,T . of metal is /vmontirovan0 between the phosphate groups1 (obalt, nickel, iron, calcium, magnesium, not by chance. Thus, occurs scanning biosystems. So that the organ would be built correctly, process must be correlated with entire organism. Therefore scanning entire organism occurs. +lus is space information, godly information. ,nd organ, as part as a whole, as a result appears. &t is further. &f you obtained T-' %'W )2,%, made from ideal cells, you pass from the new organ at the point of the new future. &t means, with the presence of tree before the consciousness it begins to work not against the level of the molecules of #%,, but they begin to work as &%T'2)," S*ST'. as men united, being subordinated down control of consciousness, and not only subconsious automatisms. ,nd scanning on entire organism occurs after this, the growth of homeostasis occurs. The completing part of the regeneration of the organ., which was struck. nce in man is a standard, it means in man to eat future. The following is obtained. )egeneration is possible when SW&T(- %'# /B!#!*!S-(-''0. This /beduyushchee0 must become +)'S'%T"*. This ((!)S B'(,!S' ( %S(& !S%'SS + SS'SS'S T-' +) +')T&'S 3 T-' )'3"'(T& % 3 '%T&)' )',"&T* % &TS ',(- S'2.'%T, i.e., before ',(S'2.'%T 3 T)!' ( %S(& !S%'SS there '4&STS '%T&)' )',"&T* 3 +',(' S&.!"T,%' !S"*. .aterial is created from the energy of light, filled for the sake of life. Soul must build ),*S light down the side of healthy cells and entire physical body, and also events of recovery on the time scale. Soul builds * !) +')S %," )',"&T*. &n it and from the front and from behind now healthy cells, healthy physical body. &t means, consciousness against the dying moment is connected with the soul and soul gives the manifestations of that positive future, for which * ! ST)&5'. She makes this through the consciousness, i.e., soul he accurately knows that she can change any negative event, that she is indestructible. But she this knows there, before her space, and here she is reflected by consciousness and sees through the consciousness. But consciousness exists in each cell of physical body. Then at the point of whom it is necessary to show that the situation is corrected and that it is necessary to act for this. ,t the point of consciousness this must be shown and learned it to make in order to overcome destruction before the organism.

B -ere such of /otryvochek0 in order to dispose you for the understanding, that the process of regeneration, in spite of that leaflet, which gave, is much more complex. ,nd 77.778 are done not by you, but &T &S # %' ,T T-' + &%T 3 * !. But also this hundredth of percentage, which must make * !, is extremely important and it is extremely significant. Because if people approach this with the fluctuation and the doubt, then it begins to erode the future, which you desire. That you are healthy, that you have in front interminable 9uantity of years and entire similar. & speak about our technologies. &f we think about the life in front, and not about death it is in front, "&3' waits us. &f we think about the health, -',"T- waits us &% 3) %T. But if we think that something poor will occur, then poor will occur and it is necessary to put off money down the pension and so forth. :::: -ere to you the technology of macro;control, when millions of consciousnesses work before !%&S %< -ere to what it calls By /grabovoy0, before what its most great merit, it us all calls to the life. -e tells us before all, there is no death, he tells us before all, it is possible to raise through our consciousness. What there will be our consciousness, as it 5&B),T'S before T-' S+,(', similar will be )',"&T*. &f man does not govern the events of life, this as weights mechanical is right;left. &s necessary the third component /T)&,#% ST0, more accurate not /triadnost0 because sounds as = hell. ( %S(& !S%'SS ; by itself, S+&)&T by itself, S !" by herself. This of = hell, and T)&!%&T* or T)& is necessary. -ere even before the words it is necessary to be at the point of very careful, what words to use. ,nd if someone attempts to cleave these structures, down these people it is necessary to focus attention. They to immediately appear. Then it is understandable, they work from whom, on whom they work and what they want to reach. Because you will not differently reveal them, through behavior it is possible to only see them. Through the speeches, which they speak &t is possible to be named what conveniently name and title, it is possible to enter beside the spiritual structures and to occupy before them very high place, and to enter as pig the latter. -ere is this case. 2rigoriy +etrovich>s task any structure, which is assembled around it, to convert to the positive. But evidently, who that makes on behavior. /T0./e0 is not important, what post of men occupies, but to look on its matters and behavior.

TEETH. 6=?@76 ; for the regeneration of teeth ; can be introduced beside the sphere and sent beside the tooth (oncentration with 6A;6A.6? on an increase in the healthy teeth or on the remained tower.

= To present sphere from the front and its means before the sphere of future with T-' %'W T''T-. T " $ T-) !2- T-' T)'' 3 "&3' ,2,&%ST T-&S S+-')'. 3,(' T 3,(' T-) !2- T-' T)''. (- )# 3 S+&%' the most active partC therefore stem cells to more easily take from the spine. They are illuminated, they seemingly propose themselves. To develop sensitivity to the colors, the sense of smell, the touch. /+0.6D, if in someone organs are removed. /+0.6? partially +etrov>s speech. /+0.6E about the stones before the liver. @77D776 ; for the regeneration of organs. (assette. &n whom are removed internaliFation the organs or almonds or gall bladder or womb. *ou know that the regeneration of teeth and the regeneration of hair ; this one of the most complex regenerations because both the hair and the teeth have both internal and external manifestations. This before the first, and the secondly and hair, and teeth are subGected to c.c. , you you know, c.c. very strong thing. ,nd today in order to change collective consciousness, it is necessary to, first of all, change its individual consciousness. ,nd when, changing our consciousness we we change for the sake of c.c. and it is ac9uired that peace, before which we want to live, that medicine, which we want to use and to work. Why we with you begin based on the most complex, based on the regeneration of teeth because as showed the interrogation before the different groups ; this re9uire 6HH8. But the secondly, we with you embarked on the path of spiritual development, down the complex way. But you know that the god not on the forces of cross does not give, and he does not place before man of the impracticable tasks, means with you everything on the forces. The purpose of our today>s work ; this is the restoration of teeth to the standard by regeneration on +etrov>s technologies /,0./%0. This the first. ur second task ; this to create the information event all around, which your doctors stomatologists will comb backs of the head and indicate that this it cannot be. But we with you will answer down this, never you speak never< Because, then that yesterday it was improbable, it today occurs T B'. *ou know that space and time for a second time with respect to T-' ( %S(& !S%'SS. ,nd '5')*T-&%2 proceeds based on our consciousness. ( %S(& !S%'SS ; this is the structure, which makes possible at the point of our soul to govern our physical body. ur soul comes into contact with entire surrounding reality through the consciousness. .oreover, our body comes into contact with all our cells, more accurately it interacts with all our cells. But cell this great matter. 2rigoriy +etrovich speaks, you know cell ; you know everything. Today we will work with our stem cells through our consciousness. ,s Tsiolkovskiy spokeI man will fly down space, resting not beyond the sum of its it is wing, but down the force of its reason, consciousness.

D Before approaching the regeneration, & will briefly stop against the cells, against the stem cells, against the hologram of teeth. Grigoriy Petrovich speaks: Consi er yo!r conscio!sness as the ele"ent of peace# yo! $ill place it %esi e any region of peace. &or e'a"ple# %efore any of the internal organs. As a res!lt this organ to change in accor ance $ith the fact that yo! place %esi e yo!r conscio!sness. But, unfortunately, nothing it in the world changes as slowly as our consciousness. We on the youth without the regret move away our teeth. We then make bridges, prostheses completely we do not think above the fact, why liFard can restore its tail, crocodile can restore its lost tooth, but we, created on the means and the similarity we are satisfied by some completely alien to our organism prostheses. This all because humanity searched for the technologically effective ways of development, and it proved to be down much easier than spiritual. *ou will agree with me what to place prosthesis is possible in B weeks, and to regenerate ; everything depends on you. ,nd people with the true consciousness can do this only, and the still enormous way of regeneration is in prospect at the point of us. ,gainst the basis of any )'2'%'),T& % the connection of our consciousness for the sake of the consciousness of creator lies. ,nd if the purpose of our occupation coincides for the purposes of creator, and & think that coincides because the regeneration of teeth this ; this is creative process, this is harmonious process, then with you everything to come out. *ou on the hands have leaflets with the hologram of teeth, you will look. & will say several words about ST'. ('""S. Before the human organism the large number of cells. &n the different authors from AH;7H trillion cells. ,nd in each cell 7 trillion reactions second;by;second are passed. *ou only consider this. 'ach person, in each organ, in each cell has his tasks. ,nd man, with respect to his cells is uni9ue god. ,s speaks 2rigoriy +etrovich cell it possesses high intellectual potential. (ells possess consciousness, cellular consciousness. .oreover, cells understand human speech is because on the molecule #%, recorded the speech of creator. But speech T-&S &S #&2'ST. ,s speaks academician /2oryaev0, texts on the molecules of #%, ; this certain space /espiranta0. ,nd on whatever we language talked, cells understand us. ,nd this very important to us to understand because we with you will talk for the sake of this tender rudiment, beside which we will today place root laying. We will not talk as for the sake of the baby, when we nurture our children. 'very day before the human organism billions of cells perish and billion are born anew. Stem cells ; these are uni9ue cells. They do not have a specialiFation and are capable besides the multiplication and ,)' (,+,B"' of ()',T&%2 ,%* T&SS!' 3 ,#!"T )2,%&S..

? These cells are found before bone marrow before the flat and tubular bones. #o not confuse, not before the spinal cord. These cells as the spare parts of our organism, they as first aid hurry to the place of catastrophe. They are capable of covering significant distances before the organism in order to fall on the place of catastrophe. %ow they began to widely use them before medicine. Before .oscow the clinic of the federal value, where by the cellular therapy are occupied more than BH years, works. The very serious in practice incurable diseases there treatI multiple sclerosis, +arkinson, hepatites, cirrhoses of the liver, the ischemic diseases of heart and so forth "et us total, that we have. We have uni9ue tool ; our consciousness, we have before our organism ; !%&J!' ('""S ; (,2')S to, unfortunately, to EH years of stem cells become increasingly less and it is less. This is why breaks heal to live with this labor in people of elderly age and all possible wounds and with the ease these problems manage children and adolescents. %ow let us switch over to - " 2),. Kubov. To you to each in its imagination or Fone of control will have to construct the hologram of the absent tooth. *ou find, what tooth in you is absent. We begin regeneration based on the upper Gaw. &f before the upper Gaw all teeth exist, then we begin regeneration based on the lower Gaw. &f someone cannot determine, what tooth is absent. Because there is so that man it loses teeth very early. The shift of all teeth then occurs, they change their position, and, it is obtained, it is difficult to determine E either A or ? tooth. But they have different structure. %ow before the hall is present the woman, in whom grows the tooth to the right on the lower Gaw ?; k,. But & this tooth cannot conduct as to /fraktologiyu0, t to she did not see it to that, but she saw for the sake of that already cutting. But to me is necessary your status before it was cut tooth. Sometimes teeth grow beside =H beside DH and beside ?H, before my practice this was. .ilk teeth begin to be embedded on A week of pregnancy. (onstant teeth begin to be embedded down 6A weeks of pregnancy. But now give let us calculate ; A week of pregnancy ; this by the Bnd month. ,pproximately A months L the 6st milk tooth is cut through before E months this approximately passes year and = months before the appearance of the first tooth. 3or which & this you tell, this is the answer to the fact, who wants to regenerate teeth in B weeks. But constant teeth play beside ? years, this, as a rule, E molars in child, not the first central cutters. +arents, as a rule, this do not know. So it is how much necessary at the point of time so that would be cut the constant tooth ; ? and the more of years. & repeat on this, that technologically the way is considerably simpler than the spiritual way of development. nce we embarked on the path of spiritual development, we will continue it, after obtaining the technologies of the regeneration of teeth, we will continue this way of the understanding of peace, understanding ourselves as the particle of peace. Because the result cannot, they will reach until we realiFe ourselves by the element of peace, by the part of the peace. ,nd then, once, flick and result is obtained. %ow & will read to you the technology of +etrov /,0./%0.I But your task of feeling that it occurs in that place, where you already outlined, where T-' )'2'%'),T& % 3 T T- will occur.

E & repeat, that we began regeneration based on the upper Gaw, we take ST'. ('"" from bone marrow of one of the bodies of vertebrae. So are recommended /,0./+etrov0. We will not an iota move away from its technology because it worked out and it gives positive results. We turn ourselves down our godly consciousness and we re9uest itI to take my ST'. ('"" from bone marrow of one of the vertebrae and T T'"';+ )T,) at the point of the boundary between the Gaw and be absenting the tooth. (onsciousness is capable besides the effect of the tele;port,Ts&&, all methods of regeneration are based beyond this. 3urther by pulse we build the hologram 3 T T- ) T. T-' T + 3 T T- W' B!&"# &% ('"". ur cells are subordinated down our consciousness, and chromosomes are also subordinated down our consciousness. We give +!"S' from the soul. 'nergy of spirit and knowledge of soul they enter into cell, they enter into chromosomes. So that we now by pulse build the hologram of the root of healthy tooth. 3or this B* ( %S(& !S%'SS we go before the chromosome, is luminesced by energy the information body 3 -',"T-* T T-. .entally we knock out. (oncerns pulse B cells, we concern this first cell ; of B additional cells. Thus, are obtained ? cells, we concern still first cell ; @ cells. Thus, was nucleated. This is root laying. 3urther we introduce verbal coding. 'ach cell knows that by it to build. Tooth is this complex formation, this not one bone cloth. Tooth consists of enamel, here inside to be located #'%T&%', here the root, covered for the sake of cement. &nside the tooth passes %')5 !S"* ; T-' 5,S(!",) B',., which also has complex structure. &t consists of nerves, vessels, veins. Therefore, when we give command down the cell (ST'. ('""M, 3 ) T-' &S ",T& % of 7 ('""S and B* T-'S' W' "',5' ,S 3) . the internal beside the external. Because the tooth has even internal and external manifestation. !pper teeth and lower teeth ; structure in them different. (alculation begins from the center line, B cutters of central, B lateral, B canine teeth under number =,D and the ?th ; this premolars. the Dth premolar, as a rule, has B roots, but it can have one. E,A,@ have = roots. But @ teeth and upper and lower are very variable. They can have 6,B,= roots. "ower teeth are distributed also as upper. E,A,@ teeth these are powerful masticatory molars. These masticatory teeth have on B roots, besides @, which, as & spoke variable. Therefore, when you build the hologram of your regenerated tooth clearly you adhere to the 9uantity of tooth roots indicated. &f this D tooth, then B roots, if E that =. & described about T-' ",*&%2. &n whom /nibud0 is sensations1 What such is )'2'%'),T& %1 This is /.&%&5 S$)'S-'%&'0. &ndeed regenerating entire organ ; organism simply it reGuvenates.

A *ou will recall an example in +etrov, as in one woman were regenerated ovaries about the laws of universal connections and reason for conse9uences in it was regenerated, and appendicitis and almond and it generally reGuvenated and felt itself completely differently. *ou know based on the works /20./+0. +etrov, that are cells the sources and cells drains. & for long thought, why it is necessary to place cells sources. Then before the work of +etrov and /2rabovogo0 & found that the cells S !)('S are placed in order to discharge cloth. *ou will look, where in you tooth is removed, here in you were formed T-' /S3') K&) 5,%%,*,0 -,)#%'SS, T-' /S3') K&) 5,%%,*,0 (" T-. But you here placed tender rudiment of 7 microscopic trunk cells. &t is difficult to be opened by him and therefore all around here are placed cells sources. But ( %S(& !S%'SS auto $% W, how many cells and how much them to whom to place. %ow, when tooth there was against its place it was connected for the sake of T-' S+'(&3&( )2,%. *ou will be turned down this picture, are here drawn all connections. *ou will focus attention, what all teeth are connected for the sake of the gastrointestinal tract because teeth ; this is beginning /K-$T0. %ow we will not restore these connections. To whom are not intelligible sines, this are maxillary frontal cavities. =,D,? are connected for the sake of the sines. &f some organ is removed, then wait disease still somewhere, i.e., some organ of something it receives less, is disrupted connection before the organism. -ere when & learned before the institute, then they indicated that the appendix was not necessary before the organism and was at one time this technology move away in the babies appendicitis, so that there would be no problems in the future. But what is appendicitis ; this very important part before our organism, before the first this the preventive maintenance of /diFbakterioFa0, the secondly stimulates the peristalsis of thick bowels. .oving away appendicitis, you doom man down the bolts. 3urthermore, appendicitis is T-' #'+ T 3 &..!%' S*ST'.. .oving away appendicitis, we disrupt this connection, moving away almonds, we disrupt +irogov>s ring, we make the entrance of infection for the upper respiratory tract free. n itself it tested constant bronchitis. -ouses you will compulsorily establish the connection of the regenerated tooth for the sake of the absent organ, and to send with the aid of the spirit from the soul transmitted pulse beside the small embryo, as if we nurture children. ,nd beside that )2,%, for the sake of which it is connected, to send "&2-T and " 5'. ,s a rule, teeth are formed to 6? summer age. ,rkady /%aumovich0 recommends to return down this 6?;year age, down this youth, )'(,""&%2 T-' ,2&T,T&%2 . .'%TS. This recovery against our excellent moments, beside this youth, it also contributes down the acceleration of the process of regeneration. 3ollowing moment. We give installation to our consciousness ; to transfer regeneration based on this tooth to all the remaining teeth, which are absent.