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Nectar of Awareness Immersion Syllabus February 2- June 1, 2014 with Christopher Hareesh Wallis & guest faculty
This 100 hour immersion is a unique opportunity to gain a thorough grounding in the wisdom teachings that are traditionally understood to be a prerequisite to a successful yoga practice. Over the course of 4 months, we will gather in community once weekly to explore the teachings of ancient masters skillfully translated into the modern practitioners life. The format includes meditation, mantra, and an exploration of the most important sutras from popular Shaiva Tantra scriptures, such as: Pratyabhijhrdayam (Heart of the Doctrine of Recognition) Shiva Stras Spanda Kriks Vijnna-Bhairava Tantrloka Tantrasra The intent of this Immersion is to provide the tools necessary to achieve abiding first-level awakening, nava-samvesha. The result yielded by the process will be dependent on the student's ability to adhere to a regular schedule of practice beyond the timescale of the immersion program. This document contains important information for participants of the Immersion- please read completely in addition to the in person orientation review. Contents

Locations Attendance Practice Assignments-readings, writing, meals, buddy system, one-on-one sessions, seva Materials Drop in ClassLight on the Path Two Locations! Retreat Class Website Contact Essential Codes of Conduct Community Conflict Resolution Unenrollment Confidentiality Video & Recording
Locations: San Francisco: Shanta Shala at 355 Roosevelt Way Oakland: Shakti House at 1020 Union Street All classes and workshops will be held at the beautiful homes of Matthew and Alejandra Siroka, or Christopher Wallis (Hareesh). Please treat these houses as you would a temple or any other sacred space, with utmost respect and care. Most seating is floor with cushions provided. There is some chair and couch seating available and should be reserved for those who need it due to physical constraints.
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There is also a strict NO OPEN CONTAINERS rule in the teaching spaces- that is, if you want tea or water, you must bring your own spillproof mug or water bottle. No exceptions. Both houses have cats- if you have an allergy we have an air filter to set up and suggest you sit by the window, please inform one of the hosts. Attendance: Immersion participants must make a strong commitment to see the practice all the way through. Throughout the 4 months students are expected to attend every event circumstances allow and may miss up to 3 classes maximum. ALL missed events must be reviewed via online audio. Must attend first class and Retreat. It is strongly recommended that, in order to manifest the Fruit of the process, you continue with the practices and teachings you have received for a minimum of 2 to 12 months beyond the formal end of the immersion. Practice: As a participant of this program, you are committing to no less than 24 minutes of seated practice EVERYDAY. In the classes and workshops you will be learning many techniques to facilitate a transformation. Depending on your experience and adeptness, and depth desired, you may spend anywhere from 24 to 108 minutes per day with these techniques, preferably broken into 2-3 shorter sessions throughout the day. Though the class time is crucial, for transformation to take root we must have a disciplined routine by which we integrate the teachings. This daily practice will also incorporate changes that may constitute a lifestyle shift. Particular guidelines are included in the Reader and will be elucidated in the opening workshop. *Special note: These are powerful practices, however, each person will relate to the techniques differently and the results will vary. We can offer no guarantees of attainment and give strong warning that if performed incorrectly these can cause adverse effects. You must sign a waiver of liability stating you understand this, but the best thing to do is always to be sincere with yourself about where you are in your sadhana and listen to your body and your inner wisdom!

Assignments: Reading: There is a course reader with selected readings, all of which are required, in addition to short sections from Tantra Illuminated. These assignments will be given in class. Be sure to keep pace with the material. There are also recommended readings, all of which support the immersion process. You are not expected to resonate with all these readings, and it is fine to focus on the ones that particularly draw you. Writing: Monthly and at the end of the course you will share a short written reflection of your experience with the Kula by posting it on our online forum. These assignments are an essential part of this process; it is through thoughtful reflection and sharing that we stay present with our evolution, learn to articulate the experience of this path, and articulate in a meaningful way so be of service to community. There are also short reading assignments that will carry you deeper into the transformation. We ask that you keep up with the assignments as they are given as they
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are essential portion of the course. Meals: Cooking and eating with mindfulness are an essential part of the yogic lifestyle. For each of the workshop days -- Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11 -- about six students will be assigned to cook a healthy balanced (enough to feed 4), coordinate with others assigned the same meal, give a short explanation of the dish and its properties during the mealtime, and post the recipe and description on the website. If you have doubts about being able to create nourishing and prana-fied food for the community, let us know. Coaching and questions: Cristina Star. Buddy System: You will be partnered with a Buddy for the Immersion. Once assigned, you will become partners in this process: talking on the phone or (preferably) meeting once per week to discuss the process as it is unfolding for you. Pointers will be given on how to offer and receive reflection in a constructive and powerful manner. Effort will be made to partner people with similar geographic locations. If you would like to request a specific person as your buddy, please do so via emailing Cristina -- no guarantees. One on One Sessions: Additional support and one on one discussions with Hareesh are an important part of the process. According to needs, Hareesh will have a 15-30 minute in person or telephone sessions with each student once a month to clarify/tailor the practices, and illuminate any experiences and obstacles. Appointments will be made ahead of time. Optional Seva: This course offers the opportunity to contribute to the community and learn about seva devotional service. This includes volunteering to set up and clean up the space before and after classes, and many other tasks which if you are interested you can inquire with Cristina. Materials: Included in Tuition / given during class Nectar of Awareness Workbook Printouts of all Sutras and scriptural verses Practice mp3s Pdfs of most handouts Mp3 audio of all missed classes (required listening) access to the videos of all classes Certificate of Completion Materials at added cost/obtained outside of course: Tantra Illuminated -- Christopher D. Wallis (1st or 2nd Ed or iPad book) Journal Notebook spillproof mug for tea spillproof water bottle
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Optional reading list *Yoga of Discipline by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda *Way of Liberation by Adyashanti *Introduction to Tantra by Lama Yeshe Opening the Heart of Compassion by Martin Lowenthal and Lar Short NonViolent Communication & Living NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing by Jed McKenna * Selected excerpts from these books are in the course Reader Drop in Class-- Light on the Path: Note that a third of the Immersion is available to a limited number of students as the Light on the Path class series. The remaining two thirds of the Immersion hours are composed of workshops and the Retreat, which are only for Immersion participants. The open class time will be more focused on the textual study, the closed workshops more focused on practices. We ask that you open your heart to welcome the students that will be working through this text in the manner that fits their practice and life best now. Two Locations! Yes, this course is being offered uniquely in two locations with workshops overlapping only offered in San Francisco. You are asked to mainly attend the evening courses at one location, but you may attend the other location to make up an absence. Please note the schedule to be clear on that. Retreat: May 29-June 1 we will spend a cozy summer weekend at the Oneness Institute outside of Middletown, CA. Arrive Thursday evening for dinner and be prepared to be entirely out of contact with the rest of the world during this stay. We will immerse ourselves in community and the practices until Sunday 2p. Meals and Lodging included in class tuition. More details as the dates approach. Course Website: Our online forum and class website is the online central hub for communications regarding this Immersion. You will need to check in regularly to keep up with announcements, turn in your monthly assignments, download materials, and see announcements. Contact: For logistical information, finances, registration, seva scholarships, etc. contact the Program Director Cristina Star Ryan at and 831.421.2505 Course content questions contact Christopher Hareesh Wallis at and 510.978.3402 Our website: Mailing: Mattamayura Institute Cristina Star Ryan 315 Liberty Street Petaluma, CA 94952 Paypal to Essential Codes of Conduct:
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You are a member of a sacred community of like minded truth seeking souls. We are all here because we feel called to deepen our immersion into the Practice and are placing this as priority. Treat your fellow student as family, with the utmost respect. Do not initiate or attempt to initiate any sexual or romantic relationship with any student or member of the kula, including drop in students, hosts, and faculty, while participating in the program, and for one month after the program ends. Keep the focus of your class time on the practice, not on an individual. If strong feelings or attractions arise, we invite you to discuss this with Hareesh or Cristina so that you can use the energies to benefit your practice. We are brothers and sisters for the next five months. If at that time there is still interest, we highly recommend that you speak directly to Hareesh or Cristina about your intentions, as actions still effect a persons comfort in the practice environment. Violation will result in termination from the program. Community: Nearly everyone of you mentioned on your application that you feel drawn to community, and indeed a supportive community of seekers is an essential part of a successful journey, according to this tradition (and many others). There are several aspects of this particular culture we find ourselves in that are counter to the building of a sustainable community. We invite you to challenge the ideas of what a community is- that which serves you and is there when you want it- and be open to a different idea- that community is that which you are always a part of and choose your level of involvement by how much you show up and offer. There will be implicit lessons in community building in this program. Conflict Resolution: If a conflict arises with a classmate or facilitator, it is required that you bring it to attention of either Hareesh, Cristina, or Alejandra. Set the intention to not harbor resentment but to follow through with conversations, reflections, or mediations until resolution. This is an essential and unavoidable element of community! Unenrollment: If for extenuating reasons you cannot complete the course, we request that Hareesh and or Cristina meet with you in person briefly to sever the energetic ties to the community and send you on your way with blessings. We reserve the right to terminate your involvement in the course at anytime, with partial refund-- see waiver. Confidentiality: Occasionally personal information is shared during class time or within your buddy conversations. As a general rule consider that what you share and hear from Hareesh and your fellow classmates is not to be shared outside the context of the class environment. This very much includes practices. Video & Recording: There is an online version of this immersion being offered to a small number of dedicated students. There is also an online version of the Light on the Path section of the immersion being offered to a larger constituent of distance learners in the extended community. All material and content will be recorded and not edited, offered to the distance learners, and also potentially mastered for distribution at a later date. Know that your voice and image may be on these recordings. You will be asked to sign a consent to film waiver.
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Immersion workshops- content only shared with other immersioners Light on the Path classes- content shared with all distance learners and potentially offered at a later date as individual recordings or a package.

Thank you for your participation, your courage, and your spirit. This promises to be an amazing journey. May it all be for a Blessing! OM

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